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Tuesday Poll: T-Mobile Launches LTE – Likelihood of You Switching Over?

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Over the last couple of years, the DL community has made it clear that they love themselves some 4G LTE. Since Verizon was first to the plate and has seemingly rounded the bases at an unstoppable pace, you have also made it clear that they are the carrier for you. But now that others – T-Mobile in particular for today’s poll – have joined the game, would you ever switch or are you comfortable in your Big Red briefs?

T-Mobile only announced seven markets today, but they hope to have 200 million people covered by the end of the year. I argued earlier that their focus should be their network rather than this “UNcarrier” schtick, so hopefully they stick to that.

But just because they have LTE, are you willing to give their low prices a shot? If not, feel free to tell us why.

T-Mobile Launches LTE - Likelihood of You Switching Over?

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  • Uriah Romero

    I switched over a while back, and got the new iPhone 5. Though we don’t have LTE in Denver yet, I am looking forward to using it as soon as it’s available. I took a little vacation last weekend from my job at DISH and got a taste of how fast T-Mobile’s LTE network is in Vegas. During my trip, I would keep up with my shows using the DISH Anywhere app and it was nice to see a much clearer picture thanks to LTE.

  • gp

    I’d never use a Verizon phone

  • Bob Masterson

    It would be nice to buy a phone for a full price and keep the unlimited, BUT….
    When you got your previous phone at discount price w/contract, the rest of the price was built in the contract. Now you’re going to buy a full price phone and still keep paying that difference in price for the lifetime of you staying with Verizon, so you will pay much more in the long run.
    I want to see how T-Mo LTE will improve their coverage. My home is in zone of no reception, unfortunately. If it has changed, I am switching….

  • CrackerJack

    Just remember “VerizonWireless is Too Big to Care!!!” Pass it around….

  • CrackerJack

    Verizon has pissed off so many people with their “Too Big to Care” attitude that many will be switching once it’s available. T-MO even has an affordable unlimited plan something that VZW and AT&T left dying in the dust. As competition increases and the Big guys start to lose customers just watch them start begging you to come back. Years ago when I lived in Southern California PacBell was the only option in many areas for local phone service. Then all of a sudden AT&T started offering local service and people dropped PacBell like it was a burning coal from hell. I switched and no less than 3 months later I was getting calls from PacBell asking (begging) me to come back. I said to the caller “If PacBell had treated me better to begin with I would not have left but now there is no way in hell I’m coming back. Verizon (Too Big to Care) Wireless will have their day of reckoning when the competition catches up.

  • Brandon Golway

    I’ll probably be switching over from VZW once my contract expires towards the end of this year. I don’t have LTE in my area (even through I’ve been told for at least a year that it will be “available soon”) so I won’t be missing that; 3G coverage in my area sucks and HSPA+ would probably be better, on T-Mobile’s coverage map it says that their coverage for my area is great and my roommate’s ex-gf had T-mo and he said she had great reception; I would lose my unlimited data on VZW but gain it on T-mo so it’s win-win in that case; I don’t talk on my phone that much so limited minutes would be fine for me, I text a fair amount (I have 1000 on VZW) so that probably wouldn’t be a problem either. I pay $130+ a month (with a 15% discount) for my shared minutes plan with my mom’s dumb phone, 1000 texts and unlimited data. I’d take a $70 unlimited plan over that any day!

  • I got my GF a Nexus 4 last weekend the day the plans switched. It is quite the deal to have unlimited data these days and to not have to pay the activation fee and to know when you are done paying for the phone costs just feels better, even if the total price will almost always be near that of VZ or ATT.

  • Jeremy Bryant

    I really want to give T-Mo a chance, but their coverage in my area is TERRIBLE. If they’d put in a few more towers it would help a lot. Most of town is in a coverage blackhole. Attractive plan pricing and network speed is all pointless without decent coverage. It’s a shame, really.

  • Aaron Anderson

    Verizon is so freakin expensive. We have three smart phones and on a Unlimited plan it’s almost 300 a month. Who got bread like that? My folks are going to downgrade to a cheap flip phone or keep there droids & i’m gone over to T-mobile to get the Note 2 until the S4 comes out…

  • David Narada Brown

    Switching when they have coverage in my area and not switching is the same thing right?

  • Anonymous Coward

    Wife loves the Nexus 4 and $30 T-Mobile 5GB HSPA+
    She hardly ever goes over 100 minutes a month and really, even if she used 200 minutes one month that’s only $10 in overages. Saving $70/mo over Verizon is totally awesome.

