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HTC First, the Facebook Phone, Launches Tomorrow at AT&T for $99!


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  • ToddAwesome

    annnnnnnnnd…..it’s now $0.99

  • Take a look at our hands-on video of the HTC First Facebook Home review

  • Jwhap

    Though many will disagree, this phone may help save HTC. Think about the average users needs when it comes to their smartphone. They want to read emails, play a game or two and check their Facebook. To most of us power users, this phone is not for us. But don’t judge to quickly! HTC needed to do something and honestly this might work! I could easily see this phone selling well. Parents buying for their teens, non techie folks that just want Facebook……. They are out there. I would rather them buy the FIRST than an iPhone!

  • Muji Samovar

    This is a site that falls all over itself shouting about how equipment companies should just stop with the skins…and when a phone is released with a skin that can be COMPLETELY TURNED OFF, it’s met with derision?

    Kellex doesn’t use Facebook so this is a sh!tty phone? Uh, OK. If you ask me, it’s a sensibly sized phone with a Snapdragon 400 running stock Android for $99. What am I missing? This comes from a DNA owner, so it’s not like this phone is for me, but to miss the wider appeal of this phone just because the site’s editor doesn’t use a certain web service is rather dumb.

    • Larizard

      The “wider appeal” of the phone is, believe it or not, Facebook. Not the sensible size, not the Snapdragon 400, not stock Android, nor the $99 price tag.

      • Muji Samovar

        I’m not mistaking the fact that the phone’s main selling point is the unique integration of FB Home. Which, by the way, as far as I can tell basically means some extra notifications. Great: if someone wants that kind of immersion in the FB ecosphere, more power to them.

        My point is: why the snide dismissal of what is essentially a Nexus phone with a few extras? Granted, I’ve not yet seen any details on locked bootloader or not, but you’re getting an LTE Nexus phone for $99. For a self-proclaimed “intense Android news community” not to sit up and see the forest for the trees is rather stupid.

        And that many comments above note this to be “the funniest post on this site, ever” a is poor commentary on the relative funnies available here.

  • thedonxr


  • Dain Laguna

    im actually surprised at the negativity. a launcher you can choose to turn off to use stock android? doesnt sound bad to me.

    • Chris

      Yeah I get why they did that joke, and it’s funny, but at the same time this is the first HTC phone with stock Android and it’s a pretty big deal, lol.

      • Jwhap

        You forgot about the nexus one!

        • Chris

          Oops. I meant to say “first HTC phone with stock Android in a few years”!

          I’ll fix it, thanks.

  • Trevor

    Hahaha this was awesome.

  • Haha nice one!

  • Go watch The Verge’s review on it. It is the closest phone to a Nexus device. It runs pure stock Android. Just disable Facebook and you are good to go!

  • hehehehehohohohohahahahahahihihihi

  • Leo

    OMG u guys are the best this rocks in so many levels!?

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  • evileh

    To be honest, the chatheads feature is very compelling. Everything else though, not so much.

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  • Stevedub40

    Nice Kellen. It’s the same reaction we all get when they announce the “new” iphone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love you guys…. that was funny!!

  • DanSan

    and HTC wonders why they are in the crapper…

  • Jonathan Orellana

    Hilarious and Brilliant! Hahaha. This single post was more ingenious than the entirety of the HTC First.

  • BTLS


  • Facebook should change their name to “FailBook” for the day.

  • chris125

    Wish more phones would have stock android like the first does. If only we could turn off the skins like you can do with home

  • best post ever? or best post ever….

  • Chris Taylor

    I got the joke but since i am using Chrome mobile i don’t get the sound byte.. ๐Ÿ™

  • valapsp

    is it only me seeing a bug with no text?

    • LionStone

      “Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player is required to play this audio clip.”

  • Lucky Armpit

    I was like whiskey tango foxtrot at the post thinking you guys got hacked but when I clicked the sound I literally laughed out loud. Thanks for making my day!

  • *slow clap*

    As a “Facebook phone”, complete fail.

    As a stock Android device with a small, very nice screen, and reasonably well-built, all things considered its a decent mid-range device so long as you turn off Facebook Home.

  • Tyler Casilio

    This is the funniest thing that I have seen on any site in the last 2 years! hahahahahahahhahah

  • cancerous_it

    HTC’s new tagline “Giving you more opportunities to not choose our phones.”

  • Mike

    Who cares? I’m just curious.

    • Stevedub40

      That’s the whole point Mike lol.

  • fallsgable

    will they PAY ME $99 to get this phone….STILL not worth it

  • Kyle

    At first I thought they were saying the Facebook Phone was coming to the carrier called Cricket…then the play button. Legen…wait for it ‘cricket sound’ dary!!!

  • Chuck

    That’s AWESOME!

  • Bill

    Yep, that sums it up…

  • Ryuuie

    This is why I love this site. :v Holy crap. XD

  • imns

    I want to know how many that actually buy the phone will still try to install the app….

    • Do you think that there will b that many stupid people out there, that will try and install the App?serious question, cause now i am wondering also how many will

  • JoshGroff

    That was brilliant, love the cricket picture.

  • CapnShiner


  • Next up, the MySpace phone. I’m sure the demand is about the same.

  • MichaelFranz

    Man its pretty bad when this and the Galaxy Mega are the top stories of the day…lol

    • Josh Shaw

      OMG right, a 5.3in phone With a QHD….. QQQQQQQQQQQQQ HD display dafuq? O.o

  • Yep

    The commercial with the hipster boarding the plane that pimps this phone is awful. Just freaking dreadful.

  • Detonation

    Was wondering why there was an exclamation on the title when I saw it in my feed, but it all makes sense now that I’ve opened the article.

  • Futbolrunner

    Now THAT is “Amazing”!!

    • Where’s KleenDroid when you need him?!

  • New_Guy

    Ha! Crickets are exactly what I heard when I saw the headline =D.

  • Greg Abbate

    best post ever

  • Best Droid Life post ever. It’s true, though. Nobody cares about this phone. I didn’t know it was possible to assemble a product team with enough stupid people to come to the consensus that this was a wise product to release. This is exacerbated by the fact that HTC’s revenues are going down quarter by quarter. They can’t afford to keep putting out worthless stuff like this. They need to focus on top-quality products and bringing their A game. This entire endeavor is fail all the way around.

    This is also a fail for AT&T. As far as the big four US carriers go, AT&T has, by far, the worst lineup of Android phones. This one does nothing to improve that.

    • Josh Shaw

      My sentiments exactly, they need to focus on the One, more colors, and a wider launch.

      • michael arazan

        Sell your FaceBook stock, it’s going to drop again.

  • Facebook has a phone coming out? so why have the damn app.

  • r0lct

    I was staring at the cricket for a minute trying to figure out the connection, then I saw the play button. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • dannyWHITE


  • T4rd

    As retarded as it sounds, I don’t think it seems like a bad phone spec wise and other than the launcher, it’s pretty much stock Android. If this was on Verizon, I would consider it for my wife to replace her craptastic Rezound. But after seeing such poor support from HTC on it, I think I’ll go with a Moto or Samsung phone for her.

    • Nowai

      Yeah, HTC really dropped the ball with the Rezound. This looks like a decent device for somebody looking for a small one, albeit an underpowered one, but being HTC I am hesitant to recommend it.

  • Sean Wood

    HAAA.!!!!.. BEST POST EVER!!!!!

  • Austin Warren

    You won’t see my carrying that iPhone turd

  • HAHAHA that is great

  • perfect for that bumb ass girl in the subaru commercial (i think) .. ” thats not a real puppy”