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New Gmail App Released for Android – Adds Archive, Delete and Reply to Notifications, Improved Search

new gmail

The Gmail app for Android has been updated today to include a set of features that should make responding, organizing, and searching much quicker. Through Android 4.1+ notifications, Gmail will allow you to quickly Archive (delete too) or Reply to messages without having to enter the app. Funny thing is, I was complaining about the lack of a method to delete emails from the notification bar this weekend. Google, reading my mind.

Also, you’ll find better search suggestions and faster overall search to help you find things both offline and online.

Sadly, this does not introduce a new UI to bring it up to snuff with the iOS version of Gmail.

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Via:  Gmail Blog

  • Bmac

    The new functionality has vanished from my phone. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I was complaining about the lack of actionable notification in Gmail a few days after Jelly Bean was released in July last year. Too bad Google takes so much time implementing its own features in its own apps, but thankfully, it’s here now. 😀

  • Romans5Three

    I don’t seem to have the delete option

  • Tim Buchanan

    What is the purpose of the “archive” button. I’ve yet to find a practical use for it.

    • To move things out of your inbox that you don’t need access to but might want to reference later via search or labels. For example, I keep airline tickets i my inbox until my trip is completed and then archive. But sometimes I need them after the fact for reference. Depends on how clean you keep your inbox. I keep mine down to things I need to reference or follow up on. With priority inbox on, I have about 100 emails in my view – between priority, starred and everything else.

      • Tim Buchanan

        Thank you! That makes sense. I didn’t care about what my inbox looks like, so for me the archive button is a nuisance that I accidentally click sometimes and then have to go dig that email back out from the grave. But I see how it could be helpful.

  • tjparker

    I installed the Gmail update on my Verizon S3 and I don’t see the reply or delete message pop up when new emails come in. I tried it on my wife’s gnex and it works just fine. I tried a uninstall and reinstall and still not working. I am using Nova Launcher wondering if this might be causing any issue. Any ideas what could be causing it not to work?

    • I’m having the same issue with my Verizon S3. I even went into GMail settings to see if I could activate and no option.

      • Did you use two fingers and expand the notification?

        • tjparker

          Thanks Chris that worked! Will I have to do this every time or is there a way to default it to show Delete and Reply every time?

        • I’ll try that and see if it works, thanks!

  • Mike M.

    Still no “select all” functionality? As a business user, I cannot use this app to manage the hundreds of messages I get every day. Frustrating to still lack basic functionality.

  • Uncle Paul

    I would just like to have the IOS version of Gmail to be honest.

    Google has REALLY been slacking off on core services Apps,
    I too really hope that all the resources have been put on the new 5.0 apps.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Brittnay looks like a fun person to take to a concert….

  • As a warning it broke light flow for gmail

  • coolsilver

    Funny since I have notifications off because I get spammed so much through the other emails I have set up to forward cause I want to keep them.

  • They need a pop-up notification as well. Then i will love it. SMS-Pop up FTW!!!

  • David Verba

    How is that screen shot all blacked out like that? I want it!

  • RoadsterHD1

    How do you empty the trash though….

  • Jared Tau

    I have been waiting for the delete function from the notification bar for a loooong time.

  • braves

    Go to Settings, General Settings and then Swiping conversation list. Chose Always deletes conversation. You will now see Delete in your notification window instead of Archive.

    • wickets

      how to archive then?

      • braves

        Have you heard of the saying “You can’t have the cake and eat it too”?

        • wickets

          No, but i have now 🙂

        • Dorian Brooks

          Some ppl want the world.
          Maybe on KLP

  • Julien Duplant

    I’d love to see Google add a “Mark as read” button to the notification bar. I get so many mailing list e-mails that I like to see, but can conquer in a quick scan of the Subject Line. It’d be great to mark them as read and move along.

    • Why can’t you just archive them and auto-label? Unless you want zero read items in your entire account.

      • Julien Duplant

        That’s a neat trick. I might use that to get the same result.

        I’ve never quite found a purpose for Archiving for myself. An Unread message means there’s something new to read, but I never delete anything (and I mean anything). Why would I? I’ve used Gmail since its infancy and I’ve not come near my storage limit. I understand what archiving is meant to be used for, I just don’t see why I’d take the extra step to do it when storage is practically limitless…

  • RW-1

    Likely in the app there may be a setting to change it from archive to delete if we are not seeing it by default, just a guess on my part …

    • Jonathan DeJong

      I don’t see anything like that in the settings. Trying to figure out how to get the delete setting.

      • Go to Gmail app and open it, and on your lower right side should see 3 dots, press that, then press settings , then General settings, then press Swiping Conversation list.and then Select Always delete

  • Fun fact: you can long-press on a notification and drag down to expand it (or drag up to make it compact)… essentially the same action as swiping with two fingers.

    • paulmike3

      On some phones this works. On mine (DNA), I only get “app info”.

      Fun fact pt 2.: You can also pinch to zoom-out to expand the notification. Pinch to zoom-in returns to normal size.

  • KevinC

    the reason Google hasn’t released a Gmail app that looks like the iOS or mobile browser version is because those designs don’t fit into the Android style guidelines. Kellex, I thought you were a big proponent of app developers adhering to the style guidelines? I have an iPhone through work and the Gmail and Maps apps are vastly inferior.

