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HTC One Delayed Because Suppliers Think HTC “is No Longer a Tier-One Customer”?


HTC’s financial numbers have been less than spectacular for the last few quarters despite putting out pretty decent smartphones. The company is trying to turn things around with the HTC One, but it seems that the company might have lost their trust with parts manufacturers. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the delayed One launch is due to the fact that in part suppliers’ eyes, HTC “is no longer a tier-one customer.” 

The report cites an unnamed executive that shared inside knowledge of the situation. This executive said HTC has had a “problem managing its component suppliers as it has changed its order forecasts drastically and frequently following last year’s unexpected slump in shipments.”  The parts referred to are reportedly shortages of metal casings and components of the new UltraPixel camera.

The report also suggests that companies such as Vodafone and Best Buy have been told that shipments are delayed. HTC’s CMO has already stated that some pre-orders will be fulfilled by the end of March, but that the full rollout of devices to retailers won’t happen until April.

Now it seems that the success of the One is even more important, if HTC has lost this respect from their component makers, they will certainly have to show them that they can make a tier-one device. Time is ticking away for HTC. Do you think the One will make a big enough splash to put HTC back in the game?

Via:  Wall Street JournalThe Verge

  • Gman Kano

    i love my htc one. best phone ever!

    • LionStone

      Awesome…are you in London?

      • Gman Kano

        nah, birmingham

        • LionStone

          Cool, I guess Silver…or was Black available?

  • angermeans

    This is a big mistake by component makers. The HTC One (IMHO) is the only Android device to consider right now. It is an absolute piece of art. It is so good to finally see top tier hardware such a priority as it has been pretty non existent in Android up to this point. Not only that, but it is great to see that a company is going backwards in the size of display rather just making the device larger. This is the perfect size and ruined Samsung’s plans of marketing the S4 as the highest ppi display on the market (remember that one piece saying that Samsung went with a 4.99 inch display so they would have theoretically more ppi than the Droid DNA?)

    I would love to see HTC get some market share back from the smug Samsung OEM that seems to think it is Apple now a days. Anyone that looks at these two devices side by side is crazy to choose the GS4 over this great device. Samsung is the plague of Android and will just end up coding right over Android (like Amazon did) or ditching Android for Tizen or some other OS. This is not good for Android and if Samsung continues its dominance they will destroy Android that we know it. I just hope the general consumer can look past these ridiculous gimmicky crap that Samsung unveiled with the GS4 and goes with a great built device that doesnt look like it is still running the same OS that it ran with the GS2 running Gingerbread. TouchWiz has become a bloated mess.

  • Pull a page out of the LG playbook and make a killer Nexus device!!

  • Bill

    HTC #TheNextBigFlop

  • Raj

    I wish HTC had removed their Sense theme, and pushed updates quicker. For example HTC had the first 4g lte phone on the biggest carrier in the nation. However horrible updates, bloatware, and an ugly sense really turned off potential buyers. I personally think the design and build of the HTC One is awesome, and would buy it, but I’m on Verizon and its not being offered. I also think they need more aggressive marketing, as now when most people shop for phones, they look at the iPhone or the Galaxy S series

  • Bionic

    Beginning of the end for HTC.

  • At least removable battery I mean with a 32/64 gb its fine

  • Rodeojones000

    I guess I didn’t realize HTC was ever considered a tier-one customer in the first place.

  • Dave

    C’mon Samsung, just buy HTC and turn them around.

  • I think this phone looks pretty good. Judging from pictures and past experience I like their build quality. I can’t say for sure since i haven’t held the phone, but build quality looks pretty good here. If they would have put on screen keys and allow an easily fully unlockable bootloader in there so the dev community can do work, I would seriously consider this phone. I just don’t see why they made the call to delete the action bar. The action bar makes Android feel like the greatly superior multi-tasking OS.

