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Google Launches Google Shopping Express in San Francisco, Local Same Day Delivery Service for Online Orders

google shopping express

This morning, Google launched their newest initiative, Google Shopping Express. It’s the once rumored same-day delivery service that will at some point include a pricing plan, similar to what Amazon has done with Prime, though same-day is something not even the magical Prime can touch at this point. The first test market is as one would expect, in San Francisco, along with the peninsula from San Mateo to San Jose. 

The goal of Shopping Express is to help eliminate the cross town errands that you needed to run today by allowing orders from both local and big box retailers to be delivered the same day. We’re talking stores like Target, Walgreens, Staples, and American Eagle in the “big box” realm. Local shops in SF like Blue Bottle Coffee and Palo Alto Toy & Sport are some of the current local offerings.

Customers who are a part of Shopping Express will shop through online stores, find what they need, select a delivery window (broken down by four-hour time slots), and then sit back and wait as it gets delivered.

google shopping express2

At some point, there will be a fee for the service, but testers will receive six months of free, unlimited same-day delivery.

Again, the current testing market is San Francisco. If you live in the area and would like to become a tester, hit up the links below.

Via:  Google Commerce | Shopping Express

  • Michael33704

    If Google and Amazon figure out a way to get this to work on a wide scale….big box stores are deep doo doo……

    • Droidzilla

      They already are.

  • Austin Warren

    Order same day from play store…..gets it 6 months later

  • Christopher Riner

    All they need are the magic words “beer run” on their advertising page and googles stock will blow through the roof.

    • David Arensdorff

      ^ THIS!!!!

  • Ultan

    Why the comparison with Prime? eBay, under the “eBay Now!” brand, and PayPal have been successfully doing this in three US cities for some time now.

  • Same day delivery with amazon only cost me between $3-10 every time. So hopefully it will be around same price with google.

  • Josh Flowers

    If Google launched a Prime-contender with video/book library subscription service coupled with this delivery system, Amazon would take a proverbial dump in their cardboard boxed-pants. I’d buy Google “NOW” (how’d that be for a Delivery moniker) in a heart beat

  • mustbepbs

    I’m sure the shipping price is going to be like..$100.

    • Joey

      Right, because that will make it a viable service worth pouring time and effort into….try again.

      • mustbepbs

        Uh huh, have you seen Google’s business plans? NOT support their OWN MOBILE OS with the most UP TO DATE APPS, but instead support their BIGGEST COMPETITOR?

        Not a whole lot of thinking going on in Mountain View, son.

  • Warwick

    Just ordered nexus 10. shipping UPS!

    • tyguy829

      0 relevance

  • I have a work from home IT job. If that were to come to my city…that would be very unhealthy for me.

    • michael arazan

      I know disabled people and Vets that could use this service well, shopping can be a bitch for those in wheelchairs especially trying to push a trolly

  • April Fools?

    • Shiraz Siddiqui


    • teleclimber

      Not nearly crazy enough.

      Given that Google Glass is not an April Fool’s, I have to wonder what they are going to”reveal” in 4 days time that is so over the top that it’s actually understood to be a prank.