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DROID RAZR M Soak Test on the Way, Just a Maintenance Release


Edge-to-edge connoisseurs, the DROID RAZR M has a new update on the horizon. According to emails sent out to members of Motorola’s Feedback Network, an early preview of a “new software release” will arrive shortly. If you were hoping for Android 4.2, I have a feeling you’ll be disappointed – the email says specifically that this is nothing more than a “maintenance release.” Still, who doesn’t love new software? Bug squashing is still fun, isn’t it?

Assuming the test kicks off within the next few days, it shouldn’t be long before the public release.

On a semi-related note, we aren’t sure if this will wipe out the bootloader exploit that Dan Rosenberg found or not. Better decide quickly if you wish to be unlocked.

And because I’m always curious, who is rockin’ a RAZR M? I, personally, still love this little phone.

Cheers J, A, and M!

  • Still perfectly happy with the M, six months in, but would love to rock some 4.2.2…and say “okay, Google…” in the very near future. Great stuff from I/O today.

  • Jared Hallstrom

    I love my Droid RAZR M! but to say its small is slightly misguided.. although the Galaxy S3 has a larger screen, the RAZR M is slimmer than an iPhone and has a larger screen.

  • Jon Woodburn

    I jumped from OG Droid (stock) to M about a month ago, and brought my wife into smartphonelania with me onto an M. It’s been a very positive experience! 4G in some areas around me, long lasting battery, screen is great (from what I came from), it not a huge device, and waaaaaaay faster that what I used to have! Besides the plan-upgrade pain, the phones were $0!

  • Ben

    I did a replacement swap for a GNex over a razr M (from a rezound) pretty much entirely because the the display and ROMability. I have just found out about the nexus radios though…

  • bot

    I still cant believe all of the other older razrs are now running android 4.1.2 and we are still on 4.1.1. I Really hope this also brings 4.1.2 to us. On the other hand im holding out for KLP.

  • Jared Danowski-Harlow

    I absolutely love my Razr M. In my opinion it’s a perfect phone except for three things: It’s on Verizon, 4.1.1 stock and lack of quality third party ROMs. It does everything I need and more.

  • Ricky

    Nice to hear, too bad it’s not 4.2!

  • Have had the M for five months now and it has been an incredible phone. Not a single issue. Always works great. So fast. Never hiccups or lags in any way (OK, well, we won’t count the shutter lag on the camera) Can get at least a full day out of the battery and often two full days. Know four other people who bought them recently instead of all of the other hot phones on the market after seeing and playing with mine for a bit.

  • Eric R

    This phone it’s full of problems my brother can’t send messages and drops signal like crazy and I’m sitting right next to him with my DNA that has no problems.

  • . I came from the Galaxy Nexus where I could barely make it through a work day and never a full day on a charge. I also hated the size of the phone

  • Ryan

    I love all the subtle references to this being a feminine phone… “my wife”, “my grandmother” etc. This is my personal phone and its perfect. I came from the Galaxy Nexus where I could barely make it through a work day and never a full day on a charge. I also hated the size of the phone. Sure it sucked giving up the higher res screen, but the battery life and the compact size of the M more than make up for it.

    • Dont think anyone saying its a “female”phone, just saying because of the size and the great battery life it is great phone for first time smart phone buyers like our parents or grandparents

  • JeffPodwats

    Probably one of the worst phones I have ever owned. Lags, keyboard is very unresponsive. Received it at the Motorola announcement event. Should’ve given to my 14 year old daughter. Cant wait for my contract to be up.

  • zombiewolf115

    i so wanna buy it but the tiny size makes me indifferent to it am used to the other droids feeling large and just perfect in the hand .

  • Great little phone, had one for a few days but had to sell it (used, couldn’t deal with the divot in the screen, great price though).

    On a side note, is Moto just waiting until their refresh (this summer I’m guessing) to push 4.2.2 to their devices? AFAIK, they haven’t announced any 4.2 update plans. All this silence is unnerving, yet exciting.

  • Brian

    Just picked one up last week. I hope this fixes the issue with WiFi constantly cycling. Other than that little issue I love the phone.

  • Loving my M. I’m hoping Motorola takes this opportunity to tweak their Circles widget to display new notification types. (Google Voice specifically, but Twitter and Gmail would be nice, too.)

    Not likely, I know, but a boy can dream, right?

  • Ayyy

    I’d guess it is Android 4.1.2 (like the Razr HD received a few weeks ago). It was also just a bug fixer and nothing was ever mentioned about it being a version jump from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 since it’s so minor.

  • Mike

    Girlfriend just got one last weekend and loves it. Honestly Verizon’s unsung hero of a phone right now. I have an S3 and keep looking for excuses to play with the little M. They’re free on upgrades now too, so if you can deal with a Moto camera (has shutter lag even) you can’t go wrong. Excellent Moto quality and radio, excellent size, still decent size screen (you don’t even notice qHD, truly is a damn good screen for what I was expecting), and no fugly touchwiz…

    About the only things the S3 has on it is another GB of RAM, removable battery, useful camera, and bigger screen.

  • hkklife

    Kinda odd that we heard months ago about a possible RAZR M refresh with a 4.5″ edge to edge screen and a bigger battery but now the rumor mill has gone silent yet again.
    I keep hearing good things about the M but then I read reports where people say it doesn’t have the usual superb Moto radios/RF performance and 4.3″ with virtual buttons really gets cramped.

  • Derek Lockovich

    I wonder if this is going to attempt to block the bootloader unlock that was released!

  • Billy Thompson

    Absolutely great phone. My wife loves hers. Screen isnt great but she doesnt care. Great battery life, durable, and small.

  • Joe

    I absolutely love the M… Its like an updated version of the Droid X…. I can’t imagine any bug fixes… I havent had any with it so far and i have had it since it debuted…

    • michael arazan

      Bought the Razr M for my mom

  • chris125

    Hopefully their next device will be the same with better specs and less of the chin on the bottom.

  • kixofmyg0t

    It seems too quick to be patching the bootloader…..but Moto works faster now than before.

    Still, if you have a M and want to keep your bootloader unlocked you shouldn’t accept this update. Besides, what kind of bugs is this fixing? Anyone having problems?

  • Phil Nolan

    My dad has one, it’s his first Android phone (or smartphone in general) so I’ll have to explain updates to him.

  • I got this for my mother has her first smartphone, and she loves it, great battery life and a good size for her.

  • Josh Oberg

    Im rocking the RAZR m for work I love the size they need yo make a high end phone this size with HD

  • steve0617

    Wife has one. She really likes it. Perfect size, all day battery life for her, no weird bugs. Solid 4G here outside Denver. She HATES my Razr Maxx HD because of it’s screen size.