    • LionStone

      I’m hoping for a Black Nexus with this aluminum unibody by HTC, on screen keys of course, same specs as the One or the Snapdragon 800 will be fine too…THAT would be wicked 🙂

      • I didn’t get a smartphone until the OG Droid days so I missed the HTC Nexus One, but I would toss my money at another HTC Nexus in a heart beat. Your comment couldn’t have summed it up any better.

  • Bruce

    Who is the flop now?

  • Rickerbilly

    HTC: Digging their own grave.

  • I would easily get a ONE. BUT, I want stock Android. I want the multitasking to WORK, and I don’t want crapware littering my phone. I buy Nexus now ONLY. The various OEM’s have proven that they will consistently refuse to give me what I want, and refuse to upgrade my phone to the latest OS, therefore I refuse to do business with them. You would think that in these dark times for a company like HTC, they would wake up and read our comments or do some surveys or SOMETHING, but instead, they choose to double down on crappy custom skins.

    I don’t understand why these hardware manufacturers try to convince themselves (and us) that they can produce software. If they could, why do they use Android as the base? Quit trying to pretend to be something you’re not.

    It’s like Biff Tannen getting Marty McFly’s homework, but rather than just copying it, Biff redoes everything his own way and turns it in, then wonders why he fails. The Touchwiz’s, the Sense’s, and the Blurs of the world are the Biff Tannen’s of mobile. The quicker Biff realizes that Google is Marty and don’t screw with Marty’s work, the quicker they will see my business.

  • Earl Dibbles Jr

    It seems the quality of Droid-Life comments has sank to an all time low. I’ve been a follower here for probably 8 months. First it was the Motorola fans, then Nexus guys, now the Samsung nutswingers are trolling every story. The latest trend has been the most obnoxious.

    • Earl Dibbles Jr

      Austin Warren being the biggest troll.

      • Austin Warren

        I don’t troll. Just because I point out HTC and their flaws, doesn’t make me one. Get a life.

    • Chris

      Pretty much agree.

  • etg9

    HTC if you decide to read things online please take this to heart. I think you have great phones with tons of potential that you constantly mess up.

    Next phone needs
    -no Sense, or skin in any way
    -removable big battery
    -SD card slot

    -on ALL (verizon) carriers

    As it stands now I’m skipping the ONE because I can’t get it on Verizon, the battery life looks to be not great, and I really hate that flipboard thing. Get on stock android so we can get super fast updates.

  • coolsilver

    They can try to get numbers. Should thought before burning people so badly with prior phones.

  • paul_cus

    Damn, didn’t know it was this bad for HTC.

  • Tim242

    I’m kind of doubtful of this. As long as they are paying customers, it doesn’t matter what tier they are.

  • rodney11ride

    never owned “one” and never will… HTC is tier 2 in my book. have family members with thunderbolts, EVOs, OneXs… pure design chases me away. they look cheap and with no visible future on screen nav buttons. my opinion

  • KleenDroid

    I think the cards are stacked against them. I also think that if they want to set themselves apart from the competition they should get rid of Sense and sell stock phones. Maybe put in a few widgets like their clock. Also always leak the ability to easily acquire s-off.

    I honestly feel that Sense is not in their favor.

    • JoshGroff

      S-on doesn’t prevent you from flashing AOSP. It just makes you flash boot through Hboot or fastboot. Same for radios IIRC.

      • KleenDroid

        I have no interest in a phone that I cant fully unlock. Especially when they made a public statement that they would never lock another bootloader.

        But it would be a big step in the right direction if they would get rid of Sense. And I can only imagine it would make things easier for them.

      • kg215

        Doesn’t it mean if you are not careful your phone is bricked? Granted that is true for flashing anything but s-on just makes it harder and more risky and it is only there as a screw you to people who flash roms/aosp. And yeah like Kleen droid mentioned below, this is after they said they would stop locking bootloaders due to customer demand.

        • JoshGroff

          It carries the same risks AFAIK, never bricked an HTC device whether S-on or S-off, and I’ve had quite a few.

