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DROID DNA Disappears From Verizon Site, Making Room for the HTC One? (Updated: It’s Back)


As of this morning, the DROID DNA has disappeared from Verizon’s website. Naturally, one jumps to, “It’s reached end of life because the HTC One is one the way!” But is that the case? Well, we don’t actually know for sure at this point. 

What we do know, is that if you search for the device, you’ll come up completely empty. There are still some traces of it, though. For example, if you head into Verizon’s search box, type “DNA” and then let the search box process that before hitting “Enter,” you’ll see a mini-card appear for the device. However, should you click on it, you’ll be taken to a standard shopping page that lists out all of Verizon’s categories of products.

You can also cruise over to droiddoes.com and see the device listed at the very top of all DROID devices. Should you enter its page, you’ll even see a “Shop” button. Again, when clicked simply takes you to the categorized page of Big Red products that has replaced the DNA page. And finally, if you enter Verizon’s smartphone page and check the box for “HTC,” you’ll only find four options at the moment, none of which are the DNA.

So, is this a sign that something new is on the horizon? Well, we have heard from friends of ours at Walmart that the DNA has been killed off and will be replaced by some sort of HTC One variant. They were at one time expecting this to happen in March, though we heard this morning that Walmart has now pushed all One variants out to April, which makes sense since HTC confirmed an April release. Also of note, @evleaks Tweeted this morning that he is on board with the One coming to Verizon.

Update:  Reader Joe contacted Verizon’s sales team and was directed to this pre-order page for devices. He was told that stock for the device goes in and out and can be ordered here. Sure enough, the device is listed there. That said, we have heard from a number of readers who work directly or indirectly for Verizon and have said that stock of the phone has been depleted for some time from their stores.

Update 2:  Received another tip suggesting that the missing DNA is simply because of a SKU change to ADR6435LVW2 and has not been discontinued. They were not sure what has changed in the new model, but did say that the new version should be shipping now to stores.

Update 3/31:  The device is now back, but likely did go through a SKU change. The device ID used to be 6103 on Verizon’s site and is now 6691.

dna sku change

I’ve reached out to Verizon PR to see if this is nothing more than an “out of stock” situation or if the phone is indeed gone for good and will report back. Keep in mind that we’re just kicking off a weekend, so we may not hear anything until Monday.

If it is simply on back-order or out of stock for the moment, completely removing the device from your website seems like a terrible move. At least tell people up front that it’s on back-order and will be returning. Don’t make them contact the sales or inventory teams to find out the stock status of a phone they would potentially buy. If the iPhone 5 was sold out, they would make a notation on the iPhone page saying when stock will return, not completely kill off the sales page.

droid dna gone

Cheers david and Shawn!

  • bigdadydwarf

    this worries me. I was in the att store eye frakkin the htc one then I thought let me go to Verizon and see what they have. fell in love with the design of the dna. sales guy said it’s the best phone htc has. prob the htc phones Verizon has come to think of it… but now im 2 years in with an outdated phone.. sigh. and to think only if tmobile would build a tower where I live I could have kept my note 2

  • neone333

    interestingly, I just got a txt message from Verizon offering $100 of the price of it.

  • Jillxz

    I just came from the Verizon site and the HTC Droid DNA is there .In fact , I go almost every day and I have never seen it not being there.

  • Amit kumar

    Even I believe you Samsung It is nice device… I checked specification on this website. http://www.gadtecho.com/

  • zepfloyd

    Looks like many people throwing things around should eat their hats now.

  • Damian

    Verizon was just trolling everyone for April fool’s day!

  • BigMixxx

    DNA is a great device. I’m wondering though since they did change the sku, what’s really new about the droid DNA vs. the older model. Large storage footprint?

  • Jim

    Just goes to show that nobody at Verizon knows what they are talking about. How many people reported that a Verizon rep told them it was discontinued??

  • The Droid DNA is back on Verizon’s website now…. ????

  • Tim242

    Hahaha@ all you people thinking it was gone and the ONE was coming. The ONE is not coming to Verizon. Get over it already.

    • Tim

      Multiple reliable sources have said it will be coming to Verizon…

      • Tim242

        No, only one “source” said that. HTC said plainly that it is not. That is the only source you should be concerned with. Verizon did not get a One X variant either.

      • HTC’s official twitter account stated exactly the opposite, is that not reliable?

  • JuliaMB

    Its very amazing phone with lots of unique features. http://www.91mobiles.com/htc-one-price-in-india

  • Jack Williams

    My brother in law has the DNA and he says it the best phone he has owned. I just checked Verizon’s website and it back being “Available”. But when I check my account (which my bro in law is on) the picture of the phone isn’t shown. So I believe the website isn’t finished upgrading.


    Why would you go from android to apple now,new Droid is so much more superior Apple sucks

  • so it’s back now, crisis averted.

