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WhatsApp Executive Says They Are Not Talking to Google About a Buyout


Hot on the heels of the story that was reported yesterday, the business development head of WhatsApp, Neeraj Arora, said that there are no talks between his company and Google regarding a sale. Rumors were swirling yesterday that Google was looking to purchase WhatsApp to bolster their upcoming unified messaging service, Babel. According to the report, the offer was near $1 billion to purchase WhatsApp, but that apparently is not the case. 

Arora did not comment on the rumor any further, so it seems like at this point the idea is dead. Google already has the infrastructure of Google Voice, Google Talk and Hangouts, so missing out on WhatsApp probably won’t hurt Babel too much. WhatsApp will continue to do their thing, being one of the top rated apps without Google buying them out.

Via: AllThingsD

  • Bionic

    Yeah sure…….. And HTC says they aren’t in trouble.

    • EC8CH

      Yeah sure…… And Bionic says the Xphone is going to be awesome.

      • TheCheapGamer

        As awesome as the Bionic was!..oh wait…

  • TheCheapGamer

    “WhatsApp will continue to do their thing, being one of the top rated apps without Google buying them out.”
    Yes, but once Google’s hits will it die? Let’s not forget how big Myspace was, yet Facebook killed it.

    • shaun

      WhatsApp has peaked. Their position on forcing everyone to pay subscriptions because they don’t like ads will backfire.

      • moe6

        I had always assumed that they didn’t do ads specifically to target being bought by Google or similar. CEO’s comment has left me confused now, surely whatsapp can’t get any larger as it’s already losing people to WeChat on this side (Asia) of the world as subs begin to run out.

        The fact they’re extending people randomly towards the end of their subs without saying a thing isn’t helping either probably.

  • punkroyale

    Seriously? A billion bucks? Sounds like way way way too much for WhatsApp.

    • Thomas
      • punkroyale

        perfect clip to illustrate this.. ha ha.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i agree. that’s what facebook paid for instagram. no offense to whatsapp (i use and like it), but they have nowhere near the potential that instagram did, and most people considered instagram a ripoff at the time!

      • michael arazan

        Why do they need to pay a billion for an app when all they need is a license agreement for the software? If they really want it

        • tyguy829

          pretty sure they would be buying it for their big user base and talented staff

    • CHROME_Forever

      it’s a GROUPON 2.
      tech bubble is tech bubble.

      $6B for a website, domain and name.
      now it could be $1B for several thousands lines of code.

      Google has the best engineers and can hire everybody AND can CREATE EVERYTHING THEY NEED.

  • Austin Warren

    Wouldn’t expect to say anything. Don’t want any insider trading going on.

  • Does anyone think that the CEO would say anything that could jeopardize a deal like this? Most of these guys keep this info tight lip until the agreement is made. I say wait and see a couple of more weeks.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      If there was a deal in the works he would have just said nothing at all. The fact that he came out and said no…really just means no

    • DroidFTW

      There was a rumor a year ago that Facebook was buying them. The CEO said no and it didn’t happen. If there were talks we wouldn’t have commented. Commenting means there is no talks and it makes no sense whatsoever for Google to develop Babel and then buy WA. Rumor never made sense and if people take two seconds to think about it they will understand why.

      • Only thing I can think of is a legal patent issue that WhatsApp could bring up if the application that Google builds is exactly like it. Its hard to prove in software of course, but it could happen.

  • Adam Neighbors

    I thought it was weird being so close to I/O(and babel’s potential release) to announce a possible buyout. Didn’t make sense. Plus it’s Google.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I see what you did there…. but . . . maybe you didn’t

    • Yeah, this rumor always seemed a little dumb to me. With all the chatter, Babel must be coming out at IO. Why would Google only now try to close a deal with Whatsapp? Babel at this point has to be near final, so integrating a newly acquired firm would push it back months. A much more like scenario to me is they are trying to partner with Whatsapp and have Babel be an integrated messaging service for everything and not just Google’s own products.

  • DroidFTW