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HTC One Unboxing


Oh boy, the HTC One is in the house. After not having touched HTC’s new flagship since they announced it in February, it’s almost as if we have never seen it before. With that said, it feels amazing to know that we can spend the next few weeks leading up to the U.S. launch with it in hand. We’re sure that many of you are strongly considering this device as your next, so we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

To kick off our coverage, which probably won’t stop for the next week or so, we have a standard unboxing. Say what you will about unboxings, elitist media, we still have fun doing them, especially when they are as important-a-device as the One. In this video, it’s all about a tour of that beautiful aluminum unibody design, the specs, the awkward softkey setup, and the BoomSound speakers which almost knock me off my chair.

After you get done watching this, stay tuned for a 10-minute or so software tour. Actually, it’s more like a baby touching something new for the first time, or second time in this case. You’ll get to see me stumble through the oddity that is HTC Sense 5.0. But first, let’s unbox it! 




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  • socalrailroader

    Selfies? LOL

  • Buckoman

    Quick question – Does it feel like the brushed aluminum on, say, a MacBook Pro?

  • Austin Warren

    HTC is building a big troll army. It’s hilarious. Just sell your company and move on.

  • i’ll go with s4 anytime coz it has more features

  • Kyle

    I don’t like how he talks down the camera and says it’s “just a 4mp camera that let’s in more light,” as if that is a bad thing or something to scoff at. It’s actually really smart…

  • Meh

    It’s a nice phone but its zero repairability is a real bummer. Once that battery goes it becomes an expensive brick.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I knew I wanted it before. But damn that thing is beautiful

  • Tim

    Its a very good looking phone. And i love the new phrase you here everywhere…..”premium feel” Did the Iphone guys start that?

  • It’s gorgeous but I have 2 beefs.
    1. it’s not coming to VzW 🙁
    2. I’m wondering how that soft aluminum back will hold up after 2 months or so in and out of pockets/ desks / etc.

  • dsass600

    Where did you get it?

  • Hatyrei

    Is’t available to buy unlocked now? 🙂 I wanna get this for mybday.

  • Trevor

    Oh it feels good in hand alright.

  • Preordered my 64gb dev version today. Wondering if that will come with the earbuds as I’m sure the actual ATT version will not. So glad I finally got to get an unbranded… un logo’d beautiful phone without paying an arm and a leg to import it. (Not counting my nexus 4 that felt so fragile I was afraid to use it naked.)

  • Tom

    Can you guys start running some standardized battery life tests like what notebook reviewers do?

    For example, have some browsing test that goes to various sites with some specific time between pages in a loop. Also note the brightness percentage, WiFi or cellular data and their signal strength in dB (bars aren’t accurate).

    Maybe also a looping video. In addition to the above, note the specs of the video: video standard (ie. H.264, Divx), audio (ie. AAC, MP3), container (ie. MP4, MKV), resolution, audio/video bit rates, playback app and is being decoded by hardware or software.


    • Larizard

      Moot point. it’s an HTC. You dont test an HTC phone’s battery life. You very well know the result before you even have the phone on your hands.

      • Jesus

        One test puts the One at the same or better (by an hour) battery life as the S4 even with its smaller battery.


        • Austin Warren

          Only web browsing.

          • Kevin J.

            That’s why he said “same or better” “with its smaller battery”. If only the HTC one had a swappable battery so you can put an extended one. Still makes the One beat out the S4 at default configurations.

            Although it’s only one person’s test so far. That’s why it would be nice for Kellex to start doing standardized testing instead of the “I did some stuff and had 10% battery left 10 hours later” kind of tests.

          • Austin Warren

            So it beats the S4 in one test so its automatically better? Makes sense.

          • Andre Fitzgerald

            It makes it better for me. I mostly use my phone for browsing, messaging and other tasks that put the CPU and GPU mostly idle.

            Plus “same or better” +- some variance does it make it better in terms of battery life. That’s like saying car A has 30 MPG and goes 0-60 in 5 seconds and car B has 20 MPG and goes 0-60 in 5 seconds. Which car is better based only on those numbers?

          • Austin Warren

            Depends on what browser you use also. Not going to answer the car question because it’s stupid.

          • Andre Fitzgerald

            That’s why I agree with the others that Kellex should start standardizing his tests. Specify all conditions (ie. app, brightness, signal strength in dB and other info relevant to the particular test).

          • Alan Kamp

            How about phone A gets the same battery life as phone B in all tests +- some variance (10 minutes) except for one test, phone A gets 1 hour (+- some variance) more battery life. Which phone has better battery life.

          • Joey

            ^*bows down worshiping the s4 shrine*

          • Austin Warren

            You bow down daily to suck one.

          • Joey

            Best edit that one before the mods see it.

          • Austin Warren

            Nah, it’s appropriate. Considering you feel the need to respond to every one of my comments as if anybody cares about what the phuck you say. Go drink a glass of warm milk and go to bed kid.

          • Joey


          • Austin Warren

            Enjoy the non removable battery though. When it dies, don’t come complaining because all we’ll say is, “we told you so”.

