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Motorola Commits to Updating DROID Bionic to Jelly Bean in Q2

bionic jb update

Motorola made a slight change to their DROID Bionic software news page today, one that signifies them finally settling in on a time frame for updating the device to Jelly Bean. Q2 is it. If you had hopes of receiving the update by the end of Q1, which is in 5 days, you will leave the month and quarter disappointed. I know there were rumors of the update happening in Q1, but as far as we can tell, the update page from Motorola has only said that it would receive 4.1, not when. This is the first time the update site has listed out a specific quarter.

So, Q2 means the update could arrive anywhere from April 1 through June 30. Ugh.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Gabriel!

  • Boinie57

    The droid bionic is my first and LAST Motorola phone. They suck

  • Adam

    My bionic has never let me install an update. I’m still running .886 update… I called Verizon and asked for assistance and they said I needed to take the battery out and put it back in. Already tried that 200 times, still didn’t work. I went to one of the stores and they said they didn’t do tech support but I could call customer service. My android experience has been terrible for me and will probably be switching over to the dark side.

  • un_spectacular

    Whatever happened to that hot girl in the commercials? Carly adapted and survived with her un-motorbike.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    I don’t care. I have the Bionic, it probably came defective, but not in a very noticeable way at first. Now it spends most of the time freezing up. God this was the worst tech decision of my life. I imagine Jelly Bean will just render it inoperable. Counting down the days for an upgrade.

    • dquicknc

      I agree 100%! Hate this Bionic and can’t wait to upgrade in May! So sick of it freezing up I want to shoot it with the shotgun!

      • MGardnerDA1235

        I’m planning out my destruction strategy for the Bionic once I have something else. Haven’t satisfied with my creativity as of yet. I have no intention of keeping the thing around as a spare. I have no idea if I can trust Motorola again. Granted, they have previously designed their products allowing them to break down after some period of time, which is a pain unto itself. However…the stuff shouldn’t be crap out of the box.

      • Taglogical

        Really too bad – I would have swapped on 1 yr with moto if you could – I see no reason to replace my Bionic – running the leaked ICS and nothing else it is very fast, very responsive, they fixed the rendering to greatly reduce the previously-visible impact of pentile, while maintaining it’s fantastic outdoor visibility (can see it better on my car’s dash than the Magellan GPS; no longer used).

        It got the speed bump to the Razr with ICS so it’s a fantastic combination of techs for the time imo. It was a rocky road but it turned out. Oh and my hotspot flies on LTE and doesn’t dc or drop out like when the phone released.

  • Broken Trigger Finger

    I stood in line and bought this phone on day one. I still have it. I love the specs on this device but it has had one software glitch after another. It’s inconsistent at best. Watching new phones hit the market has given me that same eager feeling but now I’m gun shy to drop bank on a full priced phone (to protect my unlimited data on Verizon). Moto’s Bionic experiment will probably reduce me to a reclusive “Wait to see if it works” shopper.

  • mgamerz

    Only a year late, gotta say that’s faster than typical motorola updates.

  • I have a Droid 4 and it updated to 4.1.2 this morning

  • Elthon Cisneros

    The BIONIC, DROID 4, and DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX have basically the same internals. Why didnt Verizon(or Motorola) create a “unified” Jelly Bean build for all these devices, then release it at the same time(or in quick succession to avoid server congestion) Then everybody’s happy!

  • coolsilver

    Alright Motorola has my love back. HTC on the other has replaced them with my scorn

  • ozo012

    Well at least they’re committing to something, HTC/Verizon have been utterly mum on the Rezound which is a much better phone than the Bionic (screen/camera wise for sure). At this point I don’t ever expect the Rezound to officially get any form of JB, good thing I’m already running 4.2.2.

    • I’m still willing to bet that the Rezound will EVENTUALLY get JB officially; it may be a long time from now, but HTC & Verizon might be quiet about it after the whole Thunderbolt and Incredible 2 fiasco we witnessed last year. They probably don’t want to get peoples hopes up then receive a bunch of backlash because they can’t seem to put their update out in the time frame stated.

  • andres ormeno

    COmo es posible que al DROID 3 que tiene menos RAM, lo lleguen actualizar a JB y al ATRIX 2 que tiene mayor RAM se quede aun en ICS…………necesito que MOtorola diga algo al respecto!