    • PopeFrancis

      I agree.. my bill is usually $30-$40 per month.. Much better than the $120 on Verizon. With that kind of savings I can deal with a dropped call here and there. With that said, I have yet to have a dropped call 🙂

  • You guys have it all wrong. Sell ur phone for 200 – 300, new phone then would cost you 200-300. I’m keeping my unlimited data at Verizon so it’s a no brainer. As far as t-mobile, they are worthless for where I go, no service period. I’m sticking with Verizon no question about it and keep my unlimited data bitches 🙂

  • I just found out I get about the same VZW discount from my current employer as I do from my grandfathered one. So no, I won’t be switching.

  • dunning-kruger

    I already switched. I had both phones on for a while and used speed test on both while driving around DC for work. T-Mobile on average had much faster download speeds (2-3x) Verizon 4g was always about 2x as fast on uploads. Obviously the few times I was on edge were terrible, but only slightly more-so than CDMA.

  • LTE? Ha! The closest 3G TMobile is 40 miles away in Ithaca. Maybe when they have some coverage I can use, I’ll consider switching.

  • coolsilver

    If they can keep their promises as well as unlimted data and roll out coverage for LTE as reliable and expansive as Verizon I’ll hop.

    • Tim242

      There is no way tmobile’s coverage will ever come close to being as expansive as Verizon, or even at&t for that matter. T-Mobile is not expanding their coverage.

      • coolsilver

        Map shows 2G for my house and some areas around. Work is in metro area which should be LTE soon. Not sure really worth it. Maybe in 5 years by then I probably won’t care.

  • I just (at the beginning of this month) left T-Mobile after nearly 10 years as a customer. I just couldn’t take the poor network coverage anymore.

    I’m thrilled to see TMO getting LTE and their new plans look fantastic but a cheap bill and fast speeds don’t mean much if you can’t get a signal when you need it.

  • Ken Bosse

    I only plan to switch because I want my next device to a be a Nexus. Unless Verizon has a miracle turn around with updating devices, and getting another Nexus..I’m outty

  • Geoff Johnson

    I’d rather T-Mobile upgrade their GPRS/EDGE networks to HSPA+ than upgrade already fast HSPA+ to LTE.

  • RichFromBX

    i switched over because it’s cheaper and the unlimited data – I get great coverage in NY so I can’t really complain…if I had unlimited data for Verizon I probably wouldn’t have switched..

  • WickedToby741

    I want a good Motorola phone on T-Mobile. I guess the X phone can’t come soon enough. I love my Galaxy Nexus and don’t regret switching to it from my Bionic, but I do like Motorola’s new Google-guided direction and I miss certain Motorola perks like the build quality and the call quality. Then again that’s thinking I can survive on T-Mobile network without the coverage and speed that Verizon gives me.

  • R2

    I actually switched from T-Mobile to VZW… the long car rides to hockey between Scranton and Stroudsburg PA where my buddy on VZW was happily surfing the web at full speed and I couldn’t even send texts with T-Mobile are what did it for me. But, I’d be happy to switch back when (not if) their coverage expands — but they’ve got a ways to go.

  • blake

    If they would get their cell coverage and LTE coverage. Up to
    Verizons or at least close I would switch but I don’t think that
    Will ever happen

  • Richard Yarrell

    Typical findings here on droid-life which is pitifully Verizon central. While some of these posted comments are understandable the facts remain that if you reside in a major city Tmobile is the BEST choice period. Better plans better backhauled network and far better hanset updates. Tmobile is a carrier that doesn’t focus on device alterations which means customers recieve intended devices from the manufacturer. Not altered devices with disabling wifi notifications and out of control bloatware. Tmobile bitch slaps Verizon all day long that’s exactly why I kicked Verizon to the curb. My Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 work exceptionally well which never existed with any device i had from Verizon. Like it or not tmobile is better in spite of their smaller foot print.

    • Tim242

      I tested T-Mobile in 5 major cities, and in my own mid-sized city where HSPA+42 is. There are far too many pockets of EDGE. I mostly only found GPRS inside of buildings, and in my own apartment, which shows HSPA+42 coverage all around. Freaking GPRS???? Are you kidding me? Not worth it.

    • Sorry but T mobile coverage Sucks and I rather pay the price for good coverage than a cheaper price and get ify coverage…. My mother was a T mobile customer fir years and she always had spotty coverage in nyc, anytime she when into a building and what made it worse when they had a storm a few months back and neither I or my older brother would get a hold of her or if we did she would lose service in a few minutes.. So after that I added her on my Verizon plan, and she is loving the fact she has great service every where.

