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Woot! Hosting Blowout Sale On Tons of Tablets and Accessories

woot tablet sale

Daily deal website Woot! is known for having Android tablets on sale every now and then, but today they are taking it to a new level. Just to name a few of the tablets that are on sale today we have the ASUS Transformer 10.1″ ($239.00), Motorola XYBOARD 8.2″ ($240.00) and the Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ ($249.00). You can also get the original Android tablet, the XOOM ($199.00) along with other tablets from ASUS, Viewsonic and VIZIO. 

If you’re the type to watch a lot of content on your tablet, you might be interested in the stands that Woot! is selling as well. All of the tablets on sale are refurbished and while that may deter some, I can speak from experience that my XOOM that I purchased from Woot! last year is still running great. If you’re looking to get a friend or relative a late Easter gift, you couldn’t hurt to check this sale out.

To check out the deals, go here.

Cheers Humphry and Jules!

  • Haight Ashburgy

    One impressive new tablet is the Novo 9 Spark for $269 through a site called TabletSprint – and features a 9.7 inch 2048×1536 IPS screen and a Quad Core processor/1.5 Ghz/2GB…
    along with a 10,000 mAh battery, 32GB Memory, WiFi, a MicroSD memory card slot, the new high end 4K Digital HDMI to stream movies from your tablet and display on an HD TV, a 2 Megapixel Front webcam and a 5 Mega- pixel Rear Camera with Autofocus and Flash; and comes preinstalled with Google Play Store to access more than 400,000 Android software Apps, and also provides options for 3G/4G internet access.

  • Visual360

    Hmm, that tablet speaker is $7 on Amazon.com.

  • Tyler

    Got excited that they might have pogo pin connector for Nexus 10 … they didn’t :/

    • Trevor

      I got 3 on ebay they pop up all the time. I might list one this week on the free mobile listing days

  • Adam92Wilkins

    I really dont see anything that astounding from the sale… Just get a Nexus 7 and make yourself happy, or a tf300t if you need a bigger screen.

    • NexusPhan69

      I got the TF300T from this sale. With the dock. For $304 after shipping.

      • Adam92Wilkins

        oh wait that’s a tf300t? thought it was a tf101. Thats a pretty good deal in that case.

        • NexusPhan69

          Heck ya! I bought one before but the keyboard battery didn’t hold a charge. I had to return it because they sold out so fast they didn’t have any spares (I wanted to do an exchange). I’ve been waiting for this to show up again on woot for a month. So glad it finally showed up.

          • humfreyfamoye

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          • Adam92Wilkins

            yea i love the dock, though for some reason they seem to run out of battery very quickly. Did you root yours?

          • NexusPhan69

            Had it for only a few hours. I will root and install CyanogenMod as soon as I get the new one. My first one was shipped at 40% battery and quickly went down to 0% and then stopped working. I was so bummed.

          • Adam92Wilkins

            I’m not sure if it still holds but last I heard when using cyanogen mod with a dock you get some keyboard issues.

            I recently upgraded to the 4.2 and am waiting for some good kernel’s and roms other than CROMI

          • NexusPhan69

            Hmmm. Good to know. Thanks. If I run into trouble with the keyboard I’ll try returning to stock.

          • Adam92Wilkins

            dont go stock, stock is really laggy. My favorite is Hydro Rom, really fast and really battery efficient