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Best Buy and Samsung Team Up to Bring Specialized Section to Retail Stores

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According to Geek, Best Buy and Samsung are preparing a relationship that will bring a specialized Samsung store to the insides of high-traffic Best Buy locations. Starting soon, Best Buy employees will be informed to clear out two aisles near the mobile section for the installation of a Samsung-only station. In these sections, Samsung will show off their new flagship device, the Galaxy S4, as well as other phones, tablets, and other products. 

Best Buy already has partnerships such as this with Apple, but nothing this large. While Apple brings a single table to the party, Samsung is looking to bring a whole lot more. As the year goes on, Samsung will look to have these Samsung stores inside every Best Buy in America.

This is a major investment for Samsung, which could really pay off in the end if it translates to people buying more Samsung phones.

Via: Geek

  • Best buy at my city has an Apple section. They are building a Samsung section just across from the Apple. Cant wait to see the throw down between the two.

  • I think this is huge! one of the biggest things that keeps the market so saturated w/ apple products is their store front availability. Amazon used to be cheaper, but stores price match them now. You may have to pay tax, but the instant gratification makes it worth it most times. I find myself waiting till the last minute on buying things, and I’d rather pay an extra 5% to have it now versus waiting 2 days for the internet to deliver.

  • They already have this at my best buy in fort worth, Tx. Its a large Samsung station dressed all in white with 4 tables and a large wall with the Samsung logo and galaxy logo.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Haven’t brought anything at Best buy since my Evo 3d. Definitely not a big fan of Best buy. I will continue to get my device from the carrier or from Samsung directly.

  • wm snyder

    i wish this would be the only way to get a phone is from the manufactures making carriers work for there money

  • Brian Parkerson

    I rarely go to Best Buy anymore. Except to go in and ask a lot of questions to the High School dropout Sales Staff just to hear the BS responses and advice the give. Maybe it’s just in my district but the stores are a mess, never have in stock what is being advertised, and have staff that would rather mess with my integrity than give me an honest answer such as “I don’t Know”. I give credit where credit is due and my local Best Buy is due any!

    • michael arazan

      Soon to go the way of Circuit City I presume, surprised they have not already.

      For a moment I thought Samsung was going to have a Build Your Own Device beating Motorola to the point and doing it in-store to get it done there instead of waiting 3-6 weeks.

  • dannyWHITE

    I actually already seen a Best Buy with a dedicated Samsung area. It looks EXACTLY like what Apple’s area looks.

    • thtechnologist

      The stores near me have them as well, but it’s a smaller area than what I think Samsung is planning here. Where I live, it’s usually fairly busy when I go in there.

  • MichaelFranz

    Just like apple…..

    • Austin Warren

      It’s called competition.

      • MichaelFranz

        thats my point exactly..

  • mtkregs

    I sense fanboism in this comment “While Apple brings a single table to the party, Samsung is looking to bring a whole lot more.” Actually, Apple has a pretty significant footprint in BestBuy stores in my area. Much more than a single table.

    The geek.com article states specifically this and nothing more about how this store will compare to the current Apple stores in BestBuy ” Samsung is going to have a similar section in the mobile department.”

    • In the source, it states that they are setting aside two aisles for the installation, while we all know Apple has just a single table for products. We don’t know if Samsung intends to use up all of this space or anything at all, since nothing is confirmed.

      • mtkregs

        Friendly wager that they won’t have a single floor tile more than the space dedicated to Apple.

        • Well, as much as I don’t care either way, sure! Friendly bet! I think Samsung will have more space in these first high-traffic stores than that of Apple. As they state, once it begins to spread to more stores nationwide, the size of the area might go down. That’s my thoughts.


          • mtkregs

            Awww…c’mon. You care or you wouldn’t have written about it.

            But, honestly, I really don’t care. I saw some good trolling material and I jumped on it. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

          • Austin Warren
          • Just doing my job, dude. I write about Angry Birds too, you know? lol

            Have a good weekend!

    • Austin Warren

      Apples section is nothing. Unless it’s different everywhere, its not noticeable. At all.

      • mtkregs

        It’s right off the main aisle in the store and very conspicuous. Take the blinders off and you’re sure to notice it.

        • Austin Warren

          Can’t tell if serious or not. Nope, probably not.