    • squiddy20

      1. If you could read/comprehend, you’d realize the name of the site is called *DROID* Life, which implies more emphasis on Droid branded phones, which are on Verizon only. It would be safe to assume that this site might have a bias towards Verizon. You’d know this if you had one iota of brainpower.
      2. “*IF* you reside in a major city Tmobile is the BEST choice period” IF you don’t travel a lot. IF you care more about speeds (which are on par with most people’s home wifi networks) than coverage. IF you have so little money you’re practically forced to T-Mobile (as is your case). That’s a whole lot of “ifs”, and considering most people travel an average of 20 miles to their workplace (which more than likely isn’t in one of those major cities covered by T-Mobile), it’s quite absurd.
      3. “Not altered devices with disabling wifi notifications and out of control bloatware.” As if the common person is really going to care… Hell, more “disabling bloatware” comes on your Note 2 straight from Samsung than most other manufacturers. Oh, and don’t forget that, for the past year at least (since Android 4.0), anyone can disable any system application right through the settings menu without root or any hacking/modding.
      4. “Tmobile bitch slaps Verizon all day long that’s exactly why I kicked Verizon to the curb.” …Except you didn’t… While you were on Sprint over a year ago, you continually “applauded” them on how cheap they were and how it was easy on your wallet. Then you got the Gnex on Verizon (which everyone knows is more costly), and a few months later were complaining about the high cost. Now you’re on T-Mobile, home of the low prices. Not hard to infer that *you* didn’t “kick Verizon to the curb”, but that *they* kicked *you* to the curb.

      • PopeFrancis

        Please…. Let me know when the last time this site praised a “DROID” phone was.

        • squiddy20

          I didn’t say this site “praised” any Droid phone. I said it *might* have a *bias* towards Droid phones, and therefore Verizon. What you say I said is not what I said. Read my comment again.

          • PopeFrancis

            Not exactly sure how you differentiate between being bias and praising but Ok lol

          • squiddy20

            bias: prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or groupcompared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair
            praising: express warm approval or admiration of OR the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something

            Go ahead and tell me those two definitions mean exactly the same thing.

          • PopeFrancis

            Pick the words apart any way you like. *YOU* said that someone lacked brainpower and needed to learn to read and comprehend because he didn’t associate the name of the site with the sites bias towards the Droid name and Verizon. Most would assume that if you tell them someone is biased towards someone/something that they would have some praise for the things they are biased towards. I am sorry you couldn’t understand the correlation between the two but this is just how it is… Maybe you should think next time before you start in with the childish name calling. This site has not had a bias towards the Droid name for quite awhile now. While I don’t agree with most of Richards statement, I don’t think he deserved the comments you made towards him.

  • here’s my problem. Verizon is WAY too expensive for individual people. Sprint is awesome, but we all know how horrendous their 3g is. ATT is poop. So my only logical decision is T-Mobile. In my area, they used to not be great, but their HSPA+ was just as fast as my verizon LTE. So the LTE is just a bonus, but i’ll probably have to end up switching to them.

  • Already switched?

  • Jaron1226

    The day that Verizon takes away grandfathered unlimited data is the day I’ll switch carrier’s. The only carrier I can switch to that works in my area is U.S. Cellular, unfortunately.

  • Krista Sanderson

    I left big red on Sunday…. Yes they are fast and reliable, but to $ave $60/mo. Is worth it to me. 5gb of data is plenty for me. Coverage in Denver is pretty good, so I’ll take the money for as little as I actually talk on my phone. I am on Wi-Fi all the time anyway.

  • Where’s my “maybe, but I need to see how the reliability is with some usage” option.

  • sdny8

    It gets so annoying to hear all the android news outlets hypebeast T-Mobile. The fact is their coverage sucks for a lot of people. If I lived in an area that had good coverage I’d jump ship. But I have 2g coverage in my area. Yes that’s right 2g. Its not an option unless I want a WiFi only phone.

    • Zach Armstrong

      Same thing here I’m waiting for the day they bring at least 3G to my area then I will switch.

  • kervation

    Would love to switch but being able to use VZW 4G LTE in a brick building with decent speeds plus unlimited data is too much to let go. Mind you, this is in my home area so YMMV. Also, the Wi-Fi speeds at my job are pitifully slow.

    • Bionic

      Yeah verizon’s LTE does very well inside big buildings thats for sure

  • umataro42

    I’m staying with Verizon for as long as I have my unlimited data and company discount. My Galaxy Nexus should be useable well beyond the 2 year contract thanks to ROMs (just flashed my first one this weekend after having trouble with the 4.2.2 OTA file), and I’m not sure how good T-Mobile coverage is by comparison (I’m in the Los Angeles area so I imagine its not bad, but I’m fine with Verizon for now).

