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Verizon Approves Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Stratosphere 2


The Samsung Stratosphere 2 will begin to receive Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) as early as today, March 27, according to Verizon. Since 2.5 people (.5 being someone’s cat) own this phone, I can’t imagine this rollout will take long, so keep your phones handy! But for those who do own it, get ready for Google Meow, better Voice Search, enhanced notifications, Verizon’s remote diagnostics tool, less bloatware, and better connectivity over WiFi.

The update is 506.6MB in size (damn!). The build number is VRBMA3. 


Via:  Verizon | More

Cheers Willimus!

  • shaonian


  • kaufkin

    Google Meow is their answer to LogCat. either that or it’s a utility to Track your PussyCat. 😉

  • John L

    My wife’s phone just received the update “automagically” yesterday. It looks…well…the same. Samsung’s TouchWiz skin doesn’t do anything different, but that’s OK. She now has JB, right?

  • Joey Troche

    My wife owns this phone *and* owned the first Stratosphere. It’s honestly not a bad phone, I wish OEMs made more phones with physical keyboards.

  • Darlene S. Esser

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Look out for pitiful disabling bloatware filled applications and stupid wifi notifications in you’re pull down menu. If anyone owns this device sadly they will update and suffer normal issues as everyone else on Verizon.

    • squiddy20

      Oh noes! What will we ever do about “disabling bloatware”?! Oh… right. Ever since Android 4.0, any system app can be disabled right from the Settings menu. (Don’t forget, Samsung alone ships their devices with more bloatware than any other manufacturer (S4 system dump weighing in at 1.51 GB while the system dump for the HTC One X is under 600 MB, and under 300 MB for the Nexus 4).

      As for the “stupid wifi notifications in you’re (it’s spelled “your”, you idiot) pull down menu”, I’m sure there’s quite a few people who have no problem with it, as it reminds them to turn on/off their wifi when appropriate. Just because YOU think it’s stupid or “useless”, doesn’t mean the whole world does. Try thinking about someone other than yourself for once.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Oh brother here is the TROLLING Sprint boy returning to the Internet doing his thing. Trolling how’s your crappy carrier Sprint doing??? They are just as much of a loser as you are. You and Sprint make a great couple asswipe.

        • squiddy20

          Wow. Not one argument against any of what I said, and pitiful attacks on my person instead. How mature.

          • You do realize you’re the one who insulted him first, right?


    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon sucks.

      • squiddy20

        According to you. There’s about 110 million people all across the US that would clearly beg to differ. Moron.

        • Appeal to popularity is a logical fallacy and the sign of a weak argument.

  • Armorthane

    Lets hope it doesn’t suck the life out of the battery like it did for my RAZR MAXX. My use is pretty consistent. About 2 hours of talk time and an hour of screen time and I’m at 26% today. I would have been closer to 50-55% left before the JB update.

  • Are they going to break this phone too the way they broke the Galaxy Nexus? 2 hour battery life, red hot surface and no SMS. Good luck Stratosphere owners,

  • DieGrammatikNazi

    Have to give it to VZW, they’ve been pushing updates like it’s nobody’s business and trimming out much of their bloat lately. This ought to silence some haters (myself included).

    • Buckoman

      I don’t like it either, but I’d rather have one more bloat app than not get updates.

  • Stratosphere and update are two words that don’t usually get seen together…


    • schoat333

      You’ll probably get another Gingerbread update…. in a year.

    • WalkerNA

      I hear they’re holding out for Key Lime Pie

  • haha….google Meow. Classic

  • coolsilver

    Nice edition going on right meow

  • Daniel

    Good for them updating all their phones to JB lately, even the last qwerty phone to come on Verizon..hopefully a Droid 5 will EVER exist :-

    • If a droid 5 does comes it will be a mid spec phone

      • hkklife

        Wife AND several coworkers (former/current BB users) are still clamoring for a big-screen QWERTY phone with a “big” battery. Basically, they all want a RAZR HD with a D4 keyboard.
        I’d just be content if they took the existing Sprint Photon Q, gave it a Maxx (or at least RAZR HD size 2500mAh) battery and bumped the screen up to 4.5″ 720p. 16Gb storage and a better camera for good measure wouldn’t hurt either.

  • T4rd

    Verizon has been an update machine here lately. I hope they keep this up and turn their reputation around.

    I hope my wife’s Rezound get 4.1 soon too!

    • JTversky

      Agreed….as a rezound owner, i’m a little annoyed we’ve been kept in the dark about a Jelly Bean update even as we round the corner to Key Lime Pie. Might be time to go back to Moto…

      • Dave

        Moto hasn’t released a device with JB out of the box yet. I wouldn’t hold your breath on the update system running so smoothly.

        • JTversky

          Valid point, however since being acquired by Google they’re making up for lost time. Updates for the Razr and Razr HD came very quickly, and it’s looking like their software plans indicate a mostly stock experience, which should facilitate speedier updates. I also highly doubt that Google would condone their own subsidiary taking longer than competitors in the software update game.

    • It might just be because Samsung has the money to support older and less popular devices — I can’t imagine Verizon paying extra to upgrade these 2nd tier phones to Jelly Bean. As for your wife’s Rezound, good luck. If Verizon isn’t willing to pay for it, with HTC’s current financial situation, the odd of it getting 4.1 is …

  • ßen Murphy

    The Stratos what?!

  • Yes!

  • Futbolrunner
  • schoat333

    VZW and update have been synonymous lately. Where did this company come from?

    • Austin Warren

      Probably burning that extra cash they have.

  • ReturnOfTheMack



  • Austin Warren

    Holy *#&#&#*