  • Rick Osborn

    Where on earth do you guys get your information, from Android Central? If you check the VerizonWireless website you will find the DNA as the first phone listed. It was on backorder for weeks, but it is still available. I have one and love it. I shop for quality of build and user interface. It’s a great phone! Verizon could use a little improvement for sure, but they’re just in it for the buck like all the others.

    Verizon teased me last week by turning on the 4G transmitters on a tower near me for a few hours, but it is once again back to the old less than 1 mbps 3G now.

  • Simpletron
  • Hub1

    It’s back on the VZW site this morning….

  • hldc1

    DNA still for sale when putting in a Southern California ZIP code.

  • Bob G

    This sure does not help people want to support HTC by buying their phones. Why buy a phone only to see them not support it after a few months.

  • dizzle

    I ordered 1 earlier this week and at that time I was told it was currently out of stock but orders would ship out on the 29th. Mine shipped out on the 29th as they said it would and now it has vanished from their site. I wonder if I got in on the last and final shipment of this phone?

  • zombiewolf115

    i think htc would be better in the fight against samsung if 1. they didnt make a bad ass phone then 2 months later the completly kill it off and make another on.

  • And we’ve been getting a lot of customers with problems holding 4g signals with it.

    • Brian, I have reason to believe it’s a design flaw on the droid DNA and believe I have a fix for it. First off I need to know if you know anyone who personally owns the phone. Second if you do have the take 2 layers of clear scotch tape and put it on the back of them sim card. Then take a box cutter with a fresh blade and cut the excess tape then reinstall the sim. Then let me know the results…

  • I work at a verizon store…we’ve been told for a while now that the dna is coming in small shipments, one or two at a time cuz there just arent any able to arrive. Ive tested the phone out and now that I have the S3 I will never go back to Sense. Its clunky and really is kind of annoying. That being said it is a nice phone but its downlosd a launcher on it asap.

    • Tim242

      Do you really think downloading a launcher gets rid of sense? Seriously?

    • Sorry Samsung skin is no way better than sense…. Only reason people have a problem with sense is cause its a resource hog

  • I just think it is the Verizon site that is messing up, because i just when and check my account, and even the even the imagine of the Droid Dna thats been next to my phone number since i bought the phone, is now missing

  • Your RealTime session ID is RT917132168.
    You are now chatting with ‘Kimberlee’

    Kimberlee: Hi! My name is Kimberlee with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?

    You: Hello, My name is Anthony I have a question: I noticed the Droid DNA is missing from the Verizon website. Any reason for this?

    Kimberlee: Hi Anthony! The DNA is actually in the iconic order portal. Are you looking to upgrade to this phone today?

    You: I was considering it although I’m not 100% on what I want to do yet, is there any reason the phone has been taken off the website though?

    Kimberlee: It is still available bit it is a glitch that we are working on. However I can show you how to do so in your online account

    You: No thanks thats okay, appreciate your help though. Have a nice day!

    My thoughts and questions after that chat: Why is it everyone who talks to live chat is getting different answers to this question? Do these people really not know whats going on? This kind of disturbs me because I was really considering the Droid DNA. I have been told earlier that the DNA is now retired. Now I’m being told it’s just a glitch they are working on, Does anyone seem to have answers for what is going on?

  • markhammond83

    I also own the DNA and it’s by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. The camera and display are incredible. I can’t imagine the “1” being worth leaving my DNA.

  • Tim

    Zack H: Hello,
    Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless. My name is Zack! I am here to
    assist you in upgrading your existing phone or starting a new line of
    service as well as taking advantage of our accessories! Could I have
    your name please?

    You: Hi, I’m Tim. Quick question: Can I expect any good new phones to come out in the next couple of months for Verizon?

    Zack H: I am really not sure Tim, we do not get any extra information to phones that are going to be released.

    You: Oh okay.
    What about the Droid DNA? I can’t find it on the site anymore to compare
    specs with other phones. Is it being discontinued?

    Zack H: It is actually, they are releasing a 32GB DNA.

    Zack H: It is currently in our Iconic Portal and can still be ordered.

    You: That actually sounds really good. Do you know when I’ll be able to get the 32GB version?

    Zack H: It will be a couple of months at least. Not anytime soon.

    You: Is the memory the only thing they are changing about it do you know?

    Zack H: Yes.

    • Nicely done Zack lol!

      • Tim

        It seems odd that they would take off the DNA months before releasing a newer version, though.

        • Indeed it does seem odd, april 12th will mark only 6 months the Droid DNA has been on the market.

          • LionStone

            DNA released on Nov 21st…April 21 will make 5 months on the market.

          • Guest

            Yeah my bad man I wasn’t thinking at all for some reason I was thinking August 😉

  • Matthew Merrick

    How the hell are they still selling the Rhyme?

    • Like I stated earlier, theres a reason Verizon isn’t offering the Droid DNA from the website anymore. Scroll down and read what I have said. 🙂

      • Matthew Merrick

        I have, and it makes sense. However it has nothing to do with the Rhyme. Still selling it is just criminal.

        • What year was the Rhyme anyway?