  • Tim242

    Most of their network will still be EDGE and GPRS.

    • Bionic

      yes but EDGE is being converted to HSPA+. EDGE is EVERYWHERE, it almost rivals verizon’s 2g coverage. Now imagine that footprint being instantly converted to HSPA+. That is due to happen by end of 2014. So if you dont have an LTE signal you will likely have HSPA signal

      • Tim242

        First of all, end of 2014 is a long way off. Verizon has no 2G coverage. It’s all 3 and 4. In most states, Tmobile’s network is only along interstates and a few major highways. T-Mobile has less coverage in my state than Sprint. Verizon has coverage over 95% of the land here. Only the deepest remote areas of the Ozarks and Ouachita have pockets of no service. 90% of their coverage here is LTE. T-Mobile will never rival them here, nor in most states.

        • Bionic

          Hey you are preaching to the choir here. im just saying the EDGE footprint comes closest to rivaling verizon.

        • Eric Sachse

          Ha. I had Verizon before they had LTE, and their 3G CDMA was as fast as EDGE 2G, so saying they have no 2G coverage is just semantics.

          • Tim242

            That is not true at all. EDGE doesn’t get over 100 Kbps. EVDO rev A goes up to 3.1 Mbps. My speeds were never below 1.5 Mbps.

  • XvierX

    I’m waiting to see if the next Nexus device is on VZ. If not then I will be switching.

  • Rodeojones000

    I’d love to go to T-Mobile. I’d be using a Nexus 4 right now on their network if I could. Problem is, I live in rural northwestern Wisconsin and work 7 months out of the year in rural northwestern North Dakota. Where I live and work there is no T-Mobile coverage. Sadly, I’ll be sticking with Verizon until someone catches up with their coverage.

    • Ibrick

      Lol.. Who would down vote this? People get their hot pink panties in such a bunch whenever anyone calls out TMo’s lack of coverage.

      I live 20min north of Milwaukee and had TMo on 3 lines so I know where you’re coming from. Having my TBolt running on LTE while my BB next to it running EDGE made the choice to go all VZ an easy one. Not to mention all the issues I had with their billing dept but that’s another thread…

      Sadly for most of America there isn’t a comparable network to VZ.. I wish there was cause with similar coverage, I’d love a GSM LTE or HSPA+ phone with unlimited data.

  • nightscout13

    Their new down payment, and financing pricing structure is RIDICULOUS!

    • tyguy829

      how is it not great? If you already have a device, you get $20 off your bill each month, and if you ‘finance,’ they essentially take $20 off your bill each month once you pay off the subsidy. Plus the upfront cost is cheaper. Verizon (and every other carrier) makes you pay double the upfront cost, and continues to charge you the same monthly fee forever, even after you have paid off your subsidy. The thing is, you don’t know exactly when the subsidy has been paid off, since they are not transparent about it and bundle everything together as one cost.

  • R

    Calling area is less than stellar

  • Erik Meyers

    I am already on T-Mobile with the Nexus 4. Getting speeds around 12Mbps. I am hoping this means that the next Nexus will have LTE since Google loved T-Mobile so much. I wish Google would just buy them.

  • Bionic

    MAYBE. When T mobile can prove their network truly rivals Verizon I’ll consider switching.

    The earliest this can happen I late 2014 when T mobile plans to “flip the switch” and turn their EDGE coverage into HSPA+. When that happens they might rival Verizon because EDGE is almost everywhere.

    • Eric Sachse

      “Flipping the switch” is more than just hitting a button on a computer. Converting EDGE coverage to HSPA+ will involve servicing the towers, replacing equipment at each tower, etc. That is why the date is 2014, because that is a lot of territory to cover.

  • roberthenderson

    As long as I have unlimited data with The Big Evil, I will continue to stay with them. I guess the disclaimer is that if someone offers great coverage with unlimited data then I will definitely give them a look.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    If I could get comparable coverage to Verizon from T-Mobile, then I’d switch. As it stands now, my friend’s Nexus 4 has no service in my apartment.


      • Rodeojones000

        The lack of physical buttons does indeed mean is “rulz.”

  • Switch over and get throttled to edge? Pass.

    • Bionic

      throttling is only on certain plans

  • JMonkeYJ

    already switched =D

  • Considering this site is so far up Verizon’s bottom, no wonder their coverage of T-Mobile is so biased against them. Heck, even the name of their very SITE is named after Verizon’s Flagship product line. Not hard to see it at all.

    • Ibrick

      Yes.. this site was created for the OG Droid, so it would make sense, no?

      • Makes sense that they’re so biased, yes absolutely. I already pointed that out.

