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Experiencing Issues With Your Galaxy Nexus After Updating to 4.2.2?

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Ever since Verizon approved the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus and Google started pushing it out, our inbox has filled up with users who are running into all sorts of issues. The most common appears to be battery life, but others are noticing issues with Bluetooth audio, the camera, tethering, and more. While we aren’t yet aware of specific fixes for each, in most cases, Verizon is actually recommending that you perform a factory reset.

I know that sounds like the worst option, since it wipes your phone of every last setting, but it may do the trick, especially if you are experiencing horrific battery life. The Bluetooth audio fixes on the other hand were supposed to be included in 4.2.2, but there is still a running AOSP thread that suggests a different scenario.

If a factory reset doesn’t work, you can also flash the 4.2.2 factory images that were released today.

Are you experiencing issues? If so, what are they? Have you tried a factory reset yet?

  • So Verizon with all of their resources takes months to release an update and still has problems, but independent developers can knock out a solid ROM in less than a week? WTF?

  • Markuz

    Terrible batt life, switch between 3G/4G poor signal, not able to update swift or other app. WTF!!! F*** Verizon!

  • The camera is terrible now… Not user friendly at all… And I despise th the new photo editing controls. How do I get the old camera and gallery back?

  • engemasa

    Having some of these issues: Charging Time, Lagging UI, Battery Life (not horrific but it’s definitely reduced). I haven’t tried a factory reset yet.

  • Will Rehse

    first I had wake lock/sleep issues. then my sim card would mysteriously go missing inside the phones slot requiring a reset and or remove and replace sim card, then I called VZW tech support and they had me start in Safe Mode. I operated in that for a few minutes and ever since doing that and going back to normal, the dang thing is working.

  • Vzw Galaxy Nexus takes longer to charge. the 4G only shows one bar most of the time. It does switch from 4G to 3G in certain areas in Seattle. The GNex will be good till another phone can WOW me again.

  • NexusMan

    Yes. Biggest issue: Phone EXTREMELY slow. Even unlocking the phone gave me a blank homescreen for like 10 seconds, waiting for the launcher to load. Downloads, app updates and app launches all slow. Battery horrible (more than usual). I did a hard reset late last night, but haven’t had enough time as of yet to use it and compare any differences (though the battery doesn’t seem to be as bad anymore. Something that sucked is the fact that right after I pressed the hard reset button, I realized there were some pics I didn’t have backed up. Nothing happened, so I happily figured the touch didn’t register. My phone was so damn slow, that I actually went into my gallery, check marked close to 100 pics, shared them with dropbox, and 4 pics actually uploaded to dropbox, before the hard reset finally registered, and my phone shut down. Ugh!

    • JC

      just Uncheck [background sync] of [Google Currents] and Reboot!!!!!!

  • RobAllenHomes

    Had to revert back to 4.1.1 because I couldn’t keep a bluetooth connection with my Ford Sync system on 4.2.1 or 4.2.2

  • Anyone else running into the issue with the phone vibrating for every notification? I have notifications disabled for e-mails and gtalk and my phone still vibrates. It’s driving me insane. I see this has been going on for awhile: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=39592

  • ruffian

    The only issue I’m having is voice search doesn’t show card results… it goes straight to chrome and lists results.

  • Lee Woods

    I cannot send text messages when on wifi on my Nexus after the 4.2.2 update. Frustrating because you never check that it was sent. Just click send, put phone in pocket. Later your phone notifies you that it wasn’t sent.

  • I’ve seen battery problems after updating to 4.2.2, but I know what’s causing them. My screen turns on randomly while the phone is sitting on the desk. I’m going to try the hard reset this weekend and see if that works, if not I’m rolling back to the last stock release.