          • Matthew Merrick

            According to GSMarena, it was released October 2011.

    • CapnShiner

      Maybe because it comes in purple and they can sell it to women?

  • Tim

    I was told that the item number was changed and an error on the site was preventing the DNA from showing up, but that they are indeed still selling it.

    • No disrespect but I think you’re wrong : I have been told over and over again that it has been “retired”

      • Tim

        Should have replied to this, but I posted above a transcript of my chat with a different rep.

  • Liz

    I saw that the DNA was not on the Verizon site as well. I tweeted them and this is what they said” Looks like it’s MIA on the website! BUt we do have the DNA 16GB available”

    • I don’t know what they are telling you, but they are telling me that the DNA has been retired

      • Liz

        I looked this morning on Verizon website and the DNA is back on their home page for shopping. It does the price and you can order off there now as well.

      • Tim242

        It is back. You should not believe online chat reps.

  • Sn1p3r13OG

    Here is my latest online chat with VZW as of 7:00pm:

    You are now chatting with ‘Kortney’
    You: Hello
    Kortney: Hi! My name is Kortney with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?
    You: I spoke with an online sales rep last night.
    You: I was looking for the HTC Droid DNA and they told me that VZW was updating the site and it would be back online later.
    You: I have not seen it all day today or last night.
    You: Could you please provide me to when the device might be back on the website so I can compare it to other devices?
    Kortney: I would be happ yto asssit you with this information
    You: Thanks.
    Kortney: We do have the Droid Razor M Motorola for Free today. The HTC Droid DNA has been retired from Verizon.
    You: Retired?
    You: Already?
    You: I have been waiting for my Upgrade to get this phone.
    You: I am eligible for an upgrade as of April.
    Kortney: Yes, it is retired we are no longer selling this device
    Kortney: We ahve the Droid Razr which is much like the DNA but better.
    You: Oh ok.
    You: Is there another HTC device coming out?
    Kortney: Not that i know of however we do have the Windows Phone by HTC
    Kortney: Fo r99.99 available for your upgrade today
    You: No thanks.
    You: Have a good evening.

    • Yeah thats what they told me too….

      • Matthew Merrick

        … They told you the Razr is better than the DNA? Wow. SMH.

        • No they told me the Droid DNA has been retired. After the Droid DNA Verizon’s next best phone is the Galaxy Note 2 specs wise that is.

          • Matthew Merrick

            From the chat above:

            “Kortney: We ahve the Droid Razr which is much like the DNA but better.”

          • Yeah they didn’t say that to me 🙂 even if they would have said that I know better then that! LOL

  • Ron_Swanson

    I returned a Note 2 for my DNA. Dont regret it one bit….big fan of the DNA.

    • I gotta ask… Why? It seems to benchmark a little faster (at least on antutu) but it has no SD slot, non removable battery, and a slightly smaller screen (with more DPI of course as a plus), so was it touchwiz or?? just curious

      • BigMixxx

        Yeah — I’m curious about that as well. Just the storage options alone drew me to the note (not to mention the size and usability of the phone)

      • Kyle Miller

        Well I can’t speak for Ron here but I just bought the DNA a couple of days ago and I love this phone. To answer you Rob, touchwiz to me sucks. Its okay for most people but Sense to me is the best skin over the rest. I prefer vanilla but sense is fine. I don’t need a SD slot. I put stuff in the cloud and watch my app intake lol. Non removable batteries are not a deal breaker either. The screen and performance is dope overall!

        • LionStone

          Pretty much this…plus the clean, tight form factor w/ built-in wireless charging is the cherry on top!

  • Dylan Patel

    I am so happy you guys do updates, other websites do not do this kinda stuff and just leave only the original article.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    All four of those HTC devices make no sense being there while the DNA is at EOL already. Trophy is like 3 years old…

  • Radgatt

    All of this for a new version of the phone?

  • Shiven4

    I went in to my Verizon store last weekend with the intention of buying the Droid DNA. They were out of stock. They looked, and it turns out there was only one DNA in the entire state (Maine), and their warehouse and the alternative warehouse had none in stock. No shipments were scheduled, from what the rep could see. The rep and the manager hadn’t heard anything, but speculated that either the demand was extremely high or that something was on the way to replace it.
    They had the single DNA in the state transferred to my store for me, but given all of this, I’m seriously considering holding off.

    • HOLD OFF! Don’t get it, I spoke with 8 verizon reps and 7 of them said the phone is being retired.

    • Andrew Alvey

      Just don’t get it. The HTC One is a better phone in pretty much every aspect.

      • The HTC ONE isn’t coming to Verizon according to HTC’s twitter page…

        • CapnShiner

          Maybe not by that name…

          • Verizon is getting it some time after the S4 comes out and it will be renamed.

          • Tim242

            No they won’t. They didn’t get the One X, they’re not getting the One.

      • Tim242

        Except for the csmera .

