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Verizon CEO Open to Eliminating Mobile Contracts, if Customers Ask For it

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam

During a recent event, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, said that he likes it when something different is tried in the industry. Just last week,T-Mobile looked to shake up the mobile world by ridding of contracts and making customers now pay for a larger portion of a device upfront, while paying a somewhat lower monthly bill. Interestingly enough, McAdam says he is all for this idea, if customers actually ask for it. 

From what he states, changing to this platform would be easy, all it takes is people wanting it. He mentioned that he will be monitoring customer feedback about T-mo’s new plans and rates, then go from there. So, while T-Mobile spends who-knows-how-much to educate their potential customers on the new rate plans, Verizon will just sit back and wait to see what happens.

You want Verizon to make the switch?


Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Haxcid

    We asked to keep our unlimited data plans but that fell on deaf ears. It will never happen. Super Douche Fran Shammo will make sure of that. McAdams is just pandering.

    Phones are being produced to consume mass amounts of data. Every major app out there now uses data. Then you cut out unlimited data touting how its what people wanted… People wanted a shared plan that allowed all devices to eat from the same unlimited data plate, not trying to feed 5 people with 1 hot dog.

  • no

    i woud like the “subsidized” portion taken out of the monthly contract. i’ll end up buying my next phone anyway. why? because i’m grandfathered in with UL data.

    bring back UL data first.

  • michael curtis

    Pants on Fire!

  • Litso

    Droid-Life, can you come up with some way that we can publicly ask for this?

  • Dean Milord

    I made a post on the Verizon forums. Please reply to the forum and let your voice be heard!!!


  • Dean Milord

    Only if they offer Unlimited data on 4G too, like T-Mobile. I’m just saying.
    Oh and exactly how are we suppose to “ask” for this change in plans?

  • michael walker

    Did you really just ask that question…..?

  • Captain Obvious

    Best idea ever that NONE of your competitors have AFAIK:

    Custom plans for everyone!

    Person A) I want 200 minutes, 3.5 GB data, and 400 texts
    Person B) I want 750 minutes, 1 GB data, and unlimited texting
    Person C) I want 1500 minutes, no data, and 1000 texts
    Person D) etc.
    Person E) etc.


    Do it!

  • Just Do It

    I would die happy if I could get unlimited use on my phone and truth be told I’ll probably switch carriers from Verizon soon because/if I can’t

    2GB of data is squat in this day and age….I go through that much in a few hours on my home laptop and since my browsing habits don’t change when I’m online on my cell I need unlimited data

  • mark

    Lets think about this. Verizon will have the customer pay full price over 2 years and not lower the per month access fee because that would negatively drive down their stock value and decrease total revenue. How about Verizon talks about lowering monthly rates for customers that purchase at full retail. If I buy at a full price I should have my bill reduced by at least $300 per year.

  • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

    uh, sprint offers unlimited data and their unlimited plan costs less than T mobile AND they subsidize the cost of your phone. Are people braindead, do they not realize that they are going to pay more? Why do people assume that your contracted rate will be lower? Tmobile has unlimited data yes, but that plan along with the $20.00 cost added to your bill because of your unsubsidized phone, costs $90.00. The $50.00 plan only offers 500mb of data. Why do you think Verizon wants to follow their lead?

  • Granted

    You are right, he hasn’t been on Letterman in a few days, and I am sure Tiger Woods is looking for a rematch, when Barry is done with one of his taxpayer funded shopping sprees.

    • Or taxpayer funded vacations that the media always seems to be talking about on tv

  • Granted

    Yeah, they will wait for “customers” to “ask for it”, just like they asked for the share everything plans, haha! Verizon cares about consumer feedback, just like reality television “stars” care about morals and humility.

  • Corey Stock

    I don’t care what happens. I buy the phones off contract to keep my unlimited plan anyways.

    • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

      What a waste of money, why not just switch to a carrier that offers unlimited data, like Sprint? So each time you upgrade you pay full price? Wow.

  • afisher

    I’m asking!

  • elliott9000


  • lilkerv90210

    hell yeah! as long as I can keep my unlimited data


    How about charging less per Gigabyte of data?!??!?!?!

  • xpyroxcorex

    or…. just make your prepaid service decent and see if that works…..

  • enigmaco

    I jumped ship to t-mobile and couldn’t be happier unlimited everything and not being throttled at 2 GB which verizon did to me though I am grandfathered unlimited. He listens as well as our congress does.

    • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

      Did you pay full price for your phone? Because I pay probably less than you do with sprint and I didn’t have to pay the full price on my phone. If you have unlimited with T mobile then you pay at least $90 a month, I pay $80.00

      • enigmaco

        Bought the phone from Google and I am paying $75 after taxes for unlimited everything.

        • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

          Which phone? How much did it cost?

          • enigmaco

            Nexus 4 for $385

          • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

            Oh yeah, well that phone is cheap so it’s a good deal.

          • enigmaco

            I hope you are saying cheap as in it is a good deal for a powerhouse of a phone.

            Sprint will never get my money again. I had them before and when I cancelled service with them because my contract was expired they tried to hit me with a $200 ETF

          • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

            Oh by cheap I don’t mean low quality, I haven’t tried it but I’m sure that it’s a great phone since it’s a google phone the operating system is made by google.

          • enigmaco

            Ok thanks man yeah I never was a big fan of LG phones was a motorola die hard, but got hung out to dry with my droid 3, and used some samsung phones which are really good. But I love this phone. I have watched hd movies on it and it did not buffer once.

  • Larry

    No wonder VZW sucks so bad…their CEO is f*ing Moses. Mobile phones have only been around 1/16th of his life…

    Agism FTW!

  • WHO wants long-term contracts and Early Termination Fees? NO ONE! People have been rebelling against the contract model for years!

    • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

      What you say makes no sense, yes you’d pay no termination fee but you pay the same price for the full cost of the phone. What’s worse? When you upgrade you have to pay the full cost again, but when I upgrade I get a $50 discount because of my contract which brings my total upgrade cost to $150.00. I sell my old iphone on ebay and upgrade to the new model for free.

  • krusty46

    It will mean unsubsidized phones 😮
    But Verizon will do as they want anyway as we all know everyone was asking for the end of unlimited data plans.. They just did what we were asking for :-/

  • We are asking in a BIG way!

    • disqus_1kxFV3tRdC

      You want a phone off contract, so you’re willing to pay the minimum of $600 for galaxy phone? PLUS the same contracted rate that you have now, right?

  • yummy

    Mr. McAdam, may I please
    have some more unlimited data, please, Sir?
    And some nocontract on the side?

  • F himself and the horse he rode in on.

  • Bob G

    I’m open to flying to space if people pay for it!

  • I definetly would love this,
    Anyway, Im going to Verizon to do this trick and keep my Unlimited Data Plan by using a
    basic phone then add a 2GB data plan, activate it, remove plan and phone, reactivate basic phone, then put the new smartphone on my current unlimited data plan.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Kellex put up pricing from T=mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and sprint. Family and single. Let’s look at the differences.

  • Gabriel Romero

    I asked them to eliminate my contract and they said no. I guess they lied :O)

  • jamisles02

    I’d rather have my unlimited data then no-contract (& leaving Verizon isn’t an option due to my location).

    • Same here, having the same phone for two years (less with early upgrades) isn’t a big deal to me. I do love my unlimited data plan.

  • punkroyale

    This Lowell McAdams looks like a zombie extra from Walking Dead. Scary.

  • jcampbell474

    Yeah, like customers asked to sign 2yr contracts instead of 1yr. Whatever change they go with, VZW always says it’s what the customer wants. They may go contractless someday…but only if it puts more money in their pockets. The service will still be more expensive than any other provider too.

  • Sporttster

    What’s needed is unlimited data, TRULY unlimited, that doesn’t cost your firstborn to buy. I’ve got unlimited grandfathered still, but this needs to be a plan that doesn’t cost a crapload to get. I pay about $80/month with work discount to have it. Not cheap but still unlimited. Any more than this is out of the ballpark pricewise.

    • Not going to happen anytime soon on Verizon — why the heck would they want to do that when they are charging SO MUCH more than its competitors and people still choose to stay?

  • Raven65

    I would have gladly given up unlimited data and switched my entire family to the “Share Everything” plan if it would have saved me money over paying for FIVE INDIVIDUAL PLANS, but it doesn’t… it would cost me MORE! There is absolutely NO reason that should be the case… no excuse for it at all other than pure greed. If VZW had any decent competition in my area as far as coverage goes, I’d have been gone by now.

    Be careful what you ask for, people… you might get it… and it WILL cost you more.