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Proposed Bill in West Virginia to Make Driving With Google Glass Illegal?

google glass hud

Evil lawmakers in West Virginia recently proposed a bill that would preemptively ban driving while wearing Google Glass or any other wearable computing tech with a head-mounted display. It’s not a shocker that the government would want to make sure that people are remaining safe and less distracted while driving, since we know humans are not the best creatures at multi-tasking. 

While some see this is uncool and almost too soon, since we know these lawmakers have not actually used Glass, it’s just one of those things you expect. If Google could prove or even wants to prove that driving with Google Glass is safe, then who knows.

What say you? Do we storm Capitol Hill yet?

Via: AllThingsD

  • Mitchell Torres

    it will come to a point where these are built into people prescription glasses which are required to drive…

  • driver

    don’t they have cars with HUD as well as the “normal” dashboard info? does this mean those cars are illegal too?

    and if i recall from drivers ed, shouldn’t you be mindful of all your surroundings while driving, this includes keeping an eye on speed, what is in front via windshield, rear via mirror, and sides?

  • abeljames325

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  • thatnigbamboo

    If it was apple glass there would be no bill against it am I right!

  • renGek

    When the govt gets involved its “stop butting into our lives and wasting tax dollars”
    When the govt doesn’t get involved its “we need more legislations”

    Lets start banning everything before they even exist because thats logical and science and technology is so scary. Figures west virginia would pioneer this.

  • sean.yesmunt

    Maybe make a “driving mode” which only allows google maps.

    • Jeo

      It has to be automatically turned on and the user can’t disable it.

      • sean.yesmunt

        which would probably be impossible to enforce

  • Rob Becker

    Thankfully Google is already solving this problem by creating self driving cars so you can be distracted all you want.

  • Luxferro

    I guess they should ban the HUD displays projected on the windshield of cars too… They should ban smoking and driving, and pocketbooks that contain makeup too (need to keep them in trunk).

  • Manthas

    ” It’s not a shocker that the government would want to make sure that people are remaining safe and less distracted while driving …”

    I would love to agree with this, but as there is no scientific evidence one way or the other that the use of the (as of yet, unreleased) product is dangerous, this is nothing more than sensationalist lawmakers attempting to get people riled up into an idiotic mob over something that none of them fully understand the implications of.

    You want to ban it? Fine, provide solid scientific evidence that a ban is logical and appropriate. Until that time, put your torches and pitchforks away.

  • feztheforeigner

    You shouldn’t be able to ban a product that has never even been seen what it’s like in use. Who knows, maybe it’s less distracting than a pair of sunglasses.

    Maybe Google built in software that turns it off while driving. Not saying I believe these things but a product should be given fair judgement.

  • Stewie

    Unlike wearing it in the heli, whereas one can devote a couple of minutes to it without the worry of hitting a ground based stationary or moving object, the masses have repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot multitask in the driving arena as it is, without the distraction that Glass may offer. I’m not saying those who may be up to the task cannot, but let’s face it; most lemmings are still pushing on the pull door out there, and some have enough to get a pair. That said, those same lemmings will STILL wear them and ignore any proposed law.

  • Matthew Merrick

    This is just ridiculous because Google Glass is BY FAR the safest way to do ANYTHING in the car because you you never take your eyes off the Road. What’s more dangerous, your phone talking to you, a transparent overlay over the road, or diverting your attention from the road to read a physical map or a printout of directions? What’s more dangerous, saying “ok glass, listen to this” or fiddling with physical controls that you may or may not be familiar with, and looking at the readout to see what song is playing or to find a channel. I could go on, but needless to say Glass is one of the best ‘safe driving tools’ ever made

  • wm snyder

    Google makes self driving cars…hmmm maybe there some new tech coming for G.G.

  • wm snyder

    they need to ban passengers There very distracting!

  • wm snyder

    gg purpose is to be used while walking,going into a store or daily use by customer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rie-hPVJ7Sw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • wm snyder

      in the clip above Sergay was asked how distracting it was?

