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Official: HTC One Coming to North America Before the End of April

htc one official

Official word out of HTC this morning gives us the newest timeline for the arrival of the HTC One. The device will arrive next week in the UK, Germany and Taiwan. It won’t see the rest of Europe, most of Asia-Pacific, or North America until some time before the end of April. 

Here is the note we just received:

“HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.”

So there you have it. U.S. folks, you have some time before the UltraPixel is a part of your life. You also have more time to decide if you want the Galaxy S4 or the One, which is a situation HTC was probably hoping to avoid.

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  • Daistaar

    On another bad note for HTC, anyone notice that Verizon has stopped advertising the Droid DNA on TV and has been heavily running commercials / Promotion of the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD?

  • Octotron

    HTC is driving me right into the hands of Samsung, whether they think their phone is better or not. WOuld have loved to get this phone, but the delay in release and the uncertainty of its availability on VZW is making it way too easy to just say “screw it”.

    It is seeming all of the trash marketing against the S4 is for naught for literally tens of millions of people. /marketfail

    • paul_cus

      So, clearly you were on the fence that a slight delay makes you say screw it to getting the One.

      • Octotron

        Pretty much. Work pays for my phones. I get to choose and have a smashed up Note 2 right now. I want the One, but I see little point in waiting for some sort of news to come down the pipe regarding it. It really is a shame.

    • LionStone

      You really think that VZW will pass on the One? I don’t think so…they just have to figure out where to put their logo because usually its on the top under the glass. That other model number floating around is so close to the DNA number what else could it be?

      • itznfb

        The One would do absolutely nothing for VZW. They passed on the entire previous One series. Of course they would pass on it. Why wouldn’t they?

  • ChrisI

    Which means the Mexican cartels will get ot use this before us.

  • NexusMan

    Then they should have announced it “sometime in the beginning of April.”

  • JakeS41

    Well this is just heart breaking. I was really hoping it wouldn’t be THIS big of a delay. HTC needs to crap or get off the pot here. Since the phone is delayed – I feel like they need to run a giant marketing campaign (and a damn good one) to generate as much hype about this phone as they can. This really is sink or swim for them right now and so far, they are having a hard time treading water. If I was Samsung, I would do everything in my power to land a kill shot on US soil and have the GS4 out in stores before the One. I don’t care for the GS4, but it is a good enough phone to win over those that are on the fence about which one. It could cost HTC millions of potential customers.

    I will continue to wait for it – but this isn’t looking good for HTC at the moment. And where is the 2013 marketing that they are supposed to be improving?

  • SterlingPhoenix

    I kinda want this phone.

    Unlocked and not tied to a provider.

    And with CyanogenMod support.

    • NemaCystX

      Won’t get that with the S4 thats for sure

      • Austin Warren

        Cyanogen Mod is on the S3. Nobody said it wouldn’t be on the S4.

        • New_Guy

          The team said that they have made no decisions on the S4 yet, since it’s not even in their hands yet. Which is true to form when it comes to CM

      • SterlingPhoenix

        That was a misquote/overreaction.

        That said, I am NOT a fan of Samsung phones. I have a Galaxy Nexus now and it’s one of the reasons I lost faith in the Nexus line…

        • New_Guy

          If it’s tied to VZW, then it’s uch more a VZW update policy thing than a Samsung thing.

          • SterlingPhoenix

            It’s not, it’s an unlocked Galaxy Nexus running the latest CyanogenMod. My problem with Samsung is how… non-substantial/cheap the thing feels. My problem with the Nexus line is the whole no SD card thing, which would be OK if they weren’t limited to 16GB.

            But we’ll see what get announced at Google I/O.

          • Austin Warren

            Google was the one who had say on design. Samsung just made it. So I mean, you can’t blame them entirely.

          • SterlingPhoenix

            Yup, and you’ll note I have some things I say I don’t like about Samsung (cheap materials, etc) and some I say I don’t like about the Nexus line, i.e. Google (lack of SD card, etc).

          • New_Guy

            Honestly, I am not a fan of the no SD card expansion. One of the main reasons I passed up on it and the N4. Some people postulated that you could not have expandable storage and multiple user accounts on the same device. But, my TF300T has both with no issues. So not sure why this trend even got started.

          • SterlingPhoenix

            Apparently having two different storage areas is “confusing” for users.

