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Experiencing Issues With Your Galaxy Nexus After Updating to 4.2.2?

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Ever since Verizon approved the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus and Google started pushing it out, our inbox has filled up with users who are running into all sorts of issues. The most common appears to be battery life, but others are noticing issues with Bluetooth audio, the camera, tethering, and more. While we aren’t yet aware of specific fixes for each, in most cases, Verizon is actually recommending that you perform a factory reset.

I know that sounds like the worst option, since it wipes your phone of every last setting, but it may do the trick, especially if you are experiencing horrific battery life. The Bluetooth audio fixes on the other hand were supposed to be included in 4.2.2, but there is still a running AOSP thread that suggests a different scenario.

If a factory reset doesn’t work, you can also flash the 4.2.2 factory images that were released today.

Are you experiencing issues? If so, what are they? Have you tried a factory reset yet?

  • Dwalker

    Yes the battery life sucks and the camera sucks too! The battery use to last all day and only charge at night, now i’m charging it 3-4 times a day. The camera is completely different, use to show u your shots in bottom corner and would snap shot as soon as you clicked the button, now u have to exit and go into gallery to see shots and it has a few second lag on every shot. I have done factory reset for it was my moms phone when update came through and when we switched she did reset and its still the same.

  • I gotta fully charge my phone twice a day.
    Also, the Yelp apps regularly crashes my phone and reboots it.

  • Tushar Gupta

    My native email app stopped syncing mail after 4.2.2 update, anybody else facing this issue??

  • Manny Subia

    …….still getting Random reboots. Now that it’s been happening for a bit I’ve narrowed it down to it happening almost always when I open my YELP app when I’ve got a bunch of other apps running too =

  • John B

    YES it is horrible. My phone is far more laggy, the battery is horrid, and I get no signal in areas where I used to get full bars of 4G….. They need to fix this……………

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Im still hanging at 4.1.1 on my gnex, reading all over that the Bluetooth in my new dodge uconnect system won’t work in 4.2

  • Keith0606

    I also have slow keyboard and bluetooth issues cutting out not playing audio through headset even after factory reset

    • Keith0606

      I will say turning off currents background sync has fixed my sluggish issues. I still have weird bluetooth headset issues. Voice dial audio not playing through the headset (but from the phone), until the call starts to ring, and the headset staying connected. Forget about using airplane mode also as after that I definately have to do a full phone reboot to get it working at all.

  • Ian Orr

    Ever since this update, my phone has become quite unresponsive. When I try to turn on my screen, I usually have to wait a couple seconds, or press the button a couple more times. Additionally, my phone is just slower with opening apps and the keyboard and such. I am not sure about the battery life problem though, but the battery has always been bad on this thing. I would like to avoid doing a factory reset, but oh well.

  • ATBro

    I have been having issues with tethering certain devices to my phone since the update. Any one else?

  • goin2ID

    verizon and google once again prove they dont give a crap about the user experience. My ear looks like those fried pork rinds you get at AM/PM and my battery lasts just long enough to light up the “shutting down now” screen. What a bunch of knucklheads

  • The only issue I’ve had with the 4.2.2 Verizon update is that the WiFi was constantly going onand off causing havoc on my battery….. But I flashed the radios from the 4.1.1 update and my WiFi issues seem to have gone away

  • Guest

    signal is terrible!

  • Eddie Velez

    My Bluetooth keyboard and mouse no longer work after upgrading to 4.2.2. It sees the device, but they don’t respond. Any suggestions?

  • dongwenal

    There is a rumor gnex will have a update prevent battery drain and other bugs.

  • Vmaster

    Battery usage is faster. When using the touch screen, many times the phone waits to respond before actually performing. Apps are crashing more (they most likely need to be update?). This was not happening to be before the update. It would be nice of them to release 4.2.3 as soon as possible.

    To be frank, isn’t this the kind of stuff that should not be happening if Verizon is really “checking” the updates before shooting them out to us customers? Verizon, you all fail hard.

  • Kristie Robinson

    My phone (Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.2) is stuck on the lock screen. Nothing on the touch screen works (so I can’t turn the phone off either). Removing battery didn’t fix the problem. When it restarts the lock screen still won’t unlock.

  • Manny Subia

    I just performed a Factory Reset yesterday and It definitely helped the battery drain issue. I’m still getting random re-boots though. Aside from that everything else seems ok. Camera is working just fine …..from what I can tell so far.

  • jcj

    Battery is terrible since the 4.2.2 upgrade. And it takes a good 12 hours to charge to 100%. I never had this issue before the upgrade. Other strange problems over the past few days. Not interested in a factory reset, hope they fix this issue before I have to do that. ugh.

  • nexus_user

    The battery life is horrible, and my camera will not focus on anything up close. I don’t mind the new camera interface, but this non-focus issue is terrible. I did the factory reset, but it didn’t solve the issue. My wife and sister have the same phone as me, Galaxy Nexus, and they had the camera issue right after the update. However, their issue seemed to resolve itself soon after.