  • I loved my BIONIC, but let’s face it, BIONIC = Red Headed Stepchild. It could have been such an amazing phone, had Moto not dropped the RAZRs within months of the BIONIC’s eventual release. Knowing that the RAZR’s were coming, they should have just killed it & moved on.

  • tyguy829

    I wonder if this jb update will de-bloat the bionic like the razr’s jb update

  • Deane

    nice to hear….do any you guys have an issue with geotag pics being way off on the map?

  • Mike

    My Bionic was torturing me for the last month. New torture…..not the standard horrible camera and awful screen and overweight, and 10 minute boot up torture. Instead I was getting super slow, unable to open things, things opening wrong, bluetooth audio too loud, and just generally unusable. Essentially, the same thing that was happening to my OG Droid right before I got the Bionic. When I got ICS, it ran a lot nicer for about 2 weeks and then just started getting awful from then on. So, a friend gave me his Galaxy Nexus since he now has the Note II. Honestly, I’m horrified! I’m in a whole new world! The thing runs so smoothly I can barely stop playing around with it even after a week. Even got the 4.2.2 update. If my Bionic ran the way this phone does, I would never get rid of it! Jelly Bean might improve it some, but I don’t think the Bionic is worth the update. Not to mention that Motorola talked a bunch of smack about the Bionic people getting screwed and that they were going to rememdy that. If they don’t update to 4.2.2 then they are just screwing Bionic owners again. I’m done getting screwed and very happy now.

    • My BIONIC was behaving the same way. Even a factory reset didn’t fix it. CM10 made it better, but it was still frustrating. Trying out the Note II, but will likely trade it back in for a MAXX HD before my 14 days are up.

    • KleenDroid

      Have you tried a factory data reset?

      • Mike

        Multiple times. I started by deleting a bunch of apps I wasn’t using. Then I changed them all to update only on wifi. Then I put a new sd card in. Tried soft reboots a bunch of times. Then I did a factory reset a bunch of times. No change. I got lucky with the free Nexus.

        • schmogo

          Mine did what you described, I complained to Verizon and they sent a replacement. The new one works great… something was wrong with the old one.

    • Meh

      Aren’t a lot of people complaining about the buggy 4.2.2 Galaxy Nexus update?

  • jackman

    Here it is 3days After the update and i can still download just not install it

  • Anon

    While this is a good development, it bothers me that they couldn’t have thrown Bionic users a bone by getting Jelly Bean out early to make up for every other botched release, or alternately, making the Bionic a 4.2 phone to say “We knew you were frustrated, and we listened.”
    It’s true that Jelly Bean probably would have never happened if Motorola wasn’t acquired by Google, and I thank Google for that, but it’d have been nice to see 4.2.2.

  • so they have a timetable for my Bionic but STILL no timetable for the Xoom LTE. thanks Moto (maybe VZW) for letting the wifi version run with JB for so long and still ignore the LTE version

  • Actually, and honestly I have no way to prove this, but Motorola actually made this change a day or two ago. I never tipped it because eventually the major Android sites would cover this, but this change was done about a day or so ago. Still, it is good news that the Bionic is still being honored for updates, and I’m definitely looking forward to a working build of JB for it. CM10 on it was good, but something was bugging me, so I stuck with ICS which is still pretty good on the Bionic. I love JB on the Nexus 7, CM10 is amazing, and I’m certainly looking for a full build of CM10 running on the JB kernel. Shame TWRP decided to burn my Bionic a bit and now I’m unable to boot CM9 because of that… Oh well, I’ll get my AOSP goodness one way or another.

  • Buckoman

    That Droid 3 leaves me resentful. It can handle ICS. Same with the X2. The D3 runs as if it’s sick, and I feel really bad for it.

    • hkklife

      Yup, those final 3G Moto devices on VZW REALLY got screwed. I knew several people who bought the Droid X2 back in summer 2011 because they couldn’t wait any longer for the Bionic and/or thought the X2 would be better for gaming due to the Tegra2 vs TI OMAP. I spent ~4 miserable months with the X2 back in 2011 and it was a very bad experience,

      My wife loves her Bionic w/ extended battery now that it has ICS (other than the thickness and poor camera ) so JB is an awesome conclusion to a device that got off to a very rough start.