  • cancerous_it

    This is what happens when you don’t listen to your customers, put out sub par phones and then forget about supporting them. Even with the new One, how hard is it to allow micro sd card and removable battery? Yes they don’t matter to some but they matter to others, like me. If you include them, you don’t alienate anyone. You exclude them and people automatically remove your phone from their list. And Sense was a love it or hate it skin as it was. Now you hate Flipboard/Metro as your main homescreen? If I wanted Flipboard, I would’ve installed it on any one of my 5 android devices. If I wanted Metro, I’d buy a Win phone.

    I really wanted to like the One. As usual, HTC is making it difficult.

    • JoshGroff

      I agree on the SD and removable battery, those were the main factors that made me get the Note 2 over the DNA.

      • Bmandrews7

        I think if it had +3000mAh battery I could live with out it being removable

        • JoshGroff

          Same here, my note 2 lasts me a good day and a half with ~5-6 hours of screen time and about twice that in music.

          • Haroon Dar

            why couldnt they copy motos razer? they could have at least allow micro sd expansion if they followed that design

  • skinja

    We need HTC to succeed. Regardless of whether or not you like HTC or the HTC One, having HTC is good for the consumers. Having HTC make phones adds competition to the market against Samsung, LG, etc.

    More competition it better for all of us that buy smartphones.

    • Trisjen Harris

      True but they have lost respect and a solid footing with component makers!! You have to have that first to even get the phones made and it seems they are having a hard time doing just that!!

      R.I.P. HTC—–> You should have made a pure stock Jellybean device last year to get you out the hole!! But noooooooo, you chose to bring Htc Sense back from the dead..

      • dan

        Sense 5 is 10x better than samsungs gimmicky touchwiz

        • Bill

          If I wanted Flipboard, I’d download it. If I wanted tiles I’d get a Windows Phone.

          • the_real_patrick_bateman

            And if I wanted a fluorescent green and blue cartoon skin, I’d be running Windows XP.

      • angermeans

        As much as I agree HTC with Android’s best hardware paired with vanilla Android would be great it wouldnt pull them out the hole they are in. Samsung has eaten into every Android OEMs market share as they are catering to the non techy crowd. We make up only a small number of people when you look at that. If this was the case Nexus devices would be doing well and lets face it I am willing to bet they aren’t even selling as many Nexus phones as HTC is selling their Sense phones. I hope this changes, but it won’t. Samsung has done well by brute force marketing and gimmicky features that the average consumer thinks look great and never use outside of the first day. It’s worked, but we need to root for the other OEMs as a Samsung only Android world is dangerous.

      • michael arazan

        Sounds More Like HTC Bounced Some Checks to Their Parts Suppliers last year.

        • ASA


    • KleenDroid

      I notice you didn’t mention Motorola as competition. And I agree. Just like HTC, Motorola went from success with their Droid 1 to complete failure overnight.

      Again a skin (Blur) along with turning away from the development community isn’t good. You may say that those that root and ROM are a small group. And you are correct but they are the most excited and the best salespeople with their phones.

      But even Motorola woke up a little and made Blur less invasive. Sense hobbles the best of phones.

      Sense is more like a virus.

      • Josh Oberg

        +1,000,000 the “techy” crowd creates the excitement and tells their non-techy friends and family what to buy. so unless you are going the applsung route with commercials, then you need to build to the techy crowd.

      • angermeans

        Unlike Motorola though HTC has made pretty good hardware up until this point whereas every Motorola phone that has been released has been a huge disappointment since the OG Droid release. Jha really ruined this company and Samsung ruined HTC. I know they didnt do everything right and HTC got lazy after the success of the Evo, Incredible (still one of the best Android devices ever made in my opinion), and especially the Nexus One (best Android device ever made in my opinion), but they continued to innovate with last year with the One X and One S whereas Motorola hasnt made crap and all theyve done is ship phone after phone with specs well behind the competition, buggy and laggy skin, and worst of all industry worst displays. It cost them big time.

    • adam king

      No, we do not need HTC to succeed. Competition should happen naturally in a market that is as porous and diverse as the smartphone industry. Having competition for competition’s sake is nonsensical because a company should naturally be able to compete if it puts out a product that reaches a broad base of people. What’s good for the consumer is good, reliable products that are worth $300, not a manufacturer who refuses to adapt to the current market.

