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AT&T Announces Plans to Bring Gigabit Internet Service to Austin, TX

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In some type of twisted dark humor, AT&T announced today their plans to bring a 1Gbps Internet service to the city of Austin, TX. If you have been following the news of Google Fiber, they too made their expansion into the city of 820K residents official yesterday morning. So, for anyone not living in Austin, TX this must just seem like the worst thing ever. 

While Google has already stated that homes can begin getting set up for Fiber in mid-2014, AT&T has yet to give any type of time frame. What the company is highlighting currently is that they too will receive the same terms and conditions as Google has in regards of “geographic scope of offerings, rights of way, permitting, state licenses and any investment incentives.”

If you ask me, this just isn’t fair.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) said today that it is pleased to see local communities and municipalities acknowledging the promise and power of economic development associated with telecommunications investment.

“Most encouraging is the recognition by government officials that policies which eliminate unnecessary regulation, lower costs and speed infrastructure deployment, can be a meaningful catalyst to additional investment in advanced networks which drives employment and economic growth,” said Randall Stephenson , AT&T chairman and CEO.

Today, AT&T announced that in conjunction with its previously announced Project VIP expansion of broadband access, it is prepared to build an advanced fiber optic infrastructure in Austin, Texas, capable of delivering speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.  AT&T’s expanded fiber plans in Austin anticipate it will be granted the same terms and conditions as Google on issues such as geographic scope of offerings, rights of way, permitting, state licenses and any investment incentives. This expanded investment is not expected to materially alter AT&T’s anticipated 2013 capital expenditures.

AT&T consistently invests in U.S. communities — $98 billion in capital in the past five years, more than any other public company — and remains committed to working with any metropolitan community to reach agreement on incentives to improve the climate and speed of overall telecommunications infrastructure investment – facilitating both wired and wireless broadband access. Our potential capital investment will depend on the extent we can reach satisfactory agreements.

Via: PR Newswire

  • Judging from how slow U-Verse is compared to cable competition, AT&T announcing FTTH is like Kia announcing a supercar. Laughable.

  • Hey AT&T, if you really cared about delivering a great service to your customers and aren’t just scared about competition coming in and uprooting your oligopoly, there are a million other US markets that could certainly use Gigabit Fiber more than a city that’s already getting it.

    • Sock Kitty

      You’re not missing anything. If AT&T’s Gigabit Fiber is anything like their U-Verse service, your internet will never be up long enough to use it. I’m eagerly awaiting Google Fiber.

  • Sterling Mace

    Seeing that google didn’t give up after the first market and might actually go nationwide I can see those parasites at at&t and cable companies starting to crap themselves.

  • Trevor

    At least we have Time Warner. Oh wait.

  • Sandcrab3

    Competition could be great for price competition. That is, if you looked at Google’s $70 starting price.

    • Dan

      which is already cheaper per Megabit of speed, compared to every other company that charges the same for only 15-25 Megabits per second.

  • Nowai

    I thought nobody wanted faster Internet! What happened?

  • Bionic

    I call BS. My Uverse is 12MBPS for $57. How much are they gonna charge for a Gig? $1000/month?

    Get real AT&T. Drop my 12MBPS to around $25 then ill believe you when you start talking Gigs

    • Nowai

      Ouch! That is incredibly expensive! That’s megabit, not megabyte, right? I pay the same for 3x the bandwidth! o_O

    • Yikes. I pay that same price for 40/4 with Grande in central Austin.

      If AT&T offers a comparable service as Google I’ll sell my house for exactly $300.

  • I’m curious how they,re going to do this when DSL from ATT, which I had at one point, is much slower then my cable connection.

  • Austin Warren

    I used to love U verse til its gone to sh*t lately. Don’t get excited. These are just words to make you think that they will do something. And with Microsoft selling mediaroom, don’t expect updates for U verse.

  • dhirensavalia

    Texas was the top state for businesses for 2012, and has been in the top 2 since 2006.

    Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/46414199/Top_States_for_Business_2012

  • noc007

    Hey AT&T, what happened to the promises you made to Georgia when you bribed the state government into passing a state wide franchise law? Oh that’s right, you just backtracked and only put U-Verse in the more profitable communities. Let’s not forget the $100+ Billion you got from the 1996 Telecommunications Act to build out FTTH before that.

    Though I don’t think I would trust you anyways. Your Metro-E fiber service is less reliable than U-Verse and cable internet combined.

  • kane

    Don’t forget it you are a patent troll you will win you cases

  • TheMike

    Brilliant move for AT&T! This could help to improve their reputation and hopefully it will inspire them to expand nationally. The more, the merrier!

  • Sqube

    Remember: we can’t have telco competition. It’s unfair.

    After all, they’ll have to improve their services. Who the hell are we to cut into their profit margins?

    • JMonkeYJ

      i think the “not fair” comment refers to the fact that Austin gets two gigabit ISPs while 99% of the US still has 0

  • jdomann

    Google, thank you so much for disturbing the field. When I got U-Verse last year, the installer told me they pretty much killed off all infrastructure development after they built it. Probably because they had no incentive to. Now that they do…..I have two choices to pick from <3

  • duke69111

    There’s going to be a lot of wires hanging from telephone poles at this rate.

  • Thanks you Google for stirring the pot!

  • Dylan Patel

    This right here is why competition is great in a free market economy.

