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NYT: Facebook to Announce Whole Lot More Than Just a Widget, Full Blown FB Skin


Somewhat different from what was reported this morning, the New York Times is saying that Facebook has much bigger plans than just a home replacement for Android phones. According to their source, a Facebook employee who was briefed on what is coming, Facebook is set to launch a Facebook “operating system” of sorts, based on Android. The OS/skin, which will be featured on a brand new HTC device that could possibly be shown off next Thursday, puts Facebook “front and center” for users. 

Going beyond just showing you the News Feed upon first boot, the device’s core applications such as the camera and messaging services will all be handled and tied directly into Facebook.

If these reports are true, then how far should we expect Facebook to go? Sort of an Amazon Kindle-like device, running Android, but with such a heavy skin that it does not resemble Android? Will it have access to Google Play or just Facebook’s market for games and apps. That would be scary.

Can’t wait for the shareholders to see what is coming next week!

Via: NYT

  • PopeFrancis

    lol wtf

  • failure for both HTC and Facebook

  • pcloadletter

    There is no need for an app or a skin as long as there is a decent mobile site. Why are so many mobile sites asking to install their apps? Just make the mobile site work.

  • zombiewolf115

    yes please make a facebook phone dont fix the facebook app from being a total ram and cpu hog

  • Aren’t all android partner OEMs ‘banned’ from working on forked android versions? And if they do, they loose access to play store etc? How is then HTC going to release Facebook phone?

    • Marcelo Burrieza

      HTC can’t fork android and stay in the open handset alliance, so it seems that they will only take care of hardware and FB will do all the coding if this is true. I hope that FB doesn’t do this. An android phone without the play store or Amazon content can’t compete imho. Who wants a phone with only FB? A couple millions? /S

      • Aren’t all OHA OEMs banned from doing that too? If I remember correctly, Alibaba was trying make a forked android phone and Google told the OEM (forgot which one it was) that if they make the phones for Alibaba, they are out of OHA.

  • Zach Morrow

    Facebook needs to improve their app before they try more ventures. I mean I have a SGN 2 and it is still jumpy while scrolling. FIX YOUR SHIZ before you put your hands in more arenas.

  • ShadrachCA

    This sounds, well, terrible.

  • Zoobey

    Since Steve is not here, I’ll say it for him. “Facebook Launcher or whatever the hell it is will be DOA.”

    I cut the Facebook cord back in November when I got the Nexus4. Have never logged in to FB on my N4 and never will.

  • Im glad to read we all won’t buy something horrid as a facebookphone. And NO it’s not an HTC fail, they offered facebookphones already (chacha, salsa). Its just HTCs thing to offer phones with different operating systems. I like HTC being a pure mobile-device producer, so why not letting them produce a Facebookrunning phone too? Just not buy it 😉

  • Akashshr

    Facebook is one company, that is COMPLETELY clueless what direction to go next! Its staggering!

  • bkosh84

    It’ll bomb.. Just like the previous phone.. I don’t even think Tweens would want something this intrusive…

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Just stop. The skins Samsung/HTC/LG etc use all already getting to be too much, and then there’s Amazon whose products barely resemble Android at all. Android doesn’t need even more fragmentation.

  • John Jacobs


  • webby

    They’ll sell at least 3 or 4 of them.

  • steve30x

    I guess this is for girls that will dig a new skin plastered on their phone lol.

  • Snore…

  • Adam


    Facebook Open Kang Project

    • Pedro

      I think they may have an issue with the ‘Open’ portion of it.

    • lrohenaz

      the only thing open about this phone will be the security holes

  • Alex Goodwin

    It’s like a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced.

  • Daniel

    UGH, stop it, we want more stock-Android, not further forks!

  • JD

    Pretty ballsy of them, since they existing facebook app for Android is horrible. Such a massive company, with a product that’s perfect for mobile, yet they can’t even make a decent Android app? They better work some magic if they want this thing to have any real chance.

  • DieGrammatikNazi

    Lana Kane says it best…

  • Dat Nguyen

    Another launcher option. I’m all for it even if I never use it. More options for Android users. Just the way we like it. Love it or hate it, guys… embrace it. This is what Android is all about.

  • Adam

    Copuld this just be hype to raise stock?

  • Nick Daulton

    Please stop theming and start innovating.

  • Yes, every time facebook announces an announcement about android the media goes into an “OMG IT MUST BE A FACEBOOK PHONE!!!!” no just no…no

    • DroidFTW

      Accept it is the Facebook phone.

      • zwade

        I will not accept it…

  • bodotdot

    I wouldn’t want Facebook or any OTHER app to have such a prominent place on my phone. Know your role, Facebook. Just because I love using EZ-Pass doesn’t mean I want the logo plastered all over the hood of my car.

  • punkroyale

    Maybe its just me but I can’t imagine many people wanting a Facebook launcher. I think this will be a FAIL.

  • RW-1

    Gee, let’s see, after the first thread, I truly removed the FB app itself gained available RAM on my Gnex as well, and can use mobile if I feel like it. A great decision if this is to be believed.

    • Kerry Fath

      does it help battery life on the gnex too if you remove the app?

      • RW-1

        A custom ROM/Kernel likely assists more, but without FB taking 30-50Mb of available RAM all day I’m sure it adds to it.

