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HTC Thunderbolt Update to Build 7.02.605.10 on the Way

thunderbolt update

Verizon approved a new update for the HTC Thunderbolt this morning, one that will bring the phone up to build 7.02.605.10. It’s minor and includes small improvements to a handful of features, like the microphone, HTC Watch, text messaging, and Yahoo/Microsoft Exchange connectivity. Yep, that’s it.

The update is 19.3MB in size.

More info.

On a related note, while I have Thunderbolt owners’ attention, how is the phone performing after the Ice Cream Sandwich update? My brother has a T-Bolt and I noticed him using it this weekend – holy s**t was his phone ridiculously slow and laggy. Is it like that for all of you? Would the phone have been better off without this update?

  • Sean NM

    Two months ago, I rooted and picked up a basic ICS rom on one of these websites. I haven’t had any problems and just passed my two year anniversary with my original Thunderbolt…which is still running strong and looks 98% new since I’ve had it in a Otter Box since I got the phone.

  • Except for some Bluetooth weirdness and WiFi issues, ICS has been fantastic. like a new phone – seems smoother, definitely not slow or laggy. I am happily getting another year of life out of this $600 hand-held android tablet with Cell Phone capability built in.

  • Paul D

    very slow and laggy since ICS update. Every function on the phone is affected…

  • josephc

    I found that turning off the animations help reduce the lag for my phone.

  • Joseph M.

    After the 4.0 update, the Thunderbolt is the best two year old phone ever. Yes, it’s slow compared to a modern dual core/quad core, but considering the hardware, I certainly can’t complain. In some ways, the Thunderbolt is actually a better piece of hardware than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I bought to replace it when Android 2.3 got too old and annoying. For example, the TBolt’s camera takes much nicer snapshots, and the TBolt doesn’t overheat while I’m using the Mobile WiFi Hotspot. The Thunderbolt also has a kickstand!