    • How it’s the sites fault, that T mobile barely has any coverage in most areas, unless you live in a major city? And even in those big cities your coverage can be ify at best.

  • It has been almost 7 years since I was last on T-Mobile, but service had some bad spots here in Tampa, FL (was a customer from 2002-2007). Maybe it has gotten better. All I know is I finally got my parents to switch to AT&T. The last place they lived at had almost nonexistent service. I literally couldn’t call my parents. I’ve had both AT&T and Verizon, and they both got full bars in the same place that they couldn’t be called (calls would go straight to voicemail or disconnect shortly after answering). They lived right next to a cell tower, but I’m guessing it didn’t handle T-Mobile’s customers.

  • Maybe. Depends on how this Motorola X or NXT (whatever its called) situation shakes out and my plan works out. If I can manage the Motorola phone rumored with Verizon from the play store without renewing my contract then I’ll stick with Verizon, but I always have Tmo in the back pocket.

    • Bionic

      The play store version is dead. Too many complications.

      • When did this happen? I haven’t read very much about it.

        • Bionic

          A while ago.

  • EMcTx

    I’ve been with Tmobile for about 10 years, and I live in Houston. The cheapest plan is about $5 cheaper per month. I will be getting a new phone soon, hopefully I’ll be able to take advantage of the new LTE.

  • Jerry

    Until they catch up to VZW then maybe. I must have LTE everywhere I travel to. Within the U.S. of course.

  • paul_cus

    Left T-Mobile once, not going back.

  • Kenny Larson

    Nope. Not enough coverage in my state and ST running over ATT towers is doing just fine for me and my Nexus 4.

  • Honestly I’m still hoping for Softbank’s Sprint purchase to pull through and give them the ability to match at least att on coverage and switch over to them. With T-Mobile’s history of never having enough coverage anywhere I go, they are at the bottom of my list as routes too get out from under big red

  • the likelihood of me switching will be caused by Verizon’s need to mess with the phone (i.e. move my WiFi toggle to an On-Going Notification) and their delayed OS updates.

  • jeff manning

    Please add the option for people who have tmobile already. This makes your survey more valid

    • They wont do that, I’ve never seen a site so biased against a carrier as Droid Life is against T-Mobile. Not very impartial of them… ever.

      • jeff manning

        Well i don’t know about that but they constantly leave off options on their surveys that need to be there.

    • The survey was “who is switching”… how would that make it more valid? When Verizon dumped unlimited, they asked “who is leaving VZW” not who doesn’t have it now… Maybe they should add an option for “I have a Chevy Car”…. maybe that would help??

      • jeff manning

        Calm down and take an experimental psychology course or experimental statistics in general, and you will find out why i said that

  • ChristianJohnson

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care for LTE? I mean, sure it’s nice but I’m perfectly fine with 3G or HSPA+.

    • Upvote this if you’re a strong HSPA+ user that don’t need no LTE.

      • chris125

        many don’t need it but it’s always nice to have something and not need it rather than not having something and eventually needing it

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re the Perfect example of not knowing what you’re missing.

      • reyalP

        Honestly, How much do you really download to your phone? Other than streaming some youtube and music what else are you doing on your phone that needs that much bandwidth? I’m always interested in why 4glte is so needed daily on a phone.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Downloading huge apps? Downloading Media from different sites? Browsing? Browsing alone is like night and day.

          • tyguy829

            you forgot #1…music streaming (google music/pandora/spotify) and video streaming (netflix, youtube, etc.)

      • ChristianJohnson

        I agree with reyalP. I have a Gnex LTE and I know exactly what I am “missing”. Honestly, there’s nothing I do on a daily basis that takes up masses amounts of bandwidth. With data caps ever so popular now, all my huge downloads I may due once every so often takes place over wifi. Terrible battery is enough of a reason to turn of LTE for me.

    • Bionic

      Dafuq did I just read?

    • PopeFrancis

      I dumped Verizons overpriced LTE for HSPA +42 and don’t even really notice a difference between the two.

  • If we do not get a Nexus again on VZW, I will probably put my VZW account on hold and try T-Mo for a few months with the Nexus 5. If I don’t like it I can always switch back and continue to use my barely supported GNex. Thank God for ROMS.

  • branshaw09

    I’m in the process of switching right now and paying my Verizon ETF. In my area (Dallas/Fort Worth) the signal is great and I have no problems. It is SOOO worth dropping Verizon and paying the fees to save around $70 a month!!! Especially knowing that LTE is on the way!

  • Matthew Merrick

    Once I have enough money to leave the family plan, I’m going to Tmobile. (Been saying this for quite a while actually)

  • chris125

    I’m still waiting for Google to become a carrier lol

    • wm snyder

      i thought it was going to be when the rumor of Google store i dont know now

  • siphyn

    I’ve already switched. Where is that choice?