  • EatUrCrap

    The update messed with the blutooth sync in my car

  • mikeszekely

    Everything seems ok on mine except the battery. I already had G+ enabled (thank goodness, it sounds like it’d be a lot worse if I didn’t). Mine’s dropping about 10% per hour just sitting on my desk doing nothing, and “Phone Idle” is the biggest battery drain according to my settings. Before the update, with light use I could go from the time I got up (around 7:30) until I went to bed (around 11:30) and still have over 40% remaining. Now, with zero use, my phone’s crying to be charged by the time I get home in the evening (around 5:30).

  • r00zilla

    I was running Hot, slow, battery was draining at record speed…..talk about HOT MESS!!! Did a reset, which forced me to clean out a bunch of crap I had loaded since I got the phone. Since the reset…….she’s been a wet dream!! For me, the reset was a neccessary evil.

  • This is why Verizon is so slow to update our phones.

    I don’t think I have any issues with 4.2. However, before I plugged my phone tonight, I looked at the battery usage by app (in settings), Google Maps had used a good chunk of battery — much more than I expected. (I briefly used maps to view traffic before going to/from work, and with GPS off.)

    • The funny thing is, I’ve been using 4.2 using Shiny ROM for a couple weeks and I’ve seen no problems on my battery whatsoever. I didn’t even wipe my phone clean when I switched from BB.

  • dgarcia

    Im a heavy user and im lucky to get 3.5-4hrs. Im getting a little better life after disableing google+, and all the extra play stuff except the store. I still wanna know why sdcard is sucking up 1/3 of my battery

  • VZW_Finally_Up2Date

    I had issues at first with battery use and getting really hot. I did a few restarts and updated some apps. I also disabled Google + it was using 65% of my battery and I don’t even use Google + never opened it before. After that battery issues have gone away and phone seems to be working great. For everyone having issues it could possibly be some of the apps you have installed that is why the factory reset probably fixes the issues. I am just glad Verizon is up to date finally.

  • LTE is the major killer I think of battery life. Its frist GEN LTE like that of Thunderbolt which too had terrible batter life. Seems like the newer devices have better LTE performance which only means it has to be the hardware used for the LTE chips.

  • LMI500

    Laggy, erratic, and what battery life? Bluetooth when listening to music through the car is a little staticy for some reason now.

  • JC

    Someone having a lagging problem just unchek background sync of google current.
    And reboot!!! Enjoy!

    • JC

      And Battery issue –> install juicedefender

      • I find the horrible lag between screen on and signal on with Juicedefender has basically ruined it for me. It’s not worth the 1.3x battery life.

    • SOMFW

      Or just disable that garbage app and still have lag and battery issues

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    It’s nice that Verizon is getting these updates a lot quicker now, but they may have rushed this one to soon.

    • you’re kidding right? do you realize that this was the LAST of the nexus phones to be updated? the tmo/att ones were updated literally months ago…

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        Verizon apparently didn’t iron out these issues or we wouldn’t have had this article and 191 comments.

  • Frayed Sanity

    I’m using pure stock but with Apex Launcher for more options. Honestly every little glitch or issue I had with 4.1 is gone. Bluetooth is flawless now no more dropping or losing connection. Battery life is stable (for a battery that’s almost a year old) The overall UI is fluid and a lot smoother. The audio from the speaker was always very low for the most part since it was released. I read that they included a new software package for audio latency and improving it across the device in all applications… With 4.2.2 the poor audio quality is gone and it sounds great now. It was one of the first things I noticed after the update. Now on every Android device I’ve owned after I get a major OS update I backup everything and do a Master Reset and install the new OS fresh.. I never had a new replacement or warranty exchange on any of my devices. My previous device still runs perfect but I wanted a Nexus. This 4.2.2 JB update has made the VZW G-NEX run and function the way it should have when it came out. I know it took VZW and Google for that matter a while to work out JB and getting it approved but I applaud them for taking their time and getting it right. I have no desire to ever upgrade again to a non Nexus device (plus I’m grandfathered Unlimited Data) this device runs so well for me now that I can use it for a year or more and beyond.

