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Google Launches Google Keep, Cloud-Based Note Taking App With Holo Style

google keep

There are a plethora of note taking apps in Google Play as we speak, but today Google launched their own official app into the fray. Google Keep looks to merge the awesome usefulness of sticky notes with Google’s Holo style into an app that will help you organize your life. Add in pictures, checklists and even take notes by voice, you will definitely want to check out what Google is offering.

What’s even better is the fact that Google throws your sticky notes into the cloud, and stores all of them in your Drive account for safe keeping. You can also access them on any computer from the webpage they have set up. Voice transcription works well with the app and Keep can also create notes when you tell Google Now “make a note for…”.

Does this look polished enough to get you to leave your note taking app of choice?

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Via: Google

  • Lazy Day

    That is a really cool app but since it is cloud-based, Google must offer some of the features of One Note too and also add the signature feature. It will work towards making it more secure and reliable. Digital signatures require to be secure at every level as suggested in this article here:


  • Stumped

    I read that Google Keep is available in the Play store, but I can’t locate it. Is this app too new to access?

  • Sara Rosensteel

    Needs the ability for collaborative note taking. Once they add that, I’ll ditch my other services in a hurry. My husband REFUSES to use any of the readily available services for managing a grocery list together, but I’m pretty sure he’d acquiesce to the Googs.

    • possibility of sharing a single account? My wife and I have a family account for joint calender and purchases. Works great but it is another account…

  • Sunday Lacrymosa

    this looks pretty cool, def worth a DL

  • wh1te_mag1c

    I think I might use this alongside Evernote.

  • Abhisshack D

    Springpad is much better

  • sean.yesmunt

    I’m not a big note taker. But I’ll definitely give it a try. Anyone know where to find “Keep” on google drive? I know I can type it into the address bar but is there a link/button I am missing?

  • JMonkeYJ

    dang…still waiting on a note taking app that will sort lists alphabetically so i can replace my shopping list app :-/

  • jim

    No reason for me to give up the excellent Catch Notes just yet. I suppose it’s better to diversify and not keep everything in one place.

  • Demtri

    This really needs some form of folders for organization of notes or something..

    • Charles “Mr dbC” Francis

      agreeded… only reason why i can’t leave evernote yet…

  • Sarpedon1069

    I just used Google Now to make a note and it imported into Google Keep perfectly! This is what I have been waiting for!

  • HeartStrong07

    If it works with the S-Pen, I like, if not, I stay with Evernote

  • So far so good!

  • Jonathan Levin

    Anyone able to find the Google Keep widget on their phone? I’m running 4.1.2 on my razr maxx and I don’t see it.

    • Detonation

      Reboot your phone. The Razr has issues with widgets showing up in the app drawer right away.

  • So far I really like it

  • Evan Costanzo

    Need future ability to sync with tasks or just merge the services.

    • Dan

      especially the checklists, tasks has way more features, hopefully none get lost if they do merge

  • wickets

    LOL….top secret…..no search result in the play store for this app

  • Tom Ball

    This has been a LONG time coming. I’ve never liked Evernote and am very happy to finally get a native (Google developed) note taking app. Google Now integration is also a HUGE bonus for me!

  • arthuruscg

    Why not integrate it with the task list in the desktop Calendar?

  • Guest


  • Steve S

    For some reason, I don’t see the widget?

  • Liquidretro

    I call it Halo Tiles. Now is there a dark theme?

  • JamesU513

    I can’t install on GNEX

    • Frogskins

      Installed just fine on mine. Running CarbonDev Nightlies

      • JamesU513

        I now believe it has something do do with me repeatedly doing the Google Services Framework trick to pull the OTA. My GNEX is not showing up as a device when I access the play store on the computer. Also, I can’t find it in the play store from my phone. Oh well, I really don’t want it until I can share a note or checklist with my girlfriend. Got it on my N7 though

  • WalkerNA

    Not compatible with Droid Charge

    • WalkerNA

      Hahaha, down votes because I’m upset I can’t use a Google provided app. Classic.

      • Nex__

        LOL i didn’t down vote you but the fact that someone did for that reason is hilarious

      • I think they’re downvotes because you own a Charge. j/k

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      I think they down voted you because of the Droid Charge. 😉
      I sent you an up-vote due to the fact you still have a working Droid Charge.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    HALLELUJAH!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for them to make a note taking app forever!!! Awesome!!!