    • Until they conspire to price fix together. Which happens from time to time. There is a right balance between free market and regulation. Too much of either breeds cowboys that will have no disregard for anyone, or chokers that will make innovation crawl to a halt.

      • Cowboydroid

        I don’t think you understand how a free market works. Even in a free market, everyone has liability.

  • ostensibly


  • kixofmyg0t

    Someone is scared of Google…..

    • I plus one you on that note. ISPs will either fight and lobby to have Google not come in so they can maintain a monopoly, or if Google is allowed, they will start providing this service immediately.

    • PhillipCun

      google charges it for dirt cheap while all these ISPs are charging as much as they want. of course they’re scared.

  • I’m sooooo jealous. You would think they would just concede that city and make their own stronghold somewhere else rather than trying to scramble to match Google there.

    • Nowai

      It seems cable companies intend to be reactive. Time Warner is probably still convinced that nobody wants faster Internet. I hope this spells their doom.

      • Cowboydroid

        When there’s nobody to compete with them, of course they will say ridiculous things like that and get away with it. 99% of people hate their cable company.

  • What the hell goes on in Austin that I’m not aware of?

    • Clay S.

      samsung, apple, motorola (now freescale), dell, 3M, applied materials, bbq, beer, sunday fundays, 300+ days of sunshine.

      oh yeah, and dont move here please. we are full.

      • jdomann

        Agreed, apartments are at 97% capacity from what my landlord told me. Stay away, we don’t need more people 🙁

        • PhillipCun

          please go to austin and take all the people from LA with you.

      • br0

        Don’t forget Intel as well.
        Gonna start attending UT this fall as a freshman! 🙂

      • Butters619

        sundays fundays are definitely more fun in southern ca. Sorry.

        • Assuming you ever find a parking spot

          • Butters619

            Haha true. Fortunately I live a few blocks from a lot of bars and the beach with a designated spot.

          • Amanda B. Cabral

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        • I grew up along to coast in Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach), now live in San Diego, and spent about a year in Austin. While the weather in So Cal kicks the hell out of Austin, the girls there are waaaaay more approachable, making for a more consistently fun time going out when single – in your 20’s at least.

          • Geoff Johnson

            Well I grew up in New England 🙁

      • Harryballs

        Only two things in Texas, steers and queers and I’m not seeing any horns here…

    • jdomann

      It’s nicknamed the Silicon Hills for a reason. As Clay mentioned, there’s tons of tech companies out here.

      • noc007

        If Austin is nicknamed the Silicon Hills, what does that make Atlanta? We have a number of companies are HQ’d here along with a few tech ones.

        • jdomann

          The Silicon Valley of Biotech.

          But no really, the ideal thing here is the weather. Perfect for data centers since we rarely get any storms, much less tornadoes.

          • Actually, the Tech sector is just figuring out the ideal location for a data center is upstate NY, generally the closer to Buffalo/Niagara Falls the better. You’ve got cheap electricity from the falls, extremely low chance of natural disasters and for much of the year your cooling costs are practically nothing due to the winters. Texas is only better because it’s in the middle of the country.

          • jdomann

            hm…true. middle of the country is probably the best reason then. 300 days of sun probably helps market it towards IT more though. good point though, thanks for pointing it out!

            Edit: though government taxes/subsidies probably helped make these decisions too.

          • Texas generates a shitton of electricity itself, it has a power grid capable of supplying half the country.

        • Sterling Mace

          If they go to Atlanta they should hire kickass mall cop as the lobby security.

      • Yeah, but just the fact that Austin has been at the top of fastest growing cities for years will get companies to invest. While it’s a top 5 for many things like cycling, it has many things it’s on top for. It’s considered the *live* music capital of the world with SXSW, ACL, and 6th st bands. The F1 track was just built, many tech companies are starting up, opening offices in, or relocating to Austin. Schlitterbahn is building a new water park in Austin twice the size of their other one that’s been rated the #1 water park in the world for 15 years… uggg, could go on forever, but here’s one of the many lists:

    • Guest

      Crazy people killing.

    • No corporate taxes to pay in Texas. Most likely there are hardly no hurdles to go through when setting up something like this.

      • michael arazan

        Texas, Republican Heaven.

        They’ll prob bitch that Google gives away 5MBps for free if you don’t want to pay for the 1 gb

        • Sock Kitty

          They who? Surely not us Austinites.

    • Bionic

      butt sexxx

    • Hottest going out crowd you’ve ever seen, major football school town (Longhorns are the valuable team in the country by revenue), oceans of money flying around. Significant corporate presence, extremely forward looking and business friendly local government.

  • TheWenger

    Who wants to take bets on how many times more expensive AT&T will be?

    • SomeDooD123

      10x more than Google. MINIMUM.

      • noc007

        And it will go down randomly between every week to couple of months. Not all of that downtime will be the fault of some yahoo with a backhoe; majority of it will be because of their incompetence.

    • My local power company (Bristol TN) offers Gigabit fiber to the home users, and in fact Chattanooga TN has had residential gigabit for at least a couple years. The problem is pricing… $299/month for gigabit is a tough pill to swallow when the residential TOS does not permit commercial use.

  • EC8CH

    Austin Texas…. tell me your secrets!

  • This is why we need competition, even if it’s from municipalities! Competition breeds innovation!

  • Tirionfive

    Lol someone jelly.