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Google Fiber Officially Headed to Austin, TX


It’s official – Austin, Texas is the new home of the Google Fiber expansion. As was rumored last week, Google is set to bring the gigabit Internet service to the town sometime in the relative future, but there was no specific date given. Austin now joins company with Kansas City, the first city to host the service. 

Again, no specifics on rollout were given yet, but once Google releases word, we will update you.

Who already has the moving truck scheduled?

Via: Engadget

  • richard sarin

    Just moved to Austin. A great place to live just got better. With my Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and now the ultimate weapon at my disposal, no not a missile launcher like some guys like to carry around here, but ultimate speed.

  • lol. I thought I was lucky with 200 mb/s..

  • jahsoul

    *single tear while shaking victory fist*
    I just moved here in January and was telling my wife that every cable provider in the city sucked. Now we get this news…..*getting ready to hand over that @120 a month* Take my money now Google..

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    So, Austin has the Circuit of the Americas and, now, Google Fiber? Okay, after I finish undergrad in Auburn, I’m headed to Austin!

  • So excited. Moving to Austin from Denver in a few weeks. Just scored a job there. Cannot wait!

  • Entreri804

    So you are saying it’s better to protect your home with a hand gun over an assault rifle?? Look how many people died from dui related accidents last year. Should alcohol be banned too even though I drink responsible?


    I’d pay double, if only Google would deploy in home state of California

  • Juan Lopez

    Come to NYC, please and thank you.

  • Rob

    Yet another good reason to move to Austin.

  • jdomann

    99% chance of me moving because my landlord will probably see no value in the investment. Now…..the hard part is finding someone who will. And in apartments 😡

  • How we all feel right now


  • jerflash

    they need to come to nyc and the metro area….they have an office here to!!!

  • OreoMan

    Come on, come to Colorado!

  • mike

    Come to florida!

  • Tony Byatt

    Google, just go a little further north on I-35 to Dallas and all my dreams will have come true…

  • Bill Joyce

    Google must want Dell employees to stay around for some reason.

  • gohawks

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean that they are done in the KC market with expansion, I wanted to get Google Fiber in Lawrence before I finished with school and found a real job somewhere

  • Bionic

    Next up. South Bend , Indiana

  • Austin Warren

    Definitely moving because internet speed is so important in life. /s

    • Life is based primarily on the speed of ups and downs.

      • Austin Warren

        The answer to life the universe and everything =42

        • Austin Warren

          Y’all need to read a book once in a while.

          • OreoMan

            Just think how fast we could download all those books using GFiber!

        • Dylan Patel

          42 MB up/down. That is the answer?

    • Rob

      When you have a tech job that you work remotely, yeah, it is.

      • Austin Warren

        Sounds like you need a new career.

        • Rob

          six digits, work from home, why do I need a new career?

          • Dylan Patel


            jk love you rob.

        • Tirionfive


  • Rob

    I hope this is going to show up in my neighborhood. I’ll toss Time Warner in a nanosecond.

    • Same… Service and customer service are junk…

      • brennansarkar

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    • I despise time Warner with ever fiber of my being, no pun intended. But they dominate my area, so they’re no other options. I pay over $120.00/month for 50MBPS Download / 5MBPS Upload.

      • Rob

        We’re paying about half that and getting 30 / 1. The 30 is relatively new too, it’s been creeping up. A year ago it was about 10 / 0.5.

    • hactorrose

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  • Time to move to Austin.

    • ranlil

      Lot better than KC

    • Austin Warren

      Too many gun happy individuals in that state.

      • SomeDooD123

        Don’t worry ATX is the oasis in the red state that is Texas. (Texas resident)

        • Austin Warren

          Along with the horrible weather. The only good thing is no state tax.

          • S2556

            I would love some of that weather! what are you talking about

          • CIFchamp24

            I don’t know where you live but I envy Texas. I live in California and the only thing keeping me here is weather and family. Texas still follows the constitution, the way America was intended. Not to mention they are not broke as hell. I’m sick of all the handouts in my state and getting more in debt because of it.

          • Austin Warren

            Those people are getting killed in Texas for reason.