  • Austin Warren

    Google, you can’t keep my stuff. No.

  • Looks like pinterest lol

  • Erik Kallio

    Low res screenshots of saved webpages suck

  • Gus

    Woo! Very happy about this. I love that it integrates with Drive.

    • The irony of this is that other services (Any.do, Wunderlist, Asana) have been using the Google Drive API to do this stuff in the past. Google just cut out a middle man (or a bunch of middle men)

      • Gus

        What I should have said is, I love that I don’t have to create another account.

      • hopefully these apps won’t fade away…

  • Ronaldo


  • Silver Veloz

    I’m trying to streamline apps as much as I can. If Google integration on items like this works out, I’m game. I’ll have to check it out to see if I like it.

    • sc0rch3d

      if it can mimick the basic features of One Note to organize notebooks/sections and take notes the same way….i’m switching. i seriously am only keeping my hotmail/outlook.com account around just so i have instant access to all my work notes.

      • reggie1225

        I’m with ya on that. Although I keep my outlook around since it’s college provided and being an early adopter of SkyDrive I like have that free 25gb of space. Although the sticky note interface seems neat.

        • michael arazan

          I use color note that allows you to make post its, make check list, like for groceries, and so on, great app and its free

  • There’s no way I’d use this after the crap Google pulled with Reader. I’ll stick with Evernote, thanks.

    Also, the top level UI looks like WP8 ripoff. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it bears pointing out.

    • I agree that Google shouldn’t pull the plug on Reader, cause I use it, but I think you are a little out of the left field here.

      • @twitter-7379702:disqus Reader is a very useful app. The fact that they’d kill it doesn’t give me much confidence in the longevity of any of their other solutions.

        • Austin Warren

          That’s one app. #don’tgetyourpantiesinabunch

          • The Kool-Aid is strong with you guys. That’s not just one app. Google killed Notebook, which I used pretty heavily too. As the saying goes, “Fool me once …”

            BTW I’m not anti-Google, I’m a happy GNex owner.

          • Austin Warren

            Kool Aid? You’re the one getting mad about an app. You say you aren’t anti google, yet you don’t even give their app a try. #don’tunderstand

          • What’s there to try? Evernote is far more capable and is a standalone business that’s unlikely to kill its primary service. Trying Keep would be like test driving Honda when you own a Mercedes. There’s no point. Speaking for myself. There’s a difference between liking a product from a company and lapping up everything that company does. I’m in the former camp. I like some of Google’s products, but not all of them are class leaders or work best for me.

          • Austin Warren

            I don’t you know what you’re saying. This already seems easier to use than Evernote. This is also good for Chromebook users. That honda and mercedes logic is stupid. Don’t use that again.

          • Ease of use? I’m all about capability. Evernote blows everything else out of the water in that regard. it’s also very easy to use.

          • Austin Warren

            You haven’t even used Keep. #Trollhasbeentrolled

          • Don’t care to, either. As I said, I’m speaking only for myself. It looks more directed as casual users than hardcore note takers like myself.

          • Tsabhira

            Well no kidding it’s easier to use — it has one-twentieth the feature set of Evernote. That’s not really impressive. (And yes, I’ve been tooling around with it all afternoon. It’s basically Catch without categories. It has no tags, no labels, no cats, and it compresses images. It looks even shrimpier next to OneNote, which offers handwriting, tables, quick notes, an entire suite of editing tools, the list goes on. Comparing this to them is weak. Keep is cute and simple and useful, but it’s not even in the same league as Evernote or OneNote. It’s not even as fully featured as Catch.)

          • Meh

            No, you can’t defend yourself claiming that not everything a company does is gold. We all know this. You’re just pissy because Reader is gone, there is no deeper meaning to it and don’t try to add one.

          • Dain Laguna

            Except hondas are actually bulletproof automobiles that dont require an arm and a leg to operate and own… so analogy is broken im afraid 😉 i lamemt the loss of reader too, but Ultimately its a free app i didnt pay for

          • Meh

            Why don’t you just stop using Android all together if you’re so scared? Stop using Google.com too. Go to Bing and Windows Phone, since we all know Google won’t support them.