  • Sirx

    Complete waste of time and nothing but pure posturing. If a driver wants to distract him/herself while driving, (s)he will. All this is doing is stifling technology before it’s even gotten off the ground.

  • duke69111

    I would like to be there for the discussion.

    Lawmaker 1: I propose we ban google glass.
    Lawmaker 2: What’s google glass
    case closed.

  • This is pretty ridiculous. I think this would be better for navigating than having to turn your head off the road to look at a gps…SMH

  • Trevor

    They should make google Sunglasses for driving

  • Trevor

    These are not evil lawmakers they’re not liberals who support socialized healthcare.

  • Mason Lammers

    Ridiculousness. Good thing is cops will have a hard time seeing people are using Google Glass. Very minimal design. Otherwise we will all be forced to continue the text below the dash move.

  • Tony Allen

    Yes, let’s totally start banning use of a product that isn’t even a product yet. lol

  • Glass should somehow detect when you are behind the wheel and disable itself aside from answering calls or other things that require no distraction from looking at where you are going.

    • sirmeili

      There would be no logical way of doing this that wouldn’t hinder your ability to use it if you’re not the driver (say a passenger in the car, on a bus and so on).

      • Mark Wilk

        I think a feature that would allow me to tell Google Glass when I’m driving so it kicks it into a pseudo airplane mode (disable everything but navigation HUD) would be nice.

        • sirmeili

          That is fine, and I could even see other things available while driving (weather updates of upcoming storms, etc).

          There are plenty of valid uses for Glass while driving, some people just want to ban it because a few select would abuse it, and that I’m against.

    • yes because looking at something in your field of vision is SOOO much worse than looking at something out of your field of vision, like a car stereo, speedometer, your window control buttons, or about 80 other things you do in your car that aren’t in your direct line of sight, like Google Glass would be.

  • As a West Virginian, this is pretty disappointing.

  • I don’t know, I think it kind of acts as a HUD, you may be able to mulit-task better because you keep your head up!

  • I actually agree with this. While I’m really excited for Google Glass and can’t wait to get one (eventually…), I don’t want a bunch of people driving around being distracted by a screen in the corner of their eye instead of focusing on driving.

    • sirmeili

      We do this already with GPS navigation, speedometers, radios, and so on.

      Lets not forget the distraction of passengers in the car.

  • Daniel

    umm, have they even banned talking on cell phones while driving in WV?? Might want to start with that and texting bans first…

    • Or how about something better, how about we just don’t ban anything and let people live their lives. Nanny state politicians are the bane of all of us.

  • Tim242

    In case you haven’t heard the real warning of using Google Glass, here’s a heads up. By using just one eye to use it, it will cause the other eye to become a lazy eye. It will reduce vision in the left eye and it could become crossed. Google has been warned by Optometrists.

    • JBartcaps


      • Tim242

        It may sound funny, but it’s not. This is 100% true.

  • alex drum

    I like the idea of a driving mode that would display a motorists speed and or navigation prompts but it would not allow anything else such as texts, emails, and internet searches. I think a ban is ok and if google does make a “safe driving mode” they could present their case and show that it would not be a danger.

  • Tim242

    Timotato…why do you post so many titles with question marks?

  • AJ

    It may encourage people to look down at their cell phone instead looking through a clear display in front of your face.

  • Joey

    My 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix has an integrated heads-up display (HUD) going to ban that too? Get a life.

    Additionally, a law is only as good as it is enforceable.

    Thirdly, West Virginia would be the state to pass legislation keeping them in the stone age.

    • Josh

      Does your HUD let you read/write emails, tweets, Facebook messages, text messages? If Google Glass doesn’t come out with automatic non-overridable disabling of features when driving then it should be banned.

      • Joey

        No, but my phone currently does. It is up to me to make smart decisions and not look at that stuff while driving. If you need big brother to hold your hand throughout life and keep you “safe” there are places you can go.

        • Alan

          Have fun getting rear ended or hit while walking by people texting, eating, putting makeup on, using Google Glass, etc.. You have no control over that. Those should all be illegal while driving.

          • sirmeili

            And they are, under “distracted diving” laws. Let’s not create laws to cover stuff we already have laws for.