      • kg215

        Well said. The HTC One is good but not good enough if it wants to legitimately compete with the Galaxy S4 and become the 2nd biggest android manufacturer. HTC could and should have made it better if it wanted to do that. Hopefully Motorola will step up under Google guidance and become that legitimate competitor.

        • Ty Holland

          Why is the ONE not good enough to compete with the s4? It looks better, and has a better screen when it comes to white balance.

          Lack of removable storage? the base was increased to 32GB and there will be a 64GB version.

          Lack of swappable battery? Buy a battery case or external charger.

          I don’t see any of these as deal breakers, and the plus side is a far more attractive device, with top end specs.

          • angermeans

            The HTC One is better in every aspect. There is no competition. Sadly that won’t be close to enough. Samsung has become the new Apple.

  • Kenny Larson

    I’m more worried about HTC than I am about Blackberry. I think Blackberry will always be there in some form (government/enterprise) but HTC better be careful or it will get itself bought by someone. I could foresee LG making a move for them.

  • Goodriddance183

    This is why, after the Thunderbolt, my first smartphone, and then the Rezound, I got a GNex off ebay and haven’t looked back. I’m now in the “Nexus or bust” camp. My contract with Verizon will be up just about the time the Nexus 5 should be available. I’m doubting that Verizon will carry that phone. The One won’t save HTC, and they certainly have issues to work out. That being said, I probably would buy a Nexus device by them, but doubt that will happen. They seem to love Sense too much.

  • Trisjen Harris

    And what did the Ceo of Htc have to say about this? Since he is so quick to talk about the GS4? Get your own business in order before you talk about how the GS4 isn’t innovative!! You can’t even get your phone in mass production. WHat a joke!! HTC is history!!

  • Shelbz

    Locked bootloader, check
    Odd button placement, check
    Sense, check
    HTC’s reputation of not updating their phones, check

    Yea I’ll pass.

    I know the Nexus branding doesn’t *sell* phones but look what it did for HTC and Samsung’s brand recognition afterwards. HTC needs to learn from that, it doesn’t have to be an official Nexus to support AOSP and have an unlocked bootloader, give me both of those and you have a customer again.

  • EJ-0

    I work for a UK Carrier and we have been told that we can fulfill our pre-orders of the white variant, with more stock expected at the end of march. We have been told not to expect the black ’till late april.

  • bakdroid

    They have never been a tier one. Their designs are lackluster and Sense is just plain terrible. This is reminiscent of the first Incredible that couldn’t get enough displays that they had to switch during production. HTC needs to fold up or just focus on Windows 8. Android doesn’t want or need Sense or Beats.

    • Trisjen Harris

      Exactly what I said, get rid of sense and take us back to the glory days of pure stock Android. Like the HTC Nexus ONE!!

  • zepfloyd


    Also, I noticed the DNA seems to be out of stock til 3/29?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      HINT HINT!

    • triangle8

      D’oh! It’s hard to increase sales when you don’t have any phones to sell.

      I’m with everyone who wishes HTC would succeed in the name of competition, but HTC has problems if they can’t even get the product made and out the door.

  • reyalP

    Guess I’ve been living under a rock. Never realized that HTC was having so many problems. One thing they should do is focus on battery life, toning down sense and quit worry about co-branding with beats audio. I don’t know anyone who buys a phone just because it has beats audio on it.

    • kg215

      If they had that much common sense they wouldn’t be in trouble like this in the 1st place.

  • The parts referred to are reportedly shortages of metal casings

    And now you see why Samsung smartly uses plastic across the Galaxy S4 line. Easier to find suppliers, less chance of shortage. I maintain that a huge part of Samsung’s success is they have the best go to market supply chain in the industry.

    • The biggest part of that is their near-vertical integration. Samsung Electronics makes every piece that is not widely available, such as the casings, and many that are such as chips, resistors, and diodes, which are then sold to Samsung Mobile.