  • After updating my battery lasted about 3/4 hours with EVERYTHING off. I read some forums and found that disabling exchange helped and uninstalling Maps updates. They helped a little, but barely. I decided to factory reset, and now my batter is twice as good as it was previous to the update. Happy I did it, if you can’t seem to get your battery life working better, I STRONGLY recommend backing up and resetting your phone. Works buttery smooth again too.

  • SirCharles

    My battery was bad before the update leading me to think to purchase a new one…. now the update has actually seemed to fix it… So far all else seems to be fine, will have to try BT with my truck, bumping using NFC, still my Google Wallet is not able to work for about 2 months now…

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Just google 4.2
    This is not a verizon or gnex exclusive problem.
    Everything we are experiencing had been trouble for 4.2.x users worldwide, just google it.
    Stick with 4.1.1

    • Shaggy723

      I have a nexus 7 and gsm gnex both with 4.2.2 and I don’t have any of the issue people are describing. I think 4.2.2 is the best version of Android to date. The battery issues with the Verizon GNex stem from the fact that the phone has two radios that it has to switch between.

  • Been running 4.2 on Shiny, and it’s been horrible on battery life. i’m starting to think it’s a firmware thing or something to do with the kernel. i’ll be lucky if i can get 10 hours out of my phone with 1 hour of on screen time, with the brightness on auto.

  • Anthony Saylor

    Mine just experiences lag.. Typically when going into the multi task view

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    So Samsung tells verizon rep that I should just keep ignoring the upgrade reminder for a few days and it will go away, I had tried to control it through google frameworks but it kept verifying and charging me data……will see, very annoying to have this alert every 5 minutes, but not willing to deliberately break my phone….

    • Michael

      I was super worried about doing the update. But I bit the bullet and said “eh!” and went ahead and did it. The update went through fine and everything is great! 🙂

      • thegreatcorntrollio

        Sounds good. Have you done any Bluetooth? That’s the part I’m worried about. Reports of stuttering on music apps streaming. I use that a lot.

  • fallenyogi

    I am having issues with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The phone gets really hot, the camera lags between photos and when adjusting from portrait to horizontal, the Bluetooth keeps going in and out, and apps downloaded from the Play website don’t get pushed to my phone.

  • RedXander

    Ever since I’ve loaded Shiny Rom (with extended battery framework) on my GNex, it’s been amazing. I don’t even think about battery life anymore. I didn’t charge it one night just to see how long I could get out of it; it topped out at 23.5 hours with moderate use. I also stream music via bluetooth to my big Jambox constantly and don’t have any issues.

  • R

    I love how everyone blames Verizon not one person blames Samsung because they are almighty? How about Samsung messed up the build? they are the ppl that dev the software.

    • because the nexus devices that don’t run on VZW aren’t having a problem?? might have somethin to do with it….., you know…that…….and Samsung developed Touchwiz….not Android stock…hence the point of a NEXUS device….but hey, you tried, E for effort

  • I had the same battery drain problem recently on my Maguro, so for the record Toro’s aren’t the only one out there with this issue. I scoured the forums, factory reset etc. to no avail.

    Here’s a crazy idea just for $hit$ & giggles….

    …maybe “The Man” is trying to brick all of our GNex’s since there’s still overwhelming support for the phone and it’s been out for what 2 years plus & still going strong? If we’re all still using our GNex who’s buying new hardware? I’m just saying 😉

    Oh btw, I resolved the issue by flashing nightly CM10.1, the extended screen is just awesome.

  • :/ I guess I and my wife are lucky. Gnex has been perfect for us since beginning.

    Oh well, loving the new features in 4.2.2.

  • The night I installed the update I had to do a Factory reset as the phone was getting way too hot. Now it seem to be better in some areas but worse in one key area, connectivity. This thing drops signal worse than before. Contract is up in November so may be time to say adios.

  • That’s why you need to run Bamf Paradigm. The only thing I have seen with 4.2.2 is the new radio’s have gotten worse. I went back to 4.1 radios to see if it improves.

