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HTC One Receives the Hated Teardown Treatment, Do Not Try at Home

One Teardown

This goes right up there with those crazy drop tests we see every now and then for each new device that gets released. While I understand the need for these teardowns much more than drop tests, they still make me cringe. So, the folks at iFixIt have themselves an HTC One and began tearing her down. Once finally cracking into the device (which they report goes hand in hand with damaging the shell), we see all of the device’s internals including the Qualcomm processor, power amplifier, and flash memory. 

Beyond just the chips that make the device go “boom,” we get a close up of that ultrapixel camera, it’s 1080p display, and everything else. It’s neat, but I’m still teary eyed. Unfortunately, the HTC One received a 1 out of 10 score on repairability. Apparently there is no way to open the device up without damaging its outer shell, so yeah, I would cut back on attempting any DIY repairs.

To check out the full teardown, follow the via below.

One TeardownOne TeardownOne TeardownOne Teardown

Via: iFixIt

  • feres13

    HTC One is coming to verizon under the name of “HTC Droid UltraBoomZoe”, HTC delayed the launch of the One to Verizon because Verizon wanted the one to be called “HTC DROID UltraBoomFeedZoe HD 4G LTE” initially, they finally found an agreement.

  • VZWIndirect

    I do not see the point or the necessity of making $600+ devices essentially “disposable”. As a phone tech, I would never want to own one of these.

    Until someone comes up with a device that can reliably withstand a common drop (6′ to concrete), with little to no chance of breaking the display, then I think they should have some reasonable responsibility to design the device to be repairable.

    To me, this is like building a car, and making the wheels non-removable. You get a flat tire, and you have to get a new car.

    All this does is, in reality, increase the cost of the device by another $200 or more, because you would be insane NOT to have insurance on something that is ‘non-repairable’.

  • Christopher Riner

    Oh sheesh, I can see the HTC one threads being flooded over at xda and rootz already. I’m sure people will be looking for s off or something, or wanting to do a mod that requires soldering like you see in the nexus threads, and will be breaking the things left and right.

  • mechapathy

    Hated? I love looking at the guts of electronics!

  • Rocketjrb

    Best part of the tear down…
    “There are a number of strange markings on the back of the display panel that we can only identify as the signatures of family physicians.”

  • gokusimpson

    Is that a rectangular battery with a hole in the middle?

    • Mark Mann

      i see a rectangular battery with a white sticker in the middle…if it were a hole it would match the background…unless it’s shadowy

      • gokusimpson

        Probably a sticker, but the color is damn close to the background color.That would be weird to have a hole in the battery lolz

        • Mark Mann

          leave it to HTC to do it, if it is…lol

  • Geoff Johnson

    Just release it in the States already!!

    • Austin Warren

      Nevah evah


    They always make it look so easy. I tried fixing a cracked screen on my daughters iPod once following their directions and found myself buying her a new iPod!

    • LionStone

      Must be those skinny fingers, dang!

      • Christopher Riner

        Hahaha +1000

    • Rob

      Well, at least you tried!

      • ERIC REED

        The effort was there…

    • michael arazan

      To open them up just use a guitar pick

  • Derin Richardson

    To be honest, I am always quite fascinated by the tear down and reassembly of tech, especially mobile tech. I guess you can call it the techno savage in me.

    I am a quite a curious one when it comes to components and their functions, I suppose.

    • Mike Reid

      Yes. Been breaking stuff down and putting it back together “forever”.

      Author calls it “hated” because he cringes ? I cringe when I see human surgery, but tech is wonderful to see inside. Might not get that expensive thing back together though; don’t Humpty-Dumpty.

  • Jaron1226

    Man, it’s just as ugly on the inside as it is on the outside O_o

    • I know we are all entitled to opinions, but I don’t care for yours one bit 😛

      • ranlil


        • Hey, that wasn’t even close to mean lol

          • Futbolrunner

            Ey, the truth hurts.

    • LionStone

      You are trippin brother!

    • Guest

      don’t do drugs. stay clean!

    • DanSan

      lol people seriously voted that comment down? i thought it was great lol

      • Jaron1226

        Lol so did I.

  • Jason Purp

    I didn’t know a phone’s screen can be removed with a suction cup…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Try it and post us some pics

    • Diablo81588

      Best way to do it actually. I spent a good thirty minutes trying to remove the screen on my phone, just to finally realize the kit came with a suction cup. Came off instantly.

    • Liderc

      Actually the best way to do it since the pressure is spread over more of the face of the screen, than if using your fingers since they can bend easily due to pressure.