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Everything.me Launcher Wants to Dynamically Change Phones Based on Location, Interests, and Mental State

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What if your phone’s launcher dynamically changed based upon interests, your location, or topics you had in mind at a specific moment? A new launcher called Everything.me is attempting to do those things. The idea comes from the thought that your phone should always be changing to your needs, rather than remaining in a static state, with the same wallpapers or apps in exact same spots no matter where you are. The developers behind this launcher think your phone should move and shake as you move and shake.ย 

For example, the main home page of Everything.me allows you to search, but not in the traditional Google sense. This is an in-launcher search that returns a new wallpaper, related apps already installed on your phone, and a variety of apps/links not on your phone that may help with your search. As you can see in the picture above (top left), I did a quick search for “the masters” and was welcomed with a beautiful, patron-less, and dewy fairway wallpaper of Augusta, followed by a shortcut to The Masters official website, along with a handful of other sports-related links. If I were to scroll down (yes, the page is scrollable), I’d continue to see new results until I found something useful.ย The same thing would happen if I searched for a movie, musician, or sports team.

The Everything.me launcher also tries to organize your launcher setup for you with what it calls “Smart folders.” Smart folders are based around topics that group together related apps on your phone with links to similar topics outside of your phone.

There are some major downfalls that I’ve already noticed after a few minutes with it, though. First, most of (actually all of) the suggestions returned are not links to apps in Google Play that I can install. They are simply shortcuts to websites that are themed to look like app shortcuts. Second, there are no real settings for the launcher. What you see is what you get outside of manually adding in your own widgets or wallpapers. Third, it certainly comes off as one giant potential advertisement in the making. Should this launcher pick up any steam, its developers could easily look to sell results that are returned based upon topics. That would be a massive turn-off.

The general purpose of Everything.me is to allow the launcher to change as you need it to. Whether or not it accomplishes that is up for debate.

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Cheers Jeff!

  • Prakash Thangadas

    It says this app cannot be installed in my country (India)….that’s odd!!!

    • Hi Prakash, we don’t support all locations- yet ๐Ÿ™‚
      Be patient, we’re on it!

  • Chady Aboulhosn

    The only cool feature of this launcher is the background changing. I think that would be a cool stand alone feature to change your background based on websearches

  • Chris

    I need that striped wallpaper!!!!! come on guys! please anyone! (I don’t want to pay for that Versicolor app just to get a wallpaper)

  • Benjamin Clay

    I need this to work on my tablet

    • Hey Benjamin, we don’t support tablets yet, only mobile.

  • SUAVE21

    My mind is full of fuc…

  • Better than Facebook Home.

  • Brett Besa

    Not available for Galaxy Nexus? That’s odd.

    • jayray78

      I have it on mine….

      • Brett Besa

        It says the only device of mine it’s compatible with is my old EVO…

        • jayray78

          Are you running a custom rom? or have you modified your build.prop?

    • Where are you located? We support the Galaxy Nexus and most Android 4.0 and up devices.

  • col3rsc

    me likey

  • schoat333

    Pretty cool idea.

    I had an idea like this one drunken night back when I was creating CM themes. I wanted to make it use a certain theme based on my location. Unfortunately I didn’t have the know how to make it work.

  • D.B.Evans

    Maybe by making it dynamic so the phone can automatically recognize when or where to change the layout this could be useful. But, older versions of HTC Sense already had multiple “scenes”, by choosing a different one (for example, one for travel, one for business, one for games, etc) it would change which apps, widgets, and wallpapers are displayed. I never knew anyone who ever actually used them on their HTC phone … then again, those had to be manually selected, and like much in Sense layouts, it required several swipes and selections to change – so not convenient. Good luck to the launcher if it can pull it off dynamically.

    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ We work on improving the dynamic experience, that’s the essence.

  • Austin Warren

    Mines gonna be full of boobies

    • EvanTheGamer

      Of course someone would chime in with a comment like that. hahah It was expected.

      • mustbepbs


        • EvanTheGamer

          Funny guy right there, folks.

          • michael arazan

            I Hope it comes with a pop up blocker and spam filter for those few who accidentally visit porn sites

  • EvanTheGamer

    I am intrigued, to say the least. I guess my phone will be nothing but video game and technology themed. lol

    All joking aside, I’ll definitely give this a try, at least until tomorrow, then I’ll be giving the Facebook Home launcher a whirl.

  • Omar Salmin

    I need that striped wallpaper!!