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Facebook Messenger App Updated, Chat Heads Available For All

Chat Heads

Initially, since Facebook Home is said to only be compatible with about five devices, we figured it would be the same for the Chat Head feature as well. As most know, Chat Heads is the only part of the Home experience we are really excited about, so to see that after an update to Messenger, that Chat Heads works just fine on any device is pretty great. 

Once FB Messenger is updated through Google Play, you can take your conversations anywhere with you, as the little Chat Heads follow you no matter what app or video you are viewing. If they get in the way, simply toss them off of the display with a swipe of the finger.

Once I get some time to play with it, you can expect to see a little hands-on video with the new feature later today. Until then, go get your chat on.

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  • Hex

    I don’t like it, it feels like it’s taking over my screen, and I don’t use it that often so it’s more annoying than useful.

  • I cant get it to show my SMS messages it only shows my facebook messages. Could someone tell me how to fix this. I have a note 2

  • Timo

    That wallpaper is amazing! Please share it

  • How come it’s not showing up/working on my LTE Galaxy Nexus?

  • Tony Romano

    How do I send a MMS???

  • ajc555964

    Am i the only one having an issue with Messenger and Light Flow? Every time i open a chat head the notification sound plays. Weird. Anybody know a fix?

  • Thanos

    I can’t make it work. I tried restart, reinstall, clear cache, clear data. Nexus 4. 🙁

  • KH

    where can I find that wallpaper? preferably in an hd version/black scale?

  • Samuel Serafim

    Tim-o-tato please, could you say where can i get the frist wallpaper you posted? thank you,

  • I’m going to test it out for a few days, but I have a feeling that this will become my new SMS/MMS app of choice. Plus it looks cool and you can move them around lol

  • I, much like a lot of people in the comments, do not have the “SMS/MMS” option in the Settings. I’m using a regular stock Droid RAZR, no ROM’s, no root, nothing.

    • swampgeek

      I have a razr m and having the same issue / same options, 1 thing i have figured out is if I sign in with my wife’s FB account it gives me the chat heads option, so im starting to think FB settings although mine and hers are almost mirrored

  • Does anyone have Chat heads working on the stock SGS3 rom?? My friend can’t it to work, the chat head option isn’t even in his settings, and he has messenger 2.4.2 like me

    • Bassdj

      I can’t get it to work either idk what is going on

  • Holy crap I love Chat heads!!! This is freaking amazing! I am using it for my text messaging too right now. (I am running CM10.1 on my SGS3)

  • If you are having issues with sms contact pics not showing up. I noticed the ones that weren’t showing up for me were the ones that didnt have a picture for the google account. I added a picture for that, force stopped and cleared data and they showed up.

  • Doesn’t work on my HTC Explorer running cm10, same as some s3 and nexus users the option doesnt appear in settings


  • I have a VZW Note II and it isn’t working for me. I have the newest Facebook update, tried restarting… nothing. Nothing in settings, nothing different. How does this work?

    • Chris Stuart

      It kind of works on my S3 with Nova. For some reason, Chat Heads will not display on the nova home screen, but will on any open apps. It seems to work just fine with stock touchwiz though.

      • TedHardeen

        Did you set the settings to hide the status bar? It seems like FB chat heads need to the status bar to be displayed to work.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    No love for the droid RAZR m….. Have fought installing fb messenger even thru their relentless “suggestions.” I feel like I just got tricked in to doing something dirty.

  • kaufkin

    am I the only one that took a look at the permissions and said “Yeah, right?” – add icons, check battery statistics (and get a catalog of all the apps I use), draw over other apps… sorry MZ, I don’t trust you THAT much.

  • David Moylan

    to use for sms does the contact have to have their number linked to their facebook account?

  • bionicwaffle

    I really hope to see ChatHeads-like functionality for more apps and split-screen (like some Samsung devices have) functionality for everything but games in Key Lime Pie!

  • storm35x


    so the install link is up now but when u click it there is a play store error

  • guest

    Anyone able to use without a FB account? I want to try it as just an sms replacement and I know FB started allowing use of the app without an account but can’t seem to figure out how.

    • Chris Batson

      I think you have to sign up for messenger. It takes you to a site

      • guest

        I did that and it looks like it’s asking me to create a new FB account.

  • I have a GS3 and it’s not working for me.

    • You’re not the only one. But @bb8b996124d3eae3b61384e1d45f5780:disqus seemed to get it to work. Did you do anything different?

