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Samsung Galaxy Note and S2 to Receive Android 4.2.2, Galaxy S3 and Note 2 to Receive Android 5.0

samsung galaxy note 2

According to a Samsung insider, the OEM is currently making plans to upgrade certain devices to the upcoming Android 5.0 operating system. From what was reported, it looks like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 can expect to see it, as well as the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Note 8.0. Android 5.0, which is rumored to be named Key Lime Pie, should be unveiled at this year’s Google I/O event in May.Β 

As for which current older devices are getting the bump up to Android 4.2.2, the list is pretty impressive. There is the Galaxy S3 mini, the Galaxy S2 and most of its variants, the OG Galaxy Note, and a ton of other non-top tier devices.

It’s nice to hear about OEM’s staying on top of the ball when it comes to updates to Android.

Via: SamMobile

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  • Myles

    my experience using my note on the 4.1.2 android update is terrible. it is slow as hell and lags like crazy! to be fair i want to downgrade to 4.0. i have seen no benefits to the upgrade just negatives! πŸ™

  • That is so lovely,thats why i love samsung… See http://www.unn.edu.ng/ for interesting articles.

  • why is the vzw n2 still on 4.1.1?

  • Mike

    MY Galaxy S3 is still running 4.1.2 so Im not impressed by speedy updates…

  • Zod

    Looking at the list of phones, it shows the Note as:

    GT-N7000 – Galaxy Note

    My note is SGH-I171
    will *THIS* version of the Note be getting the upgrade as well?

  • Zod

    AT&T did some kind of update on my Samsung Galaxy Note just the other day. I’ve always been on Ice Cream Sandwich so I’m not so sure what they did. My new Android version is 4.0.4 and my Kernel is 3.0.8…Again, I don’t know what they did or what the upgraded, but I do know that they did *Something*!

  • galaxy note.

    jelly bean this. jelly bean that. I’m still running on Gingerbread so any update will be greatly received. Please.original note. UK. Vodafone.

  • rogncincy

    I haven’t received the jb update yet. On Verizon near Cincinnati Ohio. What the hell? Galaxy S3

  • If you want the absolute latest updates, you’re best off with a Nexus. But there’s no question the update situation is much, much better than it was 2 years ago.

  • yaya

    Had a HTC and never saw this kind of support. I won’t be going back. Thanks Samsung!

  • Daniel

    This is my telco’s latest,

    “4.1.2 Jelly Bean

    Testing is nearing completion. We anticipate that Jelly Bean will become available within the next couple of weeks.”

    this is information for the GS2 it has been coming this week for about three months. I guess I won’t hold my breath for KLP anytime within the next 2 years except by my buying the next nexus πŸ™‚

  • Terry

    I never received ics for my Dinc 2 after being told I would. Update is nearly here, goodbye HTC, hello Samsung!

  • Donavan Aja

    I just want to see klp on my note 2 when I do I will believe it as knowing the carriers Verizon in particular hold up everything .I agree about HTC suck it,I will never buy another HTC I bought the rezound and waited for a update which was promised when it was purchased thus reason why I purchased it ,never happened .I got rid of it and purchased Samsung s3 then Samsung note 2 ( now using love it).A lesson to HTC NEVER promise something you have no intentions of doing or can deliver!Keep it up ,you soon will be out of business .Samsung delivers HTC doesn’t, enough said bye HTC and good riddens.

  • N8shon

    OK Verizon, still waiting on 4.2.2 for my Galaxy Note 2…not even thinking about 5.0 yet.

  • Man, I am even more glad I bought that Note II on Saturday now!

  • DanWazz

    I can’t wait to see how many of these phones actually get updated and the excuses for the ones that aren’t. I especially like the promise of updating to an OS that isn’t even announced yet.

  • OEMs not named HTC are atleast keeping heir phones updated.

  • Funny how everyone forgets about #FroyoGate and the Samsung Fascinate when the tout the updates for Samsung’s phones.

