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The Droid Life Show Episode 20 is Your Weekend Companion


With the weekend upon us, we wanted to remind you that the Droid Life Show episode 20 went down this week and is the perfect accessory to your weekend chores or shopping trips. Significant other forcing you into a stop off at Nordstrom’s shoe section? One ear piece in with the DL Show up will help you burn the hour and a half you are there.

In this week’s episode, we shared our thoughts on the Galaxy S4 event (phone, Broadway show, reactions, etc.), discussed HTC’s continued troubles, jumped into the Motorola rumormill, shared some apps, talked about Google’s new product Keep, and our hands-on with the new Google Play store version 4.0.

If you can’t our shows live, don’t forget that you can subscribe below and never miss a show.

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  • my GNex finally got 4.2.2 and its so much more efficient and fast. Props to Verizon.

  • scrub175

    Whats up with dude wearing apple ear buds?

  • the whole life campaign thing was hilarious

  • KleenDroid

    I cant believe it

    • I can’t believe how AMAZING this is!

      • Green

        I’m glad you lived in the Bay Area.