            If you use your GG and it is distracting, it can be covered under those laws, but if I use it and it doesn’t distract me (for instance for navigation), then why shouldn’t be allowed to use it?

          • Joey

            Very well put, thank you.

          • Joey

            The only thing in your list that could serve a purpose while driving is Glass. Navigation, speed warning, road conditions, accidents. You are focusing on the bad uses and bad choices people will make, thinking this will stop those very people from doing it…it wont.

          • sirmeili

            I agree, the only way to really know that someone was wearing GG and it caused an accident, is after the accident, which would be no different than if it was legal. At this point, as I said earlier, it would fall under existing distracted driving laws.

            How about we educate instead of legislate. Sure there will still be people who don’t follow common sense, but as you said, laws won’t stop that.

    • Guest

      HAHAHA Pontiac LOL SCRUB

  • Then they need to Ban HUDs in vehicles, Google Glass at it’s core is just a HUD, and it would be easy for Google Glass to have a driving mode that limits features.

    • Josh

      Do you know if it has this?

      If Google Glass doesn’t come out with automatic non-overridable disabling of features when driving then it should be banned.

      • Joey

        Do we know it doesn’t have that before banning?

        Sounds like we don’t know enough to be legislating…wait that’s usually how it goes.

        • Tomas

          I agree that legislation is too early but if GG is released without driving safeguards then it should be banned while driving at that time until such safeguards are present and can’t be disabled.

    • Mark Wilk

      How is it going to know if you are driving? They tried this with smartphones, it doesn’t work.

    • Octotron

      All you would need to do is use the GPS to force it to disable when moving above a certain speed threshold.

      Law makers aren’t very smart…

  • Finire

    Oddly enough, an augmented reality with something like Google Glass, and integrated car sensors, could actually make driving much safer.

    For one, I think it’d be easier to follow a GPS on Glass, than for me to look down and to the side away from the window…

  • I drive better when I’m texting.

    • alex drum

      you should go to colorado and “safely” text and drive in the mountains and save another persons life.

      • We have a “no texting and driving” law here in Colorado.

    • Mark Wilk

      I hope you filled out the organ donor section of your license application so others can benefit from your “driving skills”.

  • Green

    I agree with the banning. I think it would be more distracting to the driver than talking or texting. GG involves visuals, right? Yeah, I would love to be rear-ended by someone wearing GG. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you. I was reading my emails.”

    • Tom

      I agree with the banning too. It’s too late to ban the existing distractions like the radio, CD players, navs, etc. without having too much of an uproar. Banning the obviously distracting Google Glass preemptively is good.

      Have you seen the videos of people using it and while talking to someone? Like Sergey’s wife. Pretty bad.

      • I’m not so sure. If it has an automatic navigation or auto-off feature when driving, that would be perfect. I don’t think it will be that distracting, you wouldn’t have to look down at your console to check your next turn. Obviously this is speculation – I want Glass to do well, it may be extremely distracting.

        • Alr

          Except people would also be texting, reading messages, surfing the internet, etc. in addition to navigation.

          Legislation is too early but when Google Glass is officially released and these non-alterable safeguards are not implemented then it should be banned.

          I also would like eating, putting on make up and shaving to be banned whole driving.

          • I’m sure there could be software blocks for this sort of thing. I agree that the ban is waaaay too early.

          • Trevor

            What if you are a passenger in the car? no way to do so

          • Steering wheel recognition? I don’t know. Hah

          • Joey

            Distracted driving…currently banned in all 50 states. There fixed.

      • Mike Boodoo

        Did you grow up in the forties?

        • Mack

          Your sarcasm detector is broken.

      • Green

        They appear to not be aware of their immediate surroundings.

      • IMO, this is more about the actual blocking of your vision then the distraction it may cause. I completely support it.

    • r0lct

      They better ban smart watches while driving as well before they get off the ground. Then you’re completely looking away from the road.

    • Josh

      If Google Glass doesn’t come out with automatic non-overridable disabling of features when driving then it should be banned.

      • Joey


        • James

          Says the other parrot.

