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Hazard Rush for Android, Looks Like Asteroids But Plays Like Snake

Hazrad Rush

Here is a fun little game that is sure to be your next addiction. It’s called Hazard Rush and is described as being half Snake and half Geometry Wars. While I never played Geo Wars, I have played plenty of Snake in my younger years and the game looks more like Asteroids to me. Anyways, you play as a little space ship, collecting stars and avoiding asteroids. As you would guess, with the more stars you collect, the harder the levels become. 

There are different modes to play through, as well as leaderboards and instant replays. I don’t know why instant replays are needed, but hey, I’m not knocking it. It’s free on Google Play, so go check it out and get lost in space.

Play Link

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Cheers Nick S!

  • http://twitter.com/ranwanimator Randall Wanamaker

    This is no longer in the play store. One of the 60k casualties of the culling? If so why?

  • wakefinance

    that looks exactly like pewpew

    • http://twitter.com/romiust Romius T.

      only not as cool.

  • nick s

    From the developer: “To unlock everything free: On the menu, just hit the smiley face (credits) and hold tap the logo until it makes a noise. That unlocks the full version.”


  • Roy

    Geometry Wars?

    • http://twitter.com/Bhockey77 Court

      I was thinking the same thing. Looks like geo wars meets astroid but plays like snake?

    • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

      Ive wanted Geometry Wars 2 on my phone since day one. Guess this will hold me over until someday.