            Siri uses Google, so don’t go to iOS. Google also has pretty much all top free iOS apps right now.

            Seriously, stop whining.

          • Because I don’t have a choice. I don’t use Android because I love it, I use it because it’s the least worst mobile OS out there. iOS is stupidly restrictive, and WP8 is an MS clone of Apple policies. Symbian and Blackberry are dead. My experience with Ubuntu on the desktop is so bad I’d never try their phone OS. *shrug*

          • Meh

            Yes you do have a choice. Don’t buy Android phones EVER again. Go back to the flip phones, or hell, do what Amazon did and break Android off so that Google will not even want to touch it anymore (there is NO trace of anything officially Google on a Kindle Fire).

            We ALWAYS have choices.

          • J Davis

            Have you tried smoke signals or homing pigeons.. *shrugs*

          • @jldleo:disqus LOL touche.

          • J Davis

            All in good fun lol

          • Facts

            Siri only uses google if you say “google x”. Otherwise it uses yahoo, wolfram, yelp and other services.

          • Timothy McGovern

            How does the rest of the saying go?

          • Tsabhira

            It’s not just one app. Google’s killed a lot of apps. Including Google Notebook, which basically did everything Keep did. If they killed Notebook, what makes you think Keep will stick around? Heck, now I’m worried for Tasks.

          • Austin Warren

            I like that you said a lot of apps then only named one. #hmm

          • Tsabhira

            I named the one that was a direct successor to this one. That was the second one named in this thread alone (next to reader). There are dozens and dozens more. You’ll have to stop trolling commenters and go look though:

          • JakeS41

            Austin? Troll? Naaaahhh! Good luck – that’s all he knows. Mindless arguing.

          • Heck, now I’m worried for Tasks.

            You should be.

        • Dat Nguyen

          We may not like it but I think that Google is making business decisions that are for the long term. Every app is a gamble and every app is one idea away from becoming yesterday’s news. Go with what you like and hope you bet on the right horse, but in the end, it’s just a bet.

          • We may not like it but I think that Google is making business decisions that are for the long term.

            “Long term” implies longevity, as well as perhaps more advance warning if you’re dropping support for something. Neither is present in this case.

  • MichaelFranz

    if the integration is there, i might leave evernote.

    I like to use shazam to listen to songs i liek then save the results. if you can use the music service to recognize songs and have it save to a G-keep list that would be nice

    • RadicalPie

      You can use Google sound search open it up in play store long press the song and share /save it in Keep. Pretty cool dunno how much easier it is then what you are describing

      • MichaelFranz

        thats what im looking for, more or less

  • The web site seems broken. I keep getting an error box and reload button. Tried with Google Apps account and standard Gmail account. Oh well.

    • Norman Moltar

      Play store will not let me install. Says on mine that it’s already ‘installed’, but it isn’t.

    • Jarom Bradshaw

      Same here, the Android app won’t sync!

      • Nex__

        Had the same problem, Went into settings and manually sync google keep, works fine now

    • Meh

      I think a TON of people are trying the app and website at once. =/

  • AlphaNoble

    Until has the ability to set deadlines and reminders on notes and lists, I am going to stick with Wunderlist.

    • JetBlue

      I use Task for reminders it has a nice holo theme with the option to pick between white or black.

      • AlphaNoble

        I’ll have to look into that. I originally picked Wunderlist because it syncs and is available across a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, web, and OSX, and because I love the widget and the DashClock extension.

  • Jeffrey Sherman

    Fail…. try again

    • Austin Warren

      You aren’t starting strong, Jeffrey.

  • Jeffrey Sherman

    fail. try again google

  • JetBlue

    Hooked on Tasks right now don’t see too much of a reason to use this over it other than the Cloud syncing.

    • AlphaNoble

      Agreed. It really only has average functionality, no real stand out feature that makes it better than the others that are already out.

      • Ken Paul

        Tried Evernote and found it was way more than I needed. I just need a simple way to keep a few notes. Don’t even need the syncing option because my notes are usually only daily issues. Looked in the Play Store but couldn’t see it so did the DL from the link here in the story. Worked great and looking forward to giving this app a chance.

    • Dan

      Tasks syncs out to google tasks automatically, I use it all the time on my pc and phone