      They use polycarbonate because it is cheaper to produce, in every metric from materials to machining to handling, than any metal on Earth. However, there are many drawbacks to using plastic as well, as was seen last year when they had a shortage of one color because the back plate was not being manufactured properly (though props to them for delaying rather than shipping a “defective” product).

  • droidbeat

    Every desirable phone seems to have initial supply line problems. The HTC One is the best and most desirable phone ever announced. Everyone respects that.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I don’t think you understand what the article says there…. It’s intentional by suppliers to not consider HTC priority. Because of their BOCHED past year and a half. Especially with the One X

      • Calvin35

        With HTC it’s always something. With the One X it was 2 things. First it was the fact that even though it had the the same GPU and CPU as the S3 it still lagged because of Sense while the S3 didn’t. Second, it was the fact that they released a high end smartphone that didn’t multitask and then were stupid enough to admit that they did it on purpose. Idiots. Moving on to the HTC ONE it’s more of the same. HTC needs to realize that just because they think something is a good idea doesn’t mean that everyone will and they should give the user the opportunity to turn off or remove their great idea if they so choose. Change for the sake of change(and there is a lot of it in the One) is just stupid.


      More desirable then the iPhone and the upcoming S4? I must be hanging out with the wrong crowd, because no one I know even has a clue this phone even exists.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • I’m currently an HTC EVO 3D owner and I like the One but no removable battery and no SD storage is a deal killer. I’m probably going with the Note II or the S4.

  • Kevin McDole

    They’ll always be tier one in my book.

  • ddevito

    HTC never recovered from the Thunderbolt.

    • Neomastermind


    • Eion

      God that phone was so terrible.

  • schoat333

    HTC needs a nexus, on VZW, to revive them.

    • T4rd

      I agree, but those two things are highly improbable, esp. having another Nexus on Verizon. =(

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I’m praying the sarcasm didn’t go over your pretty head.

        • T4rd

          I’m afraid it did =p

          Thanks for saying I have a pretty head though! =D

          • Kevin McDole


        • kg215

          Why is that sarcasm, that would help them out drastically. If it’s a nexus it will follow the basic guidelines and HTC won’t make stupid mistakes like taking a button away. It would also take HTC sense out of the equation.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            omg it’s Sarcasm becuase a NEXUS on Verizon IS NOT A NEXUS. Didn’t you see them Just push the update for 4.2.2 today?

    • Austin Warren

      Somebody get the D fib

  • ChrisI

    You can’t release a flagship survival phone, but then fail to bring it to the largest customer base in the country and expect to survive. Seriously HTC, I’m not even a Verizon customer but that was a bonehead move. Not to mention *again* no removable battery, no SD card slot, a weak camera sensor, silly Sense overlay…..it’s almost as if tech co’s purposely don’t read tech blogs to find out what customers want.

    • droidbeat

      The camera sensor is the best one in any Android phone. The HTC One is the most desirable phone ever announced. HTC is doing all the right things.

      • Austin Warren

        4mp? It’s not 2003

      • skinja

        Except for Marketing.

        No SD slot,
        Battery should be huge if it is non removable.
        Bezels are too large

        • kg215

          2 hardware buttons. HTC sense bloat. Blinkfeed mandatory.

      • x2! I love HTC cameras and their image processing software. Stock Android camera software is garbage. After owning my Rezound since December ’11, I still love this phone and don’t see myself leaving HTC.

        Now if they could just figure out how to market their product and for crap’s sake learn how to do a product launch, they might be more successful.

      • Tim242

        Every reviewer says the same. It takes good low light pics, but too much noise in tbem. All other pictures have hardly any detail. Why, you ask? IT’S ONLY 4 FU**ING MEGAPIXELS.

        • You are a raging idiot if you believe picture quality is dependent on megapixels. I took this with a 6mp camera. If you think an extra 2mp gave me this image quality, set yourself on fire, now.