  • Chris King

    Maybe those are their strongest markets. You want to make sure you have enough phones to get out to all of them first

  • Tyler Casilio

    Maybe so they can update the other phones to Sense 5.0…….wait that doesn’t make sense because then why buy the htc One? So then Sense 5.0/4.2.2 to the other phones is now later then before……..this..this is why people have a problem with updates that aren’t like Google’s/TMobile Same Day Update

  • NemaCystX

    Given the historical release timeline of Verizon’s HTC phones, I still think the HTC One may arrive on Verizon

    April is the month the first two DROID Incredible’s came out, followed up by the HTC Incredible 4G LTE the following July

    Spring Releases:
    2010 – OG DROID Incredible – April 28
    2011 – DROID Incredible 2 – April/May
    2012 – DROID Incredible 4G LTE – July

    Holiday Releases: (Note: ThunderBolt is under this category because of reason below)
    2010 – HTC ThunderBolt (was originally planned for Nov 2010) (delayed till March 2011)
    2011 – HTC ThunderBolt – March 17
    2011 – HTC ReZound – November
    2012 – HTC DROID DNA – November/December

    See a pattern here?
    Its not out of the question that Verizon would still release another HTC phone so close to the release of the DNA

    To me, I see the releases in the Holiday season as fillers until the true flagships arrive in the early Spring/Summer dates. The DNA was just to jump start Holiday sales

    • Daistaar

      Seems more like their premium phones are before the holidays and the sub-par / mid-range phones are in the spring…

      • SGS4-TheNextBigFlop

        Thats what i have said for months. Verizon may get a lower end “HTC ONE”

  • punkroyale

    From HTC’s recent comments and pokes at Samsung, it really makes them appear desperate. No one is attracted to desperate.

    • BobButtons

      That’s what I was thinking. I’m neutral with all Android companies, but for some reason Samsung’s marketing against the iPhone seemed comical while HTC’s seem, like you said, desperate.

      • Tim242

        Samsung ads targeted the iPhone for being the same design as the year before. “How will anyone know that I have the new one?”. Then they turned right around and did the same thing. Not enough people have pointed this out.

        • good point…. However, the S4 is nothing like the S3 internally, and the iphone5 is almost identical from a software side. But then again, you hate Samsung more than Apple, so I can see how that would drive ya crazy. The S4 (and the iphone5) are great phones, really not much else to say there, they are top dogs in a tough industry

          • Tim242

            You think I hate Samsung? Just because someone criticizes something, doesn’t mean they hate it.

            ~ Sent from my Note II

        • yes how am gonna make feel everybody envy about my phone?

  • Licid

    F*cking Bull Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Dunn

    All this makes me want to do is wait until we see what Motorala has to unveil at the google I/o in May. that device could end up being the winner here.

    • Time is definitely not on HTC’s side.

      • EC8CH

        So what your “saying” is you know GooMoto is dropping the bomb in May at I/O so HTC is running out of time…. I heard ya.

        • New_Guy

          Not to mention the mighty S4 is coming to market in April. Damn, it sucks to be HTC right now. If I were them, I would pull an LG and just release what I have, say “screw it” to the back orders, and just try to make headway where I could. This is really bad news for HTC.

          • chris125

            doing that would make it even worse though, especially if people started having problems.

          • LionStone

            Pre-orders have already been shipping out since mid-March…people are getting them. Its just going to be a slower roll-out than expected worldwide.

    • itznfb

      Yuuuuup. 2013 has been quite a bust so far. Heres to hoping Google/Moto will save us.

  • BobArum

    Failure to meet expectation, deadlines, launch dates, and demand…excellent start HTC.

    • JoshGroff
      • Austin Warren

        It is when they made themselves that way.

      • Bruce

        Read the article again.

        • JoshGroff

          Hence not entirely, it is mostly, but when you’re expecting huge sales and getting none, order changes are kind of expected.

    • Warwick

      April 29 2013

    • NemaCystX

      Its not HTC’s fault, the suppliers are to blame here because once a company starts making less, the suppliers have worry that they may not get paid so they shift priority to their other clients. I’ve seen this happen in Retail too. Before Circuit City went bankrupt, about 6 months before, we started receiving less and less shipments of high volume merchandise and lost some brands as a result, we lost Gateway and eMachines (same company). We nearly lost Samsung because of the debt we had with them (over $80million) but Samsung saw us a valuable reseller (Marketshare to get their brand to as many people as possible) and kept us as their top reseller. Unfortunately, now its BestBuy that is the top reseller

      anyway, just some interesting facts to show since you decided to put the blame entirely on HTC. You can’t meet all those requirements if your suppliers are abandoning you or giving you less product because of your financial situation.

      Its like a paradox, you need supply to meet demand but you can’t because your previous demand and sales wasn’t enough to keep your suppliers faithful enough in you to need that for such demand.

      Its like some jobs require a good credit score to be able to get a job. You can’t get a good credit score if you don’t have the money to get such credit score. Its a recurring cycle. Its stupid since you need money to be able to even apply for credit.

      Co-Signing isn’t always going to get you the credit you need either.

