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Samsung Galaxy S4 to Launch with 4G LTE on T-Mobile May 1

Galaxy S4

During T-Mobile’s special press conference this morning, they are dropping bomb after bomb. Not only has their 4G LTE gone live, but they have announced that the iPhone 5 is finally making its way to their network. Oh, wait, we don’t care about that. Luckily for us Android lovers, they mentioned they would be offering the Galaxy S4 from Samsung too, starting May 1. There was no word of pricing, but it will feature their 4G LTE, which is a good sign for them. 

T-Mobile is currently the only U.S. carrier to announce an actual date for Samsung’s newest flagship, so we are hoping other carriers will start following suit and announce dates.

Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE on T-Mobile, May 1. Who is picking one up?

Via: The Verge

  • Ruben James

    I’m looking forward to getting the Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile soon. Though they haven’t released LTE in Denver yet, their 4G network is plenty fast and will work well until we get the new network. My friend has the Note 2 and we got a little taste of just how fast LTE can be. Last weekend, I went on a small holiday from work at DISH and got to try out the new LTE network in Las Vegas. During the trip, I was able to keep up with my shows using the DISH Anywhere
    app on my phone and as a result of using LTE, streaming quality was fantastic.

  • Ibrick

    So I guess the HTC One being pushed back to April isn’t the big deal it was made out to be..

  • dsass600

    Dat pentile. Let’s go HTC.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Hate Touch-wiz, sounds like someone is peeing.

    • michael arazan


  • RoadsterHD1

    No thanks waiting for next Moto/Google X-Phone……..

    • noleman

      What carriers are rumored to be getting the “X-phone”?
      The specs I’ve seen, though prob bogus, have looked pretty awesome.

      • RoadsterHD1

        Supposedly all carriers, and specs are only rumors right now.

        • noleman

          Can’t see any reason to continue on w/ VZW with phones like the S4, X, Nexus 4-5 on other carriers.

          • RoadsterHD1

            DATA Speed in more places. High speed….. I get 40Mbps at home.

          • noleman

            40Mbps is pretty awesome!! I get 1.8Mbps on a GalNex, in midtown Manhattan.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Here’s one at 60Mps

  • Austin Warren

    Yessir. $99 down. Yeeeehaw. Then easily upgrade to the next Nexus.

  • tyguy829

    So that means verizon’s is coming in like October

    • Austin Warren

      With a twist!

      • tyguy829

        lol just watch it come as like the Droid Charge II or something. Oh god…

    • However, it may be further delayed due to DOD grade encryption tech used to lock the bootloader..

      • Bruce Purvis

        I’m so glad I left Verizon…

    • radiohead14

      5 months later to work on that Verizon home button logo… sounds about right.

      • mariahnorris

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        • radiohead14

          you are worse than Verizon’s ugly ass logo

  • NexusPhan69

    Excellent. If CyanogenMod is released for this I’m in for 2 on T-Mobile. I am so excited to ditch Verizon. Here in NYC, my friends T-Mobile HSPA+ GNex is almost always faster then my LTE GNex on Verizon anyway. Network congestion I would imagine.

    • Hopefully you don’t travel outside the city 🙂

      • NexusPhan69

        I don’t except for business when I go to Europe on business (and my Verizon phone doesn’t work at all) or the beach where I won’t really miss having a signal.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    If TMOB can really pull off LTE and HSPA+ Fall back they are ready to war with VZW and ATT. It’ll take them some time though…. and by then VZW will be on to VOLTE AnD BEYOND

    • Warwick

      5G and 6G Lol

    • I would think they should work on their coverage area, then they could truly go to “War” with Verizon and At&t

    • j

      coverage coverage coverage. verizon has it, tmo doesn’t.

  • KleenDroid


    • Austin Warren


      • Chris King