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This May be the First Look at the Facebook Phone UI

facebook ui3

At this point, it’s no secret that Facebook is going to unveil a home replacement launcher for Android tomorrow called Facebook Home, coupled with a device potentially dubbed the “HTC First.” It’s the Facebook phone that has long been rumored, yet one that we aren’t sure was or is really needed. With that said, thanks to 9to5Google, we get what appears to be the first look at the phone’s UI. 

In the image at the top of this post, we’re seeing what appears to be Facebook’s take on an app drawer. It’s either that or a massive folder, but we’ll lean towards drawer. You’ll see all of the normal stock Google apps that you get on most phones, along with Facebook’s own Facebook and Messenger apps. If this is a promo pic, that’s clearly meant to point out that while Facebook is trying to fork the hell out of Android, this is still a Google-powered device with all Google services. You’ll also notice in that picture quick shortcuts for updating status, adding photos, or checking in on FB.

Below, we have a shot of what appears to be the stock Android gallery with the Share pulldown open. It hasn’t been skinned whatsoever.

In the last photo (bottom right), we’re seeing what could be the home or lock screen with a heavy focus on big, beautiful images. At the bottom, we’re seeing a profile picture for the user, along with notifications from Messenger, a missed call, and Instagram.

facebook ui2 facebook ui1

While these offer only a portion of what Facebook will likely unveil tomorrow, you can see that Android is taking a backseat to the social network for the most part. Facebook wants you using Facebook on the Facebook phone, after all.

We’ll be on hand tomorrow for all of the Facebook announcements, so be sure to keep it close to DL. We may even have a liveblog, assuming one is needed. Also, don’t be surprised if Facebook streams the presentation for all.

Via:  9to5Google

  • Meh :/

  • Why not just fix the stupid app already? {{>_<}}

  • fallsgable

    MEH….just MEH!

  • cranch

    The UI reminds me of the Chameleon Launcher for some reason.

  • Brandon Golway

    It’s actually not as ugly as I would have imagined, not that I will ever have it disgracing my phone.

  • Inquizitor

    Any competition is good. OEMs branching out and trying new things other than their own crappy skins is better than nothing. I wish, obviously, there were more stock options. But HTC doing something other than Sense is the next best thing.

  • Nicholassss


  • Moi

    It looks like an iPhone 4 with a bumper…

  • DanWazz

    Looks horrible. Great job guys!


    “Focus on big, beautiful pictures”
    It’s a shame then that Facebook compresses pictures so badly then. Not that it matters too much since few people post even decent pictures to Facebook anyway. I upload to 500px then post a link on Facebook if I want to show my family a real picture.

    I can’t think of a phone I’d want less than a Facebook phone. Perhaps an iPhone.

  • Tyler Casilio

    FAKE: Since when does HTC use AOSP “icons”. It’s shown with the Nexus “Gallery” icon, and whole setup, “Settings” “Phone” and “Camera” icons. I douuuuubt it

    Oh and Twitter app? Facebook’s biggest competitor on a Facebook phone?

  • tyguy829

    The whole idea disgusts me, but I have to admit….that lockscreen is sexy

  • Anyone else notice the Google+esque circle contact icons? Interesting that they’d bite off Google in that way.

    Side note: As much as everyone here despises Facebook, there are just as many people who worship it and will use this as their one and only launcher. The awesome thing is that we have a choice and my choice will be NOT to use it. I’m not going to complain about having more options though.

  • Hatyrei

    Too bad it’s not coming to Verizon. They have a big space up there for the Logo. lol.

  • Blah

  • Nice to see FB actually getting into Android. Looks kinda clean surprisingly. Where did all the ads go?

    • Haxcid

      If you put ads in the press shots no one will download it or buy the phone.

  • What to get your little sister for her 13th birthday.

    • Haxcid

      Help her brain develop and get her a book to read.

  • Dub

    No surprise. Most of the computer and tablet owners I know consider their computer a ‘Facebook machine.’

  • Ugly!

  • irtechneo

    I actually kinda like that screen with the profile picture and notifications. I still wont use it but I could see my daughter liking the looks of it. If it comes out on the play store I may throw it on her phone to let her check it out.

  • NF

    It doesn’t look that bad. It helps that it doesn’t seem too skinned.

  • Thomas Schwartz

    I actually dont mind this that much. Its much better than Sense, and it appears its only a launcher, so it can easily be replaced. But it doesnt look all that bad either. Funny that they show G+ in the promo pics though when its a “Facebook phone”

  • I wish Facebook HQ would be consumed in a holy conflagration for this crap.

    • Rodeojones000

      Really? You’re overreacting a bit, aren’t you? It’s just a homescreen replacement. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. No need for terrorist-like bombing of corporate HQ for this.

  • looks crap specially since they have useless chrome as main browser, it is not going to go anywhere. Chrome only on desktop not on mobile phones

    • Tim242

      I agree. Chrome on Android is painful to use.

  • DieGrammatikNazi

    Not sure what best describes this… giant douche or turd sandwich?

