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Burner Releases on Android, Lets You Live Out Your Inner Spy Fantasies


If you are a big fan of Android, you probably know how awesome Google Voice is in letting you create a second number that you can use through your main device for free. However, if you are looking for something a little more, disposable, Burner has just launched on Android and looks pretty slick. The app allows you to make a new number on your device and load it with pre-paid minutes, but if the CIA is ever on your tail you can “burn” the number and get rid of all your data. 

Now, we all might not be running from the government and trying to hide, but for people who are looking to sell things on Craigslist without giving out their actual cell number this could come in pretty handy. You can keep loading your new number with minutes and texts as long as you need them and it functions just as your normal phone line.

The app is free, but adding a line will cost you. If you’re looking to get a disposable number without the disposable phone, hit the link below

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  • Michael Quinlan

    The pool of numbers available through Burner isn’t unlimited, obviously. Sooner or later (I’m betting on sooner), when you burn your number and get a new one, the new one will be someone else’s previously burned number, and you’ll be getting all the calls they were trying to avoid. I see a disaster in the making.

  • Jeffrey Hewitt

    sadly this would work well for craigslist hookup type people too. They would love this I am sure lol

  • Famouz Starz

    so i can

    have my cell # fwd to Google voice, then to textplus, then to pringer, then to burner should keep my info and number safe?

    another app with a ghost number whats new :/

  • col3rsc

    Man, money ain’t got no owners, only spenders

  • Hmm. Comes with one free number. Additional numbers cost money.

    Burner phones are purchased from a CVS with cash to leave no trace. How do you pay cash for “credits” in this app? I imagine they only take credit (or Google Wallet or PayPal or some other Incredibly-Traceable-Form-Of-Payment).

    • Umm its not like your a hit man I doubt anyone will try to trace the payment…

    • I don’t think you should expect to evade the CIA with this app…it’s mostly for craigslist and the like

    • BubbleSort

      Also to associate purchases with your phone they need some sort of ID that is unique to your phone. When I post my number on the internet, I use my Google Voice number (only thing I use it for) since I can just grab a new number whenever I want to.

    • Speedyrulz

      Prepaid visa card or something similar paid with cash?

  • 4Gyesplease

    Doesn’t the Hush app do the same?