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Google Maps Adds Live Transit Info For Certain U.S. Cities


Starting today, Google Map’s users in certain cities can check real-time public transit information. So far, only riders in New York City, Salt Lake City, and Washington D.C. get to see live service updates for their respective subways/transit systems, but more will come.

With this addition, there are no more excuses why you missed that bus or train. Go check it out.

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Via: Google Lat

  • shaonian


  • In London (UK) it is quite amazing to be told I’ve just got on a particular ‘bus; then see the highlight making it’s way down the route listing before telling me to get off and then knowing that I have got off.

    • LionStone


  • Robert Weeks

    Yeah Salt Lake City! Woo! I was thinking there’s no way that I’ll be one of the cities chosen…But then again SLC was one of the cities where they starting the testing for ISIS. Not sure why, as there are plenty of other, larger cities. But I’m not complaining ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Darlene S. Esser

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  • Brandon S.

    Slowly catching up to Nokia.

  • Andrew Fowl

    I was in DC last week and this would of been awesome! Although, the feature that is in use now worked great for me! Google maps is a must while in a major city with a metro!

  • Bill Anderson

    Portland has had this for some time…

  • I don’t know how useful it will be for DC – that alert for the Red Line should just stay permanent…

  • Doug Wing

    Salt Lake City??? WTF

    • socalrailroader

      Yeah, they have a great transit system, train, light rail and bus, maybe if you got out more of wherever it is you live you might learn something new ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jsf6262

    Salt Lake City….?

  • Shane Redman

    Much needed for DC…

  • Stewie

    Let’s be clearer here – it’s a server side update …

  • p_droid

    Good thing I get such great service on the DC Metro!


  • Boston? Boston?

    • DanPatrickFlores

      I have “More Than A Feeling” Boston would be high on their list.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      BOSTON BABY! Let’s go Patriots!

    • Boston can’t keep track of certain MBTA lines. I wouldn’t hold my breath

    • Futbolrunner

      Mine? Mine?

    • BOSTON!

    • KnowYourEnemy462

      Unnecessary. You can always assume the T will suck and give yourself extra time.

    • Erik J

      Please god!

    • socalrailroader

      Bawstun ๐Ÿ˜€