          • Josue Montoya

            Many people (OK, I’m talking about myself) don’t carry around a spare battery anyway because it’s a pain. They just deal with external USB packs of various physical sizes. Not many OEMs sell standalone battery chargers either to keep that spare charged.

            Also, modern lithium ion batteries take years for their max capacity to degrade to be noticeable. I’ll have a new phone then.

          • Willie

            I don’t carry spares either but I do install extended batteries. I never changed the battery of any of my phones once installed though.

            I don’t plan on getting the One but I really do hope Kellex does some detailed battery rundown tests though. It’d be great to have some sort of standard test for all phones at least for ones released during a certain time period since OS/app version changes and updates to the tests themselves can affect the results.

            The only tests I’ve seen are CPU and GPU benchmarks which don’t really mean anything.

            USB transfer and WiFi LAN speed tests would be useful too.

          • shelbypanayotou

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      • Luis M.

        When was the last time you had an HTC phone or are you just parroting what you hear from trolls?

      • 20 HTC users downvoted

    • Pamela Franck

      I’d rather have this than the S4

  • Kevin

    Holy crap that thing is gorgeous… wow. WANT.

  • SallyRaster

    I’ve got to know more about the headphones. Is the one-button programmable to do more than answer a call and play a track? Are there mods in the music app to skip tracks and mute the music; will a 3rd party app handle this? Help me, Kellex B, you’re my only hope.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I must say the phone is sexy

  • RoadsterHD1

    Looks real nice….

  • That is a thing of beauty. Samsung could learn a thing or two about build quality. And HTC could learn a thing or two from Samsung about product marketing.

    • nklenchik

      Imagine if Samsung AND HTC made a phone together

      • Austin Warren

        Might as well just buy HTC at that point.

  • hee hee, this is goin be fun, my first zoe – https://share.htc.com/mBy5mRU73#zeroing
    im goin have a mint time with this baby 🙂

  • WOW, i unboxed mine today too. So so glad i chose this over S4, the quality feel (never mind the phone and its workings, which are waaaay above anything before) is still ‘exciting’ me 🙂 This IS the phone of 2013..

    • Quality really is unmatched by any other Android phone.

      • ..the actual feel of this phone, actually surpasses what i thought it might feel like after seeing so many pics/videos etc.. on the net. I kid ye not when i say once you hold this phone, as long as the software suits you (which it does me – 100%) , you will not look at another phone this year. PERIOD.

      • pblakk

        iphone killer.

        • the gs2, and the htc sensation were iphone killers, we are way past that

    • Austin Warren

      Maybe in build quality. But there’s more to a phone than its build.

      • exactly m8, and as i said b4, the workings of this phone are blindingly fast, responsive, much better than all previous androids i have owned. Oh and simply superior to the fruity phone..

      • azndan4

        ^Samsung fanboy. Next thing he is going to say “But my Note 2 blah blah blah…”

        • Austin Warren

          Didn’t even mention Samsung. And I’m using a Motorola device currently. So go back to your tea party kid

          • ..are you that little boy who used to sit alone at breaks with an apple ??

          • Austin Warren

            I hate Apple. The fuq you talking about?

    • RoadsterHD1

      Can you give us your review on Monday? Along with benchmarks please.

      • sure, mail me on monday, ill have some results for ya 🙂

  • Stranger

    ABOUT TIME!! Very nice unboxing.

  • ezpotato

    want. over s4 anyday. (with nova launcher)

    • michael arazan

      Just once I wish the One or S4 would come with stock android. I really like the boom speakers, I can’t wear earbuds and hate headphones, this looks like it might be louder than the original D1 which is the loudest phone speaker I have seen

  • htowngtr

    Got my dev edition this morning ordered and ready.

    • I ordered the 32GB version this morning also. Hey when you click in the order status link, does yours say ship Aug 5 and arrive Aug 8 because mine does. It must be a mistake right? I hope not.

      • htowngtr

        They said that it isn’t even in stock yet.

  • Damian

    This thing looks so good, after sitting on it for awhile, I’d rather have this than the S4

  • haha

    I know its just another unboxing, but i think this adds a lot to the unboxing genre

  • Retrokid223

    im torn, idk if i want this or the s4. Knowing vzw we might just get a one variant

    • Baines

      Same here. I love the One’s look but S4 seems to have better features.

      • Austin Warren

        Shhh don’t say that. The gimmick police will be on you quick

      • retrokid223

        yea + my last htc was the thunderbolt and that left a bad taste in my mouth (pause) lmaoooo

      • YouMustBeJoking

        A lot of gimmicks you mean! 😉

  • Liderc

    She’s a beauty, wonder if I’ll like the black even more.

    • I kind of wanted the black version, but it seems to be delayed almost everywhere.

    • Austin Warren

      Once you go black, you never go back.

      • La2da

        I went black…. I’m back.

        • Austin Warren

          Maybe in your case “once you go black you become a single mother”.

          • ReturnOfTheMack


            Sad but true.

          • Guest