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Pandora App Updated, Brings Lockscreen Controls and Reduced Startup Time


Yesterday, the official Pandora for Android application received an update. Inside you will find a few improvements as well as a new feature, lockscreen controls for Ice Cream Sandwich devices and up. To be clear, it is not a lockscreen widget, but just controls for when music is currently streaming. On top of that, there is a reduced startup time for the app and some bug fixes.

What’s New:

  • Lock screen controls for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and later
  • Added elapsed and remaining timestamps to the track progress indicator
  • Reduced startup time
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

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  • KadenP

    It’s wonderful that they added this.. now… How the &^%$ do I turn it OFF?!

  • Do people just not know about Songza?

  • Off topic, what is that background wallpaper? Thanks!!

  • Gene Shapiro

    It took them so long to get lock screen controls I moved on to slacker. Not going back.

  • antinorm

    There’s still the bug that makes Pandora crash on startup if you’re running it on a tablet that is being provided internet access via Bluetooth tethering.

  • JoeyO

    Maybe I’m optimistic, but I think this Pandora update points toward a Google watch in our future (or at least another Android watch a la Pebble). I may be completely wrong, but I think lock screen controls and AVRCP go hand in hand (AVRCP is the technology which allows the Pebble watch to control music).

    Just seems timely, with Google I/O coming up in May.

  • Jose Lopez

    No DNA support….WOW

  • Derek Ross

    Back to the Hotel by N2Deep? That’s gangster, used to listen to that when I was like 16.

  • Higher_Ground

    I hate how it seems like I get more and more ads each time I use the app. I only use it for exercising and the fact that I hear 3+ commercials on a 30 min run is obnoxious. I used to hear maybe one. It’s really frustrating especially when the ad drags on and on (I’d be perfectly fine with a standard “Pandora brought to you by X” and maybe a short deal or jingle). I find myself actually avoiding the sponsors with the most annoying ads.

    I don’t think it’s worth the subscription price if all the paid app does differently is remove commercials. If I could choose which songs to hear and restart tracks then it might be a better deal. But given how it seems to bug it on occasion and just yesterday (before the update) my girlfriend was saying how much better her ip5 was bc it had this functionality. Why pay when they are only going to support you “when they get around to it”.

  • What is the notification icon “GV” with a circle around it for?

    • That’s Groove IP.

      • I am sure he thought Google Voice xP

      • Ah. I tried that awhile back. It took an incredible amount of tweaking with the settings to get even passable performance on even LTE. Has it improved any in the last 2 years?

        • Seems to be just fine. Only had to tweak an echo setting and now it works great 🙂

  • El Big CHRIS

    I really wish they’d use the notification controls. Like Spotify has never taken advantage of this. And they get my $ and everyone else’s and they’re too cheap to pay developers for it. Open source it or bust.

  • I can’t even believe Pandora is still as popular as it is. I personally quit using it a while ago. There are too many better alternatives out there.

  • Pandora is amazing, I deliver on the side for some extra money and its a blessing. Pandora One is worth every penny. Lockscreen is a start, maybe they will update bluetooth controls so I can thumbs up and down a song. I can skip, just tired of logging in my phone just to skip.

  • arthuruscg

    No lock screen controls for D4

  • Really needs expandable notification controls and more options on the lockscreen widgets. There was a lot of lag in the app as well. Hope thats ironed out.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    OH LOOK SAMSUNG! LockScreen music controls. What a novel thing to allow on your Skin

  • JamesU513

    wow, that only took …forever

  • Austin Warren

    I refuse to use Pandora after they put a limit.

    • Brandon Golway

      Bandwidth cost money, you get what you pay for. Are you seriously too broke that you can’t spend $36 for a year’s subscription? That’s one night’s dinner for a lot of people.

      • I know right? People need to stop complaning when they are getting it for free.

