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Archos Android-Powered GamePad Now on Sale Online For $180


Yesterday, people noticed that the Archos GamePad became available through select online retailers. It is priced at a low $179, and features a 7″ 1024×600 5-point touch display, a dual-core A9 processor with 1GB of RAM, and a quad-core GPU. Sure, it’s no Project SHIELD, but this would be a perfect gift for a game-loving child or as a flight companion. 

Below, I have placed the hands-on video that Kellen and myself recorded at this year’s CES.

Picking one up?

Hands-on video:


Via: Google Shopping | Engadget

  • Rbq

    I don’t need any more damn tablets but given that it’s in impulse-buy territory, I will probably end up with it….

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    ‘It’s no project shield’ Wtf it’s better look well at least better looking I’d take this over the fugly shield thing.

  • hkklife

    I have to admit, it’s not a bad device but anything from Archos gives me chills (in a bad way). If they had given it a Tegra 3, a full 1280×800 screen, and 16Gb of internal storage they might really have had something. But 1024×600 and 8Gb internal storage are too little for anything but kiddie titles in this post-Nexus 7 day and age!

    I REALLY with Sony gone with a full-fledged Android-based PSP successor instead of the Vita. Anyone remember the Tapwave Zodiac? Think of that but atop Android and with Sony quality and industry-standard ports/media.

  • itznfb

    If I had this I would just play NFS Most Wanted all damn day. Side note… why do most of these handheld devices look like they were designed in 1985?

    • zurginator

      Because [good] designers are expensive, so that’s one of the first places they cut costs. That’s also why a lot of devices are clones of existing devices (the POS Chinese phones, for example), because it means they don’t need a designer.

      • itznfb

        A flat rectangle would be more modern and look better though… and probably feel better in hand.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    They really improved its aesthetics. Looks really nice, much much better than Project Shield, but there’s not much point in me getting it when my phone is significantly more powerful. Good price point though.

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    The buttons do not look comfortable. I guess I’d have to try one out in person to say for certain but I’m doubtful.

  • Sooo… It’s a better version of the PSP Vita?

    • I think the Vita has a more powerful CPU, well the GPU is definitely better in it.

      • New_Guy

        Yeah….but no Android OS 🙂

        • There are a ton of games I would love to play from the Play Store, but no hardware buttons/controls on my phone make me pass them up, and I don’t feel like attaching a gamepad, but this solves that.

    • Sunday Lacrymosa

      @facebook-1024530460:disqus i agree i would buy it 4 $100, it would be cool to play some google play games on this instead of my Sg3, therefore saving my battery on the galaxy

      • michael arazan

        I hope they make a second gen device with more power and ram, if that had this year’s hardware in it, it would be very nice to play with no lag

    • Warwick

      I’m going to stick to my PS Vita.

  • radiohead14

    make it $99 and i’ll consider it just for emulators

    • Damn, you are cheap.

      • Austin Warren

        It’s a cheap device

      • radiohead14

        cool man.. let me know how it is when you buy it

      • radiohead14

        also.. read the reviews for this thing.. then tell me it’s still worth buying at that price

        here, i’ll start you off:

      • You can get the N7 with a quad core CPU and a 12 core GPU for only $20 more!

        • zurginator

          And the N7 is a subsidized device….

  • markopolo

    I would. Lobe this for SNES emulator. .