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Microsoft Updates Xbox SmartGlass App, Brings Support for Tablets 7″ and Up

smartglass app

This morning, Xbox fans can update the official SmartGlass app for Android through Google Play. Inside the update, there is now official support for Android tablets 7″ and up, an “always-on” mode where your device will stop going to sleep while you are connected, and some other minor fixes and enhancements. 

What’s New:

  • Support for Android tablets 7” and larger.
  • An ‘always-on’ state for SmartGlass Experiences, so your device doesn’t go to sleep while they’re running.
  • Numerous design and usability improvements.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

This is still a great app and I find myself using it all of the time. Highly recommended.

Play Link

  • Mickie

    Curious about that ‘always on” part. With all the negative talk about the xbox 720 being “always on”. Very interesting choice of words…

  • Mickie

    Curious about that ‘always on” part. With all the negative talk about the xbox 720 being “always on”. Very interesting choice of words…

  • Mickie

    Curious with the ‘always on’ part – with everything about the xbox720 being “always on”, very interesting choice of words….

  • Kane Stapler

    Why did he blur out the second picture? They got a Babel apk they are holding from us! Exclusive

  • JMonkeYJ

    what do you find yourself using it for? i downloaded it when it first came out, mostly for the keyboard option, and found the keyboard didn’t actually work anywhere i tried to use it. has it gotten better? or do you just use it for something else?

  • Matthew Galea

    I tried downloading the app to my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it says that the app isn’t compatible with my current version. What de puck!!!

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      Darn, I was going to try that out after work…

  • Nemo Eht

    They need to just add the second screen experience or its just a waste of space on my tablet! Maybe they should fix it and make it what its supposed to be!

  • http://twitter.com/losorocks alos tucker

    the android verison still doesnt have the second screen experiance like apple or windows phone

    • robenjohn325

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    • michael arazan

      Android will probably never have it, since apple and MS have teamed up against Android. They even combine their lobbyist on capital hill

  • nick rigsby

    had it on my N7 for months. maybe the layout changed?

  • http://twitter.com/SnkBitten SnkBitten

    I sideloaded it on my Nexus 10 when it was still just a “phone app”. Now that it has been properly arranged for a tablet (landscape) it’s even better.

  • Warren McDonald

    I thought they already had official support seeing as how it’s been on my Nexus 7 since soon after it launched.