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Nexus 4 Devices Seeing Plenty of T-Mobile LTE Action Thanks to Newly Live Markets

nexus 4 lte t-mobile

Remember how surprised we were to see the Nexus 4 attaching itself to random 4G LTE networks (AWS band) shortly after release in places like Canada? And how we were simultaneously holding out hope that T-Mobile would launch their AWS LTE network so that we wouldn’t miss out on all the fun? Well, before that ever happened, Google updated the device to Android 4.2.2 and essentially killed off those chances. But, thankfully for us, there is still hope now that T-Mobile has officially launched their AWS LTE network in seven cities

As one would expect from the amazing Android tinkerer community, users are already finding T-Mo’s 4G LTE in places like San Jose, Houston and Las Vegas, all of which are a part of the seven city launch. How are they doing it, you ask? Custom ROMs and the old .33 radio/baseband from before the 4.2.2 update, which brought .48 and killed LTE.

According to the lengthy XDA thread we linked to below (start around the 100-page mark), users are finding success with both CM and AOKP ROMs. Keep in mind that they are also having to update APN settings on the device and make sure they have the .33 radio flashed.

If you live in any of the new T-Mobile LTE markets and own a Nexus 4, LTE speeds are only a ROM flash away.

Via:  XDA

Cheers @iAmAButta!

  • SpaceCadet

    Why the heck does google keep sticking it to the customer.
    It was silly to hold back on LTE from a recently released device.
    Why not put a decent camera and SD storage on the phone as well.

    Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony and all the others all suck only because of their screwed up Android customizations.

    All the people want is a phone with decent specs and a clean android experience that get updates as as soon as they are released rather than waiting or never getting them.

  • BahamasGeek242

    Can someone correct me if I am wrong please. If turn the late radio on I feel like my battery life will suffer and I don’t know if its worth the extra 5Mbs up or down. Right now I am getting 20down and 3up on T-Mobile in Portland and on a bad day I get 12 down 1 up and that’s still fast enough for me

  • Marco Mendoza

    I haven’t updated my nexus 4 to 4.2.2. It’s still stock. I can’t wait to try it out

  • Charles Roberts

    Umm….I didn’t think the Nexus 4 was capable of accessing a 4G network?

  • Warwick

    That is some good speed in San Jose. A tad slower that my Verizon LTE.

  • Cheers Mates!

  • CJ

    Are the speeds shown in the screenshots supposed to be good, because they absolutely suck compared to what I get on VZW.

  • Darlene S. Esser

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  • I wanna hear more about how the TMobile Note2 has been getting double download speeds on LTE than the iPhone5 !!

  • teleclimber

    I just got 15 down / 2.5 up on plain old HSPA+ in West LA. So I don’t know if all the messing around with radios is worth it…


    • TheCheapGamer

      I’m hoping everyone moves to LTE leaving us an unclogged network 😀

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      West La stand up p.s. fellow West La

    • Nottolate

      I’ve gotten as high as 22MB on HSPA+ in deep south Texas. I’ve still got to try this though because the curiousity is killing me.

    • I’m consistently seeing 12 down / 2 up here on Long Island, so even when I go in the city I don’t think it’s worth it either. With these speeds I don’t know why the hell I stayed with Verizon for so long, even with full LTE on a good deal of the Island. My LTE speeds were never this fast, at least since the iPhone launched.

  • getsit2ok

    I live in the city where Verizon’s FiOS headquarters are and it’s no offered!!!! Go tmo

  • Jaron1226

    I just want Scotland Neck, NC to 4G LTE powered by Verizon :-/


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Stop it.

      • Austin Warren

        Stahp et.

  • james

    i’m in houston so we do have LTE coverage. is anyone having any issues with LTE on the n4? i wanna make sure everything still worksproperly on stock 4.2.2 with the old radio flashed.

  • Hatyrei

    I live in Houston it says 4G but not a single signal bar. :(. it connects to the net but it’s pretty dissapointingly slow… I check T-Mobiles coverage Map for my street address it says covered. And yet it’s too dam slow. 🙁

    • Austin Warren

      Probably effed it up

    • TheCheapGamer

      TMo lies about their network icon.
      In my small town I get a 4G icon even though it’s 3G speeds.
      If I take a trip to the city, I start to get “4G” speeds upwards of 20Mbps yet the icon stays the same. (Using a GS3)

      • When using t-mo’s LTE network the icon on my Nexus 4 changes between 4G, H+ and 3g to tell you the difference. Prior to using LTE HSPA+ was represented by the 4G icon.

  • Edmund75

    Totally off topic but I’m wondering what rom is running on the picture on the left. The signal and got icons on the left side of the status bar looks pretty sweet!

    • Edmund75

      *gps icons that is. =)

    • Geo

      by the middle clock it may be AOKP

  • JMillion

    If only it was enabled in the 1st place. but glad to see people are finally able to use it thx to the droid devs

    • Austin Warren

      It wouldn’t have ever been. Have to go through the FCC.