    • Same here. T-Mobile has consistently offered the best choices as far as plans go. And now their raising the bar one more time, and the network has finally caught up. Thanks for paying the bill on that, AT&T!

    • New_Guy

      Exactly =D!

    • Same here

    • I switched when the Nexus 4 came out, its so nice to save $50 a month coming from Verizon.

    • When T-Mobile released their new plans the other day, I had to switch. I’ve been with Verizon for 12 years. Unlimited data, even have a plan with three phones where unlimited data is $10 for each additional phone. It was some special promotion. It’s still $190 for three phones every month though. T-Mobile is going to be about $80 cheaper after taxes. It’s only 500MB full-speed data (after that it’s unlimited 2G – ugh), unlimited text & talk, but I’ll use more WiFi and be a little more careful. Selling our GNexii and getting Nexus 4’s. I am going to miss Verizon. Apart from slow phone updates, they have been pretty stellar. I hope we’re happy with T-Mobile speeds in our area. The LTE additions will be a bonus. We waited for Verizon’s LTE, now we’ll wait for T-Mobile’s.

      • noc007

        Did you talk with Retentions at all before you left VZW? If so, did they try and offer you something reasonable? I’m at 9 years myself and ready to drop them once the wife’s contract is up or if I can find someone willing to buy my Unlimited Data lines and transfer via Assumption of Liability. I’d only consider keeping VZW if they would cut me a deal.

        • dunning-kruger

          They called me every week for about two months after I cancelled.

          Aside from seriously doubting that they would offer anything close to the $30 monthly I save by going with T-Mobile, I’ve become somewhat bitter that I was forced to pay $30 a month for unlimited data to get email prior to having a smartphone, only to have it taken away shortly after it became something useful.

          So I’m voting with my money.

        • I didn’t talk with retention. Our plan was a special promo where each additional line was $10 + $29.95 for unlimited data, but each line had a $20 discount on unlimited data. Essentially, that meant that after my first phone, each additional line was only $20, and included unlimited data. No way Verizon was going to come down on that, since it was lower than anyone else I knew. It was a special promo from maybe two years ago. In the end though, even that can’t beat $50+$30+$10 for three lines from T-Mobile. I’ll live with the less data. So far, so good. Speeds are actually better than LTE in our area (unexpected), but coverage isn’t as great (expected).

      • Riley Barnett

        I’m pretty sure that after your 500mb of LTE it’s unlimited HSPA+/3g, not 2g? Besides, its only $10 per line extra for 2gigs of LTE, and that means you would still save $50 coming from verizon. You could even go fully unlimited for $70 per month, per line and still save $20 a month from verizon.

        • Eric Sachse

          On T-Mobile, and it is 2G once you exceed your 4G/3G limit.
          On a plus note, those $50 a month plans used to only offer 100 mb 4G data. All of those plans were bumped up to 500 mb a month for the same price of $50. Would any other carrier do that? I bet most would reduce the amount of data, not increase it.

          I mainly use my smartphone for email and other work related stuff, and I am on WiFi whenever I am in the office or at home, so 500 mb is more than enough for me.

      • Tyler Cameron

        Why not just choose the truly unlimited data?

    • Tim242

      It’s under the stuck mostly on EDGE column.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Same… Switched last week. Bought a Nexus 4 used and haven’t looked back since. Blazingly fast. Faster than my Sprint service by a mile and even faster than my Comcast internet most of the time.

  • El Big CHRIS

    I am letting my contracts expire and move month to month. I have 4 lines with unlimited text/data with discounts @ $160. Once all 4 contracts are up and unlimited is done. Then I’ll consider it.

  • EvanTheGamer

    N. O. – What does that spell? No.

  • Justin Winker

    Once I get coverage from them instead of forced roaming on AT&T’s 2G network (when instead I can have AT&T’s 3G/HSPA+ network)… I may switch. It surprises me they don’t have coverage in my town (we aren’t small, at nearly 200k population). Oh well.

    • Tirionfive

      Totally agree. At least their internet loads things though. *looks at Sprint*

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  • Taylor Levesque

    I already did.

  • Futbolrunner

    The day Verizon takes away my unlimited data, I’m out!

    • EvanTheGamer

      You better never upgrade then!