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    From what’s I’ve read on the changelog this is a google 4.2 problem on all devices running 4.2, Bluetooth broken etc…….just happens that the gnex is high up the food chain on updates despite what’s babbled. 4.2.1 was riddled with bugs, verizon spared us, the dove in on 4.2.2 unwisely.
    Would like to see verizon release a down grade to 4.1.1 the last stable build.
    My phone is at 4.1.1 and constantly prompted to upgrade, annoying. My gf gnex is 4.2.2 and not performing well.

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      Btw verizon tells me of a Samsung firmware fix next week……..wait and see……..ugh

  • Jared B.

    Seriously, my battery life is atrocious after the update. Even with the 2200mAh batter AT BEST I get about 4 hours of battery life. That is if I only check the time occasionally and respond to a text or two (not exaggerating). The last 20% of the battery is the worst…when it hits 25% it starts just bleeding power at over 1% a minute.

    • Michael

      you need to go in and optimize your settings. Specially in your google now settings.

  • Kyle Miller

    Sad to say but its time for a new device for me. Good ol GNEX is just getting too frustrating to keep using nowadays. Time to retire to a media player little buddy. I’ll keep him company with the OG Droid.

  • Burntoast

    Wow I am glad I flashed to stock 4.1.1 right before I did the OTA to 4.2.2 no issues for me. 😛

  • joejoe5709

    I found that turning OFF Google Now traffic keeps Maps from sucking up a ton of battery life. I don’t know about you, but a quick check of the local news before leaving for work tells me about traffic. I don’t need Google to tell me. All the rest of the Google Now info is usually very helpful though. 🙂

  • My phones been off the charger for 6 hours, I’ve got 65% battery left, and I’ve used the phone a total of 1 hour today, if anything my phones battery life has improved, but it has more lag

  • Jerry13

    I’m so happy I got rid of this phone

  • andrew galvin

    Most of these problems sound like the same issues the nexus 4 has been having. These are not issues with the build for the VZW G Nexus but rather problems in AOSP at the moment. Using a custom kernel can drastically improve the battery life on my nexus 4. The blue tooth thing you are SOL though.

    • thegreatcorntrollio


  • Curtis

    Decreased LTE signal strength, laggy browser,

    and they finally put wifi/bt in the notification bar…but they are not switches…just links… wtf Cyanogenmod has had this functionality for like 4 years.

    • PSU_DI

      ummm 4.2.2 isn’t just links. 4.2.1 was but 4.2.2 actually has functionality as toggles.

      • Mark Lewis

        But you have to long-press to toggle. That’s not “quick.” They have it backwards, but CM got it right.

    • Michael

      long press on them and theyre switches

  • Jeff DeYoung

    So much lag. Battery can’t keep up (and I have extended one). Car Dock even lags. Might try reset but wow what a solution. :/

  • Im getting a “RPC:S-5:AEC-0” error and i can’t download or update any apps via the Play Store. XDA says to delete and re-add my google account, but the delete option isn’t there to choose. Others are saying they have had the problem before and it has corrected with time. Not sure what to do at this point

  • gethought

    Supposedly there is a known issue if you have an exchange email account active at the time you upgrade to 4.2.2. I did and my battery life, which was already not great, was lasting 1/4 of usual after upgrading and the phone ran hot. Corporate email jumped to #1 on the list of battery usage. Tried to delete the account and add it back but that didn’t fix anything. Factory reset fixed everything. Running as it was before with no noticeable issues for about a week now.

  • dawn m. armfield

    Factory reset fixed all of my problems (heat, battery drain, poor reception, etc.) when I did it on Monday.

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    I’m on hold with verizon right now, they’re telling me a firmware update will be rolled out on April 2nd, don’t know what it includes, no doubt the new radios are trouble too, this is a big mess, I’m getting hit 90 mb data charge every time this thing alerts me again even if I don’t upgrade……