          • Tim242

            Megapixels aren’t everything. But, they are what makes up the quality of a picture. The more of them there are, the more derail there is in a picture. In a 4MP picture, you lose half the detail of an 8MP picture. That means if you zoom in, or print, it will look like $hit. You also can’t crop a 4MP picture, and keep the detail. Use common sense. Stop giving in to hype and marketing.

  • I hope they can pull it out of the bag. That looks to be such a nice phone

    • calvin35

      That’s the problem with HTC, all their phones look great. I think the One looks awesome. The problem arises when you start to use it and all the little unnecessary changes that they made become apparent.

      • Tim242

        That’s why I returned the DNA.

        • kg215

          The DNA has the same problems but it is an inferior device to the HTC One.

  • Curtis

    Oh no – Who is going to support my DNA?

  • Those “panels” or whatever they call them, the actual on screen display, they’re hideous.

  • Diane

    I sure hope they can get back in the game. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll release the One before the S4 comes out. I really do feel they created a great device.

    • Yup. You see folks, THIS is why you don’t want Samsung getting so big. They are starving out the competition If things don’t change, pretty soon your only choices will be an iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy. The mere thought of it makes me cringe.

      Love or hate HTC as you please, but competition and product choices are a good thing.

      • Austin Warren

        It’s not their fault they built something good and kept it going

        • Never said it was. Good job on Samsung of course. They did what any profit-driven company wants and needs to do. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Samsung to be the only Android phone manufacturer. At the rate they’re going companies like Motorola, HTC, LG, etc will be out of the picture in no time. And THAT is not a good thing.

          • Tell it to the companies. Samsung makes great phones with great functionality. But that doesn’t matter. It’s all about marketing. The HTC One is great looking, sure but if they don’t plaster posters all over big cities and have great commercials on big networks, a great device and 50 cents will only get them a bus ticket. Look at the Nexus. I’m behind Google as much as the next guy but it’s still next to impossible to buy one even if you know it exists. You’d be surprised to know how many people just scratch their heads at the name. Samsung needs to do nothing. Everyone else needs to step up. And soon.

          • Tim242

            I ordered a Nexus 4 16 GB yesterday. It shipped today.

      • ajaxman93

        How do you think Samsung made it to the top? Through competition….they have made a desirable product that HTC should’ve kept up to pace with, but due to last year’s lapse in desirable products for the larger market, they were squeezed out of the market through competition. Don’t go blaming Samsung for HTC’s faults.

        • Josh Oberg

          Samsung made it to the top through commercials/ marketing to the stupid general public. the same way apple did, before there were izombies, now there are szombies, people who buy a product just because they saw it on tv..

        • PhillipCun

          So what Samsung was successful? Even as a Samsung fanboy, do you really just want ONE choice in an Android device? Samsung snobs are starting to sound like iSheeps. Seriously, get off your high horse (this paragraph is aimed at Samsung fanboys in general, not you Ajaxman93)

          Josh Oberg is right. Samsung was successful through MARKETING. $400 million in one year to push their galaxy line is a TON of money for advertising. That’s the difference. Samsung was smart to brand their Galaxy line and was able to push their phone to all carriers. They didn’t make a better phone, they made a better brand and had better strategy. But the success of Samsung doesn’t mean they had a better phone at all. Samsung had a lot of problems with their phones. S2, Gnex and even S3. They were all successful, but still none were bug free.

          Source: I’m in advertising

          • billy routh

            Wrong, Samsung did put out some good advertising but they also made the best devices.

          • Walle

            They make the best plastic devices this side of tupperware…. cheap and not made to last. Whether its HTC or Sony with their solid metal phones, those are the best devices.

          • adam king

            Well since you’re in marketing, you should know that a product won’t sell if people don’t know about it. The smartphone industry is constantly being flooded with “the next big thing” and consumers are inundated with new products. It is not marketing that made Samsung, it is effective marketing strategy. You could spend 1 billion dollars on marketing, but that does not mean that your product will automatically be a success. Samsung showed why their smartphone was attractive and why customers should choose it over other.