      Many different examples on how the economy works and doesn’t work

      • chris125

        actually it is HTC’s fault, they couldn’t meet the expectations so they get put on the back burner. If they would sell the devices they thought they would they wouldn’t have been pushed aside for other customers.

      • Daistaar

        There’s no such thing as over-selling, or rather no real negative impact. The same does not hold true for under-selling.

  • skinja99

    Well, I wish HTC the best. But that is too long. Everyone in the US will have forgotten about it by then.

    It might do well if it was released next week. But 4 weeks from now, only a few folks will buy.
    Couple that with the lack of storage and now being on VZW, and it will only have mediocre sales….Which is too bad since the more competition there is, the better things are for us, the consumers. Ya know, if the HTC One sold like crazy, it might force Samsung to consider an all metal or unibody design, for example.

    • NemaCystX

      Exactly, there like Apple in that way, Samsung is getting cocky and not bothering with a major redesign or better quality materials because they don’t have any need to if the consumers buy it as it is. Apple does the same thing, they got cocky with iOS and iPhone releases, changing very little and saving mediocre features as updates for headliners in the upcoming iOS releases…

      But when other brands start chipping away at their marketshare, thats when competition gets fierce. For Apple, it was lawsuits, For Samsung it was producing a cheaper handset with equivalent features and more, targeting Apple fans. Its quite obvious, that users want a larger screen as well.

      For HTC there focusing on high quality materials and gorgeous design that rivals that of the iPhone this time around and aiming for both Apple’s and Samsung’s marketshare, who wouldn’t? They are currently the kings in the smartphone market.

      Judging by the polls on various websites though, Samsung might have less sales than the S4 if people don’t buy into the “Galaxy S III S” upgrade that Apple pushes on its fans.

      HTC One has been getting alot of support from the developer community as being the handset to get because its more hacker friendly than Samsung’s is

      HTC One was also voted as most likely purchase over the Galaxy S4

      • Austin Warren

        Making it metal is the only high quality thing about it. They went back in time with a 4mp camera which nobody wants. Other brand have a removable battery, SD slot, Micro HDMI, etc. Theres a reason nobody wants to buy their phones.

        • NemaCystX

          Not everyone needs those, can’t you see that HTC is clearly targeting an audience that doesn’t need those? Hint: Its a healthy red fruit

          Alot of users are straying from iOS and coming to Android and aiming for the Galaxy S3. HTC is aiming for that same audience, it shows in their design

          • Austin Warren

            lol, Apple fans are entirely different.

          • Alyssa Christopher

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          • New_Guy

            It’s true that not everyone is interested in those features. The issue is that a lot of people ARE interested in those in those features. In fact, when I heard the One would be missing a lot of features I look at as standard (and a heck of a lot of other people do as well) it was immediately a no go for me. Not spending that kind of money when a product for the same price can offer me so much more, whether I use the features or not (which trust me, I will).

          • If having a removable battery and a mSD slot were import factors for most consumers then Apple wouldn’t be the number one handset manufacturer. I’ve had my current phone for almost 2 years have have 9 GB of my 16GB SD card free because of cloud storage. For most consumers, there aren’t many file types that NEED to be stored on an SD. It’s much more beneficial for that memory to be internal if needed.

          • New_Guy

            Brandon, of you think Apple is still the number one OEM in the world then you’ve been living under a rock. Its actually Samsung, and its not even close. And for the aforementioned reasons….

          • Alex

            As android fans we like to get lost in this because of overall volume and it is completely not comparable. Apple has came out with 5 phones total. And those 5 phones dominate. There is no denying that.

          • in your world that is true not in the grown up world

          • Also, you’re being pedantic about the overall point of my comment. These features aren’t must-have features for the general consumer. You don’t have a proper retort and any anecdotal experience you have is vastly irrelevant in comparison to the millions of consumers who buy Apple and Nexus devices…

          • that is because most of the iphone users dont need technology and dont know a sh**t about phones they only need to have what is fashion is like saying jkrowling is the greatest writer because her books are biggest sellers,apple users dont count they re sheeps dont need to think!

          • SGS4-TheNextBigFlop

            Most people don’t know what HDMI is.

          • New_Guy

            ….. Actually, most people who own a bluray player know what HDMI is. The technology is not new….

          • SGS4-TheNextBigFlop

            Actually android lost users to iOS(according to the most recent ComScore marketshare reports).

        • JakeS41

          There is actually a lot more than “metal” making it high quality. Saying its the only thing would by default invalidate a lot of what makes your beloved GS4 “high quality”. 1080p Screen, Snapdragon 600, etc. They also innovated and gave the phone amazing speakers – something I wish more companies would do. Plenty of people want this phone – just read the comments on any post about the phone. Or can you?