    • Point being… It’s not all about the MFGR.

  • dev

    M using Tab 2, pretty handy as a tab and a user friendly business device. With samsung the best thing is system updates.. looking forward for the next update…

  • Bill

    …and 8+ months for Verizon to stamp their approval.

  • MentatYP

    Remember when Samsung used to be the worst at updating their phones? They’ve certainly learned a lot from those early days.

  • fvck htc & apple

    htc im leaving you for Sammy

  • yungqb7

    This is why I’m leaving LG for Samsung

  • sean

    I haven’t even gotten jelly bean pushed to my S3. πŸ™

  • And if you’re on verizon that means you’ll get 4.2.2 when android 8.0 comes out.

  • Trevor

    galaxy tab 10.1 lol yeah right never will see an update

    • LionStone

      I was wondering about that, thinking it maybe was a typo!
      The GTab 10.1 is my first tablet, if it gets 4.2 I will do a backflip πŸ™‚

      • CyHawk60

        The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a red headed step child. It won’t see 4.2
        Mine’s a lag monster anyways πŸ™

        • LionStone

          Hah! Yea it is a lag monster πŸ™‚

  • Capt. Crunch

    Soooo hey Motorola how about some KLP on your OG RAZR line? You know that phone that’s newer than the SII.

  • Sean Carey


    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      No its not you will have to get the Droid Razr Maxx HD ++ XL3 to get a new update sorry bro I’ve been there before wih motorola!

      • gp126904

        Motorola did have a bad track record of updates, but as an owner of an OG Razr Maxx I am hopefully that Google-rola will be better with updates.

        • Sean Carey


  • That means verizon will get the update by 2014

  • MrRageQuit

    I’ll believe it when I see it!

  • I’m 101% sure Samsung wont do that. If they update into Android 5, no body will buy their new devices!

    • jzwerlz43

      im currently locked into a 2 year verizon contract with my galaxy s3 so this is pefectly fine by me. one more thing to love about my device

      • Poor! Why would american tele operators lock customers more than one year?


        • jzwerlz43

          its this little thing called verizon wireless. they like to screw their customers over.

          • Michael Perry

            Oh, its all of the big three (Sprint, ATT and Verizon. Sprint has the most polarizing system [laggy/buggy network=better price structure. They throttle after 5gb limit warning. Never reached that myself, but other forums reported as such).

          • jzwerlz43

            true lol

          • Contracts are optional. You can always purchase the phone retail and be contract free

          • jzwerlz43

            yeah but i dnt have the kind of money to go and blow 600 dollars on a phone as a college student. while still paying my regular monthly Verizon bills

    • Austin Warren

      That doesn’t even make sense.

      • It do make sense when Google announce it in May. Samsung announced that their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will get ICS ( Norwegian version ) but after some months they announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 with ICS, why would they update into a newer version of Android when they already announce a new device a the same time? It won’t happen!

    • MotoRulz


  • DC_Guy

    OMG Samsung has got it all the way right! Apple should be VERY WORRIED! And this is coming from the owner of several iDevices.

    • randy

      I hate Apple but why should they be worried. They still make nearly 70% of every dollar in the smartphone market. Samsung is doing well but they are no threat to Apple. The iPhone is still the most sold smartphone and Apple has about 140b in the bank.

      • DC_Guy

        Because Samsung is making people take a seriously look to a company other than Apple. Say what you want, but Samsung is the only company that has been able to do this with any signidicance. Sure the HTC crowd will cry foul, but let’s be serious here. Tech sites and mainstream news outlets pit Samsung against Apple. Mainly Samsumg and not any other OEM.

        • Tirionfive

          HTC is too busy trying to NOT get their flagships on Verizon to even care.

          • jzwerlz43

            htc getting their flagship devices onto verizon has nothing to do with htc. thats a verizon issue. because evry htc android device we recieve they try to “droid” brand. other than the thunderbolt, and even that was exclusive to verizon.

