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Facebook Messenger App Updated, Chat Heads Available For All

Chat Heads

Initially, since Facebook Home is said to only be compatible with about five devices, we figured it would be the same for the Chat Head feature as well. As most know, Chat Heads is the only part of the Home experience we are really excited about, so to see that after an update to Messenger, that Chat Heads works just fine on any device is pretty great. 

Once FB Messenger is updated through Google Play, you can take your conversations anywhere with you, as the little Chat Heads follow you no matter what app or video you are viewing. If they get in the way, simply toss them off of the display with a swipe of the finger.

Once I get some time to play with it, you can expect to see a little hands-on video with the new feature later today. Until then, go get your chat on.

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  • Hex

    I don’t like it, it feels like it’s taking over my screen, and I don’t use it that often so it’s more annoying than useful.

  • I cant get it to show my SMS messages it only shows my facebook messages. Could someone tell me how to fix this. I have a note 2

  • Timo

    That wallpaper is amazing! Please share it

  • How come it’s not showing up/working on my LTE Galaxy Nexus?