  • Hatyrei

    I remember when they first announced/launched the HTC DNA ,. a reporter asked the HTC rep., if 32GB variant’s will be available in the future. And he said yes. I’m not really sure. But I guess…we will see a refresh this time.

    • ChrisH

      I don’t think so. I wish, really I do because since December I’ve been counting down my days to upgrade with the DNA topping the list. I even contacted HTC asking about storage options or future updates to the DNA with 32GB or microSD (like Butterfly J oversees). Nothing. HTC One is coming. DNA is DOA from everything I’ve seen (no DLXPLUS, DNA+ is even being rumored about).

      • Tim242

        There is most certainly a DLXPLUS listing that has been posted many times. The One is not coming.

        • ChrisH

          Can you post a reliable source for this? DLXPLUS and M7 rumors were a plenty in Feb and early March. Then all died off from what I could tell with the HTC One reports.
          I would be very interested in a DLXPLUS. However, if neither it nor the One are going to make it on Verizon before the Galaxy S4, I’ll probably just get that and move on from the HTC-Verizon circus. I’m due for an upgrade now and this is killing me.

  • Everyone should read my post before you post, I spoke with a total of 8 Verizon live chat reps, 7 out of the 8 said the phone is now RETIRED! So no they will not be putting it back on the website, the phone is gone and for those of you who have one don’t look to be getting support….

    • ace

      You and your reps are incorrect. I spoke with an inventory director at Verizon and wad told its on HTC. They have been put on backorder. If HTC gets more supply they will be back. Reps know zero.

    • Tim242

      It is back.

  • flosserelli

    If it is truly out of stock, why doesn’t Verizon simply change the page to reflect that? An “Out of stock” tag would solve the mystery. That is what every other online retailer does when a product is on backorder.


      • flosserelli

        That’s what I am thinking too. But in typical Verizon fashion, they want to keep everyone in the dark. Bastards.

        • That looks to be the case, you want my theory on this? The phone has a major flaw that Verizon nor HTC wanted to do anything about (SIM card error) and I was looking on some android forums and people have said they are going to open up a lawsuit against BIG RED because the phone has failed to call 911. So they decided to kill the phone off… I just solved the entire issue 🙂

          • flosserelli

            No 911?! Wow, that is an epic fail.

          • Yeah, that’s what I thought too my friend! I too wanted the Droid DNA because of it’s quad core CPU and the 1080p display. Verizon’s only other phone with the quad core CPU is the Note 2 but I’m by no means a fan of the 5.5 in display. I find it a bit to big, I have big hands and I still hate it! I have been a fan of HTC since the Droid Eris because believe it or not that was the only device I have EVER owned that didn’t give me any problems whatsoever! I did tons of research on the phone and I’m just glad I didn’t buy it. I have a friend who works at Verizon and he said he sold 1 and it was brought back the next day due to the sim card error, so he replaced it with a brand new one. Long story short that same guy brought his phone back 4 times getting 4 brand new DNA’s and all of them had that issue. So Verizon probably retired it because of that issue.

          • Tim242

            You cannot sue a cell phone carrier. You sign an arbitration agreement when you get service

  • aQuickBit

    Here’s my experience. Made up a name/story and played her like a card.

    You are now chatting with ‘Kimberlee’
    Kimberlee: Hi! My name is Kimberlee with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?
    You: Jason
    Kimberlee: Hi Jason! How may I assist you with your online order today?
    You: Well I was just browsing for smartphones because I am eligible for an “upgrade”. I’ve been researching them for a few weeks now and had a pretty good idea of what phone I wanted but there seems to be a problem. I was thinking about ordering the Droid DNA online, but now it is nowhere to be seen on Verizon’s website. Why is that?
    You: Is it already discontinued?
    You: Or should I pick it up in a store?
    Kimberlee: I’d be happy to assist you.
    Kimberlee: This phone is not discontinued. It is in our iconic order process.
    Kimberlee: Are you logged into “My Verizon” with your username and password?
    You: What exactly does “iconic order process” mean?
    Kimberlee: When a device is in low stock or is a new release it goes through the iconic order portal so that Verizon can keep tabs on how much stock we have in this device. It just goes through a different looking order, that’s all

    So apparently “iconic order status” is what they call this.

    • If you want the Droid DNA order it direct from HTC, personally I wouldn’t do it save your money. I too wanted the Droid DNA but not after the issues I’ve been hearing…

      • Rex_D

        Wrong, order it from Amazon.

        • @Rex_D:disqus I didn’t say anything about Amazon, the reason I didn’t list Amazon is because personally I don’t buy from them!

          • Andrew Alvey

            Just wondering, what makes you want the DNA over the One? The One is a better phone in pretty much every way and HTC is more likely to support their flagship that is on every carrier than a phone that is only on verizon.

          • @andrewalvey:disqus What’s the point of saying I want the ONE? Verizon is never going to sign off on getting the HTC ONE.

