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Sony Adding Native DualShock 3 Bluetooth Controller Support to Xperia Devices

xperia dualshock 3

The DualShock controller design is one of the most iconic pieces of hardware in video game history. Playstation fans will be excited to hear the news that Sony has found a way for their Xperia mobile devices to work natively with their Playstation 3 DualShock 3 controllers over Bluetooth. 

Sony has developed a wizard that allows the DualShock and Xperia device to connect via USB and once paired, the controller can be used to control games wirelessly. This means you can use your phone on your big screen via HDMI and sit on your couch with the controller to enjoy your game. There’s no timetable on the rollout of this feature, but you can expect Sony to push this as a big feature for their devices once they get it 100% working.


Via: Xperia Blog

  • I just need a cradle and a hack that allows this to used on my Galaxy S3.


    And cue XDA

  • nice

  • anon

    This has been around for years. Well worth the $2.50. Just be sure to use the free compatibility checker first.


  • e

    Or just use the sixaxis app to achieve the same thing on any android device.

  • N8shon

    That’s awesome, love it. I want it on my Note 2. Is it possible to use PS3 controller wirelessly with an unrooted Note 2?

    • unrooted no. you can use it with a “on the go” cable and a micro usb cable. Grand theft is awesome with it. just make sure to go under options and change controls to the d pad

      • N8shon

        Ok cool, I have one of those that I’ve used with my Note 2, thanks!

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Can’t wait for this to come out and for devs to port it over to stock Android!

  • Daniel Russell

    There HAS to be a non cable bluetooth sync for the controller…..

  • Guest

    Cool, hope to see this ported to other devices once the guys at XDA get their hands on it.

    • You can already, check Google Play its not official Sony but it works just the same.

      • michael arazan

        Dear Sony, SixAxis beat you to it and its for all devices not just sony certified.

    • hactorrose

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