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Double Deal: 16GB Galaxy Note 10.1 for $329.99 and 8GB Nexus 7 for $99.99

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If you look hard enough, you can find a deal on an Android tablet almost any day of the year. Today’s deals are on two of Android’s biggest tablets out right now and starts with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This is the 16GB, WiFi-only version of the device and it is refurbished, but all that will only run you $329.99. If you’re looking for something a little more stock Android however, we’ve got another sale on the Nexus 7. 

TigerDirect is having another sale on the 8GB Nexus 7 (refurbished of course), but you also get a little bit more. In addition to the tablet they’ll throw in a “Premium Internet Security Suite” to sweeten the deal. That software is probably useless, but the $99.99 price tag for the bundle is a pretty good price by itself. Hit the links below if you’ve got your wallets ready.

Buy: Galaxy Note 10.1 | Nexus 7

Cheers Travis and Dave!

  • Preston Odenbrett

    Stupid question but how do you buy? Is this deal real? I clicked on buy now and pops up a box but you can’t do anything with it.. Is this at tiger direct for this price.. I viewed this in the store today and I was blown away at the quality of the video on the inside and outside of this device. I think this is the tablet I have been looking for. What are the cons, looks like you can upgrade the memory and storage… Use Blue-tooth- No way to plug in except with their 30 pin device, which I am a bit concerned about. Thanks

    • The new Note 8 has micro usb, $399.99

  • Ken

    Eric, please don’t post deals like the $99 Nexus 7 after Rebate. It makes the site look bad. If you can’t get the deal for the OUT THE DOOR price, then it’s not worth it to your fans of droid-life.com because REBATES with purchase of something else can be a hassle. It just pisses everyone off.

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  • Andy Starr

    One of the best Full Size Android tablet deals right now is on the site Tablet Sprint — offers the new Novo 10 Hero II – 10.1 Inch Quad Core Android tablet for $219 – featuring a high resolution 1280×800 IPS screen, 16GB memory, a strong battery (8000 mAH), front and rear cameras, a MicroSD memory card slot, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, Google Play installed – with access to 400K+ software Apps, a MicroUSB port for connection to printers and other electronic devices, HDMI – with 1080p (HD) to a large screen TV, WiFi, and an option for 3G/4G connection. Tablet Sprint also offers a Compact Case with built-in Keyboard for around $25, which easily transforms a tablet into a mini-laptop – and they include $25 in some quality Bonus Apps —

  • Or just get a brand new 16gb from Google for$199 and not have to deal with rebate nightmares

  • whoa

    Off topic but any news on a second generation nexus 10 I got to hold the original 10 and am about to go buy it should I hold off?

    • hkklife

      I have not heard a peep about a N10 refresh. Its possible something will be announced at I/O but I am not holding my breath. What we really need is a $50-$100 price dropon the existing N10 or a 64Gb version to replace the 32Gb SKU. It’s pitiful that the world’s best tablet is hindered by zero marketing and next-to-zero retail availability. The lack of compelling first party accessories only compounds the problem.

      • whoa


    • Hold off. I have the N7, the N10 & the Note 10.1. I have also had many of the Prime line tablets. The N10 is okay, but not great & the longer you have it, the more you will realize it. I would recommend the Nexus 7 or the Note 10.1 over the Nexus 10. Battery life is better, the Note 10.1 has a ton more features & supports 64gb sd cards, it performs better with video & gaming. Go to a place that has both. The resolution is not that big of a difference unless you are reading text. There is a noticeable difference in video, but it is more in trueness of color & slight sharpness, but for most, the difference is negligible.

      • whoa

        Looks like I’m waiting till I/O at the earliest for more info. Thanks for both responses

  • What’s this “Galaxy Note 10.1” you speak of? Oh, right, one of those Android devices that runs a customized, skinned version of Android and will be lucky to see one major Android revision update. Got it.


    • Jacob Mustin

      As much as I love Nexus, (own an N4) you cant deny that this tablet has potentially more added functionality from the get-go than one would ever get out of a couple android updates. You cant fault anybody for liking that benefit.

      • You’re absolutely right. I’m just speaking as a matter of preference.

    • Joe Biflic

      I had a Note 10.1 and would still have it if the screen resolution were a little better. I’m patiently waiting on the next generation note. But then again I own a Gnex and GS3 and use the GS3 99% of the time so I guess you can say touchwiz doesn’t bother me.

      • The Note 10.1 screen resolution was limited by the Wacom digitizer. Any higher & the device would have been priced more in line with a Wacom graphic tablet, which would have put the $1,000.00 device out of the reach of many. Now that Samsung has a vested interest in Wacom, you can bet you will start to see S-Pen tablets with a higher pixel density.

    • Dude, The Note 10.1 has already seen nearly a half dozen updates. Samsung is not HTC. Just look at AT&T. The two LTE devices first launched there were the GS2 SkyRocket & the HTC Vivid. The VIvid is stuck on 4.0,3 ICS while the SkyRocket recieved JellyBean 4.1.2 today. Samsung has also committed to 5.0 Key Lime Pie on the GS3, Note, Note 2 & Note 10.1 tablet.

      Nexus devices are great for seeing new core features early, but all in all, Nexus devices are mediocre. I’ll take the Note 2 & all the features Samsung has added, including the 60mbps LTE download speeds & multi-view over the Nexus 4. Similarly, the Note 10.1 just performs better & has a ton more features than either the Nexus 7 or 10. In fact, te only thing the N10 has going for it is the display. Unfortunately, there are so many issues that any high quality racing, action or physics games simply stutter along & drop frames on the N10, a problem the Note 10.1 does not have. The Note 10.1 battery also out lasts the N10. The N7 I did enjoy, because it was stable, but even more so simply because of its size, which is great for traveling & fit snugly into the back pocket of my jeans.