  • RicoDelicioso

    My battery goes down to 20% in 2.5 hours. Really?? What kind of crap is that. And I’m not even using the damn thing. It’s sitting there next to me chillin’, and when I pick it up to read a text it’s feakin’ burning hot!! So I guess it’s not chillin’, it’s heatin’. I understand if a phone gets hot from heavy use but it’s just sitting there doing nothing…. lame. Battery life is piss poor, it wasn’t great before but it’s just horrendous now. Is a factory reset really necessary? Has that worked for anyone? I NEED HELP!! SPEAK ANY ENGLISH!!!?? DICK HEAD!!!! (Pop quiz: What movie is that quote from?) But seriously, my phone. Fix needed. Thank you, my love.

  • crzegrl

    Mine is horrible.. Battery, camera, I can’t get to my pics like I could before! i hate it!!! It’s frustrating. It always shuts off, especially when I’m using the camera.

  • Ever since the update my camera takes BLUE pics. My shots look awful now and I’m so sad. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Is anyone having Wifi issues? Every since I started flashing 4.2.2 roms my Wifi has been atrocious. I’ve tried 4 different roms and had issues with each of them. I’m about to flash the factory images just so I can get a baseline read on what the heck is going on.

  • SecurityNick

    Is it the radios maybe? I’m running AOKP and installed the new radios and I think my battery life has been diminished some. It’s hard to tell because I’ve also been using my phone a little more than average, but it seems like it’s running a little hotter than normal too.

  • Josh Martin

    you guys get 2 hours battery life?? I can barely get an hour… :

  • Josh

    No major problems for me. The only bugs I have noticed are when putting the phone in car dock mode, the home button does not map to your car dock app. Car Dock Ultra has a workaround for it, but it makes it so you can’t hit home to have it center back to your main home screen. slight price to pay for them actually fixing the dialer so it would rotate now into landscape mode while in car dock mode. The other bug I noticed is that I can’t seem to edit avatars in handcent sms anymore. Otherwise everything has been pretty solid. I jacked up my phone doing the framework reset to get the update earlier, so I had already factory reset it before the update. Since I didn’t bother to reinstall everything, I did a factory reset after teh update too. maybe that made the difference. update made me lose my root though, had to re-root.

  • John S

    And here we have the EXACT reason why Verizon takes so long to update. You got your update now let’s all complain and bombard them with problems.

    • rj-b

      with all due respect, people complaining about the updates didn’t make Verizon push it OTA any sooner. if my phone was bug-free after waiting months for an update, i’d be fine with it. the problem is, their testing process didn’t really do a whole helluva lot.

      so what are the options… get the update right away with bugs, or wait a few months and STILL get an update with bugs??

      i know it’s not as easy as people want to make it seem, but for how long they took, the issues should not be as glaring as they are. very disappointing.

  • dabin

    after upgrage, nexus was running super hot, battery lasted 1hr. ran factory reset, now battery lasts 4hrs, (prior battery life was around 7hrs) still running on the warm side, no bluetooth, contacts won’t sync to exchange, poor 4G reception. I hate 4.2.2.

  • GwF

    Camera doesn’t work “Disabled for security policy,” very slow, lock screen flashes like it has ADD. I do like the lock screen features though… Verizon Nexus Galaxy.

  • Markuz

    Bottom line is that verizon does do any type of testing on updates they just like to take there sweet time on pushing updates. they just don’t care! F*** verizon!!!

  • Simon

    Mine has been absolutely solidly good except about 2 days ago. My nexus wouldn’t AC charge only USB charge . But after a factory reset problem solved

  • Matthew DeCillis

    Bluetooth won’t pair with Ford SYNC until I reboot the phone, haven’t tried other BT devices. Sometimes the phone reboots when I connect to a charger. Other than that, it’s been great. Battery life is still the same.

  • lostisland

    I have had two unexplained shutdowns in a week.

  • bob

    No problems with mine or my wife’s Verizon version. In fact I think I am seeing improved battery life, not much, but some for sure.

  • im on sprint and mine has issues…constant rebooting required due to frequent freezing…

  • Bob

    Flash to Carbon Rom and enjoy a sweet phone!

  • BigWormBigPerm

    I only have one problem and I don’t see anyone else with it…Photosphere doesn’t work, there are no blue dots that show up to align, but I don’t see myself really using it anyway

  • Choppah

    I’ve had camera issues such as horrible sound on video. Video stops if you take more than one photo during video shooing.
    Widgets disappear on home screens

  • 4.2.2 sucks even if you have a custom ROM.

  • I know my mom was saying her battery is horrible now and that her Bluetooth takes 20 minutes to connect with her car now…

  • Battery drain and no voice input for me. Factory reset fixed my issues, though it’s still early. Just be careful where you backup! Here’s my story… http://workingsmartercafe.kronos.com/2013/03/28/piecing-together-bits-of-my-broken-life/

  • Actually 4.2.2 makes my GNex feel like a brand new phone. It’s faster and more responsive than it’s ever been.