        • Brandon Golway

          The sense of entitlement is strong in this one…

          Seriously, it blows my mind when people rant and rave about what they’re getting for free. People could be getting chunks of gold or diamonds for free and they would still whine and say stupid things like “my gold bar isn’t shiny enough!” or “My gold bar is too heavy for me to carry around and show off to people!” or “My 1 karat diamond is cloudy!”

      • Futbolrunner


      • Austin Warren

        Kids these days. So quick to throw away their money.

        • Brandon Golway

          As far as I’m concerned, a 27 year old man isn’t considered “a kid” any more? How old are you Mr. Warren?

      • Austin Warren

        Its also called being an adult and having bills to pay. Lucky that you have your parents to pay for everything.

        • Brandon Golway

          Hey buddy, stop talking out of your a$$ before you start looking like a fool (wait you’re about to, too late!). I have a $250/month car payment, a $100/month credit card payment, $250 rent, $50/week on gas, $130/month cell phone bill, groceries and living expenses all being paid on $14.50/hour salary! If I have enough money to spend $36 on a year subscription to Pandora (which I just renewed about 2 weeks ago), I’m sure you probably do also. Hell, a kid without a job could buy a year’s subscription on allowance alone. I’m sure you’ve spent $36 on frivolous things in the past few days!

          • bamajag

            $250 a month for rent?!? I need to live wherever you do. To think my mortgage is over $1000.

          • Brandon Golway

            I live with a buddy whose parents own the house (which is in foreclosure) so my “rent” is actually just my paying my share of the bills lol

    • Rodeojones000

      The limit is 40 hours per month. If you’re actually using that much it’s time to pay for the premium version or stop complaining.

      • Brandon Golway

        Some people just love to complain for the sake of complaining.

  • Kyle Miller

    WOW! A N2Deep sighting. Memories man, memories!


      What was that…91 maybe 92?

    • I still honk my horn on this track.

  • It took them long enough! I was hoping for the four main buttons, but I guess pause/forward is a good start.

    • Not sure if android supports that. the 3 apps i know that use thumb up/down (songify, spotify, pandora) all dont have this functionality. It would be nice, but i dont think it is supported.
      update is a very welcome one, but i am still missing my notifications update. do this and pandora would be sweet.

      • That’s very true, we do know that at least notifications could be given their own buttons.

  • cmdub

    /me *vigorously awaits the adfree version to get updated*

  • AyyeItsAlex

    This addition was much needed, saves so much time, but I wonder if this will work with roms that have the volume rockers as a way to change songs?

    +1 For an old school Bay Area song as well!

    • JoshGroff

      Pandora already works with volume rocker controls, at least it does on CM10.1.

  • how to do i get the lock screen controls? it doesnt pop up for me when streaming.

    • huskerhog

      It popped up on RAZR MAXX automatically.

    • fartbubbler

      same here. On Galaxy Note 2. No lockscreen controls at all.


      • Bradley Ruiz

        On the Galaxy Line only works if you have a PIN Code, password or pattern lock with the Motion or Swipe it doesnt work, lame i know

        • Thanks! Was wondering where it was on my GN2.

    • Justin Winker

      Has to be on ICS or above, and it might not work if your on an alternate ROM, but other than that I have no pro-tips. 🙁

      Maybe restart your phone? GL

  • Good for them, but how it took a company as big as Pandora this long to implement lock screen controls is beyond me…

    They should have added notification controls at the same time in addition to the ability to like the song from the lockscreen/notifications

    • michael arazan

      When the heck are they going to add a sleep timer for people who listen while they are going to sleep, my tune’in radio has tons of more features than pandora including the ability to record and rewind

      • Ya. Tune In is pretty awesome.

        I wouldn’t hold your breath. it seems as thought their developers are ‘new’

  • feztheforeigner

    Please add notification controls Pandora!

    • coolsilver

      I can’t agree more on this one.

      • humfreyfamoye

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        • coolsilver

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