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20+ Tips and Tricks for the HTC One

htc one3

I’ve now spent a full three days with the HTC One, so I’ve had just enough time to figure out and get used to all of the quirks that come with Sense 5.0. While it’s not a drastic change from previous versions in terms of big picture functionality, it is different enough that some of these tweaks may throw you for a loop the first time you see them. HTC certainly does things on a smartphone in their own way, something that is more evident in Sense 5.0 than ever before. 

So through this video, I run through 20+ tips and tricks that I have come across over the last couple of days. Some are pretty basic and not necessarily brand new, while others are new to the HTC camera and navigation experiences. It’s really a clip on how to get around your new One without having to experience the learning curve that I did.


  • DigiCowboy

    Just got the One yesterday and you helped me with the 2 things I could not figure out, changing the app drawer icons and finding the task switcher. THANKS!

  • Gregory Abell

    Great video. Really appreciate you going through all the craziness so that those of us who are getting the phone after you don’t lose our minds!!!

  • JakeS41

    this is way delayed…but the way “Best Shot” is described is not how it works. HTC doesn’t choose the best one. YOU choose it, and select it as your “Best Shot”, then all the others are deleted.

  • Redsun

    Is Tip #1 how to get it to work on Verizon? Cause HTC couldn’t figure that out themselves.

  • Caroline

    I’m getting this phone tomorrow and this video is super helpful, especially since it’s my first HTC phone! i’ll probably watch it again when the phone arrives. Thanks! I love the Best Shot feature on the camera!

  • Wow I hate Sense 5.

  • KB Smoka

    +1 for that gallery

  • Hey Kellen does that tap at the notification bar to wuickly scroll all the way up also work for the browser?

    • Duke

      No, but a flick will get you there SO fast.

  • David Dudovitz

    13:34 already exists on the DNA.

  • SterlingPhoenix

    This kinda stuff is one of the reasons I won’t buy a phone that the CyanogenMod community will not support. All the Android phones I’ve had had the same exact interface.

    Granted I’ve usually had Nexus phones anyway, but still.

  • C-Law

    Wow i don’t like this version of sense at all. I absolutely hate that they put the unlock button on the wrong side. I would prefer it on the side too. And I’d have to get another launcher. The idea of removing an app from the app drawer when u move it to a home screen makes no sense to me

    • NickA

      I don’t like it either. I have the DNA and I like that Sense better than what I see on the One.

      • David Dudovitz

        Sense 5 will come to the DNA… in January 2016.


    I’m just not that excited for any of the upcoming phones being released. Although this phone looks beautiful, watching videos of the new Sense are just a turn off.

    • btod

      give it a chance. it might not be as bad as previous sense versions.

    • niuguy

      When I get it I’ll do the same thing I did with my note 2…..NOVA!

  • Charles Hobbs

    Video clip? Ain’t nobody got time for that…

  • kaiwangailan

    nice wallpaper

  • JoshGroff

    up up down down left right left right B A

    • Austin Warren

      Seems legit.

      • michael arazan

        Tips and Tricks for a phone No One has, interesting. Except for bloggers and reviewers who got the promotional demo versions.

  • Etsy Kellex? Really?

    • Ben Johnson

      I assumed that was bloatware that he hadn’t removed (sry “disabled”)

  • Turning off Blink Feed should be an Easter Egg