      • Nottolate

        And the problem with that is?

        • Austin Warren

          It’s a little too late now, I believe.

          • Nottolate

            Seems like Google could just file the proper paperwork unless there is something I don’t know about the process. Then do a update of the software.

  • Thats awesome that you can get LTE on the Nexus 4 now but thats pretty slow for LTE or maybe I’m just spoiled..

    • Austin Warren

      It all depends on range and what not. But for $70 a month unlimited. I couldn’t care less. Save money and it’s still fast.

      • JoshGroff

        Plenty fast enough for me.

    • J. Gilbertson

      That’s at least three times faster than my Verizon lte.

      • Diablo81588

        It depends on how populated the area is. That is pretty slow for a lte network with no load. I was in the 50s when Verizon first rolled it out.

        • zionlion

          Yeah, my LTE GNex on launch day in SF was around 21 down, and that blew my mind. No joke, if I have more than 2 bars now in downtown SF, I get maybe 4-6 down. It’s terrible. Verizon selling only LTE phones, and in a city that thinks the iPhone is the only smart phone, the LTE here is TERRIBLE. I can’t wait to get on T-Mo. If I’m going to be getting 8mb down, I’m going to pay 30 bones for it. Not 80.

          • George264

            If I stand next to a Verizon tower I get 70 down 50 up all day long. I get on the train(above ground) I get 20 down 15 up. It depends a lot on where you are and the timing, because during lunch hours, you’re pretty much fucked. Especially in NY. Don’t even talk to me about 4-5 PM.

          • milanyc

            Except the maximum achievable Upload speed in a 2x10Mhz LTE Physical Layer is 26.5Mbps. Not 50Mbps.
            But “A” for effort! 😉

          • Diablo81588

            Burrrrrrn… 😛

          • Richard Yarrell

            Verizon in New York City sucks monkey balls that’s why I kicked them to curb for Tmobile. Verizon signal and dBm/asu is the abysmal which means no signal at all and that happens daily.

          • Tim242

            Verizon kicked you to the curb because you couldn’t pay your bill.

          • squiddy20

            “Verizon signal and dBm/asu” Hate to break it to you, but “Verizon signal” is layman’s terms for “dBM/asu”. So what you just said is basically “Verizon signal and signal is the abysmal…” Congratulations on screwing that up.

          • Diablo81588

            English please? No wonder you can’t afford Verizon.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Typical Verizon and it’s overrated and overpriced network. It has reached saturation that’s for sure definitely it’s nothing special. Not worth the money monthly Verizon is useless.

          • Tim242

            Must suck for you not to be able to afford Verizon.

          • Shrukin

            Not everybody is rich like Donald Trump and thank god not everybody is as dumb as well

          • squiddy20

            This coming from the guy who claims to have “kicked Verizon to the curb” because of their highly priced plans, all the while saying how you’re “rolling with the big dogs” with a carrier subsidized Note 2 on T-Mobile, the cheapest carrier of the big four. Riiiiiiight…

      • I got between 40-60 mbps

      • Jason Kahn

        I have to say initially it was so fast on VZW LTE 40-50Mbps, but starting right around Christmas 2012 the LTE network in Manhattan started to slow to a crawl I am luck if I get 4-5 Mbps, and streaming youtube in HD is impossible. Just ran speed test, 2.16 Mbps down, 3.24 Mbps up. It only slightly faster than 3G. WTF

        • Same here. Queens

        • That was my experience out here on Long Island as well. When LTE first launched, I was amazed at the speed. Then it got slower… and slower… and slower. My T-Mobile service out here is notably faster. I hope T-Mobile bringing the iPhone over doesn’t slow things down.

  • Greg Morgan

    Another Tip of my Cap to the Android devs that make anything possible. I will now be getting Tmobile with my Nexus 4 capable of LTE!

  • if i can do this once i can finally break the shackles off from verizon in the future, this will be awesome. I mean, hopefully by then there will be another lte supported nexus.

  • Interesting, this almost makes me want to upgrade from my GNex to one temporarily instead of waiting for the next Nexus phone…

    • I just wish Portland would be in an initial LTE launch for once so I could partake in the party.

      • Dan

        Heck I can darn near spit on T-mobile HQ in Bellevue WA from where I work and they didn’t even launch here.

        • Greg Morgan

          Ha I was thinking the same thing here in Downtown Seattle.

          • steven dou

            Do either of you know how t-mobile coverage is kent might be like? Does hspa+ reach here or is it edge?

          • Ritchie

            Depends where you are. I’ve seen +15Mbps (hspa+) download on east hill near James with my stock Nexus 4. At home south of Auburn I get 6-7Mbps, but then again at home I’m on wifi so it doesn’t matter. I think the upload speeds were about 1/4 the download.

        • It’s nice to see some puget sounders on here. I’m from Renton. I’ve always had verizon for the beste service, but I really would like to jump to T-Mobile with their new philosophy. Maybe when they launch LTE in the Puget Sound area.