    • Doesn’t the D3 and the X2 only have 512 ram?I think it is why those two phones will not be upgraded

  • [email protected]

    it cant be the last update for the bionic i mean surely if the razrs are likely to get more then jelly bean then surely the bionic should to

  • rei_load

    I’m okay with Q2, this new Motorola is better than the old one. At least my phone will be getting updates and isn’t completely dead like what would have happened with the old Motorola.

  • What a joke.

  • Glad I got a Galaxy S3! Good luck to Bionic owners!

  • mustbepbs

    You Bionic owners should be thrilled. 4.1.2 made the DROID 4 a whole new phone. It’s amazing. It’s really zippy, responsive, and fluid. ICS on the DROID 4 was a mess. They really hit it out of the park whatever they did.

    • Anon

      The Bionic ICS update was mostly good. I’ve had a few wifi issues on occasion, but otherwise it was solid. Glad that the Droid 4 is operating well on its latest release.

    • Completely disagree….JB on my Droid 4 has been a nightmare

      • Raven


    • Raven

      It has been really good on my wife’s Droid 4. I played with it for quite a bit after it got updated and I have not noticed any problems.

      The only negative that I have noticed is that they got rid of the Sleep mode option. We used to use that when flying or going to a movie to save power and yet be able to turn our phones back on the instant that we wanted to. It was a rather limited use function, but I still don’t see why they got rid of it.

      The keyboard still seems to work just fine despite many reports I have read of the Shift and Symbol key not working the same. She uses the latest SwiftKey and that is all I tested, so maybe the reported problems are only with the stock keyboard.

      I am rooted and SafeStrapped and my Droid 4 hasn’t prompted me to update yet and I have not had the time to set about trying to make it happen yet. But, I plan to soon.

  • jsf6262

    I guess this is cool, but I flashed a CM 10.1 nightly to my bionic the other day, so I’ve got 4.2. It’s perfectly usable as a daily driver if anyone is curious. That being said, it’s nice to see them getting all these updates out.

    • Tim Egan

      does everything work on your cm10?

      • jsf6262

        It’s pretty good, the only things I’ve noticed that don’t work are the camera and wifi tethering. I downloaded Camera ZOOM FX, and that works fine, so the camera isn’t too much of an issue. The flash still doesn’t work unless you set it to be constantly on, but the Bionic doesn’t great pictures anyway, especially in low light, so I can live with that. As for wifi tethering, the built in tethering is broken (at least I couldn’t get it to work), and FoxFi doesn’t work either, but since I used SafeStrap to flash it, I can just reboot into the stock side of my partition and tether from there if I really need to. Lastly, the flashlight app I used (Tiny Flashlight + LED) no longer works if I try to use the camera flash setting. I think this is because it uses some part of the camera app to activate the flash. I downloaded another flashlight app that can use the camera flash (Brightest LED Flashlight). So the only real issue is tethering, but like I said, if I’m in a real jam I can still do it, it’s just a pain. I’ve been meaning to try out some other tethering apps to see if they work, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m using the build from March 21st, and there are a bunch of newer ones out that might have fixes for these issues.

        • Yeah those are very old bugs that got fixed along time ago. Stock camera works like a charm. As well as wifi tether

          • jsf6262

            What do you mean by very old? The build I’m using is less than a week old. I think… but it’s certainly less that two weeks old.

          • ozoscar83301

            I also just installed cm10 jelly bean 4.2 and no issues. Camera works awesome and foxfi tether works good. So far no issues for me every thing works swell. Very stable

          • geekabilly

            time to update, those flash/camera issues have been resolved in the last 4-5 days

          • jsf6262

            Oh, awesome. I didn’t expect the pace of development would be so quick for the bionic. Thanks for the heads up.

        • The one outstanding/ongoing issue still being worked on is the MIC/Speakerphone. You can hear a caller on speakerphone, they can’t hear you if you try to speak using speakerphone. Other than that, I am running the 3/26 nightly build and most everything works!

      • jsf6262

        On second thought, the wifi tethering actually does work. It just shows up as an unprotected network even if I set a password.