          • Matthew Merrick

            Idk, personally I like the DNA over the. One of i was gonna get an HTC. A bigger screen, a less retarded navigation button setup, wireless charging, splash – resistance, a better camera, no blinkfeed, it’s fully carrier unlocked, a better feeling (imho) chassis… The only thing the one has over it is better speakers, wifi AC, & more Internal storage. (the CPU is only marginally better on the one, not really better enough for me to count it as a selling point)

          • HTC has made it clear Verizon doesn’t want the HTC ONE because it’s not branded as a “DROID” device. Verizon Tries so hard to push the Droid branding so at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much I would like to get the HTC one it’s not going to happen. I’m not willing to jump ship on Verizon to move to T-mobile Sprint or AT&T just to get the HTC ONE.

          • Tim242

            The HTC Thunderbolt is not Droid branded. Nor is the HTC Rhyme, or the HTC Rezound…

          • Those are older phones, Verizon really wants to push that “droid” branding now days.

          • Tim242

            That is BS. They are not pushing the Droid brand any more now, than ever. None of their biggest sellers are Droids ie GS3, Note 2, iPhone,. They still release Droids, but not more than non Droids.

          • Tim242

            The ONE is not coming to Verizon. With that awful camera, I’m glad.

          • Rex_D

            Why don’t you buy from Amazon?

          • I just don’t like Amazon, I prefer to buy from a manufacture if possible. If a manufacture doesn’t have stock then I will go to Amazon as my second choice, Ebay being a last resort.

      • aQuickBit

        Haha I made the story up to the sales lady on Verizon to make it more believable to her. I am quite happy with my Galaxy Nexus with Vicious Jelly Bean ROM. I appreciate the reply though!

  • I spoke with several chat reps and got 2 different answers on this subject, the very first rep I spoke with said that they have removed it from the website because they are in the process of getting the phone in a different color. Now the other 7 reps I spoke with said they are retiring the phone. So I’m going to go as far as to say they are killing off the Droid DNA, that being said DON’T THINK YOU WILL BE GETTING SUPPORT FOR IT! I asked the 7 reps why it was being killed off and they closed the chat window without even answering my question as to why they retired it. My guess is that they retired it because of SIM card error’s that people are getting.

  • Mike

    Perhaps the DNA is HTC’s Bionic. Bastard product.

  • I just spoke with Verizon. They are in the process of updating the website and the DNA will be back on there soon. Apparently it is in high demand and they are giving it its own section on the site, according to the rep I spoke with.

    • Funny The 8 sales reps I spoke with didn’t say that…. 7 of the 8 said it’s retired

      • LionStone

        Maybe they didn’t get the memo?

  • They are full of it.. that phone has runs its course.. They would not take it off the web page for out of stock.. they would say something like, “Will Ship April 12th” or something like that..

    • flosserelli

      Exactly. At least that is what most online retailers would do. Of course, this IS Verizon we’re talking about, so who knows…

  • Wadds

    The DNA, WHEN it works is awesome. Unfortunately, mine seems to lose connection too frequently for me to have any love left for it. It has been the worst phone I’ve ever owned, even worse that my BB Storm.

    • It maybe the sim card, I have a simple fix for that I believe. Put 2 layers of clear scotch tape on the back of your sim. After you have done that take a box cutter and cut the excess tape and then reinstall the sim in the device. If it works let me know as I’m very unsure! I have reason to believe it’s a design flaw and the sim isn’t making full contact with the sim card contacts but give it a try and let me know how that works.

  • Jason

    It was pulled due to a fatal simple card flaw. Verizon has retired the phone.

  • Bionic

    Yanno what will be appearing soon? The X phone. T minus 45 days and counting.

    • BionicLikesSargesDooDoo

      No one cares.

      • Bionic

        says the person representing the minority

        • BionicLikesSargesDooDoo

          How’d you know I was Hispanic? Did Sarge tell you?!

          • EC8CH

            Fillmore… it that you?

          • Dingy

            Ok, that was pretty funny.

      • ERIC REED

        +1 for the name!

  • Genius

    The fact that they removed it because they’re out of stock seems a bit bogus to me, because in December of last year around Christmas, they were out of stock of Droid DNA’s but they left the phone on the website and simply put a transparent “Out of stock” label across the phone.

    • ChrisH

      Yes. I’ve seen this on their site as well. Out of stock would not make it disappear. If the model/SKU changed, and the old one is yanked. That would make sense. But then, what’s the new one and why isn’t it available. The HTC One has a different number. Could there be a DNA with a fixed SIM issue or microSD slot or 32 GB? Doubt it, but like Rex_D, the DNA with better storage options is exactly what I want. Was really bumbed when I learned it only had 16GB and no microSD slot.

  • Red Hulk

    I recently ordered one for a team member where I work, I’m the only one on our team with access to the VZW Business Portal. It was also missing from the business portal but I called the business support unit and the gentleman was able to order one for us. It was ordered on the 21st with an expected ship date of the 29th due to back order. We received it on the 27th he is thoroughly enjoying the device.

