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About 60,000 Crappy Apps Booted From Google Play

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This past February, Google conducted a mass exodus of nearly 60,000 “spam” apps from Google Play. The apps were violating certain terms of services that are put in place for developers, such as not posting repetitive content, misleading product descriptions, or apps that attempt to drive affiliate traffic. With 60K apps booted, it is the largest eviction Google has ever undertaken.

A large portion of the apps were said to be in the Mp3 download/ringtone maker category.

This past October, Google Play boasted nearly 700,000 apps officially available for download. It has grown so much in the past couple of years, and it’s only getting better.

Via: TechCrunch

  • Go Launcher is copy of QQ Launcher based on MIUI and that is why there are so much stuff available for it

  • you must be an isheeep right, there are millions of crap apps in IOs as well as Play

    • An iSheep? Thats why I own a GS3 and am on a android site. I have owned an iPhone and there is alot more crap apps on android…. Your just mad because not everything about android is perfect.

      • first of all, when you search for an app in an iphone, is it easy to find what you want, no. secondly there are almost 200000 apps which is not even downloaded once in IOS. just imagine how many more craps they have. just search for instagram or photo app, most of them all maximum 2-3 star ratings for being crap in IOS. Most isheeps keep an eye on what is happening in their competitors world. I love Android and Windows Phone for smoothnesss. I like IOS because most apps feel better. i hate Safari, i dont know how ppl like it and i hate Chrome on Android but Chrome for Desktop is my default Browser and i think nothing can beat it. that is about me thank you

  • 700k apps – how many basic calculators do we need?

  • Geoff Johnson

    I mean GO SMS and GO Launcher used to be great, until they got bloated and made you install about 3-4 other apps when you install one (GO store, etc.). Then you have the frequent messages and notifications about other software, there are even fewer free themes and ones that say “getjar” or something in order to get them. Overall a very bloated suite of apps.

  • Haxcid

    Kind of, they only have like a 100 original apps, the rest are android ports (I am of course exaggerating for humor)

  • ManBearPig618


  • What about legitimate app developers who got screwed like the maker of Hazard Rush? While this sounds like great news as a whole, I’m sure there were more people than this one dev who got the short end of the stick on this one.

    • I think they got kicked out fir SOE, I believe android police has the full story about it

  • regkilla

    Great move Google. I hate those spam apps.

  • altheakeel

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  • zionlion02

    I think what I see as the biggest issue is the “scraping” of apps. Once someone creates a game or app that is even somewhat useful or popular, within 1 week there is a version from China with the same purpose and functionality – just reskinned and renamed. Usually with some janky coding involved. It’s really too bad, because the original Dev then gets screwed out of his app and idea, and any possible profits. I’ve seen it happen first hand with a few people I know who have written apps. A competitor app is one thing – a duplicate is another.

  • Ibrick

    What?! No list?

  • Lantz89


  • Is Google sucking these bad apps off from one’s mobiles or is there a list off kicked apps so one could remove those away?

  • Brandon Golway

    I used to love them…until I started using GoChat in GoSMS. Before I started with GoChat, GoSMS was great but when I started with GoChat (internet based texting) everything went to hell: things wouldn’t send, I’d disable GoChat and it would randomly turn itself back on and messages would never get sent, they would spam the hell out of my inbox to promote their other apps, I talked to their devs about this and they offered no help. Uninstalls and reinstalls didn’t fix the issues, neither did reboots. Ever since them I haven’t used a single Go app.

  • Raven

    I used Go Launcher and thought it was great. And then, I noticed some of the Go Wallpapers. They had a whole series of Live Wallpapers that were exact copies of an open source series called Really Slick screen savers (Helios, Euphoria, Skyrocket, etc.). Only instead of being awesome and free like the PC versions, these were ad laden with pay for versions, no credits to the author, and altogether just slimy. I contacted the author and he was aware that they were reselling them without his permission. Then, one day they all just disappeared from the Play Store. Justice.

    • Amanda B. Cabral

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  • stabone

    Wow, they booted more apps than BB and Win8 actually have.

  • diversification

    I am upset by it daily, yet for those of us back on Gingerbread still, GO SMS is the best SMS app available. Scheduling, the attachment options, the ability to interface with iOS iMessage conversations, etc. That doesn’t mean I have to like it though…

  • thisguy

    here’s an idea: how about if the evaluated the apps *before* allowing them to be on the store. i bet this has never been done. oh wait…

    • thisguy

      sorry, can’t edit. i meant “if they evaluated”

    • randy

      because if they do that then all the clowns on this site will scream “walled garden!”

  • NaziGoogle

    Our overlords at Google decided they weren’t cool enough.

  • Wait who use’s ringtones??

  • PhoenixPath

    ringdroid is still there. While I’d like to be able to merge snippets, or cut in the middle, etc…it’s still the most versatile one out there that I have found.

    Need Audio Galaxy for Android. :p

  • rodney11ride

    Wait What? all those mp3 download apps… V2, the real one, v3, best, v4, v5, v6, and PRO? lol same damn app each one… too funny

    • PhoenixPath

      tinyshark downloader is all you need.

      …thanks, Exigo.

  • Here’s a personal hat tip to you. We had a few people send it in yesterday and today, but we’ve been so swamped with other fun stuff. Cheers PyroHoltz! 🙂

    • PyroHoltz

      yay, I feel special.

      Didn’t realize that post on TechCrunch was from yesterday, my bad.

  • that will be a dream come true, i wish Google could do a proper clean up of all the apps which has more than 5 themes and ask them to have their own app stores for themes

    • tyguy829

      or just make them in app purchases

    • I think it would actually be better if the store were built to handle themes/add-ons – some kind of special category label, perhaps.

      A lot of themes are cross-application. LauncherPRO, Nova, etc have icon packs that work for other launchers, for example. The “TMobile” theme engine works in a lot of different ROMs without a need for an app.

  • Pete

    There’s a whole lot more than 60,000 crappy apps on any app store. It’s an uphill battle for Google and I hope they win because that means I win in the end.

    • NickA

      Good point. I wish there were a “premium” section, where talented developers can get their product featured. Too many really bad programmers out there making apps.

      • Joey

        You realize there is a “featured” section that does exactly what you just described right?

        • NickA

          Yeah, but it’s not very “featured”. Google has work to do promoting independent developers. Not a whole lot of support there.

    • todthewetsprocket

      i guess you love living inside your walled garden. You should look into iOS. Android is supposed to be open and free. They going to block “crappy” websites next. Google is becoming more and more like Apple everyday.

      • Ryuuie

        Um…ok? How is Google supposed to block websites. Since when did Google turn into the United States government?

    • Haxcid

      They could have easily shaved another 60K off. How many shotgun, fart, pistol, flash light, etc apps does one need?

  • i used go launcher for the longest time on my old phone, but yeah, there needs to be a better system for themes, etc

  • imns

    You mean remove Verizon?

    • eveery app, that gives you a screen agree or decline and whatever you choose, it fills the home screen with useless apps

      • zionlion02

        That’s an android option – just turn that off in the settings.

  • Tim242


  • Austin Warren

    Only If you want to crash and die.