      • nope, it works with facebook home but not any other launcher…

        • My S3 works fine except some sms contact pics don’t show up. Did you turn on chat heads under messenger settings and then notifications?

          • yea, I’ve tried both. I don’t have the option in the messenger settings. I’ve tried restarting the device and reinstalling the app. Neither worked for me

  • Jon

    I have an S3 and I’m liking this feature but it isn’t showing my contact’s pictures when they popup. It does when it’s a Facebook message but not when it’s a text message. Any solutions?

  • Brandon Bunker

    My text messages aren’t associating themselves with the incoming texter’s picture..I just have default “SMS” icons.

    • Same here. Do you have an S3? Do you have the messenger settings sms/mms both checked?

      • Brandon Bunker

        Nope. Thunderbolt!

        • Some of my contacts pictures are showing up but most aren’t. Can’t figure out the difference between the contacts that do and don’t

  • Chris Batson

    I actually might use this as my default texting app. it’s pretty sweet so far.

  • Brian Smith

    Like everyone else, this is the only thing I wanted from the new features. And to get chat heads to work, long press on the contact name and select pop out chat head. Works perfectly!

  • Brian Meredith

    Nice, works on my old ass Droid Charge running gingerbread.

    • I laughed far too much at this comment, haha.

      • Brian Meredith

        pretty much had this phone since it came out. I can’t use my upgrade since I’ll lose my unlimited. Have to buy off contract. Hoping the HTC one comes to verizon.

        • ddh819

          in same position, good to know it works on the ol’ DC

        • ddh819

          Messaging app works but not getting the chat heads on the GB Charge though

          • Brian Meredith

            hmmm, weird. Works great on my Charge. What launcher you running? I’m running ADW launcher.

          • ddh819

            just the stock touchwiz that came with the Charge. i do not have the main FB app installed though, since it can’t be moved to SD (I use Stream). Do you?

          • Brian Meredith

            I do have the facebook app installed, not sure if that has anything to do with it though.

          • ddh819

            ive tried installing the fb app as well as fb messenger, and i still do not get chat heads. i also tried installing adw EX (I bought it a long time ago but had not been using it) and still no chat heads, hmm

          • Brian Meredith

            that’s odd, it should enabled it automatically but under settings. Make sure it’s enabled.

          • ddh819

            there’s no chat heads option in my settings for messenger, either in the main settings or under notifications. I guess they are not letting everyone have it yet.– i do have another question- in your notifications pull down window shade thingie, are FB messenger notifications in a dark color that is hard to read? is there a way to change that?

          • Brian Meredith

            It looks to me your facebook messenger app is updated yet. I’m running a custom ROM on my charge. Tweaked v3.2 so it’s running a different theme than stock. I don’t have any trouble reading anything in the notification bar though.

        • Oh yeah I know what you mean, just for some reason the way you worded it and the way i read it in my head was hilarious to me. I just read it as really sarcastic and angry sounding haha.

  • ßen Murphy

    I keep getting double messages, anyone else?

  • jnt

    sorry for the dumb question, but Home hasn’t been released yet right?

  • jim

    It pops up briefly but it looks like Nova Launcher will have to be updated as it’s not stable in my Note 2.

    • Chris Stuart

      It works for my S3 on Nova, but only when I am not on the homescreen.

  • Daniel

    Ha, glad there’s no reason to use FB Home…though equally I’m still holding out for Babel as I’d much prefer to chat on gTalk and have my logs in gMail than use FB chat regularly

  • Btw thats a nice wallpaper! Pattrn I am assuming?

  • Nice, like everyone else, this was the only part i wanted, glad I can get it without having the entire home replacement

  • I have a Bionic and “fHeads” aren’t showing up after the app update, fHeads must not work on the Bionic yet…

    • Jon

      You have to change your Facebook messenger settings to be default for SMS.

      • Thanks, I found it, now it works:)

        • Does it work for SMS? I have the Bionic, but the SMS/MMS option isn’t in the settings.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Cool. But somehow it’s not working for some reason. Does this require a restart? Also friends?


  • Muji Samovar

    Including the other comments here, no, Chat Heads does not “work just fine on any device”.

    CH option appears on my DNA, does not appear on my Transformer Infinity.

  • DanPatrickFlores

    I’m still waiting for someone to make a Talking Heads reference. C’mon, opportunities like this only come “Once In A Lifetime”

  • Does anyone know if facebook messenger has an open API so this can be themed?