          • Joey

            Sorry, no copy-paste, no parrot. Do try again.

          • Luis

            So then you’re a crappy parrot.

          • Joey

            I guess most of us are terrible parrots, aren’t we? Hadn’t though of it that way. 🙂

    • Joey

      You can just be regular rear-ended then for any number of existing reasons, makeup, food, phone.

      Driving itself is premised on visuals: signs, lights, signals. How about some augmentation that assists these visuals to be more prevalent and make a driver more safe? Warns them when their eyes are not on the road. Didn’t think about that scenario did ya? Jumped right on than ban-dwagon.

      • guy

        Has Google said Glass will have these features as default from the start? If not then it should be banned.

        Also, putting on making up and eating while driving should also be illegal. Using the phone is already illegal in some states.

        • Joey

          I agree people should not be applying makeup or eating while driving. However, what I was getting at is that the OP appeared to advocate banning out of a fear of being rear ended by someone wearing glass. I was attempting to counter by showing that they could be rear ended for any number of reasons independent of glass and that glass alone is not the problem. If the OP scenario actually occurred, you would be blaming glass for the accident and not the person wearing it/driving.

        • Sherman J. Buster

          Why should eating be banned? If I eat a cheeseburger while driving, I never even have to look away from the road. It isn’t like I’m going to try to eat a steak while driving. However, I completely agree with you about make up.

      • Green

        I didn’t jump on any ban-dwagon, thank you.

      • aQuickBit

        I’m going to build off of your post with the FOR Glass. What about people who live in the north who experience whiteout conditions during the winter, people who live in the west who deal with sand/dust storms, or just extreme fog in general? With Google Glass it could show you the speed limit or oncoming stop signs if you can’t see them. It could also show oncoming intersections so you don’t slam on your breaks and then you get rear-ended. It would actually PREVENT accidents. As a person who grew up by Buffalo, NY I would find these a big help.

    • sirmeili

      It’s called distracted driving and it’s already illegal. There is no reason to ban a whole product while driving because some people might misuse it.

      Also, aren’t the visuals limited to the upper right? meaning sure, you’d have to look away, but it would be no different then looking away from the road to check your speed, check your GPS, change the station on the radio and so on.’

      • Gi

        Seems much more invasive compared to speed: you have to dramatically shift your focus with Glass, while with speed it’s only a quick glance away. I hope more companies take the Honda Civic approach and use digital speedometers positioned directly underneath the windshield: absolutely brilliant!

        • sirmeili

          So you’re saying that it is different then shifting my focus from 20+ feet in front of me, to <3' in front of me is all that different then looking at the HUD provided by Glass? I don't see your point as it makes no sense.

          Looking at hte speedometer FORCES you to change your focus, just like Glass would.

          Like i've said before, the only way you'd know someone is using is most likely AFTER an accident has occurred at which point, this could easily fall under existing distracted driving laws. No officer is going to see you using them while driving down the street.

    • Sirx

      Unfortunately, I am not registered to downvote your comment, but rest assured the urge is burning. Is this the new hipster thing? “Oh my gawd–Google Glass is going to destroy the future! Ban it naw!!!” Give me a break.

      Guess what? If a person is stupid enough to read emails, text message, watch cute cat videos, etc. while driving, THEY ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW! On that big, shiny smart phone screen of theirs. in cars right behind you, no less. The existence of this technology will not aggravate any stupidity that is not already present and being acted upon by today’s driver–nor will banning it eliminate said stupidity.

      And please don’t support lawmakers wasting their time on garbage like this. What, did they get tired of NOT solving the problems that their constituents face today? Did they have to switch to NOT solving the problems of the future!

      • Jeff

        That’s why some states have banned the use of your phone while driving. Texting is banned too. Eventually, they’ll have to update the laws to include emailing, surfing the net, watching videos, etc.

        I have noticed less people talking on their phones while driving since the ban. I guess fines are the only to get stupid people to understand.

        • Cowboydroid

          We should ban car accidents, too, maybe then people will get in less accidents!