            Like has been said, don’t knock Samsung for being successful and also don’t group the consumer base into one large consortium that is incapable of making decisions about their personal wants and needs in a product.

          • Calvin Williams

            BOTTOM LINE the Galaxy S 2, 3 and 4 sell so well is because they have no downsides. It’s a perfect all around device. (not everything listed is on the GS2, I know)

            √ Every carrier
            √ Great camera
            √ Removable battery
            √ Sd Card
            √ Long lasting battery
            √ Front camera
            √ Biggest non nexus ROM community
            √ Appealing screen
            √ Fast updates compared to others
            √ Little bugs on the UI
            √ Cool features like palm wipe screenshot, shake to update, turn over to mute, NFC, smart stay, dual camera video and more.

            Now name a flaw. Name something that’s a killer feature it doesn’t have. Name something another phone has that would make you get that over the GS3/4. Design? That’s not a flaw that’s a preference. Plastic? Use a case, it’s durable anyways.

          • Ian

            You make a good argument.

          • 1.) CHEAP plastic build quality

            2.) TouchWiz UI is bloated

            3.) Radios are mediocre at best

            4.) Updates aren’t fast enough (‘…compared to others’ doesn’t cut it)

            5.) WiFi signals constantly dropping out

            6.) Cell standby battery life is bad

          • Calvin Williams

            1, I’ve dropped my gs3 several times and it just has a few scratches. If you don’t like that use a case
            2, bloated compared to what? A nexus? Those have their own huge downsides
            3, That statement so old and annoying. I’ve owned a Droid Razr, iPhone 4s, and thunderbolt and I get just as good of service on my GS3 as the iPhone and Razr. I’ve seen lots of other people that actually OWN it agree.
            4, Again get a nexus and you have other issues. I use a rom anyways and there are tons of great roms for the GS’s. HTC, LG and Motorola are much worse for updates.
            5, I’ve never had that or heard of that.
            6, idk about that, my battery lasts all day with pretty heavy use.

          • angermeans

            I can name just as many flaws and probably more. Most of your argument is nothing more than your opinion anyway. I can do that too.

            1. They have the worst skin in all of Android that still looks exactly like the GS2 running Gingerbread just more bloated with unwanted and gimmicky features no one uses and most turn off.

            2. Outside of our community no one cares about removable storage and only a few care about a removable battery. SD cards need to die they’re much much slower than Flash (this is like a normal HardDrive compared to a SSD). If Google themselves dont have it in their Nexus devices then I’m sorry it is a dying hardware component.

            3. You say appealing display I say a horrible display. SAMOLED is garbage and oversaturated not to mention pentile looks like crap and they didnt learn their lesson and the GS4 is going to continue this trend. IMHO SAMOLED just adds to the overall cheapness of the phone esp paired with plastic creeky hardware and the overly bright and garbage TouchWiz.

            4. Like I mentioned above the build quality is garbage and especially all the fake brushed metal look and what they are doing with the S4. This really took from the experience of my GS3 and made me not even want to use it. It just felt cheap despite great components.

            5. Front camera is moot everyone has it

            6. “Little bugs in the software” Are you kidding? My GS3 is plagued with bugs.

            7. It is by far the laggiest skin on Android. When even Motorola’s Blur feels faster than you have a major problem. I am willing to bet it has to do with all the legacy code their dragging behind since the GS1 and all these gimmicky software garbage.

            8. “Biggest non Nexus community” Again, are you kidding? I would argue it is one of the least. Why? Just look at the latest news that not one of the CM team is willing to code for it. All the fragmentation with the processor and refusal to release kernal code has cause for poor ROMs.

            9.”Cool features like palm wipe screenshot, shake to update, turn over to mute, NFC, smart stay, dual camera video and more” NFC is found on every Android device. All the features you mentioned are exactly the gimmicky features that I am talking about. I never use any of these so called features on my GS3.

            10. “Fast updates compared to others” Not even close. All these so called features cause Samsung to have to do even more to release an Android update and let’s face it we dont need anything else that keeps updates from coming. At least I don’t.