        You know, for that matter on occasion I’ve looked at the G+ mobile web, I may even ditch that app too, but still like it right now.

      • sirmeili

        FB kills my battery for some reason unless I force stop it after use. I mean it can drain my battery in 2-3 hours for some reason (and yes, I can see the % in the battery monitor).

  • Scottyb112

    Oh Great, just what we need. More Facebook…

    • SnowBabie

      lol yup exactly, like I want my phone revolved around facebook. People are already to obsessed with it as is

      • Next thing you know, we won’t be able to call someone with that device unless we sign up with Facecrack.

        • SnowBabie

          haha I know, we’ll have to get Facebooks permission, go like an advertisement, just to call mom.

  • Kevin Olson

    oh god… NO

  • Why would anyone want this?

  • Justin Winker

    Whelp. This sums my feelings up:

  • The only way I can see this possibly working is if they really do go the way of Kindle and offer a really top of the line phone at a really low price. If this phone is basically a One with Facebook slapped all over it, but you can get it for $199 unlocked, I could see it maybe working. Otherwise it’s a horrible idea

  • DieGrammatikNazi

    Do not want.

  • Dave

    Maybe Facebook and HTC are going to announce the latest fail phone, the Facebook phone, this year’s version.

  • eli

    man that n4’s screen looks really nice. The blacks on my dna can’t even compare to that ;(

  • Andrew Remmers

    I hope its more stable than their app. Honestly I would hate having facebook in my face all the time. Its kinda like how HTC tried to integrate a facebook button on one of their previous phones. Anyways, skeptical.

  • I may have just thrown up a little lol

  • Tyler

    Ha if this is true I was right with my comment from yesterday. http://disq.us/8cn63h


  • Steve Benson

    HTC…..just keep screwing up

    • Yep

      HTC is simply going to provide the hardware in this situation, so it’s more akin to being a Facebook “Nexus” device. Units out the door for them. HTC is simply a contract mfg’er in this case.

      This is more about FB having to “innovate” in order to placate their shareholders.

    • DroidFTW

      you are clueless. This phone will be HTC’s biggest seller in the past two years.

      • Mike Reid

        Your down-voters maybe didn’t catch your sarcasm, LOL.

        I have 20 test phones and the one I hate most is the last HTC Facebook phone, the Status/Chacha. Got if free from HTC, LOL. Keyboard so big they had to make the screen super-tiny, and screen default is a land-scape mode rotated 90 degrees.

  • how about no….

  • nick s

    new phone with facebook android hybrid aka the facebook phone

  • No thanks…….x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • thtechnologist

    Sounds like they are designing their own launcher, no thanks.

    • WAldenIV

      Don’t you want them to track your every move, your every web page visit, your every thought? /s

    • DroidFTW

      Did you read the article? This is not a launcher. It is a forked version of Android just like what Amazon is doing. Mail will be facebook mail, camera will be the facebook camera, messaging will be handled through facebook messenger. They are taking Google’s work and then cutting Google off from the revenues just like Amazon did. Not sure if the Facebook App Store will be unveiled on the 4th but it is coming also.

      • Hey they haven’t even announced anything officially yet! These are just rumors… Calm down.

      • MooseStuff

        You make forking sound like a bad thing.

  • Nope

  • Shane Redman


    • EC8CH

      Macready’s got you covered


      All android users do on their phones is use facebook.

      • Shane Redman

        I haven’t touched FB in years now. If I need to contact my family, there are other means…

        • Pedro

          I guess there’s always that phone feature built into Android.
          But who still uses that?

      • You, my good friend, are incorrect. As an avid android user, I have never once touched Facebook and never will. Not every android just will use their privacy invading service, and I for one, will not touch or go near their stupidity.

        • michael arazan

          EFF FaceBook

      • lrohenaz

        according to the poll on the front page 1/3rd of us don’t use it at all.

    • XphoneTroll

      Wow people actually thumb you up for that. Facebook is a great thing and saves me a lot of money cause I have lots of family back home. Shame on you for that.

      • sirmeili

        That’s fine, doesn’t mean we need a full OS skin for it on a phone. Lets just keep it as an app and work on getting the contact sync back to where it was (but this time following Google’s API rules).

      • lrohenaz

        you are lost my friend

    • teleclimber

      The good news is this: the integration is so deep that it’s not something that they can do via a play-store approved app.

      Meaning: this can’t touch our existing phones.

      It’ll only come to those people who specifically buy a Facebook Phone, and honestly if you buy one of those you deserve everything that you get.

      • What was the post a while back about Facebook circumventing the Play Store rules by making the app autoupdate from their servers?

        • teleclimber

          Yeah I was thinking about that. I never got that notification. But if I spot FB doing just one iffy maneuver on my phone that app is a goner.

          • Their app has already tried to force update itself on my device. About a week ago some random download was stuck in the notification bar and upon googling the information presented in the notification I found out a LOT of other users were having the same issue and that it was in fact tied to Facebook and what was worse is there is no easy way on most devices to get rid of it! For some reason their update system failed leading to the core android downloader to stick while trying to download (which caused immense battery drain). The only solution for me was to wipe all data through settings of the core android downloader (forgot what the process was called exactly)!