      • Rick

        I don’t mind people talking on their phone, texting, emailing, watching videos, putting on makeup, shaving, etc. while driving. That means I can sue for lots of money when I get hit! Better odds than the Lotto. I already got rear-ended from people texting. Now with Google Glass, I’ll get hit even more often! Just keep adding to the distractions!

        • renGek

          a lot of good that lawsuit will do when you’re dead from the accident.

          • Joe

            Sounds more like Rick is agreeing that Google Glass is likely to make things worse especially if it doesn’t come with built-in safeguards to prevent idiots from having another way to get distracted while driving.

        • alex drum

          what about all the dead people? i definitely mind people doing it… but i get it, you were trying to be funny.

      • Green

        I can’t downvote yours, either, so I guess we’re even. 🙂 <—Please note the smiley. I'm not here to fight.
        We were asked for our opinions. I gave mine. Apparently, you took it very personal. I'm a little confused about that.
        I am against anything that distracts a driver. Some people take driving way too casual and sometimes that ends in tragedy.


      what about
      smart watches, smartphones, GPS navigators, tablets, e-books, mp3 players, car sound and girls in the car?

      • Josh

        All banned. No wait, you get distracted by girls in a car? Are you 13?

        • Timothy McGovern

          Are you gay?

  • Austin Warren

    They wanna do this but not legalize marijuana?

    • Austin Warren

      Everyone down voting should know that you’re hurting this economy.

  • EC8CH

    Why are billboards along the interstate legal then?

    • Finire

      Because they put money in the states pocket. Most of those billboards one way or another feed cash back to the states, towns, etc…

    • JDub

      Don’t try to make a logical point here. Apparently the comment section is overflowing with liberals.

      • Austin Warren

        At least we’re not stupid.

        • JDub

          I know you are but what am I. What kind of second grade rebuttal is that. In fact you are too stupid to make your own decisions in that you would need legislation to control every aspect of your life.

          • JDub

            As well, you think that said legislation would actually make it safer.

          • Austin Warren

            You belong to a party that believes womans system shut down when they are raped.

          • JDub

            Another uneducated biased response from an idiot that categorize all people belonging to one group based off one person’s idiotic response. Of which he was shunned by the whole Republican party for that response. Think for yourself and don’t assume the rest of us can’t.

          • Austin Warren

            Lets see. At least 5 said similar statements, and Fox News is a joke. Especially with their made up math equations.

          • JDub

            I guess I should stop feeding the troll, but here it goes. You can’t back your stuff up with any proof and obviously produce your opinions from a biased news source. I figured you would bring up Fox News sooner, as Liberals think it’s their gotcha trump card. So please come with actual proof of these five instances or even two as you are clearly making stuff up now that you have nothing.

          • Tony Allen

            The fact that you just used a ‘gotcha’ punch line should say something on it’s own. lol

          • JDub

            Reading comprehension isn’t your best suit is it. For it to be a punchline it would need to be a joke. Says something huh?

          • JDub

            I suppose you are going to say we are racist if we didn’t vote for Obama.

        • Joey


      • renGek

        You prefer to be conservative and outsource everything?

        • JDub

          Because putting the country into further debt and leading to a possible bankrupt nation is better?

  • 4n1m4L

    Lawmakers need to find better ways to spend their time.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Yes, please pass laws banning use of Glass while driving. Sure, having a heads up display is better than looking down to see your phone in your lap. But you know what’s even better? not having any obstruction at all. Watch the road people, not your Facebook feed.

    • Tirionfive

      I am sure glass will have a built in feature that prevents social media while navigating. Don’t be an asshat.

      • Mark Wilk

        Go Hawkeyes makes a valid point. It *might* have a built in feature that prevents social media while navigating but probably wont have any built in safeguards for people who are driving and not using any navigation apps. And you can’t have it turn off these features while moving because, just like phones, it wont be smart enough to know when someone is driving vs. someone riding as a passenger. At most, you’ll get the little window that pops up to tell you to not use this feature while operating a vehicle and a little box that says “don’t show me this again.”

        • Joey

          The little warning is all you can ask for, beyond that you are asking the person to make smart decisions. Which we are already asking of people we entrust with the task of driving….

