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Custom ROM Friday: SynergyROM for the Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 blue

Yesterday, we took submissions for Custom ROM Friday and got an overwhelming response to check out SynergyROM for the Galaxy S3. SynergyROM brings your basic Galaxy S3 skin look, but with lots of performance tweaks and optimizations such as re-sizable floating windows, Photo Sphere abilities, and other goodies. 

A team of developers have worked the ROM to be compatible with Galaxy S3 devices on all four major carriers, so there’s no discrimination going on here. Naturally, if you are interested in flashing any ROM, you will need to be running a custom recovery on your device. Below, we have taken a few of the major highlights of SynergyROM and listed them below.


  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • Fully Deodexed, Zipaligned, Busybox, Superuser, Debloated
  • Multiwindow with free-floating windows, created exclusively by Team Synergy!
  • Team Synergy’s custom init.d scripts for insane performance
  • Blocked Samsung’s “root checker” and screenlogger services
  • 23 notification toggles
  • 4-in-1 reboot menu
  • Fully rotating homescreens
  • Wifi Tether app working right out of the box
  • Customized mounting scripts (see Q&A)
  • Custom boot animation support
  • 4G and WiFi speed tweaks
  • Verizon OTAs blocked
  • Customized SystemUI interface
  • Tons more tweaks and enhancements

To download SynergyROM for your Galaxy S3, hit up their XDA thread here.


Cheers everyone who submitted a ROM yesterday!

  • STEV

    why is this rom not available for the s3 i9300???

  • flosserelli

    3:50 “Out. In again. Out. In…”

  • andyw

    thanks for sharing this nice and informational video…I like to go with Samsung galaxy Encinitas

  • Been using Synergy for months, my battery life really improved over the last couple releases. Great rom and always good info on their forum.

  • neo728

    Is gapps included in this rom

    • Steve Benson

      This isn’t an AOSP ROM, so yes they ARE included.

  • GMal

    To select and arrange notification toggles, look in the app drawer for AdvanceS. It is not under Settings>Display>Notification panel, where I first looked.

  • I’ve had this ROM for a few weeks… I find it to be incredibly buggy.
    Screen orientation and lock screen issues galore.

    • biff98786

      Screen orientation can be turned off with one simple tap. And what lockscreen bugs did you see? FWIW, I’ve never had any. There WERE some issues affecting ALL Touchwiz roms where if you chose the AOSP style lockscreen and the Touchwiz ripple effect it would freeze, but the Synergy guys wrote custom code that prevents you from ever being able to select both at the same time. So Synergy shouldn’t ever have that problem.

      • Maybe something went wrong with mine.

        1) When I turn off rotation, it still rotates the lockscreen.
        2) Shows I’m running 4.1.1, SynergyROM Nightly JB r373
        3) I don’t like that when in the camera, the volume rockers snap a picture instead of zooming. Couldn’t find a setting for that.

        Any input would help.

  • BobButtons

    Is there a reason reception would be different with custom ROMs than stock? I’ve tried CyanogenMod M1 & M2 on my VZW GS3 and even though I thoroughly enjoy them I don’t seem to get quite as good of a signal as when I’m on stock.

  • Guy

    Does this provide USB Mass Storage and Charge Only options when connecting to a PC?

    • JJ

      If any ROM provided both those, I’d jump on it immediately.

    • Gm49

      I know they at least provide mass storage mode. Check out Q&A in XDA post link above.

    • someone

      They allow charge only. I use fast charge app to toggle it.

  • GM49

    To view a video demonstrating the floating windows, go to http://galaxys3root.com/t-mobile-galaxy-s3-roms/synergy-rom-for-galaxy-s3-attt-mobilesprintverizonfloating-multi-window/

    The video referenced in this article demonstrates release r420. The version that includes floating windows is r433, which you will find in the XDA link in the article.

    Be sure to download the Copy/Paste fix found below the Changelog in the XDA post.

    For ease of use, you may want to choose not to include the PDroid integration when using the aroma installer. This important tool allows you to set custom permissions for each application installed on your phone. This takes more time, and can cause applications to fail if vital permissions are not allowed. My phone is running smoothly without this option installed. Loving the rom so far.

  • SamDavis11

    Synergy has always been my favorite Android dev team and I’ve followed them for 3 phones now. They’re a power team with some of the smartest guys in Android and have always had mods found nowhere else. They created Godmode back in the Evo3D days. They were the ones who found CarrierIQ – remember that scandal?. They were the first to port PDroid to a 4.1.1 Touchwiz ROM. They were the first to port multiwindow from the Note2 to the S3. And now they’re the first to create fully floating multiwindows that function just like Windows or OSX or Linux. Every S3 ROM contains pieces from the Synergy dev team. That’s how good they are.

    Not to mention that Team Heads eschelon and TrevE are some of the nicest and most helpful devs on XDA. I’ve never once seen them trash talk and flame their users. Even the XDA mods once said how impressed they were that a thread with almost 3 million thread views was so well managed and tame. Glad to see such a great team get recognized by DL

  • NorCalGuy

    Overwhelming… All three people…

    • Hah! Got some personal emails for it too. 😉

  • radiohead14

    i’m all about Scott’s (XDA: scrosler) Clean Rom. basically a debloated and optimized stock TW. only thing I added was an AOSP theme by (XDA: andybones). this thing is rock solid stable.

    • CleanRom fan here as well! I haven’t had any reason to switch.

  • I personally am running Carbon 1.6.1 and loving every second of it

  • jeff laird

    just changed over from “beans” and im happy with it so far. I don’t like pure stock roms and this gives just enough change to touchWiz.

  • This has been my favorite S3 rom so far. It’s fast, has great battery, and I like a lot of the touchwiz features. But the floating multiwindows makes it almost like using a computer OS.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    This is the ROM I put on my wife’s GS3. For some reason she likes TouchWiz better than stock Android. This ROM has worked really well for her. This post is a good reminder for me to update her phone though because she is at least 3 or 4 versions out of date.

    I prefer stock and Liquid is my ROM of choice. Been using Liquid ROMs since back in the OG Droid days.

  • I personally dislike this rom. It’s very ugly in terms of the battery icon (with ugly alternatives) & the toggles. It may not be a big deal for some, but for me, I like having my notification bar clean and TW stock or AOSP stock.

    • biff98786

      They have a settings option which allows you to change out 20 different battery icons on the fly including the stock one you so desire. And all Touchwiz ROMs have the notification toggles. If you want AOSP then run AOSP, but I think comparing AOSP to Touchwiz or Sense or Blur or anything else doesn’t make a lot of sense. They’re two different animals

      • like I said, the alternatives are rather unpleasant and the stock green isn’t stock TouchWiz at all. It’s AOSP skinned green. And I’m not bitching about the toggles themselves. I’m bitching about the appearance of the toggles.