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Google Translate Update Introduces Offline Support for 50 Languages

translate offline

Google updated their Translate app this morning with a major change that allows for translating without an internet connection. Say you are in a foreign country or location without a data signal, you can now use Translate to have conversations with locals whether you have data or not. The update allows you to store languages similarly to how you store music offline in Google Music. You essentially pin local languages that you may need to make them available in a pinch.

From within the app, tap the action bar menu button, choose “Offline languages,” and then tap the pin icon next to the language you’d like to make available offline.

Google admits that they pinned, offline languages aren’t quite as comprehensive as their online equivalents, they will get the job done.

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Via:  Official Android Blog

  • shaonian


  • Kree Terry

    If only they updated the iphone/ipad app. Please no one shoot me :0

  • duoexo

    I use this a lot cus sometimes when the wife is at work, she likes it when i speak spanish with her. … and spanish is my native tongue. -_____-

  • LionStone

    Use GTranslate all the time…good job Google!

    • michael arazan

      One Step Closer to Universal Translators like in scifi movies.

  • As someone who travels abroad without a data plan, I’ve been wanting this since I had the Droid OG.

  • About time, this should’ve been the case from the beginning.

  • Austin Warren

    I’ll need this for my Monaco trip.

    • Shibby

      Need this for my month long tour of Europe!

      • Austin Warren

        If you’re there in may, the Monaco Grand Prix is amazing.

        • Shibby


        • LionStone

          I’ll be in Budapest… I’ll hop over and meet you there!

      • Tom Z

        You would be surprised how much English is spoken in Western Europe. I went through France, Italy, and Germany. The only place I had a little trouble with a language barrier was Italy. I had the least trouble in Germany, it seems nearly everyone speaks English at least as a second language. Though it is nice to try and speak in their native language as much as possible to be courteous.

        • Austin Warren

          Exactly. They do speak english, but they like it when we at least try.

          • Tom Z

            I agree, that was the point of my last sentence in the post above.