        • randy

          Apple has never had the majority market share of smartphones. Nokia was always “making people take a seriously look” and so was Blackberry. Apple was fine then and they are fine now. Apple is concerned with profits not market share. Samsung is doing nothing to threaten that.

          • DC_Guy

            If that were the case would Apple feel the need to make a dedicated web page to defend the iPhone 5 in direct response to the release of the S4…if Apple didn’t feel threatened?

          • randy

            Apple has always attacked the competition. They’ve been doing it since the 1984 ad campaign against Microsoft. Its what they do. Why you think that means they are “threatened” is beyond me. Is Samsung threatened by Apple because they ran all the anti-iPhone ads a couple months ago? Of course both companies would like people to buy their products instead of the other’s but how is that “threatened”. Samsung is killing other Android OEMs but Apple had back to back record breaking quarters so how is Samsung hurting them.

          • DC_Guy

            I’m not saying that Apple is about to go bankrupt or anything, but Samsung is definitely taking a bite out of their Apple Pie…and the stock market agrees.

          • randy

            The stock market is all about making profit on the stocks you buy and not the health of a company. Its price was overinflated and investors couldn’t make more money on the company short term so the stock price has come back closer to its real value. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Samsung. Apple’s “pie” has gotten bigger in terms of market share the last two months according to ComScore and their profits have gone up each of the last two quarters so not sure what “pie” you are talking about. You are just repeating everything you read on tech blogs so I’m going to go ahead and end this conversation.

          • MotoRulz

            As the market shifts, and it is, profits will shift also. Apple is without a doubt still in the drivers seat but lets not pretend that they aren’t focused on who is coming up in the rear view mirror very fast..

  • Austin Warren

    You won’t see this from HTC.

  • This is exciting news. Not so exciting that it will take lightyears for Verizon to release a 5.0 OTA for the Note 2 and S3. Build leaks and XDA FTW!

    • MentatYP

      A light year is a unit of distance, not time


      • This made me Lol. But what if he meant the amount of time to travel light years and back?

  • ksat

    Galaxy Nexus is once again going to be ignored??

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Samsung doesn’t update the Galaxy Nexus software, Google does…. so yes, they’ll ignore it.

  • Cool wonder what will it bring?. Hope to make it even faster with the update to match the GS 4.

  • Diablo81588

    All of this its rumor at this point. It has not been confirmed by Samsung..

  • Ryan

    What about the Note 10.1??

    • Twofourturbo

      Exactly my thought.. I can’t see the Note 10.1 getting set on the back burner since the specs are a lot better than the Galaxy Tab’s. I love my Note 10.1!

    • It’s a mistake in the page. It is actually the note 10.1. It’ll get 5.0 KLP.

  • ToddAwesome

    So, about the GNex….

    • Galaxy Nexus already has been updated to 4.2.2. All updates on “Nexus” devices are handled by Google. CDMA on the otherhand is another story, VZW has their 4.2.2 update out.

      • gorkon

        Technically it’s not official “just” yet…..but yeah….

    • hashtagtroll


    • jbreezy

      seriously, it’s like they’ve decided that it never existed!

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Google has the say-so on that device, even though Samsung manufacturers it.

      • Michael Perry

        Welllll, kind of. This is a major reason why the Nexus 4 didn’t make it to Sprint or Verizon, as they control what is trafficked through their lines, which is another reason they disapprove rooting, information control. ATT and TMo, having sim devices, have less control over the product, and therefore, are less willing to devote the resources to disapprove aspects of it, like locking out the Wi-Fi hotspot, but instead will throttle the data.

        Apple has the upper hand in this regard, as they own the device specs and the OS as well, and modding violates a copyright. With Android being open source, companies like Verizon and Sprint have an advantage, as opposed to their dealings with Apple, in that they have creative input over approved content.

        If you need proof of this, how long did it take to update the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon? Sprint did upgrade sooner, but it wasn’t timely. That’s my two cent, thanks.