  • New_Guy

    “Let the World domination commence!”

  • Erik Cho

    This is a pretty good idea. Get more places where we can actually try out these products rather buying blind for the most part. Personally I think I’d find myself going to the local Best Buy more often if and when this happens. Hopefully their first few stores are in Southern California.

  • Why would Samsung do this? They don’t need to & Best Buy will be out of business before the GS5 comes out…

    • Bob G

      Because they are smart. Think about it. They currently do not have their own stores except for the few pop-up shops they do. Putting their own version of stores inside already established places like Best Buy will serve as both a trial run should they want to create their own stores for the future, and also as an improved way to get their name stuck into people’s minds. One stop shop for all your electronic entertainment needs: TV, Home Theater, PC, Laptop, Music player, Phone, Tablet, and even fitness accessories.

      • Samsung retail stores are inevitable, they don’t need Best Buy or really any existing retail chain to beta test it. But, if they want to try out the concept, why not go with Walmart or Target, stores that will be around for a while and have WAY more foot traffic and more diverse shoppers.

        • because they want it in a store where people with the money go.

          • Zac St. Louis

            ^hahaha this!

    • I agree with Bob. & if BB really does go out of biz, it’s not gonna hurt Samsung. This is kind of a low risk high reward situation. Many of us may not shop at BB, but plenty of low-information consumers do.

      • Sunday Lacrymosa

        @twitter-130056945:disqus if BB goes out out business, exactly how will samsung get hurt? considering that best buy sells products from all major electronic companies, will they also be hurt?

  • EC8CH

    I don’t think I’ve bought anything at a best buy in at least the last 5 years.

      • Austin Warren

        They price match now, so no need for Best Buy to be a show room anymore.

        • Yeah there is; sales tax.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Out of Stock Items? Just as simple as it is to check if something is in stock on amazon it’s just as simple on Best Buy’s website…availability by store. Also the amount of states that you don’t pay Tax for Amazon items is getting smaller by the day.

          • Why go through the hassle? I don’t like to support scumbag companies. Best Buy is a scumbag company. Too little too late. Their service sucks, their staff is clueless and their products are grossly overpriced. Good riddance.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            What hassle? I mean i’d get something from Amazon first but with BB price matching your “grossly overpriced” statement is pointless. Secondly, if you’re buying things from Amazon on your own….why do you care how clueless their staff is if you already know what you’re buying?

            Since they are price matching and soon Amazon will have you paying taxes for most states it all boils down to convenience. I can get what I want “today”.

          • Well me personally, I’d rather pay $3.99 to have it shipped overnight instead of driving around town stuck in traffic. If the store closest to me is out of stock, I need to drive even farther. THAT’S the hassle I’m talking about…

          • Christopher Riner

            Eh, I see what you mean but in my area, best buy is definitely known to be one of the more (often times most) expensive place to pick up tech stuff. The price match must be new, I haven’t heard of it yet but I havent been in BB in a while. Actually, if they are doing price matches I might stop back by there, lol.

            I definitely enjoy looking at something and actually seeing it/holding it when I buy it. I’ll definitely be checking out Samsung’s $h¡t when it comes out.

            Buying online is nice BC its like opening a present on christmas, but if I lived in a world where I could find everything in a one hour drive as I could on the internet, I’d probably never order online again without a cheap same day delivery service

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio
    • New_Guy

      Yeah, but I and a lot of other people go in there to test products before we buy them online. It’s how I bought my TF300T. Even if people don’t buy them from the BB store, the in-your-face marketing will not go unrewarded. People are always hovering around that Apple table when I go in there. Samsung figures that since Apple can do it with some success, they will simply one-up them (i.e. new corporate building across the street from Apple HQ).

      A lesson in a cut-throat business: sometimes taking customers from a competitor is just as important as gaining your own. Consider this a take-down maneuver.

  • I hope they have Samsung’s Chromebook there. I am on the fence about getting one, and seeing how it feels/looks in person would be really nice.

    • Tommy Thompson

      They do, or at least the Best Buy in Houston does.

      • The Best Buys by me don’t or at least I can’t find them. I have checked the laptop and tablet section, and have not seen it.

        • Austin Warren

          Because its the most wanted device ever. It’s most likely sold out.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          THey are usually in their own section. They are definitely in stores though.