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Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Actually Rooted Yet

GALAXY S4 Product Image (11)

Reports are circulating this morning, suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been rooted prior to its launch. Keep in mind, this news relates to the Exynos 5 version of the device (the GT-I9500 to be exact), not the Snapdragon 600 version that will arrive here in the states, so for most of you, this root news is mostly meaningless anyway. With that said, this news is slightly premature, according to Samsung dev and root-specialist Chainfire.

In a Google+ post, he notes that all he has seen thus far are modified stock ROMs that have both the Superuser.apk and su pre-loaded, a method that has worked in the past to root Samsung devices. Unfortunately, this method does not appear to work this time around, as Samsung may have added in extra protection. 

Here is part of his statement:

With a lot of (Samsung) devices in the past that really has been all there is to rooting – just get the files in place somehow and voila – and flashing a modified stock firmware to do this is certainly a valid method for this.

However, I would like to point out that we’ve tried this trick with the I9505 weeks ago (and we actually tested it on a real device), and this time around, it is not a simple case of injecting the files. There is some further protection in the firmware that prevents the su binary (which is needed for root access) from functioning properly – without any known workaround at this time. No  doubt somebody will quickly figure it out when they have the device in-hand though.

Chainfire admits that he has tested this same root method on the GT-I9505 version of the Galaxy S4 and came up empty thanks to this new protection. So for now, hold off on the champagne and cigars. Until someone shows proof that the Galaxy S4 is rooted rather than simply claiming it through a tweaked stock firmware, we aren’t rooted.

He doesn’t think that it will take long once the device is in the hands of devs, we’re just not at that point yet.

Via:  +Chainfire

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • Ray

    OMG…is that a Samsung Galaxy S3.2????????????????!

  • i will never buy a samsung phone,especially after Cyanogenmod dropped support for the s4

    • JoshGroff

      That did disappoint me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be ported. Heck, someone might step up and become the official maintainer for it. (I think that’s how it works maybe, idk.)

    • Bazar6

      Dude, CM did not drop support for the S4… damn that got blown out of proportion… A single dev team which contributes to and maintains devices for CM said they (the team in question) will not support the S4… Nowhere in there did the organization of Cyanogenmod declare they will not support it…

      The internet lies sometimes, whether you want to believe it or not. Here’s CM’s official statement about it for your proof : https://plus.google.com/117962666888533781522/posts/7jywLJdswki

      • Nicktrance

        Not only that, but the problem is due to the exynos chipset, so they wil probably still develop for the snapdragon version.

  • Everyone

    Open Letter:
    I will never buy a phone that i cant root.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Everyone, indeed.

    • Open Letter:
      I will never buy a non nexus device.

      • Kathleen E. Smith

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      • Calvin Williams

        Then you will never get the best camera in cellphones.

    • Austin Warren

      This will be rooted after release.

    • Nicktrance

      Usually samsung devices are very easy to root, they’re usually able to root before release. I doubt (and hope) this is an exception.

      • michael arazan

        But this year they were bragging about security for governments to buy and own and don’t want an easily hacked device remotely. I would think unlocking it could expose you to some one remotely hacking your phone easier, not an expert, just using deductive reasoning.

  • Austin Warren

    May not be the question to ask here. But what carrier will the Octa work on?

    • j

      Octa supports all 20 LTE bands, so theoretically it could work on every carrier. Unsure if it supports any CDMA bands, not that Verizon or Sprint would let it on their networks anyway (they wouldn’t)

      • Austin Warren

        They wouldn’t let it? Ha let’s see them try and tell me what to do.

        • j

          Good luck. CDMA networks validate phones based on hardware-based hard coded identification numbers. The providers keep a database of valid, approved ID numbers. Any outside number will not be allowed on the network You will not be able to activate the phone, plain and simple.

          • Austin Warren

            Then they lose a customer. I’m not worried.

    • JoshGroff
      • Austin Warren

        Sweet. Looks like I’ll buy the international.

    • Justin Winker

      The Octa will be GSM, probably penta-band or higher. It should work on T-Mo and AT&T (no LTE, at least, I don’t think so, sorry). Probably will have HSPA+, though. The only problem – you’ll have to get one from outside of the states and (of course) would have to pay full price.

      • Nicktrance

        It will support lte…

        • Justin Winker

          Yeah, the international version supports LTE, but I don’t believe it will “work” on a US network..

          Edit: Rephrase.

  • And when they do root it…people will still bithch about the physical home button

    • Or when everyone is SHOCKED that Verizon would put their logo on it.

    • none

      They will bitch before its rooted. I am still bitching about it on my note 2, and i bitch about it on behalf of my wife on her s3. Why on earth would you not bitch about it?

      • Nicktrance

        That and the menu button, press and hold for multitasking sucks… At least cm allows me to turn on action overflow and make the menu button function as a recent apps button.

    • Big_EZ

      I like the physical button better than the capactive buttons that always get pressed accidentally

    • Rodeojones000

      And the bitching about the buttom will be 100% justified.