      • See more features isn’t really what I’m after. I like stock Android so much precisely BECAUSE it’s not so feature packed. I believe wholeheartedly that when it comes to UI and UX, less is more. Clearly Google believes that too as it’s their design mantra across almost all of their products, Android included. It’s the same reason I don’t even run custom ROMs. Most custom ROMs throw in way too many “features” that I don’t want nor need. Throwing in everything AND the kitchen sink just isn’t my thing. Stock Android has everything I need, nothing I don’t, and I also know I’m always going to be running the latest version of Android. That’s a major selling point for me.

        As far as games, I’m a console gamer and not really big into mobile gaming (yet). That said, Shadowgun Deadzone seemed to run brilliantly on my N10 with the graphics set to “ultra high”. Also, Riptide ran great, full 60 FPS with no problems at all. Those are really the only games I’ve tried on it.

  • So, I pounced on the Galaxy Note 10.1… I am a student, so I think this is going to be great for taking notes. There are already a couple of kids in my classes who use one & love it.

  • After…. #REBATE

  • Detonation

    $100 After a $70 rebate with subscription…fail

  • miracleman630

    I got the Note 10.1 from Woot in February when the price was $50 more *grumble*. The good thing is that, at this price, it’s finally convinced a friend to join the tablet world. Hopefully he’ll like his as much as i like mine!

  • eli

    no thanks jeff LOL

  • thecharrr

    You have to subscribe to it to get the mail in rebate for the Nexus 7, which is $80 a year.

    • Yes, this post misrepresents the deal. It’s a Nexus 7 for $169.99, and that’s really the end of it, unless you’re the type to reply to those emails Nigerian princes send you.

    • allenhaft62bf

      As far as games, I’m a console gamer and not really big into mobile
      gaming (yet). That said, Shadowgun Deadzone seemed to run brilliantly on
      my N10 with the graphics set to “ultra high”. Also, Riptide ran great,
      full 60 FPS with no problems at all. Those are really the only games
      I’ve tried on it.

      I’m not married to Nexus as a brand. I’m married to stock Android and
      reasonably fast updates. Right now, Nexus devices are the only high-end
      Android devices that deliver both of those.

  • r0lct

    This rebate is in USD currency and may be paid with a prepaid reward card.

    Does that mean a Visa gift card or something totally different?

    • Wesley Schwartz

      I read the terms. It’s an Amex prepaid card.

  • Thomas

    Refurbs…no thanks

    • mustbepbs

      What’s wrong with refurbished products? You know, the ones that get a second look, more QA testing? I mean, you NEVER get a lemon with a brand new product.

      • Raven

        I have bought refurb appliances and stereo equipment, but I have avoided anything with a nonreplaceable battery because I always wonder just how many cycles that battery has already been though.

        • Yeah, I usually stay away from refurbs unless they are factory refurbished & factory certified. Otherwise, it could be Joe Android buying broken in bulk & fixing them in ma’s basement or his garage.

        • Raven65

          Even “nonreplaceable” batteries can usually be replaced. They definitely can in this case:

      • Raven65

        I agree… I’ve have very good luck with refurbs and saved a ton of money. I jumped on the 8GB Refurbed N7 for $139 shipped from 1DealADay deal that was on here THREE WEEKS ago. I wish I could say that went well, but I STILL haven’t received it. It’s finally “Out for delivery” TODAY. Slowest. Shipping. EVER. Here’s to hoping I don’t have any issues with the tablet.

        • mustbepbs

          I never, ever order from those 1sale/deal/steal a day websites anymore. I ordered a cheapo bed in a bag set from one and didn’t receive it for another month. I was ripped.

          • Raven65

            Yeah, this was my first… and LAST time buying from them.

        • Have you ever bought anything from Woot before? They have to hold the world record for slowest shipping ever. Took 4 weeks for delivery after waiting 2 weeks for the order to process. That was my first and last purchase from them as well.

          • Was it a while ago? I don’t buy a ton of stuff from Woot, but in the last year or so their shipping speed seems pretty quick lately. I’ve gotten stuff within a week or two.

      • Thomas

        Haven’t had the best of luck w/ refurbs, so I stay away 🙂

  • ezpotato

    screw this security subscription crap. I got excited at 99$ outright.

  • J

    NOTICE: A subscription must be activated at time of rebate redemption.
    sounds like a nightmare.

    • michael arazan

      Or a 24-48 hour trial period, no refund, reoccurring automatic charges, and when you go to cancel it it’s e-mail only no number, and they never send confirmation leaving you guessing if it is actually cancelled, till you see the charge on the cc statement and then call the number on the cc bill and then they tell you to call another number that nobody answers.

  • Any news on the next line of Note tablets? I’ve been wanting to get a Note 10.1, but keep seeing rumors of the next sammy tabs. It looks like the current version here was release August of last year.

    • hkklife

      Well, the new Note 8.0 was just released in the US this week. It is, as usual per Samsung, hamstrung by a high pricetag ($399), only a 16Gb storage model for the US, and appears to be only available in a hideous white color. If the 16Gb Note 8.0 was $299 and available in black alongside a $350 32Gb version, they’d have a hit on their hands. Best features on the Note 8.0 are finally switching to a standard microUSB port and the fact that the S-Pen can now trigger the capacitive buttons.