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TigerDirect Selling Refurbished 32GB Nexus 7 for $199.99

nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is still one of our top suggestions for people looking to get a great Android tablet. The combination of low price point with decent hardware topped off with it being a Nexus device made an impact. If you are looking for an even lower price point than $250, TigerDirect is shipping refurbished Nexus 7s for only $199.99 right now.

This is the 32GB version of the device with only WiFi capabilities, but if you’re looking for a low price on a great Android tablet this would be pretty hard to pass up. You might be buying at a bad time however with rumors swirling that a rebooted Nexus 7 will launch at this year’s Google I/O, but that is a decision you’ll have to make.


Cheers Justtyn!

  • huskerhog

    I assume it will not come with the $25 Google Play gift card. There is no mention of it on the TigerDirect website.

    • They don’t come with a GIFT CARD per se, it’s more like upon activation, you get a $25 credit. That being said, because this is a refurb, I’d bet against it.

      • Kenny Veltre

        Google stopped doing the $25 promotion a while ago.

        • hkklife

          Yup, the promo had already ended by the time the 32Gb and 3G N7 SKUs were launched. I believe that promotion was only good for the initial batch of 8 and 16 gig units at launch.

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