      • Well, there are certain situations where you can upgrade and keep your unlimited, but it involves alternate upgrades and dumbphones on family plans.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Or buy a phone outright…lol But damn, $600 for a phone every two years? That doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

          • chris125

            Or buy a used phone for much less…. Unless you need the latest and greatest right away you’re gonna have to pay

          • michael arazan

            The only problem is at full retail the price never drops unless you want someone else’s used hardware that may have been dropped or damaged without knowing about it, and you can’t return used 2nd hand phones

          • There are other factors at play in whether or not it is appealing to others. For instance if you are currently on unlimited and use more then 2gigs a month, it costs just about the same over two years to pay $600 up front to keep cheaper/grandfathered unlimited monthly payments as it would to take a subsidized phone and have to pay a higher monthly fee to cover that same amount of data. And by paying full price and keeping unlimited, you never have to worry about overages or increasing data usage.

          • noc007

            If your usage is, I believe, higher than 2GB/mo, unlimited is worth it. Take the money you’d be paying for tiered data, put it into savings, and then buy a top of the line phone when you need, not want, to. You may have enough left over for a rainy day or put towards that new shiny you’ve been drooling over or that vacation you’ve wanted to do.

          • KleenDroid

            Why not? At only $10 per line monthly for unlimited data it is worth it. Besides you are looking at it wrong. You are going to pay $299 for a new phone anyway so it’s only an additional $300 more.

            I’ll keep my unlimited thank you.

          • larry’ page’s pubes

            simple math wins every time

          • VZDroid

            It’s $10 line access and $30 per line for the data.

          • KleenDroid

            No… Many of us on DROID Life pay $10 per line monthly for unlimited data. It was a promotion that was out about a year and a half ago. I have 5 lines and get a $20 discount each month for each line. I would never want to pay $30 a month for data on so many lines.

          • pretty sure thats what i got. i found it off a google link maybe a couple of years ago and verizon rep told me it wasnt offered to me but they still let me have it 😉

          • If you buy used and sell, you can get fairly late model smartphones changed a couple times a year for a cost of about $200 a year. It can take time, but its reasonably possible.

          • michael arazan

            Let’s hope the Moto X is sold like a nexus, for under $500 with lte and unlockable

          • WickedToby741

            With Verizon’s transition to the LTE network and LTE only phones I feel the day is coming when you can buy a truly unlocked phone for Verizon, hopefully including the next Nexus. LTE is pretty much already everywhere I need it, so I’d go LTE only for a true Verizon Nexus.

            But then again I’ve just started to loathe Verizon and their various anti-consumer policies and T-Mobile looks really good. I have some big decisions to make this fall.

          • Dean Milord

            And for CDMA(Verizon) network. Nexus was GSM only. :'(

          • Riley Barnett

            Then buy a $350 nexus, but really, when you buy an unlocked phone you can use it for around a year and sell it for much closer to what its worth. Then you are only paying $200-$300 for a new phone depending on how much you sold your old phone for.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            If you buy one used off of Craigslist or Ebay your paying $300 or so… you buy 2 phones and you’re at that mark. At least with TMO you can pay it off over time instead of all at once when you want a new phone.

      • tehserver

        Actually my parents just upgraded their data card and Verizon let them keep unlimited data. The older agents seem to be the only ones that know how to do this though as they had to go through several to get it activated correctly.

      • Dre Garner

        I took the easy route and bought a used GNex. Unlocked, rooted, free WiFi hotspot all on Verizon unlimited data. Agreed, don’t upgrade!

    • New_Guy

      yeah, my contract just ended and I refuse to live with this T-Bolt another day. i made the switch last week. Very happy with their presentation today.

      • SGS4-TheNextBigFlop

        That was a horrible phone. I have a DNA now, but no Unlimited Data anymore.

        • New_Guy

          Sorry to hear about the loss of unlimited data. I have to say, T-mobile is quick here in SD.

          • Doug Wing

            You are lucky. Here in Chicago, T-mo’s network is littered with dead zones where you can’t get reliable data and consistant dropped calls.

          • Butters619

            SD = San Diego by chance? In San Diego T-Mobile HSPA+ is as fast as Verizon LTE.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            Same here in Pittsburgh.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          You could take your DNA and use it on T-Mobile… just saying…

    • Full retail for a phone just to keep unlimited? Paaasss !!

      • chris125

        well seeing as how no carrier matches verizon’s lte coverage I can see why people are willing to do that. Once the other carriers get close then maybe not but that could be years at the pace other carriers are rolling out lte.

        • For me doing this once or twice a year isnt worth it on VZW. No option for unlocked/Intl phones, still getting slow updates (if at all – while the phone is still relevant) and overpriced plans .. naaw .. im good.

          • I’d love to know how you got EDGE service on VZW. They offer 1X, 3G/EVDO, and LTE

          • WickedToby741

            With LTE-only phones (no CDMA chip), there is hope for unlocked and international phones, maybe even the next Nexus.

