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Amazon Smartphone to Sport 4.7″ Display, Launch Set For Q2

bezos kindle fire hd

According to sources of DigiTimes, Amazon is definitely dropping a cellphone this year, with a reported 4.7″ display. Previous reports indicated that the screen size would be around 4.3″, but with demand for larger displays going up, Amazon has changed up their plans. The source, which works somewhere inside the long list of supply chains, states that Amazon is looking to push the device to market sometime in Q2 if all goes well during manufacturing. 

The smartphone would be much like a Kindle, running a forked version of the Android OS, made to run Amazon’s proprietary software, well-connected to all of their services. What is still completely unknown is if the device will be sold only through Amazon’s channels or if they will look to partner with a national carrier. You will be happy to hear that rumors place the device’s price to that of roughly $100 to $200.

Are we interested?

Via: DigiTimes | TechnoBuffalo

  • the price for kindle phone is 300$


  • hmm, why show a picture of 7″+ tablets when article is about 4.7″ smartphones ? 😮

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  • Pedro

    I bet it will come with free 2-day shipping.
    And Amazon actually knows how to sell stuff. No problem ordering it day one. And a reasonable delivery date once the sale is immediately completed. So they will fix 90% of complaints on Google Play orders.

    But, unless fastboot oem unlock works, then no.

  • kane

    I don’t want your phone but I’m all for Billionaires pushing the price of hardware down. Now if Zuckerberg can release his Facebook phone out so I can also not purchase it

  • santy83

    Buy it ..ROM it.

  • paul_cus

    Sounds like a terrible idea. That being said, this abomination will sell, just like the Kindle Fire.

  • If it’s anything like the kindle fire, nobody here will be interested.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I’ll buy one… If it comes with a free current-model Nexus. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even look at the thing unless they paid me $200.

  • duke69111

    A lot of the bad reviews on left on the amazon apps are from people on phones and the app does not look or work well on a phone. Now a lot are because the apps are crappy as well, but maybe this will help with the amazon apps functioning better on phones. Doubt it, but wishful thinking.

  • master94

    I hope this is a success as it will only force price drops. Google would have to respond with a Nexus at $200.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Nexus only.

  • EC8CH

    I’m perfectly happy using Amazon’s services when I choose to, but I will not buy a device that forces me to.

  • Richard Garrison

    I’ll get one if its off contract, and i can unlock the bootloader

    • Dan

      Only at that $100-$200 price though.

  • Ghee Buttersnaps

    Ok, I understand the Kindle Fire, a tablet that makes use of Amazon content, so no real need not to have a forked tablet version of Android.
    What incentive do potential customers have to get a Kindle smartphone? Price? No contract? Top specs? Unlocked bootloader?
    Which carriers will it operate on? AT&T/T-mo, VZ, Sprint, or will it operate like Virgin, Boost, Clearwire, etc?
    Maybe Amazon and HTC should go ALL IN with each other:
    “HTC Inferno by Amazon” ($199, no contract, one year Amazon Prime membership, free Inferno with trade in of select smartphones, $25 in App store and Amazon MP3).

  • Daniel

    ugh, NO WAY am I at all interested in any 4.7″ phone, or any phone that big, esp not one that will NEVER EVER run the current Android because it’s running an awful Amazon fork instead…at this point I want to uninstall the App Store just to regain some battery life back that it sucks up

    • Dan

      I agree ugh, NO WAY will I ever run a phone that SMALL again!

  • bedwa

    As long as the specs are good, it’s rootable and someone develops aosp for it (cm or otherwise), I’m good.

  • chaosrv

    If they drop the cell phone, won’t it break?

    I’ll be curious if they continue to be third party vendors for other devices. One thing is for sure if they do continue selling other phones – goodbye days of $0.01 smatphone promo sales.

  • JDub

    Yes, depending on specs and how easily rooted/rom’d it will be. As it is right now, that’s a NO.

  • T4rd

    Complete with lock screen ads!

    Might be a good option though if the hardware is decent and you just throw a AOSP ROM on it.

  • FarmerTechno

    If unlocked and off contract, then perhaps…

  • Dave

    Samsung just cashed out all their assets in fear.

  • I’m a Nexus-only man these days but I’d be happy to see another affordable phone available (even if I would never buy it)… particularly if it is carrier-unlocked like Nexus devices. The more of those there are, the better for the industry in general.

  • Justin Kos

    Nexus or die

  • Josh Ingram

    Wasn’t this a huge rumor last year as well? I’m skeptical until they actually make the announcement.

  • Android is not to be “forked” with.

    • PhoenixPath

      Android was *made* to be forked with. We need MOAR FORKS!

      (…but they should all be free, open source, and compatible with Google’s APIs)

  • Ugh. Kill it with fire.
    (pun intended)

    • PhoenixPath

      But what will you use for kindling?

  • xgshortbus25


  • xgshortbus25


  • Adam

    Can’t imagine the ads for this, but I’m sure it will be priced very well.

  • bagheadinc


  • Jordan Marrie


  • Not really. Or yes – for that avid reader who loves their Kindle, sure. Not for anyone who wants a cellphone beyond basic browsing and reading… But then, we haven’t seen specs, so no use speculating.

  • Austin Warren

    No thanks

  • jcorf

    Forked version of Android, very lame.

    • michael arazan

      And probably still Gingerbread version