    • Christopher Riner

      When you say team member, are you referring to one of the avengers, or your earlier days under mind control of the defense secretary Dell Rusk (red skull) working for team Code Red?

  • Kevin McDole

    Watch. That phone rumored to be the HTC M7 that had leaked pics (that wasn’t the HTC One) is the Verizon HTC One.

    • George264

      No that was a prototype that was a design they used within the company, just as a shell to hold the internals. It definitely existed, I saw it, but it is not anything that will ever be released.

      • Kevin McDole

        Tell me more secrets, George.

        • George264

          Not sure if you’re being serious, but I told you that, because it’s okay to tell now that the One is out officially.

          • Kevin McDole

            Dead serious.

  • Rob Watkins

    I chatted with ‘Zakk’ in the Verizon chat window on their website. He said the DNA was still available and brought up a link that took me to the DNA.

  • ace

    It will be back. Its just on backorder.

  • x5denali

    I contacted VZ and was told the device goes in/out of stock and was given a link ( https://preorder.verizonwireless.com/iconic/ ) to order and it shows up.

  • Austin Ferguson

    see in this existence to Verizon and htc, Verizon should just get over there bs bootloader policies, unlock, and let devs just support it freely instead of having the opposite of hacking, soff, etc to load roms that are up to date.

  • TitanStorm

    Another repeat of the Thunderbolt? Ignored from HTC and Verizon? Nice that they still advertise the Razr Maxx HD like crazy and that is older. Had a feeling the DNA was dying soon.

  • Bedtim3

    I own the DNA.. its a very nice phone. Screen is beautiful and performance is snappy. Battery life is average (despite small cell) and cell signal is good… not to mention the design aesthetic is beautiful. I’m not sure why this is getting killed…

    • TitanStorm

      Really like my DNA too. Best HTC phone I have owned. I could care less if they sell it anymore, but what worries me is no more support for it.

      • George264

        Same. I think this is a fantastic phone, the battery lasts about 4 times more than my Rezound did, especially when the screen is off. On a regular day for me(including school times), it can lasts me over a day, which is fantastic, but the Rezound failed to make it past 5. This is a great phone, hopefully there’s still support for it.

      • Butters619
        • edythewiseman

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      • SGS4-TheNextBigFlop

        I have the DNA too! I had the T-Bolt, but HTC made the best phone I ever had. I was about to get the iPhone 5. I like my phone. The only reason to get an HTC One is faster processor(DNA is fast enough), expanded storage, new camera(DNA has an alright camera), and new UI(we may get the update?). The reason not to get the One is that screen is smaller, and device seems as big. Also there isn’t no Qi Charging. I would be happy if the DNA came with 32GB, because then I wouldn’t want need to get the One.

        • Rex_D

          Exactly what I want. A DNA with 32GB. Really that is all Verizon/HTC need to do, release a 32GB DNA and problem solved. No need for an entirely new phone. I like the 5 inch screen, if they d/c it and instead sell a 4.7″ One version on Verizon I won’t be interested anymore.

          • ERIC REED

            If they release a 32gb DNA there are going to be some pissed off people…

          • chris125

            a 32gb version with a larger battery and it would be about perfect

        • CapnShiner

          The only reason I would get the One is the pair of front-facing speakers.

          • fanboy1974

            Don’t forget better build materials, bigger battery, more storage and faster processor. Plus I’m a sucker for built in IR ports. All at the same cost as the HTC DNA.

      • @titanstorm:disqus don’t look to be getting much in terms of support, I can infact confirm Verizon has RETIRED the HTC Droid DNA. HTC doesn’t seem to want to support the device either.

        • ace

          So much for your confirmation. Ha

    • Rex_D

      I was actually going to order a DNA when I woke up today. So strange they have removed the page. I was just on it last night!!

    • fanboy1974

      Not to be a prick but I would be pi$$ed if Samsung released a better Note 2 at the same cost on other carriers in such a short period of time. Either Verizon should have gotten the HTC One first or the same phone should have been released at the same time.

    • Jillxz

      HUh ? It’s not getting killed. It will be kept and reduced in price. The HTC One will not be coming to Verizon until later in the summer. Also , the HTC One and the HTC Droid DNA are different in a lot of ways. The ONE has boom speakers , front facing speakers , blink news feed , improved camera, and even faster. So no , Verizon is definitely NOT killing off the HTC Droid DNA.

  • Jon

    Ya know the DNA screenis amazing. I left Vzw for T-Mobile, but went in just to see the DNA. I hope the One has killer all day battery life. Cause otherwise I’m content to stay with Galaxy devices. My Note 2 has epic battery life.

  • RaptorOO7

    They are still selling the HTC Trophy which is nearly 2 years old and an outdated phone at that. Can’t upgrade to WP8, no microSD slot and they want $179 for it. It should be FREE.

    • Dorian Brooks

      Quote- “It should be FREE… off contract.”
      Finish your sentence.

      • RaptorOO7

        Ok, then I edited it to say . . . (Edit) on contract at the minimum, or free period on or off contract but this is Verizon and

        • Dorian Brooks

          I was joking cause that phones a dinosaur, but I appreciate you.

