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Google Movies & TV and Sound Search Updated in Google Play


It’s Google apps update day! We already discussed the changes to be seen in Translate and Google Maps, so up next we have Sound Search and the Movies & TV application. Unfortunately, the Sound Search app has no changelog and after a quick use of it, I can’t seem to find any changes. It still acts the same and looks the same. So let’s move on.

As for the Google Play Movies & TV app, this one has a very solid update. If you are using the application on a tablet, you can now pause movies and get Google Now-like information cards pulled up on the actors, songs in the film, and a lot more. It’s a very cool way of getting even more information about your favorite films while you watch. 

In addition, users can now choose to receive notifications when new episodes are available for purchased seasons of shows. For example, I will be notified every time a new Vikings episode is released because that show is completely fantastic and I am addicted.

Go grab them updates and definitely give that movie card feature a try.

Play Link:  Sound Search | Google Movies & TV

  • shaonian


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  • Simon Belmont

    I noticed the Sound Search update today, too. No idea what it does.

    It’s a really minor point update, so I imagine it’s something small. It works the same as before.

  • huskerhog

    This sounds like Amazon’s X-Ray for movies, which allows a Kindle Fire HD user to pull down a menu that will show information from IMDB. http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/27/4152410/amazon-expands-kindle-fire-x-ray-service-to-tv-shows

  • coolsilver

    Nice editing going on right meow.

  • mgamerz


    • Justin Winker

      Awww… I was excited there. Way to be a tease!!

    • That’s just mean. 😛

  • Sound Search was updated because facial recognition and sound is used to find the cards.

  • RW-1

    ” I can’t seem to find any changes. It still acts the same and looks the same. So let’s move on.” That’s because it basically this is its initial Google Play release to the masses, says so in description.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Te initial release was a little while ago, it just still says that in the description.

  • Austin Warren

    She ruined Transformers

    • EC8CH

      Transformers ruined Transformers

      • NexusMan

        Michael Bay ruined Transformers.

        • Austin Warren

          He ruins everything.

        • michael arazan

          How to make a Michael Bay Movie 101, use a shakey camera for action sequences and add 100 explossions, and CGI the rest

    • Megan Fox ruined transformers. I’d pick her over Megan any day.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Even if Megan Fox was there, it wouldn’t make it any better, it would still be the mindless, full of cringe-inducing comedy, action movie that it was. Oh wait, the second one was the same, with Megan Fox. o_0

  • Liderc

    I’ve had such bad experiences with Google movies. like 3/4 of the movies I rent I can’t hear the dialogue at all (tested on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus). I even contacted them and had them give me back my money for a few movies because I was sick of spending money and not being able to hear the dialogue in the movies. I’ve tried multiple headphones and two devices, so not sure if it’s me but I doubt it.

    • NexusMan

      Curious…never had any volume issues, myself, via headphone on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 & Nexus 10 and speakers on Nexus 10.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Movies has updates because movies are available in India as of today, and in Mexico too from what I hear, so just in time for the app to be updated as well. Google really expanding here in India: Nexus 7 and movies in two days, books last month, now waiting for Nexus 4. 😀