    • RW-1

      Agreed, if it were to match the iPhone app, then it wouldn’t be in compliance on it’s native OS …

    • uncle paul

      Yes, but The whole “blue tron holo” crap is sooooo played out, isnt anyone sick of it?
      I have to say it but I have been running a Touchwiz 5 theme over aokp just to get rid of some of it.

  • Jonathan DeJong

    So where is the delete option? All I get is archive, and reply?


      somebody on engadget said they had “delete” instead of “archive”. maybe you can switch it up in settings?

    • Stephen Clagett

      Your default swipe action should be set to delete and not archive. Then the option should be available.

  • Stevedub40

    “Funny thing is, I was complaining about the lack of a method to delete emails from the notification bar this weekend.” LOL, I was also thinking the same thing not to long ago. You could clear the notification, but you always had to go into the app to delete the actual email. This is a great feature!

  • poeddroiduser

    Brittany should look into contact lens

  • I have no problem with the current gmail. What exactly makes the iOS counterpart better?

    • flosserelli

      Because its for Apple devices. That alone makes it better than anything else.


  • nahbro25

    The Gmail update seems to cause issues with Light Flow. Constantly crashes.

    • Try this: Force close the app, then open the app. You’ll have to turn it back on in accessibility. Worked for me, at least.

      • nahbro25

        I did… still crashing

        • I haven’t gotten any crash notifications yet since then. Well, idk. Maybe someone else will have an idea. If it helps anyone, I’m running a stock Lte Galaxy Nexus.

      • antwonw

        This worked for me. I forced closed both Gmail and Light Flow and then reopened Light Flow and re-enabled it in Accessibility and then opened Gmail. No more FC.

        • David Verba

          Thanks, this worked for me as well. GNex V LTE Shiny 4.2.2 3/3 build

          • antwonw

            And then it started crashing again!

          • David Verba


      • Stewie

        Trying that, a reboot itself did not correct it…. Will monitor … thanks!

      • Justin Barrett

        Tried. Sent myself a test message and the error still pops up.

      • michael arazan

        My LightFlow just started going crazy today, now I know why. TY guys

    • Me too… I used Titanium Backup to Freeze Light Flow until they issue an update. Hoping they will soon…

  • wickets


  • allyn

    new gmail seems to crash lightflow.

    • I was wondering if anyone else was having the issue….

    • prestone1


      • John Burke

        Doesn’t fix it.

        • Try this out: Force close the app, then open the app. You’ll have to turn it back on in accessibility. Worked for me, at least.

          • John Burke

            Crashes again next time I get a GMail Notification

          • Ah yes, that brings it back the crash error report.

    • avinyc

      Hopefully lightflow will patch it today or tomorrow, I’m seeing it being reported everywhere.

    • Uncle paul

      Lightflow crashes lightflow,

  • Has anyone else been having issues with Light Flow since the update of the App? As soon as I updated it Light Flow crashed and keeps wanting me to send crash reports. I sent one already….

  • dhirensavalia

    I wonder if Google is about to release an entirely updated UI for all of their major apps (such as Gmail, Maps, Youtube, and etc.). All of these would integrate into Key Lime. Or I just might be an optimist.

    • Austin Warren

      YouTube needs a new UI badly. So ugly and un productive right now.

      • It works good on phones but when stepping up to tablets and TV the UI begins to look bulky. I honestly liked the old UI better with the carousel of videos instead of the scrolling list

        • Raven

          Yes 100x. I much preferred the “carousel” view.

      • PhoenixPath

        Youtube. Not productive.

        Now there’s a newsflash. 😛

        • Austin Warren

          Hitler’s in town

          • TheCheapGamer

            Zombie hitler?

          • Austin Warren
          • PhoenixPath

            Curse you. I am at work and cannot sneak away to watch YT right now. :p

          • PhoenixPath

            Start working for HTC now, man. Then maybe you can start making sense. 🙂

          • Austin Warren

            you sneaky bastard lol

    • If I were a religious man I would be praying for an update to Google Voice. Now that I am pre-paid (thanks to the cheap nexus 4) I hop between sims when traveling and live on Google Voice as my number both incoming and outgoing. As a result all of my texts come through the Google Voice App and its terrible.

  • Austin Warren

    Interesting how iOS has the better version. This is still nice, regardless.

    • John Burke

      Better how?
      More functional than how it works on Jellybean? Nope

      • Austin Warren

        I’m talking about looks. Google needs to focus on Android only.

        • John Burke

          So on iOS (and mobile browser) it looks better but on Android the App has more functionality … I’ll take the functionality over the look, personally.

          Would the new look be welcomed, sure but for now I’m more satisfied using it on my Nexus 4 compared to on my iPhone 5.

    • PhoenixPath

      Meh…depends on preference, I suppose. The iOS version is the mobile-web version with an HTML5 wrapper.

      I prefer the native client by leaps and bounds. More functionality. I really couldn’t care less how “pretty” it is.

  • Owen Harvey

    Not exactly the update I was looking for.

  • Kinda wonder why this didn’t get implemented when 4.1 came out in the first place…

  • Jon


  • John

    Hell yes. I’ve been waiting for a quick way to del or archive an email from notification too

  • GrayWest

    I would love to delete or mark as read…

    • Stephen Clagett

      You can delete — that is how mine is set up. If your default swipe action is delete, then it should give the option.

  • KleenDroid


    • endurotech


    • Still more innovating than Apple has done all year!