    • Rob Watkins

      Totally. It was $29.99 last year for a while and then they jacked back up to $179….why are they even selling it. It can’t be updated to WP8, has a crappy camera and sound.

      • Brandon S.

        Its the only W7P they have so, they keep it. Or atleast that’s what I assume.

        • T4rd

          No, there’s the Samsung Ativ Odyssey, Lumia 822, or the HCT 8X, all for free, $50 or $100 respectively. While the Trophy is $140 on contract while I’m logged in for some reason.. makes absolutely no sense.

          • Brandon S.

            I said w7p 🙂

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I thought you may have been being funny in just talking about WP7, but I couldn’t tell since you didn’t put any emoticons and didn’t know if you knew the difference since “W7P” is the wrong acronym; it’s WP7 for “Windows Phone 7”.

          • chris125

            those aren’t wp7 devices….

    • Austin Warren
    • Zach Armstrong

      I can’t believe they are still selling the HTC Rhyme that phone came out in 2011

  • n900mixalot

    Here we go again with the blame Verizon … Verizon is going to do what Verizon is going to do but HTC didn’t bring the Butterfly to other carriers like they could have.

    HTC doesn’t know what they are doing, plain and simple. The One will suffer the same fate as each and every one of their other phones and devices, regardless of carrier, because this is HTC we are dealing with.

    I’d like to see this as HTC trying to streamline everything but how aggravated would you be if you’d just bought a DNA? It may or may not be supported for X more months but … Maybe you don’t care because the DNA is supposed to be a great device nonetheless.

    I can’t mess with HTC though because of stunts like this.

    • RaptorOO7

      You have not clue how things work in the US. The US carriers dictate what they will and will not put on their network, the OEM’s shop their phone designs and ideas and that is how you get exclusive designs, crippled features, etc. Verizon doesn’t want users enjoying their phones and stuck with bloatware. Given the HTC One 64GB on AT&T and an unlocked GS4 64GB (need US LTE) Verizon could lose me as a customer on my primary line.

      • n900mixalot

        Every sentence you wrote contradicts itself so I don’t know how to respond … Other than if you don’t like being on Verizon leave. But you can’t blame Verizon for HTC’s constant, and now predictable failure when it comes to maintaining any loyalty to their own devices and customers.

        The DNA is a great device on a great, albeit expensive, carrier. People love the phone but it obviously didn’t do well enough for Verizon to keep it around. Why should they continue to support the DNA when HTC is putting everything they have into the One?!

        Carriers may be greedy but they aren’t usually stupid.

        • George264

          What he’s trying to say is(his wording is really confusing) is that US carriers dictate what they want, and they have full control, because it’s been that way for so long. The only companies they can’t control is both Apple and Samsung. They are too big of companies for Verizon to say, we want a specific design. HTC right now, has fallen from where they used to be, and now is fully controlled by every carrier. That is why they made the DNA available in the US. Their original plan was to keep away from the US until the One, and that obviously failed by some threat from Verizon. You can see that since the Rezound, where Verizon lost the One X, and now the One. What HTC did, was probably pay crazy amounts to each carrier to allow them a single release of the One on all carriers. I bet that’s why it’s delayed. They want to iron it out with Verizon and be able to advertise the One on all carriers, and get a much larger chance at redemption and sucess. With so many people buying that phone, there will be more dev support, more free advertising from satisfied users, and more money to advertise, and a looping circle. That’s what they’re trying to achieve, but they’ve been very limited in the past.

          • n900mixalot

            Now that makes sense. Can’t argue with any of that.

            All I can say, though, is I’m definitely watching and waiting. HTC screwed me over so many times I’ve lost count, but I want to see some more competition out there.

          • George264

            Glad I made some sense, I completely agree with what you’re saying. HTC has screwed me with the Thunderbolt and Rezound, both which I hoped were good enough phones. They were not. I was about to leave and go with Samsung or Apple(and I did for some months) but I got an invite to the One event and they blew me away with their energy, I talked to some of the guys and two executives, and they went full out, they are paying Belkin to make accessories, they’ve made cool cases, the One looks and feels amazing, and looking at that, it made my DNA look old. I mean it’s hard when you look at the GSIII and it’s all plastic and bad build, but you got solid support. So I’m giving the One a chance, because I see the hard work, and who knows, maybe it’s their come back.

        • Most consumers will have no idea that the Droid DNA and HTC One have anything to do with one another. Droid devices on Verizon live, and are marketed in, a bubble. Verizon knew the One was coming and wanted a unique phone, the DNA.

          • Verizon just wanted to be the first U. S carrier to have a full 1080 phone

  • BigMixxx

    Went to return my daughter’s phone. Same thing. Out of stock and a quiet whisper of may not return…

  • Buckoman

    Are you kidding me?

    No, seriously. Is this actually real?

    Cause it can’t be. That’s ridiculous. Why would Verizon ever do something like that?