      • Futbolrunner

        I refuse to pay full retail. I’ve been using Craigslist and bought my past two phones (GS3 & Note 2) for a great price.

        • Yeah been there and done that w/ VZW because I wanted to keep my unlmtd plan .. Twas kinda a hassle. Shouldnt have to go thru these unnecessary steps just to maintain a phone plan. If your satisfied with continuing to do this on a captive overpriced CDMA carrier .. to each is own.

      • Ibrick

        It’s not as bad as you’d think, I paid full retail for the GNex, sold it and used the funds to get a DNA at full retail. You might spend $300 instead of $200 but you can upgrade whenever and keep unlimited. The first one you buy at full retail hurts, but after that it’s not so bad.

        • see above

          • Ibrick

            I agree there’s plenty of reasons to leave VZ, just throwing it out there that it’s not so bad price wise if you sell your current phone while it’s still new enough to offset 50% of whatever you purchase. Plus I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t nice getting a new phone every 6 months or so.

            To each his own of course.

          • Agreed.

          • coolsilver

            All my phones I have never been able to sell with wear and tear. Also no one wants a phone from two years ago anymore

          • Anonymous Coward

            Uhh, I just sold my wife’s Rhyme on eBay for $81.

        • noc007

          To add, BestBuy has their extended warranties that can make upgrading les s painful. They may still have their buyback program and T-Mobile is supposedly doing a buyback program as well. Obviously there’s Ebay, Craigslist, and dozens of other sites to sell one’s phone.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        That’s what your doing with T-Mobile…

    • Dean Milord

      Same here. But I’ll do their pre-paid. Those “Value” plans are the same as AT&T & Verizon. I still want unlimited data sorry. Tiered data nothing., smh! Swappa is my friend, lol.

    • im paying 160 a month for 1400 min, unlimited calls to 10 #s, and UNLIMITED DATA for 3 lines on VERIZON! im willing to buy a phone this summer unsubsidized to keep that deal until the other two lines need new phones. then its off to tmobile for myself and ATT straight talk sims for the other two lines (bad tmobile service where the other two lines will be).

  • Once they get 1900mhz turned on in my area (rural Idaho), I’ll put my doubts to rest. Still, I’m one year in on my existing contract, and I intend to keep it! I save a few bucks a month already compared to their new offerings.

    • I’m from Idaho Falls. I’m not sure we’re high on their upgrade list haha

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Them having LTE doesn’t mean it would be everywhere…even in the same CITY. See Sprint… VZW is good because they have the COVERAGE AREA. It’s going to take TMobile a while to blanket even the launch cities .

    • mariahnorris

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  • Tirionfive

    They need to expand their 3G Coverage first, then I might consider it. Right now, anywhere outside of a medium/large city has just 2G. I live in a state with lots and lots of wide open space, I’d like my 3G out there as well.

    • Bionic

      They are converting the entire EDGE coverage map to HSPA+ by end of 2014

      • Alex Hutchins

        Do you have a source? I’ve never heard this. This would be awesome.

        • Bionic

          T mobile has made this public. It is proably on their network rollout website or something But its public knowledge

  • If they also had good coverage, then yes I would

  • As soon as I can move to a carrier where I can bring an unlocked phone in, get unlimited LTE off contract? I’m game.

  • NYAvsFan

    Already there. N4

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      But LTE isn’t….nvm

      • siphyn

        I’ve hit as high as 20Mbps down on my N4 with T-Mobile. When you’re on HSPA 42, not having LTE is not a big issue.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          That’s great if you have that luxury and hopefully that’s the dream of Tmobile. But you’re definitely in the minority there.

          • I get 20-29Mbps REGULARLY on T-Mobile HSPA+42 every day so I guess @siphyn:disqus isn’t in such a minority as you think.

          • JMonkeYJ

            i think we might be in the minority (i have a similarly great HSPA experience), but i gotta say i love being in this minority! i’m saving $50/month!! xD

          • Ibrick

            Go 30min in any direction and you wont be in that minority much longer.

          • Not at all, I get that coverage all over my state. Thanks for trying with your snide opinion tho. ; )

          • Ibrick

            No state has HSPA+ coverage all over.. 90% of TMo’s network is EDGE. Sorry, not possible. I would like to like TMo, but VZ had LTE before they had 3G, that’s just pathetic, and the norm for TMo. Ignore the facts all you want.

          • There is no need to be upset.

        • Riley Barnett

          I’m going with t-mo once they get coverage where I live, right now its nothing. I use straight talk (at&t) so i only get the HSPA+ 24 🙁