  • The new chat feature is all a wanted..now i wish someone would msg me so i can see it in action lol “now is the time i wanna be bothered”

  • MikeSaver

    That’d be sweet if I used facebook messenger

  • Guest345

    Doesn’t seem to work in Full Screen Pie Mode for Project Android

  • Ray

    the text chat heads for the win this will be my new messaging system great!

  • Mitchell Feigley

    Not available for me on the Nexus 4

  • dont work for me 🙁

  • moelsen8

    so is it only specific to messenger? like no emails or texts?

    • Kehin Faux

      works wit sms

  • facebook home not available yet

  • ssjnimma

    cant get it to work… when you do a video could you do a setup of it? thanks kellex!

    • sagisarius

      Yeah, it seems like it’s not available for all as FB is saying. I have a N4, and it’s nowhere to be found.

      • anezarati

        i have an n4 and it works great. i just updated it and it started working. you might need to have the actual fb app and messenger installed.

        • sagisarius

          I think they must have had to turn something on on a server. The option to turn people into a chat head all of the sudden started showing up for me around 5:00 central time.

    • i literally installed the app and it works not sure how you mess that up

    • Justin Barrett

      Works on my VZW GNex. No setup on my end, but there is a checkbox in settings for ChatHeads that was checked by default. Maybe only runs on 4.2?

      • Tyler

        Doubt it considering HTC first runs 4.1

      • JBartcaps

        My doesn’t work and I’m on VZW GNez stock.

        • I was frustrated trying to figure out how to “enable” the feature after checking the box in settings. It seems you need to receive a message for the app to recognize your setting. Worked for me once I received another message.

          • JBartcaps

            I don’t even have the option to enable chatheads

    • Guest2

      Try long pressing the conversation and popping out chat head

    • Silver Veloz

      After I do several updates (including this one this morning), I turn my phone off and on. Once I did that, the chat heads worked. Don’t know if that’s the solution, but it’s working fine. Droid Bionic ICS here.

    • Bassdj

      I can’t get it to work either I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Vzw s3

  • Garner

    Thanks for the update also what is that amazing wallpaper?

  • Geoff Johnson

    This is what I wish OEM’s would do, release your software features as optional downloads and don’t require everyone to use it (talking to you, Blinkfeed)

  • Shawn

    Best part is you can use the facebook messenger app as your primary SMS app, effectively allowing you to use chat heads with text messages as well. Much smoother and more effectively than ninja sms, I might add.

    • Kyle

      Didn’t know that…I will have to research this.

      • anezarati

        yeah how do you do that? that would be awesome

        • Look in facebook messenger settings. There’s a field labelled SMS/MMS

          • David Moylan

            a setting for that doesnt show up for me on my Razr HD

          • oooooo… interesting. Maybe see if there’s an update? haha

          • David Moylan

            ive done all the basics. uninstall,reboot, reinstall.clear cache and data, force stop…nothing…all well

          • anezarati

            i found it, on n4, open messenger, hit the menu overflow, settings, then enable it in the menu that was posted earlier.

          • see attached

    • have you found a way to combine the sms contact and facebook contact together to show green and blue under one name like iMessage? It’s keeping my sms and fb contacts separate

  • Andrew


    • Yes. Very. And…?

  • That’s honestly the only thing I really wanted from Facebook’s software announcements.

    I’ll take it!

    • I hate Facebook, but Chat Heads is actually awesome. Hopefully the next update includes a name change though.

      • Geoff Johnson


        • So sued.

        • Austin Warren

          S Heads

          • michael arazan


      • EC8CH

        G+ Kanged Heads?

      • I wanna see this work on my phone

      • Maybe they should be called “fHeads,” haha:)

    • Agreed! Now add me! 😛

      • NorCalGuy

        How does it compare to ninja in terms of staying out of the way and actually letting you continue two tasks at once. I know they are two different services but I imagin if its actually good enough some one will make a texr message version of chat heads.

        • John Burke

          Way better than Ninja SMS IMO since it doesn’t default to expanded view. Just a little head appears giving you the choice to expand or not.
          I’ve requested that option from Ninja about a week ago with no response so until then I disable it.

          • hoytaguilera

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    • What??? I am excited for the upcoming ads!!!!

    • Roshan John

      This is awesome. I figured I’d have to flash a ROM to get this kind of functionality. +1 for TeamAndroid.