  • Bionic

    it would have been sooner if not for verizon trying to add things they shouldnt be

  • RoadsterHD1

    Since March is basically over. April thru June will be update time for Bionic. Just around the corner. Will JB be the last update? Any word on getting Key Lime Pie

    • 4.1.2 will almost certainly be the end of the line for all the 2011 Motorola devices for official updates. Even Nexus devices and iOS devices (the two most updated device lines on the planet) have been retired after 3 major software versions. That said, its been one hell of a ride, and I applaud Googorola for putting this much effort in, when they could have simply added it to their “trade-up” program list and been done with it.

  • Alexander Garcia

    As I’ve always said… Better late than never. =)

    • you didn’t go through the Thunderbolt ICS update did you?

  • ranlil

    Had my hopes up for Q1…. Oh well…. JB will tide me over till X comes along.
    Update: Probably go with CM10 after the update.

  • Dana S.

    Too bad my Bionic officially crapped out on me THIS MORNING. Note 2 on the way. 😀

  • ROB

    S4 with LTE on TMO for $70 unlimited…tempting

  • stabone

    It says “expected to begin”. I don’t think expected to begin is committed to begin.

  • disappointing it’s only 4.1, but I suppose that’s better than nothing.

  • Silver Veloz

    I knew there was a delay, but still, I’m all for it. As I’ve said before – the phone with many lives. How many other phones have had the history of the Bionic? Long extended release, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean. Long live Bionic – well, JB is the end. Was the Bionic the first Dual-Core, LTE phone on Verizon?

    • Warwick

      After all that my brother still loves that Bionic of his.

      • Anon

        As hardware, the Bionic is truly a great phone. There’s a lot to like about it. Software support has truly been the bane of a phone that could have been the phone that everyone had to have.

        • Anon

          Apparently, I get modded down for that one. Considering that the Bionic and the RAZR are incredibly similar in hardware, and plenty liked the RAZR, I find this really ironic.

        • I have the Bionic as well as the Maxx HD. I still love my Bionic. It supports FM Radio and is great viewing outdoors. And right now with my Maxx HD running 4.1.2 its sluggish as can be. The Bionic is running strong.

    • Dana S.

      No I think the Thunderbolt was. 😛

      • Diablo81588

        Thunderbolt is not dual core.

        • RoadsterHD1


      • RoadsterHD1

        Dual core

    • RoadsterHD1

      Yes, Bionic was the first.

    • sooper_gadget12

      The original Droid. Launched with Eclair, v.2.0. Got 2.0.1, then 2.1. It then received 2.2 Froyo, as well as, multiple 2.2.x updates through Q2’11. So, having been released in Q4’09, the Droid got an nice extensive amount of software support. It was the device that launched Android into prominence. It was the first with a legit CPU capable of battling with the iPhone’s internals. It was the first Android device on VZW.

      Certainly, the Bionic is measuring up to that support, released with 2.3x, jumping up to 4.0.4, though going through many different builds. The hop to 4.1.x will also be a major OS upgrade. Released in end of Q3’11, being supported up to Q2’13 is not bad. It will likely be the last of its official support though.

  • Bionic

    They’re gonna do what to me?

  • zepfloyd

    Can’t be any worse than the Thunderbolt updates.

  • Ha Ha Ha

  • Diablo81588

    Good news. Now we just need a leak 😛

  • Guest


  • As a former Bionic owner, I’m not surprised one bit.

  • Guest
  • gabe1989

    any news is good news when it comes to being a bionic owner. now i can stop checking the update schedule for the next 3 months.

  • At least better late than never…

  • Verizon

    When is “My Device Isn’t Listed” getting an update?

    • Right after my Droid 3, when hell freezes over.

  • Guest


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  • chris125

    If it is going to be the last update it gets they could at least make it 4.2

    • michael arazan

      It’s a year and a half old, hopefully it’ll see 5.0 KL After 2 years I could see it not getting updated, but it has good enough processor and ram to see more updates, Verizon permitting of course

  • dsass600

    This seems like the work of their new CEO. Motorola has really turned around since their acquisition.

    • rozellaquine27lr

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  • dsass600

    Ummm ok?