          • Hailey Jack

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        • Morris

          Driving is driving. Doing anything but driving the car should be illegal.

          • The Law

            Talking on the phone: license revoked
            Texting: licensed revoked
            Google Glassing: license revoked
            Changing the radio station: license revoked
            Turning on the A/C: license revoked
            Reaching over to hit your crybaby kid: license revoked and visit from social services
            Putting on makeup: license revoked
            Checking out that girl: license revoked
            Looking at a nav: license revoked
            Dangling things from the rearview mirror: license revoked
            Using a smartphone in any way: license revoked

          • KleenDroid

            Beating Rihanna while on the way to an awards show : license revoked

          • Jose

            I hate it when someone takes forever at a stop sign because they’re busy texting. I bet Google Glass will add to that.

            Idiots will be idiots no matter what the law says. Heck some even do it knowing it’s against the law. They’re called criminals.

          • duesouth

            Hypocrite: license revoked

          • aQuickBit

            “Looking at a nav: license revoked”
            So squinting at a 4.5 inch screen up on your windshield is any better? That is the only legit use for Google Glass while driving.

        • Martin

          I wouldn’t mind a law where if the cause of a crash was texting, watching videos, writing emails, being drunk, staring at your nav, etc. then your penalty gets increased.

          • michael arazan

            Actual West Virginia Laws:

            It is legal for a male to have sex with an animal as long as it does not exceed 40 lbs.

            It is illegal to snooze on a train.

            For each act of public swearing a person shall be fined one dollar.

            Whistling underwater is prohibited.

            An unmarried couple living together can be sent to jail

            It is a crime to ski while drunk.

      • Not on your rooted glass.

        I agree with Go Hawkeyes completely.

        Go Badgers.

    • Joey

      Control my life much? I don’t text, facebook, or anything of the like while driving, but I would like to wear glass for navigational purposes and other appropriate uses that arise as they get into the marketplace.

      • RampageDeluxe

        You may be able to handle it, but there are a lot of people who can’t, who aren’t responsible but would responsible for the people they kill or injure.

        • Joey

          Then take away their license. P.s those same people already commit the offending behaviors with their phones, which is actually more dangerous than on glass.

        • sirmeili

          Then handle them under the already existing distracted driving laws. You should NOT ban a product while driving just because some people might misuse it. if you are going to do that, then lets ban all car stereos in cars as well because some people cause accidents while changing the station on the radio or swapping out CDs, and so on.

        • renGek

          Then we should also ban in car navigation systems or any kind of screen inside your car because I know lots of people won’t can’t handle at their console and still stay in their lane.

        • chris cavan

          Let’s ban automobiles altogether and problem would be fixed. There tons of asshats out there that suck at driving….

    • Matthew Merrick

      Ok, so we’ll take your suggestion and ban children on the vehicle, as they’re just about the biggest distraction you can have

      • Children generally don’t obstruct your vision.

        • Matthew Merrick

          No, they cause your head to look in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE ROAD.
          Which Is much worse, IMHO.

    • of course looking at you facebook feed is stupid, but glasses could be used to make driving safer. Cars already have Heads up displays so you’re information is displayed on the windshield and is one of the things i miss in my current car. That was an idea borrowed from fighter aircraft so you get as much information as possible without having to take your eyes off the road. That technology is evolving though. In the F-35 Joint strike fighter, but HUD is in the pilots helmet so he always has the information in front of him no matter where he’s looking. The plane goes as far as tracking the movement of the pilot’s head so the display is adjusted based on where he’s looking. Android phones already have links to OBD-II computers through bluetooth and are used for navigation all the time. Instead of looking down and fumbling with your phone, you could have that information displayed in your glasses and be a safer driver. With the right apps and data being fed from your car, dashboards could be completely redundant and you would never have to take your eyes off the road.

  • JDub

    Money grab more than anything. Just think of the money we can make citing people for using an electronic that allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Does this mean the holographic speedometer that high end cars have are illegal too?

    • Joey

      Agree. If they can even catch people wearing them in a car.