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Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 for $380 at eBay With Free Shipping (Updated)

ebay gs3

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is weeks away from landing in our laps, so naturally, last year’s model is starting to see bigger discounts than ever. Today, over at eBay, you can pick up the international unlocked version of the Galaxy S3 in either white or black with 16GB of internal storage for $379.99. Oh, shipping is also free and the device is brand new. 

While some may roll their eyes at least year’s model, the Galaxy S3 is still one of the best phones on the market. I pick mine up from time to time if I’m looking to feed my AT&T LTE addiction and always put it back down impressed. Multiple friends and family members also still love their GS3s even after having them for a year. Remember, that this phone was one of the first on the planet to launch with 2GB of RAM. You can expand that minimal 16GB internal storage amount as well, thanks to a microSD slot that supports 64GB cards.

Update:  Deal done.

Via:  eBay

Cheers Austin!

  • Cortney k

    I want the galaxy s3 for $260 each,i can buy 3 of them right now contact me please!!

    • Ali

      do you still want the Galaxy s3 i can sell you brand new one $300
      email me at

  • Cortney k

    Can i have get the s3 for like 260 each ..i can buy 3 of them.like right now

  • phonegeek
  • Johnny Wishbonn

    So Basically I A VZW Customer Can’t Get This phone

  • Gary

    International version has no lte ding dong

  • jmasterj

    How is this a deal in any way compared to the Nexus 4? This version has only 1GB RAM, no LTE, doesn’t operate on T-Mobile’s 1700 MHz HSPA band, has a Pentile screen, a significantly slower SOC (both CPU and GPU), and has that stupid Samsung home button!

  • Droidzilla

    Why would anyone get this over the 16GB Nexus 4? Still not a bad price considering what it cost until recently.

  • jamie stevens

    AND its sold out. that was quick im sure suppliers like expansys and negri and popular elect snatched them all up

  • bigdav1178

    Already sold out

  • anezarati
  • evltwn

    Will not work on CDMA networks like VZW, Sprint….

    • JoshGroff

      I would expect most of us to know that, but for the newbies, it’d be good to have on the article.

  • http://twitter.com/martyjones100 martyjones100

    Pardon me if I missed it, but have they set a retail price for the S4? I paid $640 for my S3, assume the 4 will be near that price point. Promised myself I’d keep the 3 for at least one year though!

    • Dylan Patel

      Yup, it will be in the 575-675 area.

  • Abe

    This looks to be the international version with only 1GB RAM. Does this even work on US networks?

    • Austin Warren

      T mobile and AT&T I believe

      • JoshGroff

        Only on T-mobile’s refarmed HSPA+ though, it’s missing the 1700mhz band. That and it looks like it doesn’t work with HSPA+42, bummer. Looks like the N4 has it beat in almost every aspect.

        • Austin Warren

          Which is pretty fast from what I hear and see. Its the same as a T mobile S3. No HSPA+? Weird

          • JoshGroff

            It has HSPA+21 access on T-Mobile but only on the 1900mhz band, as it doesn’t have the 1700. I don’t know how many towers or what percent of coverage is under the 1700mhz frequency, but it would fall back to 3G there.

  • JoshGroff

    Not bad.

  • Dima Aryeh

    The I9300 has 1GB of RAM and no LTE, does it not?

    • http://twitter.com/xXAaronSXx Aaron Schafer

      Who down rated this? Its correct. The i9300 was quad core with 1 gb of ram.

      • mustbepbs

        Maybe someone who was upset.

        • michael arazan

          Someone who bought it 3 weeks ago and can’t return it for a cheaper price.