      • Tirionfive

        Yes, because exercising our 2nd amendment is a bad thing.


        • Austin Warren

          Tell me one good reason why somebody needs an Assault rifle. Not for hunting or self protection. I’m all for our rights. But not when they act like the government is going to come to their house and take them away.

          • EFFFFFF

            Sure you can, wild boar population control. Especially handy from a helicopter when managing land.

          • Austin Warren

            Boars are the least of anyone’s problems.

          • EFFFFFF

            You sound very ignorant right now. Boars are large problem for a lot of people. Just because someone isn’t important to you….


          • Joey

            So hunting and self-protection are no longer “good” reasons?

            P.S. wouldn’t be the first time in history a government came to the houses of its citizens, disarmed them, and made them subjects.

          • Austin Warren

            Doesn’t happen in this day and age. You’d be stupid to think such a thing.

            And like I said. Assault rifles aren’t for self protection. That’s what handguns are made for.

          • Joey

            The primary reasons we study history are to learn from the mistakes so that we do not repeat them.

            Hypothetically, once my right to own an assault-style rifle have been stripped, and the killings continue to occur, and calls for handguns to be banned start…. what will you say then? Better prepare your answer because that situation will soon be far from hypothetical.

            You see this is what happens when you try to solve a problem, without understanding the true cause.

          • Tirionfive

            God Damn, you speak so much truth.

          • Crockett Kimberlin

            Stupid, maybe but better safe than held in a concentration camp.

          • biff98786

            “Doesn’t happen in this day and age. You’d be stupid to think such a thing.”

            Thank you for gracing us with your ignorance. When you choose to return to reality, please tell us which of the following countries was taken over by dictatorships while its citizens were allowed to KEEP their guns:

            China, North Korea, Venezuela, Nazi Germany, Poland, Cuba, or Soviet Russia

            ** Trick question. ALL of those people were robbed of their guns right before their governments took over and exterminated over 100 million of their own people.

          • B/c rifle killings account for 1% of all gun related deaths? You’re a typical liberal media sheep.

          • biff98786

            The reason for paramilitary weapons is to engage in paramilitary action. Try actually reading the words of James Madison (who wrote the second amendment) or Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (who was appointed to the court by the guy who actually wrote the Bill of Rights):

            The 2nd amendment is the “natural defence of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and DOMESTIC USURPATIONS OF POWER BY RULERS (emphasis mine).”

            In other words, the only way to prevent the President and Congress from declaring martial law and making themselves dictators is by providing the electorate with the same weapons the military has. If the military has assault rifles, so too must the electorate so that they may form a militia. It’s the same principle that prevented nuclear war with Russia in the 80s – if both sides have equally powerful weapons, neither will attack the other. It’s a deterrent.

          • michael arazan

            I don’t mind people having the right to bare arms, but they should, have a license for any fire arm, back ground check, and an Additional psychological test as well. Nor do i like or associate with any party.

            Also 90% + of deaths with fire arms were committed by hand guns, not assault rifles.

          • Shane

            Yea… That way when the guy above us tells his (multi-millionaire with privately paid for and armed guards) to take all of our guns away the government will know exactly where to go.

        • Austin Warren

          And it is when everyone exercising it is a ignorant and uneducated fool.

          • Joey

            Everyone? Really? …and you call them ignorant and uneducated.

          • Tirionfive

            A bit redundant use of words there. Generalization as well. Ignorant is the same thing as uneducated. (I hate when people call racism ignorant, that is not the correct term for it.) Generalizing that all people are out to shoot someone is pretty bad too.

            Have you ever held a semi automatic weapon? Until you have had some experience with guns, your opinion is not valid. Anyone can sit behind a desk and draw conclusions. Try a gun, they won’t hurt you and you might have a hell of a time.

            Assault Rifle is a buzz-word and seriously needs to die. They are Semi-automatic weapons. They aren’t used for assault and the reason they are held in high demand is because of aesthetics.

          • Making a law to ban ARs is not going to stop criminals from using them it will only stop law abiding citizens from being able to exercise their right and protect themselves.

          • Jake

            I just love a good internet argument…

      • baconslayer09

        Austin is very different from the majority of Texas. Just putting that out there.