        • It can also be a question of volume. Verizon is built on a network thats not used tgat much over seas, developing fir phines that use sim cards means there able to target the US, Asia, Europe south America, and Africa at the same time. If they started development on phones that used Verizon store preferred network they would only get one market in the global view Verizon isint worth first dibs, same way there useless for international travel.

    • Tyler

      Oh it will get KLP as soon as its release … just not on Verizon. That’s around the time Verizon will push 4.2.2.

    • spunker88

      I don’t think it will get 5.0. Its already had 2 version upgrades 4.0 > 4.1 > 4.2, both the Nexus One and Nexus S only got 2 version upgrades. Of course there will be plenty of 5.0 ROMs.

    • Stewie

      no worries, we’ll have it the day it KLP drops to AOSP, the worst case would be 5-10 days after it drops to AOSP for updated binaries if needed.

  • MicroNix

    Take notes on how to retain your customers Motorola!

    • New_Guy

      *Cough* HTC *Cough*

    • Tyler Cameron

      Motorola is doing good with Updates. Not only do all of their current phones have 4.1, but they are skinless. The only customization is a few customized apps.

  • Tirionfive

    This is why Samsung is winning the game. OS updates. KLP for a last gen phone? Yes please. Even the S2 (2 yrs) is getting a most recent update.

    HTC, suck on it.

    • cortesjues

      This is very impressive of samsung, but i think most people (the average joe) doesn’t know about updates just their marketing

      • michael arazan

        I know non techies that are women in their 20’s who bought the Nexus just so they could have the current updates and innovation to Android.

    • S2 has been on ICS for quite a while while JB has been out. I wouldn’t exactly call this optimal. The slightest tips of the hat, but for me, still reason why Nexus ONLY for me from here on out!

      • Tirionfive

        Well JB is so much better than ICS that it is almost a whole new OS.

      • Mikael Guggenheim

        And here we have the mandatory why-I-choose-Nexus.

        The fun part about this comment is that the only thing EVERYONE knows that have heard of the Nexus is the updates, that they are first with the new versions.

        This always makes me wonder why you keep pointing this out. Besides being first in line to get updates, why not post some other info on why you choose a Nexus device.

        Oh, try not to mention stock rom and/or bloatware.

        I’m just curious what else there is.

        • Stability, fluidity, timely updates and price. There really is nothing else. That was the only reason I bought the Galaxy Nexus. I wanted quick updates (new features, smoothness and fluidity improvements) and I just like vanilla Android better. Also the price was and is a huge plus for the Nexus devices.

        • With a mobile device, once the hardware reaches a certain point, the software is everything. Software is literally the USER EXPERIENCE of the phone. Stock android is night and day better than all these other awful skins. Skins make me want to puke every time I look at them.

    • Samsung isn’t winning the game. They’re ahead of other manufacturers but Android 4.2.X has been out since October/November 2012. It is now March approaching April. Manufacturers are just now reaching to 4.2.X where its about to become obsolete when Android 5.0.X gets announced by Google where Nexus devices will get it first.

      So no, no manufacturers are winning because they’re FOUR MONTHS behind on updates.

      • Tirionfive

        Tis true that these are not nexus devices. We can’t expect them to do all that testing within a few weeks or even months. At least Samsung is trying.

        • I guess. What also helps in their case is that they have unified phones unlike HTC where they release so many different phones they say how they’re going to cut back but they’re still making Droid phones.

          And they also have to get carrier approval before pushing out the OTA. I personally prefer Nexus devices and don’t really care too much about the Galaxy brand as I am a heavy flasher.

          Still kind of ridiculous that it takes them FOUR months to actually announce something (or be rumored) about updating their current devices. Although, the average user doesn’t care about updates but manufacturers shouldn’t exploit the average user not being knowledgable about it and push the update out as a higher priority.

          • Tirionfive

            Totally agree. We can expect 4.2.2 for the GSII Mid Fall, and KLP for S3 and Note 2 around winterish.