          • Austin Warren

            Um, Loud speakers…..Oh that’s definitely innovation


          • JakeS41

            stereo front facing speakers (not seen on any other phone)


          • michael arazan

            We all know that Sense doesn’t make it high quality

        • Daistaar

          Why do people keep saying the One has a 4MP camera? It’s 4 Ultra Pixels which is supposed to be the equivalent of a 13MP camera. Also, sadly i don’t think anyone cares about SD storage. I do and I’m sure the DL community does, but the general consumer is still carrying an iPod in addition to their smart phone (which seems…dumb lol). See it all the time in NYC and I’m sure it’s the same most other places.

          • Austin Warren

            Because it is 4MP, and no not even close to 13MP

          • WaySmarterThanYou

            dude are you dumb? read into it, mega and ultra are 2 different words. Look at the comparison pics. Stop being a waste of life.

      • chris125

        They aren’t “getting cocky” they are looking for brand recognition and do not need to change just to change. They added plenty from the s3-s4 just because it doesn’t look much different doesn’t mean they havent.

    • New_Guy

      It is really unfortunate that HTC is missing their dealine beause the S4 is coming out in April and good luck HTC when happens. They will be missing tens of thousands of sales for this mistep and they will not be able to recover them very quickly if at all. Just another “Ouch” moment for HTC.

      Kind of sad, really.

    • itznfb

      At least they are ahead of Sony… I’d love a Xperia Z but by the time it gets to the US… who knows it could be discontinued by that point.

  • BobButtons

    Doesn’t matter if they don’t announce a Verizon version. As much as I’d prefer to switch carriers VZW has the best coverage in my area. All the HTC marketing is pointless if it’s not even an option!

    • Eion

      From the internal document I saw it appears the phone is coming to VZW.

      • Tim242

        That was a bad Walmart document. Not credible at all.

      • from the non internal document I saw, the official HTC twitter account, it stated there will not be a verizon HTC One, what is complicated about that

  • Austin Warren

    “Unprecedented” fits in there perfectly.

    • mos0ne

      Megapixels mean jack fish on a camera…unless you’re printing out lifesize blown up images or fine cropping. Larger sensors, color, and shapening algorithms are far more important. With the right internals, anything over 7 mp is a gimmick. That’s why you can buy a 100 mp can on the cheap…and some 10mp cameras are over $6,000. Don’t buy into the mp hype.

      • Austin Warren

        You must not have read the reviews on the HTC One camera. 4MP can’t make quality photos, at all.

        • mos0ne

          Who’s reviews would that be? Why don’t you check the camera out for yourself when it comes out…guarantee it beats the brakes off my crap GS III camera… Anything less than perfect light and my cam is worthless. Not so on the One. Besides…you can take the best cam hardware in the world…put cm on the phone and now your awesome cam is software crippled.

          • Austin Warren

            My Note 2 takes the highest quality picture i’ve ever seen. I’m not going to sit here and argue with someone who thinks 4mp can take pictures. Just enjoy your pictures and know that it could probably look a lot better.

          • mos0ne

            Not arguing this is probably a good idea… Inform yourself first..Google is your friend.

          • azndan4

            ^Samsung fanboy . You guys are even worse than the Motorola fanboys.

          • Austin Warren

            I never even mentioned Samsung. Good job.

          • Earl Dibbles Jr

            He’s the worst Samsung nutswinger on Droid Life

        • Daistaar

          Austin, It’s not 4 MegaPixels. It’s 4 UltraPixels. Very different. Think different as in 2GB Vs. 2TB different. They’re not the same thing yet you continuously refer to it as 4MP.

          • Austin Warren

            Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Tim242

        If what you are saying were true, then they could have used a 1 MP camera. MP do matter up to a certain point. You can’t even crop a 4MP picture. It would look a mess. Reviewers have slammed the overall quality, and even say that there is too much noise in the low-light pics.

        • LionStone

          I’ve seen many reviews that say it does pretty well too. Every HTC phone I’ve had takes great photos/video for a phone camera. Some reviews also don’t bother changing any settings so the best, real exposures aren’t achieved. The One excels in low light and will do fine for a phone/cam.

          • Tim242

            In a time when cell phone cameras are replacing point and shoots, 4MP is far from enough. You are just making excuses for them.

          • LionStone

            My old point and shoot is 3.2mp, the One with 300% more light 4mp, 2.0 is still good enough for sharing, mobile purposes, etc. You’re making excuses for people that don’t know how to take pictures 🙂

      • Justin Barrett

        Truth. Megapixels are a marketing gimmick. Doesn’t mean crap unless the sensors and lens are quality and it can take shots in low light. My old HTC Incredible was one of the first 8MP cameras on a smartphone and that camera was garbage.

  • JMillion

    mic drop

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