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DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD Update to Build 9.16.6 is Rolling Out Now

razr hd update

An update for the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD is now available to users as build 9.16.6. The update was approved by Verizon earlier at the end of last week, and after becoming available to a select group of testers for a couple of days, is ready for the rest of you to download and install.

Once updated, you should notice improved audio quality, connectivity all around, and through the camera.

To check to see if the update is ready to be pulled, head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

If you do not feel like waiting, you can manually update using our instructions here.

Cheers BOGY and Angel!

  • worriedtothemaxx

    Does pdanet still work with the update?

  • AlixS

    In general, performance is improved. Question – Before the update, I received notifications on the top left of my home screen letting me know if I had unopened e-mail, voicemail, etc. The others are still there, but the e-mail notification isn’t working anymore. Does anyone know a way to add that back?

  • Tom

    Anyone else get 9.16.6, goto bed with 40% and wake up to a brick? No signs of life or charging from multiple sources!!

    • I noticed my Razr Maxx HD runs significantly warmer than before and the battery life suddenly went to pot. It’s as if there’s a process running that’s chewing up the CPU and draining the battery.

      • Update: I contacted Verizon yesterday and told them what was going on. They had me try a factory reset on the phone. Wasn’t my first choice, since I had done a lot of customization, but they said that I had to do that before they could move on to trying a phone replacement. Guess what? It worked! I know, I’m shocked, too. My phone battery was at 89 or 90% last night when I went to bed, and I purposely didn’t charge it. This morning at 10:15 AM, it’s at 73%, so I think the problem is solved.

  • What about the Razr m?

  • Tom Z

    Ok, Now that this is done. Hopefully 4.2 isn’t far behind!

  • Brill

    Is anyone having a problem with push email no longer pushing?

  • PopeFrancis

    I regret selling my HD Maxx to get the N4 🙁

    • Billyt

      You should – battery life is so key

  • Ayyy

    Got mine at 1am.

    This update definitely squashed bugs to improve performance. It’s much smoother/faster all around. Not just in my head either, been using this phone stock for a while. As mentioned before, I’m sure Nova launcher helps too (but it was installed before the update also). Great update!

    Been using the 4.2 camera (download “snap camera”) which helps a lot so not sure about the camera improvements.

    Thanks for letting us know about the update DL! Even thought you guys could care less haha

  • Guest

    RAZR 1st Edition update also rolling out. The performance boost is quite noticeable….made my day 🙂

  • Jesu

    Does this bring back USB Charge Only mode?

    • Board373


      • Alan

        That sucks. Anyone know if any ROMs add it back in?

  • cancerous_it

    The person in charge of testing and releasing updates in VZW must have recently woken up from a year long coma.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Just downloaded and installed the update. Not much I can say about it except that the camera is much noticeably faster now and the HDR mode actually works. Haha. And the speakers are much louder now (as if they weren’t loud enough to begin with haha). Other than those two enhancements, didn’t notice anything else.

  • Updated it this morning while half awake! I’m glad it took less time to get it out to everyone than it did when first updating to Jelly Bean. It seems a lot smoother now to me although I might just be imagining things

    • Board373

      I am having the same experience, seems much smoothly and more responsive with update, but you start to feel like you are imagining it…

  • Downloading now.

    • Having it for about an hour now I think the phone is more responsive and smoother… but beyond that, can’t give much more feedback yet.

      • Board373


  • Anon

    This is making it so hard for me to wait for the same update to my Bionic. Hope all of you RAZR owners are enjoying your updates. =)

    • hkklife

      I honestly feel that the Bionic’s JB update may never actually appear. It’s gonna keep failing VZW’s testing and either Moto or VZW will decide its not worth investing any more time and money in an 18-month old, about to be EOL’d device. Despite all that, I still hope to see JB hit the Bionic in fine form since my wife loves hers now that it has ICS.

  • RazrMaxxGuy

    I did the manual update last week thanks to DL! After a couple of days, it did run noticeably better, smoother through transitions, etc. Great to have Google Now and its functionality. Camera and Gallery were easier to use without the Motorola stuff on it.

  • htowngtr

    I have an unlocked dev edition that I just bought… Do I need to avoid this until I can establish root on 4.1.1 or will it not matter?

  • bogy25

    Thanks DL for posting my alert – will test this out today and let everyone know – I hope it fixed the camera issues.

  • t0ked

    Just updated. I don’t notice much changes from 4.1.1. But then again been only using for 3hours now. It does remove a couple of VZW bloat. Root kept with Voodoo root keeper. Smoothness is same as , for better or for worse.

    • Board373

      2nd the fact Voodoo Root Keeper worked perfectly….Build seems more responsive now for me..

  • Just updated last night, used OTA RootKeeper, everything is running fine. I haven’t really had a chance to test the camera but I mean I really didn’t buy the phone for it’s camera.

    • empowered1

      I unrooted with OTA Rootkeeper and then installed the update but it failed for some unstated reason. I haven’t modified any bloatware so who knows. Anyone else face a similar problem?

      • RBev

        yes. I had the same problem. Only other mods I had were 4.2 camera and sql edit for hotspot

  • droid1

    How’s the camera after the update? That’s the one weak point of that phone…

    • watchthesky

      The focus seems to be a little bit better, the lighting is about the same.

  • Nathan Keeley

    Wonder when the RAZR M will get this update

    • kixofmyg0t

      The RAZR M already is on 4.1.2. Has been for awhile now.

      • Nathan Keeley

        No the HD is but the M is stuck on 4.1.1

        • kixofmyg0t

          Umm no its not dude I’m looking right at it.


          • steve0617

            My wife has an M. It’s 4.1.1 as stock. Just looked at it. Do you have the developer M? Cause my build date is Oct 21 2012. And there are no updates coming up with the manual check.

  • Warwick

    Downloading this now.

  • Richard W

    Got mine early this morning

    • Andrew R

      anyone notice that GPS is not working now?