            I also have a nexus device, and despite Verizon’s hardest attempts to ruin my experience, I just won’t back down. I love CM10.1

        • New_Guy

          Exactly. And not only trying, but making a concerted effort. They aren’t abandoning devices just because they don’t feel like trying anymore or because they want to steer you to a newer model. Kudos for Sammy.

          • MicroNix

            And 10x better than what Motorola did to upgrade the Droid 3…which was to simply not upgrade it at all. Never made it past GB.

      • Trueblue711

        You can’t expect OEMs to be able to update their entire Android version (TW, Sense, etc.) within a month of Google releasing the source code. While 4 months still sucks, it’s great to see Samsung committed to providing timely updates for phones that are 2 years old.

      • MicroNix

        You really don’t understand the Android ecosystem, do you William?

    • Dave

      But but um but uh…drop test….that’s all they say. LoL.

      • Tirionfive

        And your Note II will win that test πŸ™‚

    • New_Guy

      …how dare you forget the Thunderbolt, sir!!!!

      • Tirionfive

        Haha, Just speaking from personal experience with devices I’ve owned/handled. But from what I hear the T-Bolt was 10x worse…. If that is even possible.

        • New_Guy

          Oh, it is…it most certainly is…

      • TylerChappell

        lol, even HTC forgot about the Thunderbolt. For 5 months.

      • Well the Thunderbolt atealst got some recognition and did get the
        ICS update Verizon decided to delay till a few months later.

        Well, I still have the Tbolt, considering waiting it out for the S4/DLXPLUS or just getting a Note 2 since my contract ends on the 22nd.

    • weaselcommander

      Motorola can suck it as well. I will Never buy their product again, I am a happy Saumsung fanboi.

      • Austin Warren

        Our worst nightmare has arrived

    • DRaY

      Samsung is doing pretty good with the updates, but the ease of flashing stock and customs Roms on Samsung Devices makes me more inclined to buy my Android devices from Samsung over most other Brands.

      • Tirionfive

        This right here is truth. Samsung makes it so easy to flash new radios/roms/kernels.

  • nightscout13

    Open1Your1Eyes0 works for Apple!

  • nightscout13

    What about 4.2.2? We skipping that for S3? I want photo sphere!

    • tyguy829

      Photosphere isnt open source…it’s exclusive to nexus devices for now.

      • nightscout13

        I was under the impression that Photo Sphere was tied in with 4.2.2 the way Google Now was tied in with 4.1.2. Meaning any phone that gets upgraded to 4.2.2 would automatically have the Photo Sphere. My S3 originally came with 4.0.4, and Google Now started being available to me after the 4.1.2 update. I doubt Photo Sphere is exclusive ONLY to Nexus devices.

  • T4rd

    Send it OTA.. RIGHT MEOW.

    • Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumpin’ around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree?

      • Austin Warren

        Can’t wait for Super Troopers 2

      • Savan Ghetiya

        Do you see me eatin’ mice !?

  • Michael Suriel

    Bet the OG Note gets 5.0 around this time next year. Samsung can say all they want but they’re not anywhere near fast when it comes to delivering on major OS updates. They need to start taking notes from Googerola πŸ™‚

    • PhillipCun

      samsung needs to take their time to do it right and make touchwiz as ugly as possible. don’t rush them please we want our touchwiz perfectly ugly.

      • DroidFTW

        WSJ reported that the software on the Galaxy S4 is buggy as hell. They still haven’t issued a release date for the S4 so they have plenty of time still to ugly it up for you .

        • Austin Warren

          Because it wasn’t a finished device. Come back when it’s released

          • DroidFTW

            when is that going to be? no release date yet.

          • S4 uk release date is down for April 26

    • r0lct

      The problem is when an Android release is put out it’s optimized for the Nexus device, especially hardware drivers. So if Samsung put out a 5.x ROM the day after it dropped to AOSP it would likely be a buggy mess. That’s before even considering TW.

  • hashtagtroll