    Oh wait. Cause they’re Verizon. This phone came out, what, November? It’s been almost five months since it came out. And they’re cutting it. What about all the people who bought the DNA because Verizon advertised it as the best phone out there? No more updates? Nothing? No more support?

    That’s ridiculous. Especially since the Trophy (which is $179! And still running WP7!) is still being sold. And the Rhyme, a 3G-only phone, is still being sold.

    I pity those who bought a DNA, then, cause this is ridiculous.

    • If it is gone, that doesn’t mean it won’t receive updates or support, it just means they aren’t selling it anymore. Look at the original Incredible or DROID Charge, both are old as dirt and received updates within the last month.

      • Buckoman

        Yeah, you’re right. I completely forgot about that.

        Well, although I feel pretty mad that Verizon cut it, if Verizon updates the phone as nicely as they’ve updated these current phone, maybe it will cushion the fall.

        Although I’m not too sure about Key Lime Pie support. Since the DNA is a Verizon exclusive, would that give HTC less incentive to update it? Just wondering.

        • RaptorOO7

          Lets see HTC screwed their entire user base for 2011 and 2012 by NOT releasing updates as promised why would you trust them to support the DNA with any real and meaningful updates beyond bug fixes at all. I wouldn’t and don’t.

          • TitanStorm

            I was never going to buy another HTC after that joke called the Thunderbolt. I bit on the DNA. It is a great phone. Its amazing how Verizon is advertising the Razr Maxx HD like crazy now, which is older than the DNA. If this gets ignored like the Thunderbolt I am truly done with HTC. I should have went with my gut and just bought the Razr Maxx HD.

          • George264

            Honestly, I wouldn’t put an exclusive as my last try with a company. I’m going on AT&T or T-Mobile and getting the One, and if I don’t get updates till KLP and higher, I’m done with HTC, but I honestly trust HTC on the One because I see the ads right now, I see them really trying, they have my support at this point.

    • RaptorOO7

      Based on typical Verizon playbook, they have a DNA+ coming with the HTC One’s internal specs, but it won’t be the same HTC One as you see it. Verizon wants their own thing and if they roll out a 32GB only version then its DOA. Customers need, want more storage and non expandable is DOA. Just because you have an Android device doesn’t mean you don’t want to carry your music and movies like iOS users do.

      • n900mixalot

        Nexus 4 begs to differ. People seem fine with 8 and 16.

        • J Davis

          I don’t know if we’re fine with it.. We have to except it because that’s our options if we want a Nexus device..

  • Jordan Epps

    If it’s a “varient” in a different design, I’m hoping for front facing speakers. It can’t all just be internals.

    • ChrisH

      If you want front facing speakers get the HTC One. I personally don’t like that the HTC One is taller than the DNA yet has a smaller screen (4.7″ to 5″ respectively). The extra room is to accommodate speakers on top and bottom front bezels. Which I don’t want or like. There’s an earphone jack if I want music or am watching video. This is a phone, so I want, personally, the largest screen designed into the smallest body possible. Which the DNA offered nicely (with a pretty decent rear speaker from what I’ve read).

      I guess I’m a little bitter that the DNA is being replaced for the HTC One and I personally like the DNA design better – just put 32GB or a microSD slot in it, and leave it alone!

      • Matthew Perry

        It’s not taller than the DNA, where did you get that from? I have both devices and was just comparing them today and it is not.

        • ChrisH

          My bad. I could have sworn I read a review that compared the two and showed pics and stated the One was slightly taller. But, I just checked the HTC site and the One is 137.4mm to DNA’s 141mm. So, the DNA is a little bigger (3.6mm or 0.14″). Hmm, now I definitely want to see the HTC and hold it myself. Though, I still believe I’m correct in that for the 4.7″ screen it is close to the DNA and taller than the Galaxy S3 or S4, which are 5.38″ (136.6mm). And all the others have larger screens. So, the height is to accommodate the 2 speakers on front. If the bottom speaker was removed there’d be room for a 5″ display. That seems like it would have made more sense to me for a phone to replace the DNA and compete toe-to-toe with the S4.

  • lemonhead127

    Why would they kill it off so early? When the DNA came out they didn’t get rid of the Incredible 4G LTE. It’s still there today.

    • JetBlue

      The Incredible 4G is a mid-range device

  • Ben Swann

    went there yesterday, said that it was dicontinued

    • To a store and they said that?

      • @kellex:disqus I have spoken with many online sales reps, here’s what I have been told. One of them said that the Droid DNA has been removed so they can update the site because the Droid DNA is coming out in a different color. 7 others reps have said the Droid DNA has been discontinued. So I think it’s safe to say the Droid DNA has been retired.

        • Matthew Perry

          Nope, it hasn’t been discontinued. This is all incorrect information. Reps often hear rumors online and start telling customers that when it has not been told to them from within the company. I have seen reps tell me their source was a customer before and that they were telling people to be precautious, losing themselves sales.