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Newly Leaked Image Shows Off Facebook’s HTC First in Three Colors

HTC First

Weren’t feeling that plain black render we saw of the Facebook’s supposed HTC First device? No worries, it looks as though there will be multiple colors offered for anyone looking to be an individual and not such a conformist. Thanks to @Evleaks, the new image shows off a bright red, plain white, and baby blue version of the First. 

As for those specs, rumors floating around suggest that the First will sport a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera, 1.6MP front-facing camera, Sense 4.5 atop Android 4.1.2 and a 4.3-inch 720p display. Sure, not the most beasty specs, but lets remember that Facebook won’t be marketing this device to superusers.

I will be live from Facebook’s press event in San Francisco tomorrow morning, so you can expect to see some hands-on with the device after the announcement takes place. That is, if it is actually there.

Are these colors giving you a change of heart?

Via: @Evleaks

  • Jacob Boswell

    Quickest way to fail? Go into a business that you know nothing about.

  • Tyler

    Ooooo red … still doesn’t care.

  • a_commenteer

    What’s that? Do I hear Apple preparing to file another patent infringement lawsuite?

  • Dave

    I’m still waiting for the myspace phone.

  • tomn1ce

    I like the iphone home button on this thing /s
    that what it looks like at least…. o_0

  • Dave
  • Bobby Cornwell


  • Danrarbc

    Missed the perfect opportunity to post a “First!” comment and hot have it be annoying.

    -1 points DL commenters.

  • EC8CH

    Facebook’s version of the Kin

  • Lmfao and HTC wonders why they a circling the toilet bowl lol how about updating the older phones you know like samsung does.

  • Butters619

    4.3″ 720p display. That is best in class isn’t it?

    Edit: nvm rezound.

  • mustbepbs

    Make sure you bring your Converse high tops, fedora, neck tie and cool shades to that Facebook press event, Tim. You’ll need to fit in.

    • Already packed and good to go! 😉

      • EC8CH


      • Working at DL is a dream

        • JBartcaps

          Not when you have events like this you have to attend…

          • michael arazan

            You’d have to pay me to go to a FaceBook event, i loathe facebook. If they gave me a free phone I’d sell it on ebay and put it towards an android stick or a nexus tablet. Or I would use it for target practice with skeet shooting

      • The Gooch

        Without actually entering your Facebook information and password (assuming this device exists), how much would you actually expect to do hands-on with it?

    • I think the hipsters have long abandoned facebook by now. I would say a Justin Bieber t-shirt is probably more appropriate


        Do you mean to say it’s not the hipsters that keep posting pictures of their food and their starbucks cups on facebook?

        • michael arazan

          Hipsters use instagram and tumblr

    • Call me crazy but they kinda look like the IIDA INFOBAR A02s that came out in Japan. God that phone would be great to get.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Notice how the shape is very similar to the iPhone. Facebook probably pushed the design

  • Tyler Casilio

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. GTFO Facebook

  • moelsen8

    i wonder if facebook’s going to price this thing dirt cheap off-contract. that would at least make this interesting..

  • t3chi3

    Eeeehhhhhh no.

  • Ian Winchell

    Ya that’s it, the lack of colors, now i’m all over this /sarcasm

    Seriously, this is like building a crack vending machine that crackheads can carry in their pocket. Moreover, i’m not interested in a phone or tablet built around one app, whether it’s this or an amazon phone, focus on making people want to use your app instead of trying to find ways to make people use your app.

    • Brent Cooper

      “focus on making people want to use your app instead of trying to find ways to make people use your app.”

      100% agree

  • Biggie Smalls

    Camera should’ve been top-of-the-line.
    Facebook is mainly about photos so they must equip this with a capable sensor.

    • Joey

      Yea but Facebook chops down the quality when you upload anyways.

  • eli

    HTC: the htc one will be our primary concern and only device of 2013
    Three weeks later..
    HTC: yeahh about that…….

    • Tim242

      To be fair, they said only flagship. But I doubt that as well.

      • eli

        yeah your right, just spent 10 mins going through dl htc one posts to find it, It will be the only “one” device this year, so they say lol

  • No

  • JoshGroff

    Talk about fugly.

  • TheWenger

    IIRC is that the processor in the HTC Rezound?

    • Danrarbc

      Pretty sure the Rezound had an S3

  • TheWenger

    Please no…..

  • Tim242

    If there is a worse name than HTC ONE, it’s HTC FIRST.

    • Warwick

      I wonder who in HTC comes up with the crap names.

  • moelsen8

    puke. that is all.