    • Haxcid

      Giant Douche Sandwich

  • The Gooch

    OK, so this ISN’T a forked version of Android for the Facebook phone? Just a plain ole Android phone with deep Facebook integration?
    I’m asking because we’re seeing all the Google apps including the Play Store.

    • What other store would facebook use? They don’t have the resources like amazon does to make their own store.

      • The Gooch

        If they forked Android then they wouldn’t be able to use the Play Store, at least not initially, so if this is just a phone with a Launcher, what’s the point, other than making people actually crave a Kindle phone after seeing this crap…
        Although, the phone does have an iPhone-ish-ness to it…like Apple and Facebook had an illegitimate child.

    • The Gooch

      Wonder what would have been the reception if they had released this instead of the Cha Cha/Status…

      But then the Facebook app was horrible for so long, they would have had to improve it a long time ago.

  • If thats a facebook skin, facebook needs to learn how to skin….

    • If they cant make an app correctly, what makes you think they can make a skin?

      • hldc1

        The Facebook app is an abomination of turd-esque proportions.

  • Batman`

    I like how it’s called First. That way, anyone I know who owns one will automatically be just as annoying as people who say FIRST in the first comment of anything on the Internet.

  • ßen Murphy


  • #ugly

  • it’s just so disgusting

  • ataraxia

    I think this is a genius idea to create a branded home replacement. There’s no reason why it should be limited to phone manufacturers. I bet we see this again and again… think a yahoo launcher, or even a microsoft launcher, all driving content within each of their respective ecosystems. It is a beautiful use of android’s openness.

    • Capt. Crunch

      Good luck getting HTC and Samsung on board.

      • ataraxia

        That’s the point – it doesn’t have to be paired with a manufacturer. It can be downloadable from the play store, ala any launcher replacement. I’m actually surprised they are tying it into HTC.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          I agree this could be a good thing. This could be the turning point we have been waiting with “skins” If this is more successful as a standalone launcher it would be great to see developers and OEM’s making suites for Android devices with their own launchers, apps and themes. Phones are powerful enough now that everything doesn’t have to be cooked into the software, you can just throw most of Touchwiz or Sense on top of the stock Android UI and it should work smoothly.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        HTC is making the phone… way to read the story…

    • then fb, microsoft can create a home launcher app that you can buy in the play store

    • Remember web portal fever of early 2000’s?

  • Havoc70


    • hfoster52

      I just going to type the same thing.

  • New_Guy

    Is it bad that I feel nauseous…

    • You aren’t the only one.

      • New_Guy

        …am I wrong then for wondering why on earth they’re doing a project like this rather than simply improving the FB app experience on Android?

        Just trying to make sure I’m not crazy, here…

        • The Gooch

          You’re not crazy:

          Facebook really has nothing to lose with this. People aren’t going to stop using Facebook because of this phone (if it is a phone), some people may use it more and in some cases they may gain folks. If it is dud, it just means Facebook should stay out of the phone business and work on improving the app. No real risk.

          HTC seems to be the One (cwhatidid) with the most to lose. If it flops, they take a hit (again) with a FB phone product, no one really wants (see ChaCha/Status), and slide further back (at this point in the race they can still see LG’s back but Samsung has just lapped them). The it’s on to the next “Droid” for Verizon (since Sammy probably won’t make any more “Droids”, LG’s not interested, and GooMoto is still flushing out the pipeline). If, for some odd reason, it’s a hit, HTC has hit the lottery.

    • As bad as it makes you feel, there are people who feel just the opposite. I personally won’t ever use it, but that’s my choice and I’m happy that I can make it…. Android is where it’s at!

  • Douchetard

    Yes! Maybe now I can officially play Farmville 2 on my mobile device!

  • Next month they’re going to make the Instagram phone ! 😛

    • br_hermon

      Correction… Instagram Camera! (Which in all actuality may not be such a bad thing)

  • Looks better than sense or touchwiz.

    • Rodeojones000

      Indeed it does. Also looks better than Sense.

      • The Gooch

        **it’s funny because it’s true**

  • Drummer62


  • Steve Benson

    Giant Turd

    • I hope it fails miserably. And I hope FB learns that they should never do this again.

      • To be honest, I hope it doesnt fail. That would drastically push people to Android, which would cause Apple to die down. This would be great

        • samdavis19

          Yes, but then all the idiots out there will then think that the piece of filth you see pictured above is what Android actually looks/works like, which would actually HURT our cause

          • zwade

            I was literally going to post this same opinion after I finished reading the comments lol

        • Why would it be great for Apple to die down? I want Apple to be as successful and innovative as it can to provide Google a good reason not to slow down its momentum.

          • feztheforeigner

            I would rather it not be Apple, they’re just a little too evil. Can’t stand their business practices.

            Maybe Microsoft (lesser of two evils) or if it’s possible to actually get its momentum going I would love to see it just be Ubuntu Phone vs Android!

        • michael arazan

          I bet it’ll be free on a 2 year contract and still fail


      we need more feature-centric smartphones:


      unnovations in action!