            11. GPS has never been even close to OK on any Samsung device.

            We are all open to our opinions so I am not trying to shoot all yours down and I mean no disrespect. I just wanted to point out that we all see things different and Samsung is not good for Android. Not even close.

          • Jordan Harrell

            They may have advertisedit a lot, but the S3 was one of the best, if not the best on the market during it’s time. People want a phone that works, that they know the company isn’t going to forget about in 3 months. They want accessory manufactures to support it too, & not just look over it because it won’t be around long(this was the norm with android phones before the s3). Not everybody updates their phone every few months like us mobile nerds do. To say people bought the S3 simply because of marketing, & not that it was a fantastic phone is incredibly ignorant.

          • kg215

            Lol the im in advertising is so irrelevant, and btw if someone makes a flyer for a fast food joint they can claim they are in advertising too. Samsung made a great product and then marketed it extremely well. Microsoft has thrown ridiculous amounts of money for windows phone/windows 8, it’s getting them nowhere. They gave tons of money to Nokia to make the Lumia, it went absolutely nowhere. Good marketing does not work without the right product. I absolutely hate the iphone but it is not the worst product out there that sells purely on marketing. It has some good points and then Apple takes advantage of marketing afterwards. I don’t want 1 manufacturer either, more competition= better products, lower prices. But I don’t want half assed phones from HTC or Motorola or LG, they have to compete with Samsung through products not pity.

          • Mike

            Not even the vaunted iphone has ever been bug free. In fact, they have just as many (if not more) bugs. They just fix them faster.

            Sammy has enough now to where they can start making premium AOSP phones. They can put in amazing HW and let devs make use of it. Unlike the nexus program, where they seem insistent on making a so-so hardware phone

      • Dave

        If a company can make a good device, market, and sell the s*** out of it, all then more power to them.

      • kg215

        Competition is a great thing. But you know what is not great? taking away 1 button out of 3 just to put your logo there. Taking away removable storage and battery but not having good capacity as a base. Making an imitation of windows tiles then making it mandatory. Not scaling back your bloatware at all even though it is not helping you sell devices. The HTC one is still a nice phone, but why does HTC have to add all these drawbacks? Even if it was the opposite and HTC had all these advantages on the Galaxy S4 it still might lose. The way it is now, what is so great about it that it will outsell the Galaxy S4 regardless of when it comes out? The people that like it the most are the ones that like the design/materials. Indeed HTC does a good job with that, is that enough to ignore what the phone is underneath or how it works? We will see.

    • Sqube

      Extremely unlikely that the One will come out before the S4, what with Samsung having gotten the global launch thing down pretty well and the One having supplier issues.

      Also, you know, it’s not coming to VZW. So that’s going to take a lot of potential sales off of the table right there.

  • Cliff Wynne

    Talk about a nutpunch…..

  • triangle8

    Suppliers must be looking at the slow updates by HTC as an indication of their non-Tier one status.

    • Sqube

      Or, alternatively, they’re looking at the fact that HTC keeps revising their estimates on how many devices they’re going to sell. When you play with the suppliers like that, you mess with their bottom line.

      Mess with their bottom line enough times, and they stop giving you the benefit of the doubt. Instead, they give you the stink eye and say they’ll get to you when they’re damn good and ready… much like what they’re doing right now.

    • lolwut? Not sure what fantasy world you’re living in but it’s not reality. You think suppliers care that HTC updates the software on their phones? Really????????? It’s all about bottom lines, $$$$. Supply agreements are based on forecasted demands. Since HTC has had sales issues, it affected the amount of product they have ordered from their suppliers. And because they haven’t ordered what they forecasted, suppliers have told them to go fly a kite.

    • triangle8

      Apologies that the sarcasm in my last comment was not evident.

  • Austin Warren

    Nope. Not with the constant delays. I feel like 2013 is the end for them if they can’t put it out before the S4.


      They can release it tomorrow and the S4 is still going to crush it. It’s a shame because the phone looks bad a**!!